Video of getting kicked for "inactivity" as a Reinhart holding shield by __mahi__ in Overwatch

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Hell I feel like if dps is doing fantastic and I am shielding right I should rarely do damage as rein.

Hitcat takes down reconnaissance drone by [deleted] in hitmanimals

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The only complaint I have is there isn't also a video feed on the human. I want to see how bad he jumped.

Knightsblade - Blacklibrary cover by David Alvarez by LevTheRed in ImaginaryWarhammer

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I suspect the orks did a feint by shouting "Behind you!" and pointing.

Rushed Amazon warehouse staff reportedly pee into bottles as they're afraid of 'time-wasting' because the toilets are far away and they fear getting into trouble for taking long breaks by yourSAS in worldnews

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I have been middle management before and there are definitely some managers like that. However when I am barely making ends meat and living paycheck to paycheck and my bosses boss told me to do something like that. It is a fine line of not ending up homeless and doing the right thing. I found usually those asinine policies are not coming from the middle in my experience.

This clock robot by My_reddit_throwawy in shittyrobots

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Even doubles as an alarm clock with that noise.

Ménage à trois by Psyman2 in Xcom

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Tygan seems very interested.

Treasure Valley recycling at risk, take the survey. by lordgoldneyes00 in Boise

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There is a reason however why the slippery slope fallacy is categorized as flawed logic. I do get where your concern is however.

Treasure Valley recycling at risk, take the survey. by lordgoldneyes00 in Boise

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A slippery slope to allow spending more money to make the environment better?

Buzz Aldrin UFO claim: Astronaut passes lie detector test by [deleted] in news

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The news sites are not saying there is alien life though. All they are saying is Buzz says there is alien life.

Toxicity reduction in Comp should be the main priority for Blizzard. My girlfriend was bullied to tears today. by [deleted] in Overwatch

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It drives me nuts. You can have a small amount of people moderate a very large group of people, especially with scripts and bots to help you comb through things. Sorry she had such an experience and I hope Blizzard picks up their game. Would gladly give Blizzard some pointers on moderating comments and chat.. Because it seems like they desperately need it.

Life as Reinhardt isn't worth living with all the counters to his charge right now. by MockDeath in Overwatch

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No I still enjoy the hell out of Rein and was being a bit of a smartass with the title and what I did. Does feel like he needs a bit of a buff though.

Army_of_Science by nallen in CircleofTrust

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Got to be trustworthy, like me.

ArmyofScience by nate in CircleofTrust

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:( I still feel bad about the one betrayal when everything was laggy. No bamboozling planned. Already joined.

u/mmm_toasty's circle by mmm_toasty in CircleofTrust

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Interesting. Is it red for me because I was the number betrayed?