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Agreed. My ZFlx Heat is way more understable than my Z Heat.

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Intriguing! My friend bought Z Flx Heat as understable fairway driver but it turned out to be almost as stable as his GStar Thunderbird. No turn unless thrown downhill or strong headwind.


My parents are not happy with changes made to Skype over past couple of years and are wondering if there is a good and simple alternative to it. I've searched some and come across programs mentioned in title, open to other suggestions as well.

Here are couple of limitations:

  • No smartphone available for them, just PC. I wouldn't mind if there is Android app available on my end but not mandatory.
  • They don't like registering to anything with mobile phone number.


  • Text chat
  • Calls with and without video
  • Group chats / calls / video
  • File transfer
  • Easy of use and not overly cluttered interface with gazillion social media options, public groups etc.

  • Screen sharing / remote control is a bonus in case I need to help with installation of software, drivers etc. but not mandatory
4 points · 18 days ago

I was in a similar situation with my folks (apart from that they do use an Android tablet occasionally as well). We settled on Jitsi Meet.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

On first launch of the program it prompted me with login window for SIP or XMPP account which I've never heard of before. Did some looking around how to register one but there was note that Jitsi has discontinued the service for creating these accounts at some point in the past but apparently old accounts still work.

2 points · 7 days ago

Jitsi Meet is something else than Jitsi, which you seem to be referring to.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

I search online for Jitsi Meet download and installed the client from website. Didn't see other Windows desktop installer options over there.

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Easily my favourite throwing putter. I currently bag 6 P2s. Four glow P line and two K line.

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... two K line.

I haven't seen putters in this plastic before. Is it OOP or a limited run? How does it feel like?

For this reason and others I miss reshade, I even got it working on Post Scriptum (3.0.6 reshade at least) but for some reason even though EAC has it whitelisted, its still banned on squad :(

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11 points · 13 days ago

for some reason ... its still banned on squad :(

I believe it's because people found a way to implement zoom with reshade for iron sighted rifles.

Original Poster1 point · 16 days ago

That does not fix the no server showing in the server browser problem.

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2 points · 15 days ago · edited 15 days ago

I have couple of friends who have had the same issue going on in Squad since they started playing in V9. None of suggested fixes we found on forums including the max ping setting on Steam worked for them. For them no other game has had this issue.

Most days they were able to see 5-10 servers when I had around 40 showing with same filters. Some days they only saw two servers. Even weirder part is that most times they hit refresh they saw exactly the same set of servers but rarely, about once a week or two weeks refreshing cycled that list of say 7 servers with different entries. If they had patience to refresh enough times, ultimately by random chance the server we wanted to join did appear.

These friends tried to find console command to join by IP address and waited if it would be implemented in menu but ultimately got fed up not being able to play on servers or having to waste over 20min hitting refresh just to see the server. Unfortunately they are no longer playing the game.

8 points · 19 days ago · edited 19 days ago
  • As a SL people often see you as their personal rally dispenser. They dont follow you, they dont hold spawn when you say so, they dont do logi runs and they dont change to medic/LAT when you ask. But they still expect that rally instantly after they die.
  • Vehicles are to weak in V11 (should hopefully be fixed in V12)
  • Little teamwork between vehicle and infantry squads. Example APCs transporting and covering.
  • Matches currently feels to long. I think this is because of the current vehicle balance making teams leave their vehicles in Main (and therefore not losing tickets that way).
  • Lack of functioning Insurgency gamemode (would be nice to play something different from AAS
  • Such big areas of map are unused
  • Rivers can be used as highways. So bridges and river crossings has no tactical value.

edit forgot one

  • People that dont understant a superfob is a secure spawn location and as soon as you spawn you need to push out to keep enemy way from the walls. Way to often a superfob just bottles up your team at a grenade party
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2 points · 15 days ago

Matches currently feels to long. I think this is because of the current vehicle balance making teams leave their vehicles in Main (and therefore not losing tickets that way).

Interesting since what I usually see is the opposite. Majority of matches end 25-40 min into game either due to complete steam rolling of one side or the other just wasting tickets by not defending FOB, forgetting to dig them up when fight moves on. More often I see valuable vehicles like Warriors driven into backstreets of Al Basrah between your troops and enemy HAB vs. leaving them in main.

Maybe different servers have different playstyles or something but I really preferred longer matches around 1h mark before starting tickets were drastically reduced. This enabled Squads to have more time utilizing map area for wider flanks.

The lack of competent SLs.

You either attack or defend. Every match seems to have 1 or 2 squads get filled out then the rest of the server sit unassigned until someone steps up into SL. It’s not too difficult to pick SL, grab a vehicle and start back capping with your squad.

The other thing is people picking a fire support role that is either ill suited to the map, they can’t use it or none of them pick LAT, but they’re always the first to pick marksman.

Super FOBs make me die inside. Taking 2 logi trucks to build one pillow fort on the mercy bleed flag only for it to be mortared apart when the fighting gets to you.

People who use roads against the militia and the insurgents.

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Super FOBs make me die inside. Taking 2 logi trucks to build one pillow fort on the mercy bleed flag only for it to be mortared apart when the fighting gets to you.

Squad equivalent of waving white flag to surrender. Many times I've seen Bob the builder claim "Out Super FOB will save the match IF enemy takes all other flags." but in reality that IF becomes WHEN because you are at huge disadvantage at front line having no logi at your disposal and up to 40% of team shoveling dirt few hundred meters outside your main base.

Plus Super FOB doesn't help when on one side optic roles and GL pick off emplacement gunners, keep windows clear and mortars destroy sandbags, barbed wire and obscure the view with smoke while other squad gets inside by climbing over wall on backside of said pillow fortress.

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Original Poster5 points · 19 days ago

yeah im into more team based shooters i can only play so many hours after work so just trying to see if its worth me investing into game looks awsome

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Late to answer but there are always many populated servers online and if you live in Europe or around east coast of USA it isn't too bad to play on servers on opposite region of Atlantic. Pings are higher, around 140 - 180 ms but it doesn't make much of a difference except slightly jerky driving on full servers.

edit: When V12 update comes out the player numbers will rise higher again.

The amount of TKs would be off the charts.

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I'm not sure if that would be the case in long term. Majority of TKs I've seen past two - three months have been followed by same excuse "Sorry, didn't see your name tag.".

That indicates that there are players out there that shoot everything that moves without properly identifying their target first. It seems like name tag is green / red light for shooting, no tag = green SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT and name tag = red HOLD FIRE.

Far less TKs and more effective combat comes with not relying on tags and going by map, uniforms, other gear, gun sounds and direction of movement / fire.

I am a pretty skinny guy, not much muscle, if that matters.

Not at all! Majority of lowest scoring and longest driving players in local events around me are skinny teens.

Form trumps muscles.

Judge, Claymore, Culverin

Pro leopards are where it's at

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I've wanted to try heavy Pro Leopard but all I've touched in stores have been extremely floppy Pro plastic. By floppy I mean way softer and bendier than GStar in same rack. Are they always like this or are there firmer runs of Pro as well?

Happened to me and my friend in party as well.

Crawler reached destination, we initiated the encounter and upon completion crawled decided to teleport home while we were collecting loot. We both died as darkness swallowed our screens. Luckily we are playing in softcore.

2 points · 20 days ago

I don't do field work at all.

City has banned throwing discs on soccer fields that are the only wide open not paved areas available. I was told throwing discs will demolish the grass making it lumpy uneven surface that soccer cannot be played on. However hosting roughly 4-6 hours per day training sessions and matches with metal spikes in soccer cleats for 22 people running isn't harmful to the field at all apparently.

Disc molds in starters sets by well known disc golf manufacturers are well geared towards beginners. Their shortcoming is usually either least durable plastic, too light weight or worst of all, combination of both. Case in point, my friend's 146g DX Aviar is woeful to putt in any wind and my 143g DX Leopard became unusable roller disc after about month and a half since I started due to improving technique and light weight DX plastic getting beat into oblivion by tree hits. These may work if your location has almost never any wind and courses are wide open golf greens without trees, rocks or other hard surfaces to hit.

Personally if I were starting with the knowledge I have now, I'd pick same discs as starter sets have individually in more durable plastic and different weights. Alternatively crawl through posts asking discs for beginner here and pick most often recommended putter, midrange and fairway that seem interesting to you.

2 points · 1 month ago

I thought they were a super flippy disc, how does being premium ish plastic affect their flight?

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Original Poster2 points · 29 days ago

I was bit conflicted with [4, 4 -2, 1] rated flight and all the text reviews about it. Got to play one round with it before it started raining and first impression is, dear god that disc lives up to the hype and more!

Mine is brand new Z plastic in 173g weight and I have a noodly arm with 340-ish ft absolute max with any disc and questionable form. I gradually started applying more power off the tee as round progressed and was really surprised that putting 80-90% power into Comet it never turned if thrown with any hyzer or even flat. One of the first holes has 325 ft rather steep downhill section and because of flight numbers I threw 50-60% with hyzer fearing disc would turn... wrong move. It rode the same hyzer line to the ground.

Later there is one flat relatively open 325 ft hole where I wanted to really put some mustard into Comet. Put that 80% power on what I thought was flat but misreleased it on tiniest of anhyzers... once again Comet just rode that exact same anny angle, flattening just a bit at the end of flight before touching down 275 ft from teepad.

Based on just one round with it I'd say it flies closer to [4, 6, 0, 0.5] for me. Throwing it around 60% power there is a hint of fade at the very end of flight. Hint meaning side movement of 10 ft at 200 ft distance.

Love this disc. When you get comfortable with this disc, you'll find you're using it for more and more shots.

I love the glide it has. And the way it sticks when it lands. Had a guy tell me that disc will teach you how to put more spin on a disc while using less arm speed. I had no clue what he was talking about. And after I continually over powered it, and turned it over a ton of times, I figured out what he was saying. And now I'll always bag one.

Plus MJ throws them, so yeah...throw comets!

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Original Poster2 points · 29 days ago

I love the glide it has.

Even after reading so much about the glide it really surprised me on first time playing with Comet. Four times I threw it softly on around 150 ft approach thinking it wouldn't even make it to basket. Watched astonished as it sailed 50+ ft past the basket.

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8 points · 29 days ago

There are free weekends every now and then. Last one was at some point in July I think. Got the game myself only after testing it for three days during one of these over year and a half ago.

Free weekends happen maybe three or four times a year, usually after significant version update or during big Steam sale. I wouldn't be surprised to see one when V12 update is released or Steam holiday sale is running in December.

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

The issue is I'd like to have it in a plastic that's soft and grippy but doesn't get deformed after hitting a couple trees. My Electron Soft Envy is permanently deformed so I'm looking for something like the westside BT Soft which in my experience keeps its shape no matter how hard it hits a tree. I'm well aware no other disc will fly exactly the same or feel the same in the hand, I'm just looking for suggestions since I can't afford to try out a bunch of different discs. It's more like wanting to try out a new whiskey similar to one you like (and maybe better) than finding something that tastes exactly the same.

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4 points · 1 month ago

... westside BT Soft which in my experience keeps its shape no matter how hard it hits a tree.

Unfortunately can't help with the original question but this line caught my attention.

I have BT Soft Harp that I've thrown less than one summer for very specific approach uses that happen so rarely there are weeks I don't throw it. Yet the disc is warped and dented in so many ways I can't even count it. Flightplate has about dozen peaks and as many valleys. When I take it out of bag, people start laughing and ask "Holy shit that is beat up and deformed, does it even fly anymore?".

It flies just about the same as when new but it definitely hasn't kept it's shape, I'd call it either being shapeless or having about twenty five different shapes, none of which are original.

Here is another vote for that Champ Leopard. More field work last night and I still can't get it to flip up from Hyzer.

It makes me very concerned that we constantly tell newer players to grab a Leopard. Sure, some might be good for beginners, but my Tresspass more turn than my Leopard.

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My father got lightweight Champion Leopard for slightly more understable use (that S-curve fairway) than almost max weight Opto River. Unfortunately it looks like wrong move so far. I've thrown good bit more than him but throwing that Leo with 300 ft power flat into headwind there was zero turn.

Thanks for providing shots of all the angles, looks like a Wombat based on this comparison to this profile pic


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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Looks like we've got the answer right here. The rim profile is exactly the same.

Bit surprised by the apparent lack of glide for disc with glide of 6 but maybe having five throws isn't enough to really judge something you've never thrown before. Or maybe it is max weight which I'm not used to throwing. Everything else is spot on so I'm ready to call it 1st run Gstar Wombat.

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Found this left behind on local course in plain view and I'm intrigued by what it actually is. I have never seen this stamp before and neither the stamp or bottom has any markings that indicate the mold.

It looks, feels and flies like straight to stable putter. Not much glide, flies straight for good bit but does have fade at the end. Plastic feels like Gstar and has the typical almost metallic shimmer that my friend's Gstar discs have. The bead feels about same or even slightly larger than original Roc.

What really confuses me is the patent number on bottom which I've understood went away in 2010 but Gstar plastic wasn't in production until 2014.

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago
  • Outside diameter: 21.8 cm
  • Inside diameter: 19.4 cm
  • Height: 2.3 cm
  • Rim depth: 1.4 cm
  • Rim thickness: 1.2 - 1.4 cm

Rim width is very difficult to measure because rim is quite slanted in plus mold style.

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Agree with 8 very much.

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3 points · 1 month ago

I think #8 is the most likely after seeing final score of Sibbe Open on PDGA Euro Tour last weekend.

MPO winner had -9 with best round out of three being -5.

Juniors winner had -17 and his best single round was -8.

Heard from local who took part in tournament that the juniors were outdriving the MPO field by a good marging.

Original Poster4 points · 1 month ago

That has been the best solution for me.

"Hey who wants to be Squad Lead? I just created the squad because nobody else would..."

  1. Volunteer to Squad Lead
  2. Lock Squad
  3. Kick everybody
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3 points · 1 month ago

The best option for sure, this way somebody who WANTS to be SL can create the squad for everyone to enjoy.

2 points · 1 month ago

How does one identify which run your disc is without knowing when it was new?

Got myself a used P-line PD last year from a guy who had it for unknown number of years collecting dust. He did mention upon purchase that it is out of production version and if I were to lose it, currently sold discs won't fly the same.

Or maybe it was just used car salesman talk to make me want to have it...

2 points · 1 month ago

How does the P-line PD fly? I got one from a tourney last month but haven't thrown it yet.

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2 points · 1 month ago

Not sure about fresh disc since mine was maybe 7/10 or 8/10 condition when I bought it used. And 170g weight.

My well used disc is the longest and straightest I bag, fade is 1.5 - 2 at most and even then it kicks in very late into flight and still carries forward in swooping motion. Glide is definitely higher than C-line examples I've seen others throw and tested myself. It turns very slightly if I put everything into it and in headwind it becomes late & slow turnover disc. Excels at very low (10ft max height) lazer straight 275 - 340 lines when it comes down just as fade starts to act on it. Bombs in lazer straight 400 - 450 downhill holes too with no or little tailwind when thrown slightly slower than my max rip focusing on more spin.

I'd rate it right now at [10, 4.5, -0.5, 1.5] and it appears that the more I use it and hit trees, the more fade disappears without really developing any more turn. Make note that I'm still somewhat beginner, having thrown casually two summers and max out around 340 - 350 ft real world distance on flat ground calm conditions and golf line approximately to direction I intended to throw.


I've played about two summers and this year my father really got interested in disc golf as well. He's been going out to play frequently with me and on his own. Currently he bags 17x g D-line P1 for putter, 17x g C-line MD for midrange and 173 g Opto River. He's been working on learning to throw forehand but only really uses it if there is nothing available for RHBH throw.

He has been trying to use River on anny for 200 - 250ft gently curving to right type of shots but it isn't working too well. If he puts little anhyzer to follow shape of fairway, River always fights out of it at end and fades into bushes on left. Putting little bit more anhyzer / power into it, disc will bite and turn too much. Similar story with MD, it won't hold a gentle, say 15 degree angle the whole way but fades at the end.

Is there any disc that 250ft max power arm could throw on slight anhyzer and have it hold it the entire flight without fighting out of it or turning even more into cut roller? He doesn't like throwing a putter, needs most likely something slower than River and my father also really likes Champion, Opto, VIP type of plastic.

He'll be working on his forehand but until it becomes usable, he'd really like to find a disc to use as crutch for the time being for those max 200 - 250 ft tight holes that curve to right the whole way. If such disc exists.

Oh and for clarification, not looking for turnover discs like Tursas or Underworld that you throw flat and have it turn for you. He tried throwing Tursas on anhyzer but it'll turn into roller and he definitely wants something he puts on anny but the disc will stay on that angle given enough spin.

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