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MotherSammy commented on a post in r/Eve
DazzledTad 20 points

very cool emergent gameplay, skillful use of multiple alts too very nice.

MotherSammy -17 points

And yet when CODE. does very similar things in much more hostile space with added layers of difficulty they're considered "no-skill griefer scrubs"

I guess anything becomes worthy of applause when the targets are goons.

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MotherSammy 2 points

The four numbers your ram is rated for are represented by the top 5 entries in your screenshot.

You want:

tCL = 16

tRCDrd = 17

tRCDwr = 17

tRP = 17

tRAS = 36

Leave everything else auto.

I'm not too familiar with ram timing configs but these are the entries relevant to the numbers on your hardware. Looks like it's currently set to faster timings than your ram can handle. Google ram timing config if the above settings don't help, because that's the extent of my knowledge. Good luck.

II-WalkerGer-II 1 point

That worked, thanks!

MotherSammy 1 point

sweet! enjoy

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/pcmasterrace
Hidden-Chameleon 1 point

1 at the back, 3 on top

MotherSammy 1 point

Use the top mount as far forward as possible.

If your temps are worse after installing the intake fan then remove it and continue running a single exhaust. Small seams and holes all over the case function as a distributed psuedo-intake that could be more effective in cooling the system as a whole.

A dedicated intake prevents those seams from bringing in fresh air due to a lack of internal vacuum and mounting it too close to the exhaust could cause a localised circulation loop that prevents the rest of the case venting properly.

the front is covered

Doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a fan mount or ventilation holes for front fans. Make sure there's no screw holes inside the case for front fans before mounting it on top.

Hidden-Chameleon 1 point

Where should I place it intake? my case only allows for the top to add extra fans. should I place it as far away from the motherboard or the closest, or in between?

MotherSammy 2 points

As far from the exhaust fan as possible.

Ideally on the front-bottom of your case if the exhaust is at the rear-top. Does your case have no front mounts at all?

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/pcmasterrace
helpimalive24 3 points


MotherSammy 1 point
MotherSammy 1 point

My only criticism is your photography skills :P

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/pcmasterrace
heciluss 1 point

In most games yes but for example, in the games I get unfixable screen tering motion blur helps mask the tearing that's one of the reasons I enable it sometimes

MotherSammy 1 point

no such thing as 'unfixable' tearing

just gotta sacrifice frames...and input latency :(

heciluss 1 point

Really then please tell me the vsync you use for GTA V that game hates me I've tried every setting in the control panel, and I can dish out around 100+ frames be the only setting that has worked for me is setting my refresh rate to 120 instead of 144 and truning on adaptive sync and vsync on in the game

MotherSammy 3 points

setting that has worked for me

Sounds like you fixed it.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/pcmasterrace
MotherSammy 1 point

I had dual 1080p60 monitors and upgraded one to a 1440p144 with a new build. But it was also physically larger so my pixel density didn't improve that much. The frames though....the FRAMES changed everything.

If you have to make the choice between increasing your resolution but staying at 60hz OR increasing refresh rate but staying at 1080p, I would take the refresh rate upgrade every time.

If staying at 1080p allows you to stretch your budget to a gsync display, that's another level of game-changer too.

Unless you're a professional photo retoucher, don't get too hung up on whether it's and IPS or TN panel - IPS is the "new hotness" boasting better colour accuracy and viewing angles but at the cost of latency/ghosting. (pixels take longer to change colour/brightness) TN is older tech, hence cheaper, and still better for gaming due to better responsiveness in those areas.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/pcmasterrace
LatinGeek 2 points

Should I put my pc case so that the air conditioner hit directly to it? And also leave the case open, so the cool air hit directly to the components?

Absolutely not. Air conditioners concentrate a LOT of humidity, which doesn't play well with electronics. Here's a terminal-stage case. That said, having an AC on in the same room, indirectly cooling your computer, should be fine.

Usually whatever a case comes with is enough for cooling components that aren't overclocked, but an extra $10 fan never hurt anyone. If you're concerned about noise, you can buy quieter fans or PWM fans, which only spin fast when they need to.

If you are having temp issues, check that your thermal paste isn't dry and that your heatsinks/fans/filters aren't clogged with dust.

MotherSammy 1 point

Air conditioners concentrate a LOT of humidity

Only evaporative air conditioners pump out humid air. Refrigerative AC is bone dry. (And generally better) That said, evaporative systems are much more common and cheaper so your advice is correct as a rule of thumb. (where the AC type isn't known)

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/gaming
c1nderh3lm 0 points

Well, you'll just have to take my word for it considering you have no proof I didn't watch it.

MotherSammy 1 point

excellent rebuttal of the point /s

c1nderh3lm 1 point

Not much of a better one yourself but go off

MotherSammy 1 point

You certainly don't seem interested in why gamers lost faith in the game industry....hmm..why would you post this topic?

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rettribution 1 point

This is how BFA works. It is stupid.

MotherSammy 1 point

PvP in BfA is opt-in at all times. Players can stay unflagged for the entirety of the expansion.

The system I described forces high/max level players to be flagged and exposed to risk (in appropriate-level zones). There's no option to turn it off after the levelling phase.

It's really not the same

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/starcitizen
Hoodiemafia 52 points

Oh its not released yet. That comes as a surprise when you see this subreddit is quite busy

I have a good PC so I might venture into space and see if I can test my endurance

MotherSammy 2 points

The fact you got so many genuine replies without people picking up on the pun just goes to show how much blinkered denial is going on in this sub.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/Battlefield
BrapadooMan 98 points

But I heard a lot of complaining about the automatics. And the tanks in BF1 are still slow as all fuck. And I'm already hearing people complain about the goofy uniforms in this very trailer. Hell, I was mad that they kept using the same offset scope on every single bolt-action in BF1.

EDIT: Also, a bit untidy to make fun of people for using strawman arguments as you're doing the same thing.

MotherSammy -10 points

80% of these triggered incels have missed the point that those "goofy uniforms" are not uniforms and cockney amputee lady and kratos wannabe are not soldiers or members of a military

BrapadooMan 13 points

Are they story characters or just examples of the player customization? Because if the latter is true, than am I to assume that you can always play as a resistance member with zany prosthetics and whatnot, or is it faction-locked?

MotherSammy -4 points

they're norwegian resistance fighters (civilians essentially) hence women, amputees, biker jackets, face paint and so on

I imagine some maps these will be an actual faction for the match.

MotherSammy commented on a post in r/StarWarsBattlefront
MotherSammy 1 point

They added server browsers to battlefield one after huge community requests for it, and then to not include it in battlefront 2 is just staggeringly inept.

Server browsers have ALWAYS just worked while matchmaking systems have a track record of nothing but problems.

How many fucking games do we have to repeat this process with DICE? It's just mind boggling at this point. Have a god damn server browser at launch. It's always the best option. No wait, it's the ONLY option.

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