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But why did the Togo take 4 hours? And I can’t believe about the top stealing. I hope you don’t tip them out if they can just take your money with no repercussions

I moved out at 17, moved across the country at 22 via solo road trip, worked for one of the largest tech companies in the US and none of those made me feel like an adult.

Having my daughter at 24 and coming home to my own place every night waking up every morning saying “you’re a mom now”

That’s my wow you’re an adult now moment.

The dudes on dudes podcast videos don’t work. I want to see them so bad!


I didn’t die. But I wanted to.

Mobile. Sorry. Tired. Blah blah blah.

So I’ve written here recently about being given the opportunity to serve at a restaurant I already wear many hats at. (Host, buss, expo, prep and fry cook)

Today is the day I prep 8am-3pm but someone voluntold me I would also be serving tonight in our bar area. Which is big as shit and always busy. Me and another server vs 18 tables inside and an outdoor patio. It’s my 3rd shift servering. Ever. I clocked out at 10:30pm ya’ll.

We were so busy I couldn’t think straight. I was weeded very early on and they just kept coming. I told the hosts, hold off on me-go on a wait-do something but seat me over and over and over again. For the most part the hosts listened and didn’t screw me too bad but they have a habit of not telling you when they seat you and that sucks.

All In all, I only forgot to ring in one tables food, everyone got what they ordered, no one went without a beverage and I made some gooooooood money. I say this all the time ...”I have so much respect for you guys”

Night friends.


I bought the whole kitchen popsicles and ice cream and stuffed them in the freezer today because it was 97 outside and over 100 in the kitchen. God bless, we don’t all suck

I took a shot at it.

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Wow I really love your style. Thank you so much

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When I was a server (mostly bar) many, many years ago there were four big ones that seemed to always end badly:

  1. Whistling or clicking at me or another staff member. 9 times out of 10 you'll be escorted off the premises later on in the night for mouthing off at someone, starting a fight, getting overly friendly with another patron against their will... People who do these things seem to have entitlement issues.
  2. Trying to order while you're on the phone. Especially when the next time you come to the bar you're back on the phone. You're not paying attention and you'll inevitably order the wrong drink, or forget that you paid with a $50 note and walk off without your change, or something else will go wrong.
  3. Anybody (and it was usually a young guy) who quoted a beer ad at me while ordering like it was the cleverest thing in the world would end up getting cut off and kicked out later in the night. Without fail.
  4. A young lady (normally, though occasionally a guy), normally surrounded by their young friends that walks in forgetting they have an inside voice. Two drinks, the drama begins and my eyes roll back into my head so far that something tears.
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Dilly Dilly!

You can learn to code online. Code academy is an awesome resource and coding is a lucrative business that you don’t need to socialize much in.

Also, working in kitchens, fast paced, fun (not all the time) and room for growth if you find a decent place. You won’t be customer facing and they usually aren’t too picky.

I only have a high school diploma and I’ve worked at big law firms, small restaurants, shitty retail and biggest of them all superpopulartechgiantthatisnamedafterafruit.

You can do big things, believe in yourself! Good luck

Yum! What recipe did you use?

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I kinda melded a couple together. I researched each component separately, dough, pastry cream and glaze on top. Then found simple recipes and tested a few for each thing. When I found what I liked, for example the pasty cream was a very simple egg/milk/sugar/flour and then I added orange and vanilla extract because I wanted an orange cream.

I played around with it a bunch until I was semi happy. I’m without a mixer right now so unfortunately after many failed dough attempts I bought Store premade. But I took them to work today and everyone liked them!


This is an expensive hobby to keep messing up.

I’ve been on a crazy baking kick lately. I’ve never been very good at baking, I’m more in tune with cooking where it can be open to interruption and it’s not such a science. But I’m almost 25, I love food and I need a hobby. So I’m trying, but I’m failing and this stuff is not cheap.

Maybe I’m aiming too high? Or being overly critical? My batch of peanut butter and jelly blondies that I mucked up earlier begs to differ.

Any advice besides the good old : follow the recipe?

Start with the simple stuff: chocolate chip cookies, single layer cakes, brownies.

Learn why it works. Make everything from scratch.

When those things keep coming out consistently good, move on to something a little more difficult.

Watch tons of cooking shows, on tv and/or youtube, particularly those focused on baking.

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I definitely already watch the food network 24/7, chefs table, mind if a chef, no reservations, anything and everything you can think of. I love food and have such a passion to make great things. It’s just execution I’m failing at. Thank you for the advice though! I’m trying to tell myself practice makes perfect so just keep trying

Put that meat in a pan, roast it dry, add your sauce after and mix mix mix.

The dude with a feminine username sent a dickpic

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Happy birthday

Pinky is preggo in the back

Right across the lake from you, Rochester, NY. Great restaurant scene in a medium sized city. Lots of different styles of cuisine. Very vibrant neighborhoods that are super walkable that are packed with bars and restaurants. Lived here for 4 years. City is super dope.

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Hey I’m from Rochacha too! Agree with the “great restaurant scene in a medium sized city.” It’s got great diversity for its size and has definitely been on the rise in the last few years. Lots of different options from Irish pubs to Brazilian steak houses to vegan hipster joints.

Very funny! I thought the chef was going to be more drunk and they would both be a little haggard while cooking. But I enjoyed it! Will look out for the next episode


When will it end

I recently started serving at a Irish pub style restaurant I’ve been working at since January. I already Host, Buss, fry cook, expo and prep for the restaurant so I have a pretty good feel for how things go front and back of house. I’ve work banquet style parties there a few times without a problem.

So please tell me, when will the awkward feeling go away? I’ve interacted with customers in so many ways and I am very charismatic and high energy, funny and it all comes pretty easy to me, but I can’t help being an awkward turtle while doing the server thing.

I also feel like I can’t stop fucking up. Tonight I forgot to ring in a whole tables food. How long until I stop feeling awkward and completely overwhelmed??


I, too, would go birch mode if someone raised their wood price.

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I have never laughed so hard at a comment as I have to this one.

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