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Put her on a list. Make sure she never forgets this.


What is wrong with this? How is anything about this bad? Exploring your sexuality then settling down ? Can someone actually explain why this is bad?

Hello fellow immersion user <3

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You ready to also risk triple glory loss as well?

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So, do you actually want an answer for that or do you just think you're funny?

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Thats how ranks work man. You can't go up 3 times as fast and not increase the downward loss.

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It's not a rank though, it's a simplified ELO where skill isn't even consideres. It's just a point system where you get a reward at 2100.

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Looks A LOT better than that funk Titan set.

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I like how we just confirmed some massive, and I mean MASSIVE theories about Mara/Eris/Oryx... And this is the highest comment.

Not bad at all. Wish that counter read 60 tho, lol.

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Spotting an obese dog isn't quite as easy as spotting an obese human. For those of you who are curious, here is an easy visual guide:

Link for reference

This dog looks to be between "heavy" and "grossly obese".

16 points · 2 days ago

That seems to be just for that one single breed, doesn't it? Looks pretty intuitive for me. If you see the ribs poking out it's underweight. If it's flabby and thick it's overweight. I could see Ideal/Heavy being difficult to separate though.

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It's a pretty good example for virtually any breed.

Faint outline of ribs? Probably good weight

Defined ribs? Underweight

Cant even tell where the ribcage ends? Morbidly obese dog.

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6 man matchmaking for EP.... Or even a way for people to join in on an EP with open slots from the director....

He must've been bitten by the same radioactive spider as my roommate.

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Yes... It went over my head.... Care to explain?

This picture has me second guessing the fabric of my reality.

The "indent line" on the visor looks to be a reflection of the outline of the front facing rim of the helmet....

This picture looks fine to me, but does the typical Mark 4/5 helmet have an indent in its visor, or has it always just been a reflection of the top part of the helmet?

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I know this is unpopular opinion but i would actually prefer a bit slower, more "meaty" combat style with satisfying heavy animations and effects. Current skill and combat design feels kinda artificial and too fast (for the lack of better word) especially on higher level geared up characters. With these old animation you can feel the impact of the skill.

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You're not alone. Slow, tactical, meaningful gameplay. I want to have to be methodical when I play, not simply "kill fast".

Diablo was at its best when it was slow and methodical. Now it's just a shit show Sprint through everything while watching your health bar. If it drops too low too often, adjust difficulty.



Whenever I hear a Brit say "bollocks", I can't really tell how much weight it's supposed to carry. Can anyone shed some light on where this word lies on the vulgarity scale? What about "bloody hell" and "arse"?


Brit here , bollocks is one of my favourites , but it’s not really up there with cunt and fuck etc , it’s more of a mid range annoyance swear or to call someone out for lying

Man 1 “I shagged daves mum last night”

Man 2“Bollocks!”

Or when you drop/break something

“Bollocks I’ve just smashed my priceless Ming vase what a cunt”

But it’s pretty subjective , you just know when it feels right to give out a big shouty bollocks


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Original Poster2 points · 4 days ago

So, almost like "Bullshit" in the calling out a lie aspect, but way more flexible. Thanks for the info!

No worries my friend

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Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

Oh right, what about "bloody" and "blood hell" ?

I'm pretty sure they've been a thing for a while. They only just now realized that they can put them online for that sweet sweet internet validation!

Being reminded that I'm a sack of meeting floating in a sea of soupy water and air..... It just makes me depressed.

Don't remind me of what we could have had.

But... We did have everything in this picture. It's literally Phogoth and Gjallarhorn, not just any old unused concept art.

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Yes, we did once have a grimdark, mysterious and daunting world to explore that was coupled with gritty armor and intimidating enemies.

Now we have power rangers running around in a PG kids film, where the main character's voice has been replaced by a robot who has nothing of value to add besides off-putting one liners.

Destiny was about restoring hope in the Last City, it's only fitting that Destiny 2 began with the destruction of said city.

OP doesn't understand satire.

We're being grounded again? On the main land azeroth?

Ha got it first run actually. It’s just a crack at the poor design of queuing the mission

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Shame on Bungie for doing something other than adding another icon to the director.

Nope shame on thinking taking the players time for granted to the degree they do is ok. Assuming waiting around on arguably the most bland planet for the chance of the right public event to spawn in order to complete an already difficult mission is not ok.

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If everything is simple to get, then what's the point? In a game where content is just handed to you on a silver platter (not you, Redrix...) why are you asking for Wotw to be even easier?

Go play WoW, where you have to farm a world boss that only spawns once an hour for a .06% drop rate on a rare mount.

Destiny needs more of this Wotw, not the watered down simple content you're asking for.

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