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What else is next? Greed is already killing our planet. Man has already done enough damage to our environment. What is the purpose of this attack? I can't have a clear understanding of any purpose. What economic development? At the expense of wildlife? I don't get it. I just don't.

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It's to allow industry to operate without worrying about following regulations that protect endangered species

Exactly the point! They would like to give priority to economic development at the expense of the wildlife. I'm not sure what is hard to understand that if these species are totally gone or has reached their extinction, this planet will have a more imbalanced ecosystem. If that happens, what do they think will happen in this planet?

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They don't give a fuck, short term gains prevail in their minds

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I'm up, worried because I sent a risque Snapchat that makes sense with context, but my friend is drunk and hasn't responded, so he'll probably just see it in the morning and forget context rip

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Where are you going on your trip?

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A remote village in the Amazon. I work with a group that helps bring education to remote communities in my country (ecuador), and this one doesn't have a school. We'll be building one and then checking in on a nearby community from the same tribe, and bringing some supplies ofc. Just for reference, by remote I mean this is about 7 hours by bus and 9 hours by motor canoe (bevause there are no roads) from where we're based out of.

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That’s so cool! A service trip would be an amazing experience

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Thanks man. It's not really a service trip like those youth groups that are basically tourists though. I had to interview for this and everything.

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"Alive and Amplified" brings back band memories

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Band or bad?

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Marching band, specifically a noncompetitve show band with a different show every home game

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Because they like meat. And hope the lab grown meat has actual flavour.

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I like meat too, but I prefer to help the environment instead of bending to random whims

And I dislike being told I cannot do as I please. It is a free country. And you can STFU anytime I shall not hold it against you.

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You can do as you please, just don't expect people to have any respect for you or your decisions.

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-16 points · 1 day ago

..... That's what this post is about though? It literally says: "i used to dream about living in a mansion". I'm literally just discussing the picture that was posted? Are you actually that stupid?...

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Are you actually stupid enough to think that people don't change? Most people don't have the same aspirations they had when they were children, they grow and mature. Why is it so hard for you to understand that OP has dreams that have changed over time? That's literally what the entire post was about.

-47 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

No... you gave up on the dream of living in a mansion because you realized you were never gonna get there It's easier for you to tell yourself that you'd rather live in a truck but i garuntee that if you had the option between the two you would take the mansion, be honest with yourself.

97% of people work for the 3% who never gave up

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Yeah because everyone has the same dream you do. Absolutely no one differs at all

IMHO thing we can do nothing anymore. The earth is dying because most people don’t care. The ones causing it will survive on spaceships that leave their dying womb.

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We can still limit the effects of climate change as much as possible

Maybe Kenya? Lots of tourism stuff there

Bearded Dragons. They're so nice and goofy.

If you are average looking or better, almost certainly. I would've thought most girls knew this by their late teens

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My guy friends are attractive and have no problem getting girls. It's a given if it's an unattractive guy, but I have competition

Why does she even need to do this, what more could she possibly gain from this? There is already no material thing she could want for.

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Pure, unadulterated greed

Comment deleted2 days ago

It's also my right to call her an absolute cunt

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Pepsi's (thankfully ridiculed) join the conversation campaign.

I have three grown(ish) children, and I've noticed the Gen-Z folks really seem to have a sixth sense about this kind of hollow pandering.

I rather wonder if the permeation of this kind of hollow corporate manipulation is giving rise to the hunger we're seeing (especially in the younger set) for socialism and other collectivist ideals.

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Am young (18). It's really easy to see which companies are complete fakes and which ones are actually good. Pepsi can fuck right off with their "yurt it up" and fake revolution ads. I've been tear gassed for my beliefs before and having a huge corporation like that claiming to know about protest or social movements is insulting. On the other hand Patagonia is really solid with their core values. They promote repairing things before buying a new product, are transparent, and have a great environmental track record.

I absolutely love animals, but I don't want a pet. My career will probably involve too much travel to justify a pet.

Really? I haven't heard it in anything other than Denver's albums. Then again the only movie I've seen this year was the Mr. Rogers documentary

aww man, are you down with typhoid? Get well soon

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Not yet. I'm going to a remote village in the Amazon (as in 9 hours by canoe from the nearest roads) and the family doctor just told me to got a yellow fever vaccine. But now I found out that that area has typhoid too, and it's too late to get a vaccine.

Does it throw them off their rhythm?

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