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MotherSammy commented on a post in r/wowservers
Soledo 33 points

I was playing on a Russian server called Rivera. There were no raid instances, so you could meet 3 other raids in Naxxramas. Bosses were respawning like every 30 minutes and ~200 people were spamming their abilities to tag them for their raid. Fun times.

MotherSammy 2 points

how did players get into the map file?

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/classicwow
MotherSammy 1 point

"free gold cooldowns" make you the same amount of gold every 48 hours as you could make in 15 mins of high level fishing, or roughly the same amount of time you'll spend spamming "WTS arcanite transmute" in chat.

If you wanna burn a primary profession slot for that major boon, go for it.

Boomskyy 1 point

Arcanite transmute is 5g, Refined deeprock salt fluctuates between 12-18g, and peaks at 30g+ on server launches and major patches like naxx.

MotherSammy 1 point

yeah, salt is a 72hr cooldown so it's more pricey. Still isn't worth a profession slot for the handful of change it makes you a couple times a week. (unless you want the profession for other reasons anyway) OP seems to be looking for 'the best cooldown' rather than most useful prof, though.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/classicwow
MotherSammy -8 points

always played classes where the professions I took didn't help them (tailoring ench on my rogue, skin LW on my lock)

were you literally retarded?

Paragora 5 points

I was literally doing what sounded fun

MotherSammy -4 points

making gear you can't use while there is another equally good profession right there that you CAN use = fun?

Ok. you were literally retarded.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/classicwow
rc239 1 point

GM island was off the coast of Teldrassil if I’m remembering correctly

MotherSammy 1 point

yep far northwest corner of the kalimdor mapfile

pseudorockstar 5 points

I got into Hyjal and into that little troll village between hyjal and darkshore that you can fly through on the flight path. I really enjoyed it. I popped slow fall and jumped from the top of hyjal toward Darkshore. I couldn’t believe how far I got and how long it took.

As a mage, you could also blink through the scarlet monestary instance portal and jump into an unmade whitish pink flat expanse. That was pretty boring, I didn’t spend much time there.

Edit: I forgot to mention I created private servers to mess around in (make my own weapons and armor and stuff, .kill illidan, etc.) I made one in TBC era and I could port to GM island. It really existed and it was pretty cool. I tried to port to the emerald dream and I could not. I didn’t know how to look up the actual name but I could not figure out how to get there, if it existed.

MotherSammy 1 point

"if it existed" lol both of those areas were confirmed real in retail vanilla..

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MotherSammy commented on a post in r/wowservers
Rokaran 8 points

No achievements, thanks. Distracts from the freedom, the wandering, the wonder of an open world. I don't need a shopping list for my e-peen, I wanna go out there and walk in the woods.

MotherSammy 1 point

This. Personally I just don't want to see "link achievement" in group recruitment. Next thing you know ppl are demanding a gear score higher than the drops from that content.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/wowservers
Nugger12 4 points

Gonna star off by saying I play WotLK (Sunwell to be exact)

I absolutely without a doubt enjoy leveling. I love it a lot, and can only enjoy it to it's fullest at 1x. Which is what I do, always.

I also enjoy hitting 80, and gearing up my toon. Joining a Guild, leveling professions at 80, leveling Cooking and Fishing to give my character THAT much more utility and make my mark on the Guild.

My Screenshots folder is FULL of my recent 80's leveling pictures, starting from level 1. Dinging level 6, tons of things. Level 20, you name it. I look back at these and grow fond of them c:

MotherSammy 1 point

can only enjoy it to it's fullest at 1x. Which is what I do, always.

Sunwell is 2x up to 70..

_end_game_ 3 points

.blizzlike command and you have 1x

MotherSammy 1 point

oh.. the more you know

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/wowservers
riipciity 13 points

i've been playing on felmyst. up until about 30 dungeons were easy to find. 30-41 (current level) was a bit rougher. A healer and I (tank) waited about 15 minutes for 3 dps to do Uldaman. I also play from 10pm - 4am west coast though which is not peak.

MotherSammy 2 points

to do Uldaman

that explains it

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/classicwow
HippocampusNinja 9 points

I'd give every Warrior and Rogue the quest 'Rise, Thunderfury!' upon dinging 60, and remove the requirement to provide 'Dormant Wind Kissed Blade'. Give casters nothing.

MotherSammy 2 points

Casters already had nothing for legendaries until Naxx so I doubt they'd care.

Solitare_HS 9 points

How about the oozes degrade your weapon like in hearthstone, so you need repairing after about 3 of them each time?

MotherSammy 3 points

Calm down Satan.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/StarWarsBattlefront
MotherSammy 1 point

No. It's hard enough in low pop regions to get a game in ANY mode. Splitting matchmaking like this will make it 100% impossible.

Here in Australia there is not a single active server for any game mode outside the couple peak hours in the evening where there is usually a grand total of one GA lobby and one SA lobby (if you're lucky)

It's not uncommon for there to be no active servers on the WEEKENDS if it's midday rather than evening.

If people start filtering by what map they want to play we won't be able to get a server functioning at all.

We need a server browser, not additional ways to slow down the garbage matchmaking system.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/Warframe
Marto25 41 points

I bet you're a super toxic veteran that complains about every change.

Back when you started, graphics didn't exist, and everything was on text.

MotherSammy 16 points

Those were the days... you kids don't know how good you've got it.


MotherSammy commented on a post in r/StarWarsBattlefront
t-visADL -6 points

There's still hardly enough content to justify buying it at retail price.

MotherSammy 2 points

there is a ton of content wtf are you talking about

this game would be worth $60 for starfighter assault alone

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/StarWarsBattlefront
DarkRebellion -2 points

Nearly every game has mtx get over it, they're not that bad. Star cards barely affect gameplay.

MotherSammy -1 points

Fucking apologist shills like you should gtfo of our gaming community.

Keep sticking up for pay to win bullshit, thanks for ruining everything.

You make me sick.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/StarWarsBattlefront
Roctopuss 1 point

Really incredible post! A couple quick things:

Disable Roll turns off the auto-level after turns and rolls

That's what Advanced Flight does. Disable roll literally just disables rolling. Also, I'm pretty sure the sensitivity controls have ZERO effect in SA. Might wanna mention that.

I mostly play bomber, and am an unabashed objective whore. The build I've finally settled on, after getting almost all abilities to blue and a few purples, is Advanced Capacitors and Tuned Lasers. Doing long bombing runs with your primary is by far the best way to take objectives out. Torpedoes comparatively do very little damage to objectives, so running Advanced Torpedoes is kinda a waste, as 40% more of not much is still not much.

For the third card, I alternate between Offensive for the Y-wing, and Defensive for the TIE Bombers. Offensive for the Y-wing is too good of a card NOT to run, I can get an easy 3-4 kills every time it's up.

Also, if anyone knows how long Wookiee Co-Pilot actually lasts, I'd love to know!

ETA: If anyone on PS4 mostly plays SA, please hmu. PSN: Oak_Beard

MotherSammy 1 point

Nice work! Can you explain what the point of hard lock abilities are? It seems to exist on so many ships and heroes. It seems pointless being that it's not instant lock like luke's version. So is it just a counter to TIE bombers lock breaker? I just don't find the need to use it ever.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/metalgearsurvive
tiorigin 3 points

Pretty much just unsubscribed all of them, make me realise that i have forgotten they are not real journalist or real reviewers...they are just out there for the money and views.

Now the only one i kept is "pretty good gaming" channel. Afterall, they are the only one that did not really take a stance on their video and was as neutral about it as possible and present facts instead of just riding the train.

MotherSammy 2 points

PGG weren't neutral lol wtf. They are as opinionated as any other gaming commentary channel. They rant about anti consumer practices all the time. They follow the 'current gaming story of the day' upload model like all the other channels. AKA 'ride the train' as you put it. They typically express support for the overall community sentiment toward the story. This story being "MG survive is a dissapointment" Which makes sense as publishers consistently piss gamers off. As gamers, they usually agree with the criticism and express their displeasure in their content.

I'm not criticising them here. They create good content and I enjoy their videos a lot but calling their MGS video neutral and un-opinionated is simply baffling.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/MindField
arxakoulini 1 point

What was the trick? I mean how they knew their numbers? Can you explain, because I didn't get it. Thanks

MotherSammy 3 points

Did you watch any of it? They literally ask them what number they chose then write it down before the patient looks at the clipboard.

Plexiscore 3 points

Happened to me aswell, here's a link to the vid:

MotherSammy 1 point

Nice work!

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