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Moonraise commented on a post in r/IBM
Stayed_to_long 2 points

In depends on the group and your band, but in the US 44 hours per week allows you to take your vacation and holidays and still meet a utilization target that is likely around 95% (some groups may even be higher). I was even told a couple of years ago that my second line manager would not give "exceeds" in Business Results unless my utilization was at 105%. A true sweatshop!

Moonraise 3 points

I am a bit baffled if that is to be true. How do you fit in your paid vacation without destroying your utilisation target? And lets not forget learnings? You're making it sound like the vacation that should be part of the contract requires you to work overtime to earn first. That can't be true.

moogamoogambi 2 points

When I was in GBS (and thank God I'm not any more) I basically had to work an overtime hour for any vacation hour taken, and more overtime to hit the utilization numbers.

The same held true for any hour taken for doctor, sick time, learning, etc.

So basically older workers like me didn't take all their earned vacation.

Moonraise 1 point

Curious what the legoslation on that is in the US. Because that's pretty much illegal in Germany. Im forced to take my vacation or must be compensated for it.

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Moonraise commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
T3PHR0Cactus 0 points

I know for a FACT that IBM is pinning their hopes on blockchain. I also think they will fail, primarily because they are working on tokenless systems on proprietary hardware. They don't understand blockchain and they oppose Satoshi's vision. They will fail and they deserve to fail.

Moonraise 3 points

What IBM is doing has actually less to do with what Satoshi tried to achieve with Bitcoin than what you are trying to say here.

People need to understand that a Hyperledger Fabric is open and IBM is just the prime contributer. You do realize that Hyperledger is governed by the Linux Foundation? Then again, people have been saying Linux will fail for years. Oh the irony.

primarily because they are working on tokenless systems on proprietary hardware

That's also just blatantly wrong. IBMs primary customers or those that would really profit from a blockchain just happen to be loyal customers of their hardware too. But besides that, IBM hasn't been a hardware company for decades. Sure there is IBM Z and POWER, which is primarily used by banks, researchers and other megacorps. Those just happen to be the types of clients to profit the most from a blockchain.

I just don't understand your hatred towards IBM. If it wasn't for them, blockchain would only exist in a cryptospace.

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braulio09 2 points

It looks so boring. Where is the challenge? It looks like a Warriors game with 2 enemies rather than hundreds. Was this game something else before? It seems like they attached the NMH name and character afterwards, maybe to sell more.

I'm very disappointed, but it's a good thing there are tons of other options on Switch!

Moonraise 1 point

a good thing there are tons of other options on Switch!

Like what? This game was top of my list for must have titles before I saw the gameplay. There's not even a single original/exclusive game that I am looking forward too right now. Genuinely curious because my Switch has just been collecting way too much dust.

braulio09 1 point

The games that I own physically:

  • Zelda
  • Mario Kart
  • Arms
  • Mario and Rabbids
  • Mario Odyssey
  • Xenoblade 2
  • Bayonetta 1+2
  • Kirby


  • Snipperclips
  • Death Squared
  • Celeste
  • Golf Story
  • Stardew Valley

Pre-ordered (you can tell I didn't own a Wii U):

  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Dark Soulds

On my Wishlist:

  • Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Splatoon 2
  • Rocket League (lost my PSN account where I got it for free, haven't bothered rebuying)

The physical games have all been played over 20 hours (Zelda and Xenoblade breaking the 100 hour mark, Mario Kart and Odyssey over 50). Have you missed any of these? Even if you don't particularly like a genre, I would recommend any of these games as none of them are too hardcore.

What do you like to play?

Moonraise 1 point

First of all, I greatly appreciate the effort you went through for this comment. I wasn't trying to come of as salty or anything.

Zelda and Mario were titles that I greatly enjoyed, but unfortunately when it came to allocating my game time moving forward and once the novelty of the switch wore off, I found myself playing them less.

I borrowed ARMS from a friend and was greatly underwhelmed. Bayonetta I already own for PC much like other great titles such as Stardew or Rocket League.

I find the lack of good shooters to be sorta meh. Right now all you have is PayDay 2, which I've put it 150h+ on PC already and Doom, a game that I would also prefer playing on PC all day.

I don't know, Odyssey and BotW aside. The game doesn't have that many great exclusives. All these ports are largely irrelevant to me. If the game is a port that was available on PC, there is a large chance that I own it already Steam account for reference

Moonraise commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Moonraise 1 point

Curious to see how they will pull it off. The game really looked nasty at times and was definitely lacking some AA in handheld mode. The dynamic resolution was also quite noticeable in many scenarios. Here's hoping they improve it!

Moonraise commented on a post in r/oneplus
Iohet 1 point

Silent is Silent. DND is customizable.

Moonraise 1 point

How do I customize DND not to make sounds? It still makes sounds when sending a message or rings very quietly. It makes no sense.

Silent is not silent either, it still vibrates. You can disable the vibration in the settings though.

jyongonz 1 point

What the heck that feature wasn't there before? I remember when I first got my OP5 i couldn't disable the vibration.

Moonraise 1 point

Yep I was just as surprised, pretty damn sure it came with the Oreo Version.

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Moonraise commented on a post in r/oneplus
Moonraise 1 point

Was a huge fan of the Z5 Premium, am waiting for the next XZ1 Premium.

The audio quality on Sonys Audio processor is superb and despite not being an AMOLED display, the Screen Quality and Viewing Angle is amazing. The camera that is likely set to be in the next premium device was demo'd at MWC and has blown everything we know about low light and portrait so far out of the water.

And the device is much sturdier crafted. My Z5P handled drops like a champ 2 years in and is still being used for secondary purposes, whereas my 3T shattered the first week.

That being said, based on your purposes however, I don't think the device would shine. Much better to go with the most affordable device.

Moonraise commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Moonraise 1 point

Okami is on a good road to becoming the next Skyrim.

The game was originally released on PS2. Shortly after made a debut on the Wii. Then came to PS3 then as a HD Remake to PC and PS4 and XBO and now the Switch?

It just saddens me that the number of good games that aren't ports or remakes is so limited.

Moonraise commented on a post in r/IBM
cbd4545 4 points

I hear there’s a 50% bench cbd rate in my practice.. and they’re still hiring. Massive influx of cbders to “transform” IBM

Moonraise 1 point

My practice is hiring CbDers like crazy too, but I usually have 10 project requests simultaneously so I can understand where they are coming from.

I don't see work running out anytime soon.

I am assuming you are US based then?

cbd4545 1 point

Interesting. Yes I am US based, are you?

Moonraise 1 point

Located in DACH.

I think it is very important to note, how people in this sub regular shitting on IBM usually are from the US. I am in no position to rate tje situation IBM is in in the US, but it certainly aint bad in Europe.

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Moonraise commented on a post in r/Bitcoin
Moonraise 1 point

I have been trying to sell my 2015 Ford Focus for well over half a year now for BTC and it has been a nightmare.

I haven't gotten a single request that is actually interested in the car, but instead I am getting shady people offering me bitcoin or paid memberships to miner clubs, some bullshit MLM stuff and what not. When they realise that I actually no my shit they usually stop responding or get pretty unfriendly... Loads of people out there trying to scam people that want to get into crypto but know nothing about it.

That being said, best of luck selling your car dude! It's a beaut!

PS: If anyone is looking to buy a Ford Focus Titanium Sedan in Germany though let me know! ;)

Moonraise commented on a post in r/worldnews
Eishockey 459 points

The same in Germany. All of my friends who own a house or apartment bought it with big contributions from their parents. My parents don't have money, I don't own shit.

Moonraise 2 points

I actually disagree, unless you are living in Berlin or Munich. The meme with Berlin however is that wages are strongly below average compared to rest of Germany whereas housing is 30% above average. But rich cities like Düsseldorf still have affordable housing compared to anywhere in the UK.

Some of the fastest growing cities in Germany like Kassel and Leipzig have ridiculously cheap housing. My family rented out WG rooms to students for 160€/month and all of these rooms were at least 16qm.

Moonraise commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
matt8297 18 points

their hyperledger technology will be using xlm for payment settlements.

Moonraise 2 points

This is a very common misconception. It should be understood by now that the leaked documents weren't real IBM confidential documents.

First of all, Hyperledger Fabric is Open Source with IBM being the main contributer. They just offer services around Hyperledger, which is a big business since not a lot of businesses get blockchain.

Second of all, IBM has a small project that they are working with in SEA where they are working with the Stellar Protocol and a Blockchain. NOT XLM.

There is a reason why Stellar prefer to have ambiguity on the subject, because Stellar still holds the majority of XLM. They're hoping the IBM Promo increases the value of XLM for their own personal gains (not greed necessarily, but they are running a business that needs operational and R&D funds).

At this point the business relationship that IBM has with Stellar is very small. So small in fact that there are next to no mentions of it in any IBM material both public and internal. (Yes IBM did publish a small paper that featured Stellar's Jed McCaleb, but that doesn't mean much in the business world)

blcx 0 points

At this point the business relationship that IBM has with Stellar is very small. So small in fact that there are next to no mentions of it in any IBM material both public and internal.

You say it's "very small", yet they're running nine validator nodes in different counties on the Stellar network.

I agree that there's very little material about the IBM/Stellar relationship available right now, but it doesn't mean there isn't any work being done in the background.

Moonraise 2 points

The validator nodes are running on Softlayer and are not even a drop of water on a hot stone in terms of cost and use.

But you certainly are correct. Something is happening and this partnership may drastically increase in the future. For that to happen however, IBM needs deals. Big ones.

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Moonraise commented on a post in r/Bitcoin
-Cubie- 4 points

I'd guess it's because quite a few of those linked ones are meant for paying bills. I'm assuming they allow you to pay bills without having to convert to fiat yourself.
That does seem a little bit fishy though, and I'm sure they still have fees.

Moonraise 1 point

They don't just have fees but most importantly, they have rates. for example rates a Bitcoin at roughly 9000€, but they are trading on Bitstamp for over 9300€ right now. So that would be another 3%

Moonraise commented on a post in r/technology
Moonraise -1 points

As someone who works in an IT Industry Giant of a comparable size, I can confirm this is a real thing. It is mostly just for the sake of corporate identity, though. Despite what some alt right nuts are thinking, these companies do not have an agenda against whites or whatever. It's just that when your image is that you are "an old boys club", you're not going to get nearly as many good applicants in the first place.

Moonraise commented on a post in r/wasletztepreis
tataratamthfckr 28 points

In der Anzeige ging es um eine Playstation 4.

Moonraise 48 points

Das ist eigentlich der beste Teil an der Sache. Wenn es jetzt etwas wie ein Kinderwagen oder Kleidung gewesen wäre, hätte man die Bitte ja verstehen können. Aber bei einer Playstation 4 fall ich vom Glauben.

Moonraise commented on a post in r/worldnews
Bergensis 14 points

This doesn't make sense. Diesels produce slightly more CO2/liter than petrol but have much lower emissions.

So, while diesel fuel contains slightly more carbon (2.68kg CO₂/litre) than petrol (2.31kg CO₂/litre), overall CO₂ emissions of a diesel car tend to be lower. In use, on average, this equates to around 200g CO₂/km for petrol and 120g CO₂/km for diesel.

This isn't about CO2. It's about NOx and PM (Particulate Matter). While CO2 heats up the planet it's not dangerous to breathe in the concentrations normally found in a city. NOx and PM is dangerous to breathe in the concentrations found in cities. Most gasoline engines produce little PM, compared to diesel engines. Gasoline engines used to emit NOx, but that was dealt with with the introduction of the catalytic converter 30-40 years ago.

Moonraise 2 points

I guess you could argue however, that the majority of PM comes from brakes and tires. And that's a problem that will even be around with electric cars...

NineNeocolonialism 6 points

How many of you guys actually understands thr crypto space ? Cardano brings us what we need.

Moonraise 2 points

Well, that's what I was trying to find out. Enlighten us.

Brunswickstreet 858 points

So the first thing that should probably be noted, is that Cardano has been around since 2015, but since 99% of the holders are from Japan it didnt really set foot here on reddit for a long long time, thus people are a little bit irritated how such a coin is getting up there, that nobody knows. Its not a new Coin that got hyped for their whitepaper and its not some crazy idea (decentraland, singularity). Most people would say Cardano tries to squeeze the best of Bitcoin (store of value), Litecoin (cheap, fast p2p transactions), and Ethereum (smart contracts) into one coin. So thats the easiest description of what they are trying to do. The thing that stands out the most (to me at least) and is why im holding this since 0.06 cents, is the fact that they are delivering on their roadmap time and time again, on time and a lot of times even beating their own deadlines. Plus they have one of the most active githubs i've seen so far. So for everyone telling you its a coin with nothing but promises, yes it is, but only if you dont dig deeper and are unable to see the bigger picture. They are delivering on their promises since this coin started existing.

So these were just my experiences with holding ADA. Lets get to the shilling:

Its the only peer-reviewd cryptocurrency that is out there for now (where peer-review means, they pay well-known professionals outside of their team to review their ideas and codes). And its still open-source and people are able to review the code themselfs. So one thing doesnt rule out the other.

Charles Hoskinson, former "CEO" of ETH and ETC (if i remember correctly) is one of the founders of this project aswell.

Aggelos Kiayias is chair in Cyber Security and Privacy and director of the Blockchain Technology Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh and designs Ouroboros, the Provably Secure Proof of Stake for Cardano.

Philip Wadler, one of the most influential people in functional programming (including Haskel) got hired by IOHK, which is the foundation that launched Cardano.

What else do we have? People say Ark has a nice, easy and beautiful wallet, go check out the official ADA-Wallet: Daedalus. It has fast transaction times with minimal fees.

So am I 100% confident that this coin will deliver on their promises? Yes. Am I 100% confident that they will take over the market? No. Depending on how and when Ethereum are inplementing their PoS-System, how the market developes, what Bitcoin will become, what XLM will do blablablabla... Nobody knows anything but the fundamentals are there and in my opinion its a medium risk/medium reward coin. Is it overpriced for what it has to offer right now? Hell yeah, but thats not how investing works. If you only invest into a coin that has multiple householdname partnerships, a fully working blockchain, smartcontracts and minigames on the blockchain, you are too late.

One more point why its going up so much even though people dont know it is the fact that 90% of the volume on the exchanges we use come from Japan/Korea anyway and THEY know the coin and what it might be capable of.

Ever heard of virtual machines that translate programming languages? Cardano has that going for them too. The virtual machine (iele) is one of the most advanced of its kind. Its been in development for years and was built by a contractor of Darpa and Nasa (Runtime verifications ltd) Developers can code in common programming languages - Java Python etc. and it will automatically translate into Haskel. This will enable enterprise adoption.

There is so much more to Cardano but I think as a starting point this should be enough, this is ELI5 anyway. Feel free to join r/cardano, look at the website... blabla.

Moonraise 102 points

The type of response I have been looking for. Thanks!

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Opeel99 1 point

Yet the Europeans are at war with Fiat currency, I hear they are getting rid of the 500 euro note and the US thinking of getting rid of the $100 bill, making it more difficult to use cash for larger transactions, I fear they will try and sell a fedcoin or a bank backed coin, but this will only allow them to money grab as I guess you won't be holding your private keys... 2018 is going to be more exciting then 2017 :-)

Moonraise 1 point

Yeah but the reasons they are getting rid of the 500 is the same they are slightly anti crypto. Both are predominantly used in unmarked or otherwise illegal transactions.

Moonraise commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
dirk558 -1 points

This wasn't a damn crash, it was a correction. I've been playing with cryptos since 2012 or 2013. It was a bubble and mania in the second half of 2017. Most cryptos are still way up between Jan 1st and Dec 31st 2017. Didn't sell, didn't panic, don't invest more than you're willing to lose and you've got nothing to worry about. Don't be stupid and invest enough to make you shit the bed if the market corrects. Most people investing in cryptos are uninformed and emotional, trying to get rich quick. Hold if you believe in the technology, and stop watching prices.

Moonraise 3 points

A crash doesn't mean it is the ultimate end. But by definition certainly it was a crash. When the Dow Jones dropped 10% 2 weeks ago, everyone was calling that a crash too. Now after all of crypto dropped 50% (regardless whether it recovers or not) that is not a crash?

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