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Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
Mrdadik1 5 points

Aqua is weak and sg4 is losing damage on that setup

Ka16 skill should definetely not be sc3

I dont think lex will help you out even with you pull him i say just dont do it unless you can mercy

Xinck_UX 1 point

Aqua HD? It does do massive damage from what I've experienced... I think it does more damage than any of the other medals besides SG#1. Okay, so you're saying I should unequip SG#4 and input something different?

That's what happens when we had no skills besides Second Chance III for weeks FeelsBadMan

Yeah, I'm going to just try and mercy medals from now on. It's the only decent pulling strat in this game lol. Thanks!

Mrdadik1 1 point

Many medals will have better multiplier than Hd aqua ex because her 30% boost is not taking effect and gets overruled by 40% from sg medals

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KingdomHearts
ralad 3 points

When did I even call them side games? Why are you quoting something I didn't say? How did 3 people read/upvote your comment and not notice this?

Mrdadik1 3 points

It wasn't a quote tbh but more of a mock to the name side games all of those were my words ...

Thats still not the point though of why people downvoted you there pal so im sorry if the message wasn't delivered properly.

ralad -7 points

Okay, so don't say that I mentioned the phrase "side games". I literally just said I personally wasn't interested in THOSE games. I don't need to be crucified for personal taste.

Mrdadik1 6 points

Well reddit goes one way in thought if you go against it you usually get downvoted

Also i am sorry for that never meant for that to be read in that way :/

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Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
racind -1 points

I'm confused because I have two medal with similar stats but the damage output is massively different.

Medal 1: - He is in slot 5 on Fairy Stars = x2.9. His skill does more damage the lower the slot number so on the lower end(because hes in a high slot) I would say it does x3.5 roughly. Plus the 240% increase from guilting (200% plus the random 40% increase they are getting now) = x3.4. Then he also has attack boost 3 which is x1.6.

10882(2.9)(3.5)(3.4)(1.6) = 600,860 damage per hit of his special. Add is buffs and debuffs from skills and you get this: - Hitting Lexaeus for 752k damage per special hit...

Medal 2: - Same slot 5 on the same keyblade (and all the medals before and after are the same as well) - x2.9. His skill does more damage in slot 5 (so max damage %) - x4.6. 240% increase for guilting - x3.4. He only has a 40% chance to proc the skill for x1.4 so ill do the math for both.

no skill proc: 9465(2.9)(4.6)(3.4) = 429,294 per special attack hit.

skill proc: 9465(2.9)(4.6)(3.4)(1.4) = 601,012 per special attack hit

This is the result I'm getting on the exact same Lexaeus with exact same conditions:

He is doing only 76k damage per hit... WTF.... 1/10th of the damage the first medal does but they should be doing about the same. What am I missing?

Mrdadik1 1 point

Does your sg has any traits such as ground 60% ?

xsigil93 1 point

Also, several of the larger media outlets are actually playing the game today to have their impressions published first thing tomorrow morning. So keep any eye out for those at 6am Pacific time!

That also means that there will probably more to the event tomorrow than just the first hands on gameplay since several attendees will have already played it. I have a feeling the articles tomorrow morning will reveal a surprise trailer coming during the event and they’ll ask us to all tune in later in the day for a stream or something like that.

Mrdadik1 1 point

Actually im trying to avoid information beside release date on kh3 and just be surprised as i go in order to keep the hype low and not overhpye this

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Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
Mrdadik1 10 points

Oh so just to clarify:

If my medal has ea and i dont want to use it i can disable it for the quests ?

I like this idea tbh

Cowser_the_Koopahog -13 points

Nope. Either tap through it or use a different medal.

Mrdadik1 13 points

It was a suggestion not an implemented thing :/

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
2Eazy_BC1994 1 point

Should I go for a Stained Glass medal? But then, I don’t have any other copy medal except HD Repliku. So what should I do?

  • If SGs, which one should I go for?
  • If copy medals, anything in particular?

Other notes:

  • F2P, iOS
  • The only proud keyblade I have is SL.
  • Medal list is in the album of OP.
Mrdadik1 1 point

I feel like your setup build isnt great so i can't really say without seeingyour medal list

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
beribboned 3 points

JP is getting them 5/4 (so, Friday) according to the promo email that went out - possibly then! Almost certainly before the others end.

Mrdadik1 1 point

Is it a free pull aswell or atleast 5 mercy ?

xGlaedr 1 point

Free pull

Mrdadik1 1 point

Ic thanks !

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
Mrdadik1 2 points

Wait so if i filled form at the start i get less points are you sure thats how it works ?

Lyonsmew 1 point

No, I was incorrect about that idea. I should've submitted at the beginning like most people did.

Mrdadik1 1 point

Oh alright am sorry for you so F

But you scared me bigtime there

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
Zexion999 1 point

You still use Kex in slot 1, with rank 9 pet you then get the extra +1psm you're missing. Trust me that set up is optimal.

Mrdadik1 2 points

What about speed and power ... Kex gives 4 down

Zexion999 2 points

This is the set up you should be aiming towards, I mean I wouldn't say stick m&b onto HD Vanitas at this point cause who knows what's coming next but this would be the best you could do for an AoE set up, you would probably stick Repliku in your pet slot too. With traits obviously this becomes a lot stronger, on mine I have EA on HD Xion so KA16 packs a seriously powerful punch and then Repliku even takes that a step further.

Just to explain it through to you, kex provides +6psm (+7 with a rank 9 pet) and 3gdd, HD Vanitas then copies SG1 and provides you with the rest of your missing buffs (except UDD), both Vanitas and SG1 become attackers in this regard. Your remaining medals will provide the UDD and SDD and your whole set up minus kex is hitting at +40% guilt.

You don't need the power buffs if you're just using Repliku or literally any magic/speed nuke in the pet slot, and given the op does not have EA on his HD Xion, he is going to want to use Repliku in the pet slot so he can reach as much UDD as possible.

Mrdadik1 1 point

Oh ic. For the most part i have no idea what pet rank 9 does so i can't take that into account as of now. My setup is a lot like this but i have sg 2 and not 1which makes me sad now :/

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Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KingdomHearts
auloux 7 points

True. When we played as Roxas, he basically had none of the offensive power that he had as a boss, even at the end of Days.

Mrdadik1 2 points

Actually on 358/2 you have limit break which gives you almost that exact power up he had in kh2

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
Noxilcash 2 points

Yes, your main goal should be to get your proud keyblades to lvl 35. I mean what else are you going to use those gems for? Surely not Treasure Trove, 3 Wishes, or Lady Luck

Mrdadik1 4 points

Fairy stars is not a proud mode keyblade and is better in terms of stats

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
BillHarper1 1 point

If you REALLY want it you can get it. I just started playing again and got a new account. I got EX Xion after farming for 3 days for medals and then I managed to get Vexen on my first pull!! So I put them together on my Starlight and managed to get tier 14 in the Coliseum and 20 million on the KH3 event.

I think if I get better damage medals & upgrade my keyblades, I can get really far but at some point my medals start doing 1 damage :/

Edit: I included my experience as enlightenment if you think he's worth it or not. He's really useful for defense and I managed to get Defense Boost II on him. So I can hold up against late game bosses a lot more easily, considering I only have 5 days on my account. EX Xion however makes my medals super OP.

Mrdadik1 1 point

You need to catch up on game what yo u said is not aignificant anymore

Such as attack boost 2 is out of meta as ab6max just got in

Try and pull on the 0.2 banner to get a copy medal and copy xex to avoid hitting monsters 1 damage

I wish you goodluck on your new playthrough and may the salt never touch your feet

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KingdomHearts
Mrdadik1 1 point

Unless this is the begining of hentai


CommonMisspellingBot 4 points

Hey, Mrdadik1, just a quick heads-up:
begining is actually spelled beginning. You can remember it by double n before the -ing.
Have a nice day!

The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment.

Mrdadik1 1 point

Good bot i felt something was wrong with my spelling

Vale5893 1 point

I'd keep both for now. It's really tough to make that choice unless you know you're never getting that medal again. Ground 60% is generally better than boosted, but being boosted is basically a free trait. I feel like no matter which you get rid of, you'll regret it somehow. That's just the way the RNG gods of KHUx work.

Mrdadik1 1 point

I can pull on him again but i feel like if this is what we get half month what are we gonna get end month

Mr-Mattie 2 points

Well ground 60 will make it deal more damage than the boosted one, so I'd say keep the ground 60.

Or keep both and boost your pet like a rocket through ranks

Mrdadik1 2 points

For now ill keep both in case of hsc or maybe even guilt both at one point

for more possible setups but ill wait on more replies thanks for the advice

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/pcmasterrace
Mrdadik1 1 point

Idk man to me i still think ps4 and pc is the best combination also at e3 soon there gonna be some more exclusives

As for the switch i mean the console is nice i guess but it lacks games imo and i just like My Ps4 more (though most of the time i do play on my high end pc)

Anyway thats my opinion

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