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PestilentSwarm 2 points

I have the demo on vinyl and the artwork is phenomenal. They did a great job adapting the art to tape.

Personally I think the demo is better than the full length, so get on that ASAP.

MountainOfBlood 2 points

I love the self titled though the “signature WR” sound doesn’t really manifest until the LP, IMO. Both are exceptional though.

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MountainOfBlood 4 points

Seeing these guys live was absolutely mesmerizing. Their getup may seem a bit much for someone not invested in the music but it's obvious they put so much passion and effort in creating an atmosphere both on record and live. All of them excelled in their performances but its the vocalist who really gave it his all I think.

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sveitthrone 46 points

Just the albums:

Misfits : Static Age (originally recorded in 1978, but released in 96) > Walk Among Us (first “official” album) > Earth AD / Wolf’s Blood (half Misfits songs, half tracks originally meant for Samhain).

Ignore the Graves albums until after you’re done. They’re fine, but they’re not Misfits. Band probably would have been better received had they changed the name. They’re better-than-average pop oriented Punk with a metallic edge. Skip anything with Jerry Only singing.

Samhain : Initium > Final Descent (re-mixed Unholy Passion EP with additional tracks) > November Coming Fire

You can finish all the Punk albums in a night, being roughly 3:30 total run time.

Danzig : Listen in order. If you don’t like the experimentation on IV : Vorschau (“Can’t Speak” specifically,) then skip to Circle of Snakes. If 5: Blackaciddevil is hard for you to get through, skip 6:66: Satan’s Child. That one is probably the most expendable album in Danzig’s whole catalog. 777: I Luciferi mirrors the tone of IV, though doesn’t have the same number of classics. Circle of Snakes is a return to form, just in time for Danzig’s voice to show it’s age.

Take a break and enjoy The Lost Tracks of Danzig, which is a rare Demos / B-Sides compilation that is nearly as good as the band’s most quality material. Seriously, some of the material that was left on the cutting floor for the first four albums is so solid that it's hard to believe they were cut at all.

Deth Red Sabaoth is solid, if a little less than memorable. Very close in tone to the first two albums. I don’t care for Skeletons, and Black Laden Crown is about the same as DRS with absolutely shit production.

If you haven’t heard Black Aria I & II, I would recommend them, Kap. Remember that Black Aria predates any “Dark Dungeon Music” by Mortiis by a year.

Skippable - 5, 6, Skeletons, 10.

If you wanted to do a speed run: Misfits - Collection II, November Coming Fire, Danzig I-IV, Circle of Snakes.


For you, Kap, I'd highly recommend cracking open the various Wiki pages for the albums. Danzig's always been very open about his process and thoughts (which is part of why he's so made fun of - he's open and honest about it all) and there are interesting nuggets throughout. Stuff like "Darkangel" originally being written to be a track where Samhain backs up Dave Vanian from The Damned on vocals, or that the shift in tone that came to the forefront on 5 happened after Glenn attempted to recruit Justin Broadrick of Godflesh to play guitar in the band. This also explains why Tommy Victor of Prong was soon recruited, having been a staple of the band since 2004.

Double Edit - Added links to a few of the albums not easily found streaming. Also /u/MountainOfBlood.

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sveitthrone 2 points


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slams door

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razor5cl 19 points

These past few months have been big for me in discovering new albums, both classics and newer stuff, but I'll put some choice cuts here.

Slough Feg - Traveller(Trad/Heavy, US, 2003)

Starting off strong with this one since I know /u/MountainOfBlood will be happy. I just decided to get into this band a week or two ago since I've been digging more and more into trad these days, and I'm seeing this band live next week. I don't have a huge amount of experience with trad but I very much enjoyed this one, it's a concept album and Mike Scalzi's vocals really sound like he's personally telling you a story. The lead work on this album is absolutely superb as well, had me floored at points(Asteroid Belts for example). Oh, and this band has riffs for fucking days. The one from High Passage/Low Passage is textbook earworm material.

Molested - Blod-Draum(Death, Norway, 1995)

So decided to get into this one after some discussion on Discord. I was sold this album as "a more melodic sounding Incantation", and I think overall I agree with that. I can hear a lot of early At The Gates on this record, partly in the melodic-but-twisted riffs and partly in that it's weird as fuck. The title track is just some weird synthy parts with some blazing skank/blast beats on it, which I actually fucking enjoyed the hell out of. Lots of whispered vocals too(again, reminiscent of ATG) but the riffing is killer. Only heard this one once but excited to get to know it better

Order From Chaos - Dawn Bringer(Black/Death, US, 1995)

So I'm a huge fan of Ares Kingdom, and I love this band's debut album, Stillbirth Machine, but I decided that listening to that one on repeat for the rest of my life might be a decent idea but exploring a bit can't hurt anyways. This one is largely the same style as the first one, if you're unfamiliar with this band imagine Voivod-sounding black/death metal. They even cover War and Pain on this record. Chuck Keller is a riff machine as always and Mike Miller's drumming is ever reliable, but for me the standout here is Pete Helmkamp's vocals, as on the debut. This band's music is very vocal driven, and while his vocals are harsh and gritty sounding, they're surprisingly clear and easy to make out. The vocals drive the music and there are plenty of standout vocal moments from this record(LABYRINTHINE....WHISPERSSSSS). I also love it when Helmkamp delivers a long lyric extremely quickly, it sounds phenomenal.

Sadistic Intent - Ancient Black Earth(Death, US, 1997)

So this is again one of those "seeing the band in a few weeks" type jobs, this band hasn't put out a full-length ever but this compilation has most of their material on it at an hour long, and hits the spot nicely. I described this band to a friend as "what happens if Morbid Angel fucked Possessed in the carpark behind a Burger King" and while that's a tad crude I hope you'll agree with me. Think fast, thrash-like death metal with blazing riffs but with that "thickness" to the riffs that keeps it firmly a death metal sound. I also really enjoyed the covers, particularly The Exorcist which had Jeff Becerra from Possessed on vocals. I think this band actually shared some members with Possessed too but I'm not too sure.

Ascended Dead - Demo(Death, US, 2012)

So I've known this band since last year when they put out what is arguably(one of) the best death metal albums of 2017. I appreciated it at the time and it made my top 10 but I didn't fully get just how good that album was until I listened to it a lot more this year. Well someone told me the demo was better, and they might be right. This type of death metal is fast, chaotic, dense, lots of fast, intricate drumming courtesy of the insanely talented Charlie Koryn(IMO the highlight of this band's work), and generally a massive great big ball of FUKK. People liken this band to Necrovore and I definitely see the link there. As for the demo being better than the full-length, I'm not sold yet but I will say the production/sound is different such that the riffs are a tad more discernible. Definitely give this one a look if you like AD or this style of death metal.

MountainOfBlood 4 points

Good man. Good man. Well you only have like 8 other albums to do, so better get on those quick!

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MountainOfBlood 2 points

It gets easier when you stop caring about other’s opinions. We all go through what you’re going through at some point!

CamzoUK 8 points


MountainOfBlood 6 points


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kaptain_carbon 19 points


Big thanks to /u/mountainofblood and /u/feastofblaze for helping set up and regulate our Shreddit Discord. Aside from the wave of shit that we first got, the community has settled into trying to make funny emojis using metal faces that 5 people get. Aside from that we have lots of pets, discussions about magic, and bonus AOTWs that are like punk shows in a basement and everyone brought their own beer. I still think people are talking about the world cup...hold on...yeah people are still talking about it.

Also I decided to continue the tradition of using non musical artwork that will make users message the mods asking what album is in the sidebar. This banners ad comes from the golden boy of the dungeon synth scene John Bauer whose watercolors were used in an anthology of Swedish fairytales published in 1909. Or it could be any stoner doom band with the names Goat, Witch, Throne, or Bong in some combination.

MountainOfBlood 9 points

Big thanks to /u/mountainofblood and /u/feastofblaze for helping set up and regulate our Shreddit Discord.


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408Lurker 2 points

Thanks a lot man, I totally stole a couple of these recs for an NWN thread. Hahah

MountainOfBlood 1 point

Most of the songs DotS posted were my firsts as well. Additionally, most Metallica songs are fun and easy to play, as well as Dragonaut by Sleep. If you want to learn using a pick, Tool is a great starter point even if you don’t completely like them.

408Lurker 1 point

I actually do dig Tool a lot, but I never realized their bassist uses a pick. Thanks for the recs!

MountainOfBlood 1 point

No problem! Forty Six & 2 as well as Schism are the most fun to play on bass. Once you play a few Tool songs all of them become super easy since he uses the same techniques in all of them pretty much

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KhemmisBen 20 points

I could spend ages answering this!

Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic (or The Royal Scam, depends on the day)

Jethro Tull - Aqualung

Neurosis - Through Silver in Blood

Weakling - Dead as Dreams

YOB - Clearing the Path to Ascend

John Prine - s/t

At the Gates - Terminal Spirit Disease

Rwake - Voices of Omens

Gorguts - Colored Sands (talk about a "comeback" album, hot damn)

Little Feat - Waiting for Columbus

Nick Cave - Skeleton Tree (I can only listen to this album once in a blue moon, as it's so powerful and beautiful it exhausts me completely)

MountainOfBlood 3 points

Clearing the Path to Ascend

Amazing choice! Flawless album, IMO.

MountainOfBlood 2 points

What were your favorite albums from last year? And favorite albums so far this year? (Metal/non-metal)

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If you are unable to attend the AMA but would still like to have your question asked, make sure to leave it under this comment and I'll ask it for you!

[deleted] -2 points

Why is there such a decline in quality of the album art between the first two and the new one? It looks so poorly done in comparison, and the artwork is one of my favorite things about this band.

MountainOfBlood 3 points

Sorry, I can’t ask that.

Bill_Kristol 1 point

How do you guys pick album art? Hunted's is great.

I saw you guys at the Ash Street Saloon in Portland like a year and a half ago, and it was awesome.

MountainOfBlood 1 point

The AMA’s tomorrow, this is just the announcement post!

NefariousWhiskey 1 point

Greetings Khemmis, who was the first doom metal band you ever heard and will you ever come to colorado?

MountainOfBlood 2 points

This is only the announcement post, the AMA isn’t until the 26th!

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PestilentSwarm 10 points

Normally when these threads pop up I come in an say something about it the tapekvlt server. then we get an influx of new users which helps to massage my ego.

So this is me passively doing the same thing. Hopefully no one notices my sly attempt at promoting the best metal discord server ever.

also, wheres the link? i wanna join. nvm

MountainOfBlood 5 points

Mr. Pesto do you have a link to the TapeKvlt server?

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chrassth_ 3 points

The new Spaceslug early release tracks are phenomenal.

Obsolith carries out the very well established Spaceslug sound, the endless drift through the void accompanied only by dissonant riffs and soft slightly sad vocals lulling you to close your eyes and accept your fate.

Then theres Words Like Stones and holy shit, what a curve ball. It starts off a bit ominous with gentle acoustics and quickly goes vile, with the usual spacey vocals replaced by a borderline black-metalesque screech that sounds like the anger of the stars themselves, striking fear into your very soul for daring to venture out into cold, dead space. And suddenly blast beats-what the fuck? Blast beats?! In a Spaceslug song? You wouldn't think this would work with the stoner metal trio, but god damn it does. The blast beats don't carry the music, rather they supplement it and its unsettling and vengeful atmosphere, short bursts of emotional tide crashing into you.

I'm imagining this song being the visceral feelings of Barton from The Cold Calculations, by Tom Godwin. The inner turmoil of the space pilot and all his thoughts during the strife of the story. I'm not sure if this was the intent of Spaceslug, to remind us all of the cold unforgiving and uncaring of space, but this is what it does for me. This song is expertly crafted, maybe not "musically" (I'm not very well versed enough in black metal yet to say whether or not the song is totally original) but it dug into me and reminded me of the insignificance of human life, and the cold calculations that allow it to exist-or not.

I can't wait for this full album to drop. These guys are fuckin killing it.

MountainOfBlood 3 points

I have a promo copy of it and it is GREAT! There's only song that should've been removed or received intense trimming, but other than that the rest is pretty damn great. Better than Lemanis and a lot better than Time Travel Dilemma.

KnightOfGigglingTree 9 points
MountainOfBlood 1 point

  • Fathe Juan Misty newest album is awesome. I especially love the title track, The Songwriter, and the title track.


  • Ascension's latest full length is full of some super eerie moments and it often abandons the typical orthodox formula for some straight up riffing

  • Spaceslug's newest is definitly their best. A lot of unique moments too.

  • Icelandic BM still going strong. I wasn't a fan of Sinmara when I was first getting into the scene but man I love Aphotic Womb now

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kaptain_carbon 8 points

2018 Mid Year Top 10 (Non Metal)

Along with metal I keep up with new hip indie / hip hop / electronic and keep a running playlist of singles and keep it trimmed throughout the year. tyhe sonbg portion of this list could really be called "strong songs with an album that isn't as good as its singles."

Top Songs

  • First Aid Kit - Fireworks
  • Confidence Man - Don't You Know Im In a Band
  • Hinds- New For You
  • Son Lux - Dream State
  • Kendrick Lamar - King's Dead
  • Courtney Barnett - Need a Little Time
  • Ezra Furman- Driving Down to LA
  • A$AP Rocky / Skepta - Praise the Lord (Shine)
  • Father John Misty - Mr. Tillman
  • A Perfect Circle - So Long And Thanks For The All The Fish

Top Albums

Other albvums I still have to give more listens to are A.A.L - 2012-2017 and Beach House - 7 since I originally was hesitant to new Beach House.

MountainOfBlood 1 point

The new SVVAMP album is fucking groovy as all hell.

PestilentSwarm 15 points

Between the Buried Me - all

Gojira - all

Meshuggah - all

Ghost - most

Black Dahlia Murder - all

Unearth - all

MountainOfBlood 2 points

I never pegged you for a Gojira fan! Do you have any particular favorites?

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stoneruntree 1 point

Mike - I've been scurrying around trying to find album artwork credit for Our Raw Heart and am having the damndest time finding it! If it's not irrelevant: the artwork is extremely fitting for the album, did you or the band have a particular creative request/control regarding the art this time? That winged, many-eyed entity is...well...a bit familiar to me let's say and I was surprised to see it. Thanks!

MountainOfBlood 2 points

The art is by Orion Landau. He also did the art for Clearing the Path to Ascend.

MountainOfBlood 17 points

User u/FeastOfBlaze asks:

Is there a new VHOL album planned?

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MountainOfBlood 13 points

Such an amazing opener to such a dynamic album. The opening riff reminds mine of the album art and the way the song slowly shifts into the slower more dynamic segments really reflects on the Icelandic scene’s individuality as a whole.

an_altar_of_plagues 3 points

Have you read Paradise Lost? The album artwork depicts a scene at the beginning if the book. I wonder how the album and book would pair.

MountainOfBlood 4 points

No I haven’t, I plan to though. I did read an interview with DG referencing the book and the origin of the art, but I didn’t know the art depicted a specific scene in the book. Interesting stuff!

MOOzikmktr 1 point

Hello Mike! I'm glad you're alive. I discovered YOB on a random playlist and instantly found bliss. The week after that, I saw the announcement that you were very sick and might be dead. I'm glad you recovered and were able to still play music, because I think the new album is excellent. Anyway - -

When you tour, do you try and listen to music by other bands, or do you try and limit your exposure to new sounds to maintain focus?

MountainOfBlood 1 point

The AMA will be posted shortly, this is only the announcement post!

MOOzikmktr 1 point

DOH! I thought this was where you were moderating questions! me dum.

MountainOfBlood 1 point

It’s cool man haha. Only one hour to go!

MountainOfBlood [M] [score hidden]

If you are unable to attend the AMA but would still like to have your question asked, make sure to leave it under this comment and I'll ask it for you!

iburngreen 2 points

This is the first AMA that I'm determined not to miss, what's the etiquette on multiple questions? Ask them together or make separate comments for them? Thanks again for this!

MountainOfBlood 3 points

No problem!

There isn’t any specific etiquette you need to follow, people usually just throw all the questions into the same comment but if you feel like you need to make separate comments, that’s cool as well :).

MountainOfBlood commented on a post in r/Metal
MountainOfBlood 7 points

Yob's live album event yesterday! They played Ablaze, The Screen, In Reverie/Lungs Reach, and Our Raw Heart. They sound fucking amazing and the sound quality is actually pretty great.

k0bra3eak 1 point

I can almost feel your hype for the AMA on Monday

MountainOfBlood 2 points

I can't wait haha. So excited for this one!

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