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Original Poster47 points · 3 days ago

A Hayden, Idaho, man has been arrested and charged with a hate crime stemming from an incident at a McDonald's in Coeur d'Alene on July 12. Richard Sovenski, 52, was booked into Kootenai County jail Tuesday on one count of misdemeanor battery and one count of felony malicious harassment, Idaho's hate crime statute, according to Coeur d'Alene Police Capt. David Hagar.

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50 points · 3 days ago

Good, fuck that racist dipshit. Hope the other guy gets in trouble too.

It's so obvious that Trump wants to be an authoritarian. Trump praises Putin, Kim Jung Un and now Erdogan. He explicitly states that he appreciates how he doesn't need to go through a parliament or any sort of government body and then like a bro he fist bumps him. He wants Americans to stand at attention for him, he wants journalists to be jailed. He's going for dictatorship 101 and he isn't even hiding it.

How is this okay? How are we getting this happen?

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Do not forget, he also praised Duterte for having people murdered in the streets.

That url is perfect.

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My grandfather actually was part of the cleanup at SL-1. Had some interesting stories since he started at the very beginning of the nuclear age.

However like the other person pointed out. SL-1 is not what powered the town. There were many test reactors for various military branches in the same area. The army however built a death trap of a reactor.

I didn't even know Albertsons still existed. In Florida, they were all bought out by Publix, and I've never seen one anywhere else

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They are all over the west. They were started in Idaho so the ones out in Florida were probably at the fringe of how far they spread.

Huh I would be in Overwatch, but with a team of troopers from X-Com(the original) and several bases around the world. I think this works.

117 points · 2 months ago

Man, I just got diagnosed with one as well. Scary shit.

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Dude, seriously best of luck to you and Simone. Tumors are a piece of shit and I hope you both kick the shit out of yours.

did you watch the video tho? He was going up against 3 snipers, all of which were out of his range, were he to go in trying to hit them, he would just flat out die.

Like did you actually look at the video, seriously? Cause its really confusing how you missed that.

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Hell I feel like if dps is doing fantastic and I am shielding right I should rarely do damage as rein.

"Hey you're looking the wrong waaaaay!"

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I suspect the orks did a feint by shouting "Behind you!" and pointing.

It's scary how easily someone like your boss can sellout their soul/basic decency for a little bit of authority and what I assume to be an insignificant amount of money.

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I have been middle management before and there are definitely some managers like that. However when I am barely making ends meat and living paycheck to paycheck and my bosses boss told me to do something like that. It is a fine line of not ending up homeless and doing the right thing. I found usually those asinine policies are not coming from the middle in my experience.

Even doubles as an alarm clock with that noise.

Tygan seems very interested.

Is it really tho?

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No thanks, that could end up costing people much more. To keep the current "expensive" recycling program is an additional $1.25 per month per household. Individual taxes on bottles and bags would be more than that. It would also create a slippery slope for introducing more, "green" taxes.

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A slippery slope to allow spending more money to make the environment better?

A slippery slope that leads to new taxes that claim to make the environment better but have minimal impacts on improving the environment and actually just end up making people poorer. I visited California last week, and some of the taxes are asinine.

For the record, I'm absolutely for preserving and maintaining the environment.

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There is a reason however why the slippery slope fallacy is categorized as flawed logic. I do get where your concern is however.

It's a serious skill. It is very difficult to run without looking silly. Most actors can't pull it off.

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It is tough to beat Steven Seagal running.

7 points · 3 months ago

Why do his wrists go limp!?

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To this day, no one knows.

It's not that bad, he is definitely better on attack tho

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

No I still enjoy the hell out of Rein and was being a bit of a smartass with the title and what I did. Does feel like he needs a bit of a buff though.

Original Poster26 points · 3 months ago

Hey /r/Boise. My friend is a flight attendant—i.e., she goes everywhere—and she told me Boise was her favorite city to stay in. I've been wanting to come out ever since.

I made a last minute trip for the Treefort fest and she was right. Everyone is so nice and it's such a great city.

I've been doing a vlog and I have some more time lapses and Boise/treefort footage there:

Hope to come back really soon!

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Glad you enjoyed it!

How do you join this one?

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115 points · 3 months ago

Got to be trustworthy, like me.

Nice, 20 users so far.

pls no bamboozle

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:( I still feel bad about the one betrayal when everything was laggy. No bamboozling planned. Already joined.

Moderator of r/CircleofTrust, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 3 months ago · Stickied comment

Seeing lots of betrayed Ø circles? Try sorting r/CircleofTrust by new!

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How do you create a circle?

Someone has betrayed you!

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

Interesting. Is it red for me because I was the number betrayed?

It was Max, the evil one

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