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Miranskiii [score hidden]

My daughters father left me at 3 months pregnant to date someone else and went on to have a baby with her and it’s been almost 2 years since. He called my mom last Friday to “talk about the baby” because him and his girlfriend broke up.

Bonus: ex girlfriend came into the restaurant I work yesterday and sat in the bar with her baby till 10:30 at night. I feel for that child.

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lyrasorial 2,186 points

I didn't get a cell phone until college. We used AIM and myspace to communicate, and passed notes in class. I had a notebook just for passing notes in class, actually. Once it got found by administration and I was in trouble. I was addicted to Sims and almost failed a grade because I played hooky to play the game.

And I just lost The Game.

Early internet was a trip. OMG shoes, Badger Badger, ebaumsworld etc... We gave birth to the new joke format that became memes and viral videos.

Miranskiii 1 point

Old Greg? That was always my favorite aside from salad fingers.

pyates13 4 points

A few questions that would help to be more specific about your search..

Do you have a job lined up? (If so, what general area of town?)

Is your primary mode of transportation driving or public transit?

Is your daughter in primary/high school aka is school district a factor?

Miranskiii 2 points

I used to work for (major tech company with a fruit logo) and could easily go back. There are 2-3 stores around the city I believe. Other than that, no I have been hard on the job hunt.

I have a car but am no stranger to public transportation. It’s not necessary but I wouldn’t mind using it.

And she is not yet in school. She just turned 1 so it isn’t something I have to worry about for a few years.

HatsandCoats 1 point

I've had the luck to live in a part of the world where chicken and or artichoke French (Francese) is ubiquitous. If I had to guess, I'd say I've made it 10,000 times and the secret weapon is parmesan. This dish is odd because you pan fry and then destroy the crispy coating with sauce, so its got to be all about the sauce.

Best practice: sherry into hot pan, scrape up fond if that's what you're into. Be careful, the vapor may ignite. Let the alcohol burn off or cover with lid for a moment, while reducing the wine by 1/2. Add lemon juice and zest to taste. I like to throw the squeezed wedges right in the liquid while the sauce finishes. Add your artichokes or whatever you're frenching back to the liquid. Add butter and let it melt. Turn off heat and cover the surface with a thin layer of grated parm. Go for the good stuff, the stuff in the green can that sits out on the grocery store shelf will not blend nicely into a sauce. Gently shake and swirl until the sauce comes together. Taste, season, taste again. Squeeze lemon juice over just before serving.

Troubleshooting: reduce wine enough so you get the flavor without the sauce being watery. Taste often. Lemons vary so it's misleading to say "use 1/2 lemon per portion." You have to trust your tasting. Use enough butter. No magic here, but for 1 cup of sauce I'd say about 3 tbsp of butter. When you parm you want to make sure you get it on the artichokes or chicken or whatever. The butter, wine, and lemon will stick and coat as the sauce comes together. Start with a light dusting in the pan and add more if it's too thin. Too much can be salty.

I know there are other ways to make this sauce. This is how I did it at multiple successful restaurants in the 585.

Side note, parm is a great way to add salt, umami, and bring many sauces together.

Edit: speeling

Miranskiii 1 point

Sweet I’m from the 585 as well and Rochester has a great Chicken French flavor! I did add parm to my last batch and it was legit. Will be practicing these tips. Thank you !

Miranskiii 1 point

Do you recommend a low heat?

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Chicken_Wing 11 points

Burnt. It's really a pretty good movie and true to restaurant industry. Bradley Cooper is great.

Miranskiii 6 points

Do you think it’s on Netflix? Now that I hear the name I vaguely remember when it came out and I’m super interested in watching it

classyivan 2 points

Still on there!

Miranskiii 2 points

I just watched the whole movie and didn’t even see this scene

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EatThisCupcake 5 points

I was waiting for my mother to finish her shift at Canadian Donuts and Coffee. An older gentleman TOOK OUT HIS DENTURES, and placed them in a glass. Then proceeded to attack a muffin. I almost vomited on the table I was sitting at.

Miranskiii 8 points

Just imagining an old tortoise gumming a muffin for his life


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Miranskiii 2 points

That BABY is in danger. If he was our baby, would you put up with someone not trying to keep him safe. Do what’s best for that child before it gets worse. There should be no question that you speak directly to your friends, tell her your concerns and ask her to either put that child’s safety as priority number 1 or call CPS. When dad forgets to feed the baby or leaves him in his crib all day and the baby dies, you’ll wish you did something.

Do what’s right for that child.

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