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I'd kill for a 5 hour screen on time on my 5T. Struggle to get more than 3 honestly.

He has something of a Bogdanoff... Is he in contact with Aliens?

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390X is not very far past 60fps on ultra settings at 1080p in modern AAA titles. In some it can't even do 60fps on ultra.

Edit: Getting downvoted for telling the truth. I just sold mine.

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I got rid of my 390 2 Years ago to replace it with a Fury X, which I would have already replaced if there was a good replacement. Definitely agree with what youre saying.

If you're German, I would wholeheartedly recommend Rocketbeans.

Würde mich interessieren, ob OP geantwortet hat.

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Tatsächlich nicht. Es kam auch keine weitere Nachricht seinerseits

Super gruselig...

Wie kommt der überhaupt von einem MAL oder so anime account auf deine ebay Seite? Schon so ein bisschen ein stalker der Typ?

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Full Disclaimer: Diese Screenshots entstammen einer guten Freundin aber ich konnte sie unmöglich Reddit vorbehalten.

Rätselhaft bleibt, wie der Volle Name und Wohnort identifiziert wurde. Mit den beiden findet man per Google Suche tatsächlich das Ebay Inserat. Wie er soweit kam allerdings, bleibt schleierhaft. Defintiv Stalker.

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Much appreciated for sharing! But I honestly can't be the only one considering 15% laughable, right?

I mean its not huge but hey that could be a meal or two if it's a big order

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That's the thing though, from a marketing perspective 15% is making you inclined to buy more stuff than you would have otherwise.

It's never the "oh i was going to buy this anyway, how handy that theres a discount now".

I really am not complaining, sure its better than nothing, but we all know the margins of tech wear brands.

It's switch only too, it would make more sense if it was an HD remaster for ps4/xbox one/pc/switch, but switch only???

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Maybe because it's not an HD remaster?


Looks like it may be available outside of Amazon after all I for one did pre order mine on Amazon, but have yet to receive a shipping date. Im guessing Amazon will cancel my pre order eventually. Anyone have theirs shipped yet?

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I just got an shipping date from Amazon set in mid September. Looks like they received a second wave.

Excited to hold this record in my hands!

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No humblebrag here, im not buying that. Just thought it was funny that the price changed over the course of me adding it.

I hate crypto.

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You'd be a fool to assume that cryptocurrencies still play a notable role in the pricing.

After all, Nvidia pushed the release back a full month because they have so many Pascal Chips that never made it to Crypto Mines.

Happy to see a Sea Hawk again, might buy if its not 1,5k

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Better. (Edit: Siege runs with 60hz servers)

There is no singleplayer here and its not just a casual battle royale game or a casual deatmatch like Doom, it's a competitive CS like game where you need both speed and visuals(you literally need to see enemies trough little spots most of the times). So having a 30fps version that goes down at 360p or something like that would be awful and would be a waste of money that no one would end up buying.

They can port it, they won't cause it would suck. Easy as that. For the people here acting like they know how to develop games, guys... stop, you don't.

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Where do you take that knowledge from? Siege Servers only recently got updated to 60hz and they fail to achieve that. Official word is that they were dipped back to 50hz for the sake of stability.

Im in the same boat as you with the DXHR release and made a post about it here 2 days ago! :)

In general, check out the pinned Master Link List for a full list of shops.

Dass man als Autofahrer aufpassen soll weil es Froschwanderungen gibt.

Gar nicht mal so lustig. Wenn du über ne Menge von den Dingern fährst, kommst du gut ins schlittern.

Oder aber du bist dieser Typ hier:

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Impressive but that's running at 1080p/24FPS in an enclosed, cherrypicked space. Actual gameplay won't look that impressive until a few more generations.

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Strongly doubt it will take a few more generations. Volta could do Ray Tracing but was not specifically designed for it. I would not be surprised if the RTX 2080 could already render the same scene at a solid 60FPS given that the architecture was optimised for it. This is mostly speculation until we have actually seen it in action of course, but by renaming its entire Line of High End consumer products to signal for Ray Tracing, Nvidia has sent some strong signals that this is where they are headed.

I'm a month late, but I should just say that after one month of back and forth communication with this vendor. I was able to get my money back... after opening a paypal dispute. First they appearantly forgot to print my name on the shipping label. Which was weird, because the package got stuck at DHL for a week before DHL just said screw it and sent it back. I contacted them and they told me they would send it back to me free of charge, despite them telling me they did not believe my story (the tracking of the package was very clear in stating the reason though).

Weeks go by and I get no package. It is at this point, they leave all my messages on "seen" too and just straight up ignore me until I cave in and open a dispute. Once I opened the dispute, they said they were out of stock (so what happened to my copy???) but reimbursed me without further discussion.

Yet another reason, to always use PayPal where you can.

Volta doesn't have dedicated cores for RTX, its using the Tensor cores in a way they aren't supposed to be, hence why you need multiple GV100's to do the same thing as one Quadro RTX 8000

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Oh absolutely! But still, it can do it is what I meant to say.

Volta does support Nvidia RTX, but its main difference on the available cards is really the fact that it uses HBM2. Whereas Turing uses GDDR6.

Anyone have any idea if it will be available somewhere else? All costs included this will be double of the original price for Europeans...

Vega failed to me on all fronts. Not only was the whole marketing behind it scummy (giving false MRP prices, Bonus Programs and game codes limited to certain regions), the improvement over the previous generation was minimal and not worth the price. I bought a Fury X in 2016 for 400$ moved back to Europe and couldn't get a Vega 64 for less than 800$. That same Fury X has just died on me now and even now buying a Vega seems like a dumb move considering that Nvidias next Generation is a round the corner.

It's a damn shame, I have been ATi/AMD since the X1900 and have rarely even skipped a Generation. But my past 3 cards have died on me in less than 2 years despite not being overclocked. It's time to move on.

They desperately need to restructure IBM Services entirely. GBS is doing great and iX is growing incredibly well. Meanwhile our GTS Colleagues are stuck in old glory, but it's not their fault. The type of competition between GBS and GTS and their different approaches to (a lot of similar) projects, is hurting IBM and most importantly is setting a bad atmosphere within its employees.

The trend of off-shoring is slowing down which I greatly believe is the right move. A lot of talent has been lost in recent years in key markets and the fluctuation in Markets like India is just too high to have compelled and technically versatile colleagues.

IBM has shown signs of going the right direction recently and it's not the positive quarter numbers that reflect that. But there's a lot of work still to be done and I have doubts the current board is really interested in fixing those in the long run. They're more interested in just fixing those numbers.

I see you mentioned IBM iX has been growing lately, and was curious if you have any thoughts on the stability of this service line.

I was hired into it after graduating this Spring, and have a start date slated for October 22nd.

By now I have read a fair share of articles and posts regarding the constant layoffs that occur, but the common denominator seem to be that they are laying off in low growth areas.

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Depends on the market, there have been no layoffs ever on iX that I have been aware off in the DACH region. In my 5 years of IBM I also have yet to witness layoffs in GBS in my region. I can't say the same about GTS and other smaller service lines unfortunately.

iX is shining due to new acquisitions and a greatly young and highly motivated talent. They're also shining in terms of the projects they are delivering. However I feel as if Europe is still unique in this regard. Having worked with American iX'ers, I noticed a lot of the "same old IBM" attitude both in the skills and the mindset, which worries me.

As for whether or not this growth is sustainable in the long run, will depend on how IBM restructures as a whole. Like I said in my previous post, I don't see GBS and GTS remaining separate the way they are for another decade and if they were to finally combine appropriately, it would be interesting to see how the difference in skills and methodologies can be combined.

I am confused though by you saying you were "hired into it after graduating". To my knowledge that shouldn't be how CbD works. Did you actively want to transfer?

I'd say that this anti toxicity system has actually increased toxicity.

I don't recall WOMB or AIR id'ing me back when I was there. Granted I was 21 but they didn't ask nonetheless.

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Sophie better get a 10 melon...

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Am I the only one that thought it was terrible? It just felt very edgy while some tracks even felt sonically bland.

Doesn't appeal to me, too experimental and far out there and doesn't really land imo, super edgy

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can we find the remaining 4 people please?

Shlømo and Artifakt both have that rolling textural wall of sound vibe. I love the early Shlømo 12”s.

Try escape from the poison river)

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Generally I would recommend all artists on Arts collective in this case.

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