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I don't recall WOMB or AIR id'ing me back when I was there. Granted I was 21 but they didn't ask nonetheless.

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Sophie better get a 10 melon...

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Am I the only one that thought it was terrible? It just felt very edgy while some tracks even felt sonically bland.

Doesn't appeal to me, too experimental and far out there and doesn't really land imo, super edgy

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can we find the remaining 4 people please?

Shlømo and Artifakt both have that rolling textural wall of sound vibe. I love the early Shlømo 12”s.

Try escape from the poison river)

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Generally I would recommend all artists on Arts collective in this case.

Because my Fury X is dying a most painful death. There is constant water bubbling noise and the AiO definitely needs to be vented/refilled. All of the LED lighting has also already died.

The problem is that not only is Vega hardly available. But I just can't justify 600 Euros for a 30% performance increase. But I have been sitting on that Fury X for 3 years now and there just hasn't been a viable alternative... Well unless I start going Team Green, which I have been passionately trying to avoid, but a 1070 Ti seems like so much of a better deal.

Ich bin seit 2 Uhr morgens wach um die allwöchentlichen Geschäftsreisen durch Europa anzutreten. Vielleicht sollte ich näher an Städte mit Flughäfen ziehen die nicht nur nach Malle fliegen.

tiny and big: grandpa’s leftovers

And I thought I was the only person besides the devs and their little German town that played this game! :D

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Did you just call Kassel "little"? 😡

Oof the framerate looks horrible. Don't think I will pick this up at full price.

iX is huge. They have greatly differing projects across all industries and regions.

Unlike other areas of IBM that service clients that know what they need or respond to public tenders, iX often creates new solutions from the ground up to complex problems. So it can be hard to prepare for an internship, especially for a 'consultancy' position. In iX the term consultant is used for pretty much any actual role. In my years as a consultant I have been a lead developer for Java code, a network systems architect as well as a designer for Android applications. A broad knowledge can get you further than a deep one in my experience.

Can you be more specific about what you will be doing, without naming clients or any other confidential information?

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The opportunity exists, but you are never forced to do so. Developers that feel comfortable remaining developers get to keep developing of course.

In my personal experience, I was a mobile UI/UX designer before joining IBM, then I started out in iX as a developer, but quickly became somewhat more of an architect. I still am an architect at heart but focus more on managing agile teams these days. All of this happening over the course of about 18 months.

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Hello Everyone,

I recently flashed my Galaxy S8 (G950F) with a custom root binary and after playing around with it a little bit it now refused to boot.

Regardless of what I do I am always greeted with the message "Custom Binary blocked by OEM Lock".

When im trying to turn it on:

When trying to get into recovery mode:

When trying to get into download mode:

I consider this one a lost case pretty much as I am really out of ideas. My strategy would have been to flash an official binary again through download mode but since I cant seem to get into that...

Any ideas? I am grateful for any input.


also, did you enable OEM Unlock on developer settings?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

No to flashing dm-verity. I don't even know what magisk is. I flashed a debug binary which obviously holds test keys and such. Before doing that I enabled OEM unlock, because otherwise ODIN will fail and the device will tell me that OEM lock is not letting me flash. Something must have enabled the OEM lock again though...

Oh, i missed that, sorry

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

No worries, you are right after all. The correct way would be to flash an original Binary and do exactly what you said, but I just cant seem to get into Download Mode to flash it.

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What are bluepoints for?

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Managers may award you bluepoints for exceptional work or you may receive bluepoints as part of a challenge. These points can then be used in a 'shop' to get stuff like iPads, Headphones etc. It's pretty nifty, but I wouldn't spend too much of a thought on it.

So basically like an airmiles store?

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Exactly! Except the points are a little more tedious to earn.

The gesture controls are the same as on the OP5T from what I can tell. And they work just as good/bad. Countless times that I went to home rather than back.

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Definitely not happening anywhere in Europe. As a matter of fact Europe and Asia are greatly increasing their CbD Programs. Within my IMT we are expected to double the number of CbDers through 2019.

I don't understand why you would be layed off as soon as you graduate CbD either, since you become much more profitable and have already received expensive and extensive training.

My friend once said that 70% of Global Elites are cheating.

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In the early days circa 2012-2013 that was certainly the case. Nowadays it should be much less but still rampant.

How do you check your trust score?

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You can't

If you mean Zach Hadel aka Psychicpebble, then yeah, he has jokingly pretended to be a Logan or Jake Paul Fan a couple of times in the podcast.

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This is particularly painful to hear because of SteamOS. It shows yet another interesting and innovative thing that Valve has tried that they just abandoned.

Valve made a gigantic splash in the world of Linuxgaming with Steam because finally Nvidia and AMD released proper drivers that greatly increased performance for everyone on Linux.

Valve made SteamOS to go with their Steam Hardware, not for regular users of Steam. At least not initially.

That may come at some time in the future, where Valve actually tells Microsoft to back off and offer Steam only using SteamOS, which would be a massive move - but right now they don't have many reasons to do so.

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Oh yeah definitely. I remember very well how they felt threatened by Microsofts new Store Concept for 8/10, potentially limiting/competing with their own Steam Platform.

Since now that seems like no threat at all anymore, they will surely keep it in their back pocket for future purposes. But slacking on their Linux builds surely doesn't help (especially when they can more than afford the extra work)

ESL just announced a new VR League together with Oculus(which as you all know is owned by Facebook). At this point, I believe their cooperation with Facebook will only increase.

519 Euros for the base model... OnePlus sure is moving up the price ladder. It is getting increasingly hard for OnePlus to compete with Xiaomi.

It never was to compete with xiaomi, they don't have the quality of OnePlus, I've had 2 xiaomi and I have 2 oneplus 5s in my house and the quality difference is leagues apart

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The Mi Mix was a true innovator being the first true bezelless phone. Besides, Xiaomi continues to deliver Flagship performance at incredible prices. And lastly the community if just as active as can be. I still cant get Google HDR Cam to work fine on my 5T, whereas everything is flawlessly running on all those Mi5 my peers have.

How are these companies not competitors when both are trying to make affordable high performance phones? Xiaomi has overtaken OPPO in global market share just last quarter. You can say what you want about who makes better phones. But they sure are competing.

bro, lets be honest here. most people buy 1:1 to flex them as real whether its for the feeling of wearing superior/ expensive brands or because these pieces stand out from the average joe outfits like nike & h&m

(suuuure bro i also buy 1:1 reps just for the « style » cuz its soooo hard to hit up a mall and find decent clothes irl and its soo much easier to translate webpages, go through middlemen and wait weeks to receive items)

I feel like what you are saying makes sense for basic looking but expensive brands like Supreme or BAPE.

Honestly, in the case of Techwear. It is less about the brands and totally about the style.

There just aren't a whole lot of cheap tech wear brands. And those that are cheaper usually look bad or bland.

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