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Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
OpathicaNAE 2 points


why would they do this

Mrdadik1 1 point

Organization in a week

OpathicaNAE 1 point

That doesn't really help people 7* them if they can't complete that event...

Mrdadik1 2 points

It would help you spend all resources before organization event

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Flying_Toad -3 points

I personally think BOTW is the worst console Zelda game I've ever played.

Mrdadik1 3 points

May i ask why , i enjoyed its immense world and would like to hear your opinion tbh

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WallyW566 2 points

Vote Here -

Tournament -

Sorry about the font for this one :)

Mrdadik1 2 points

That roxas vs riku replica matchu will be determined by players of chain of memories vs players of 358/2

Would be lit

strikeback1247 1 point

94% Fairy stars setup:

6* phantom copy (atk boost 6) - 6* xex (Second chance) - 7* KA17 (atk boost 6) - 6* saix+ (poison max) - 7* woody (atk boost 5) - 7* prime axel (atk boost 5) - shared 7* KA17 (atk boost 5)

The only noteworthy traits are air/ground traits on the shared KA17. Via the power route I just managed 140 mill points by clearing all enemies. Good luck!

Mrdadik1 1 point

Saix+ is there for damage or i can put any of the 21% there

strikeback1247 1 point

Any of the 21% medals would do fine.

Mrdadik1 1 point

K i just need to find an aeiral ground keyart lol

Any special method for counters?

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Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
adamcuz 1 point

I got 100 mil with 38% Is there anyway to stretch that without a higher percent?

Mrdadik1 2 points

Not really you will want something like 80% to pass

adamcuz 5 points

Well guess who isnt getting sora and simba

Mrdadik1 3 points

Us? :D

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Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
Mrdadik1 4 points

Since last post 600 users added a review :o

2.53k- 2.59k

ThanatosDK 2 points

2.53k is 2530. 25.3k would be 25300. It’s weird for them to shorthand 4 digits with 3 digits a letter and a period. That messed me up When I first checked it too.

Exact review counts as of now is 2615, yesterday’s total was 2533.

Mrdadik1 2 points

Oh i see rip me

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
WorldinShambles 3 points

As a Kingdom Hearts fan from the start to now, you make me ashamed to call you part of our fanbase. The fact that you would defend a travesty, a cancerous growth, like this game as part of Kingdom Hearts and as something the fanbase should respect shows to me that you don't respect Kingdom Hearts as a franchise.

A real fan can honestly say when something they love has gone the wrong way. A fanboy will make excuses and defend blatant garbage because it has the logo of something they like on it. Kingdom Hearts has no need for blind fanboys. Please leave this fandom.

Mrdadik1 -1 points

"Please leave this fandom"

Everyday we take one step away from the light :(

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/funny
Mr_Sargasmic -1 points


Mrdadik1 1 point


Mr_Sargasmic 1 point

Well I didn't. I'm sorry my being honest made you sad........ ok fine. "fallout new vegas" Better?

Mrdadik1 1 point

Wasnt really sad yet sad about that no lol its just a known thing to be op if you set intellegence go 10 in new vegas

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Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
Mrdadik1 2 points

So ill start with me being dumb.

So if i use triple threat on turn 1 , And then i use triple threat on the last slot of turn 3 i will be skipping 3 medals ?

DankDoggyDog 1 point

Nah you’d use your boost up, best way to do this is saix+ poison or the skill from his trait medal to a relevant medal you’d like to have the poison +to burn the opponents esuna then your triple threat or paralyze/sleep whatever that triggers last round will boost the other two statuses

Mrdadik1 1 point

But from what i understood the boost can trigger twice :o for sleep dat is

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
gabumonkid 10 points

im stuck at 5, even with managing my strong magic deck of kex, stained glass 1 and riku ex i cant go further. but im not gunna bother unless i get something super strong which is doubtful

Mrdadik1 1 point

Your medals are mostly outdated also if you add a copy to kex you might be able to carry in more damage by raising his counter

gabumonkid 1 point

my kit is basically, EA stained glass 1. EA HD vanitas, kex, EA key art bond and riku EX and toon roxas cuz +1 counter, then either another copy medal or a strong single target medal and a friend sharing a EA KA17 with ground defense. and he still lives with 300 hp bars after my 2 SC's

Mrdadik1 1 point

You are casting kex a bit too much, working with stained glass is troublsome aswell where prime medals make great substitute for the bonus% your only damaging medals are riku and key art ... Try adding in more 7 stars and less working on an only magic build

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
khux-lex 8 points

And same with perks. Let us change our outfits without changing our perks. Those are the kind of modifications this game needs, they would make the experience more enjoyable :D

Mrdadik1 6 points

That would be cool but there are some benefits in this bullshit pvp for this :/

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/KHUx
CheshiretheBlack 7 points

Don't be sad that it's over be happy that it happened

Mrdadik1 4 points

You are right :( well Op i wish you goodluck with your future works

Mezalex 51 points

Am source. I want to announce that this is my second to last "drawing post" for this sub.

The reason why I am going to be stopping soon is because, there is nothing else to really draw about. I've milked this cow enough and need to move on, but not before I go out with a bang. I'm already working on what will be my last post, It may be awhile before it comes out but it's going to be something special to me and will have a better value then all of the other things I have contributed to this sub

I want to thank everyone who commented on how much they enjoy these posts. I'm not gonna stop drawing, but I will be stopping soon for KHUX. I may not have gotten SE's attention, but maybe you will. Again, thank you.

Mrdadik1 3 points

Don't stop :o , me and i believe many others have enjoyed your posts they always made me smile when passing through the subreddit.

Its okay to wait for something new to draw but you don't have to stop drawin you will make people like me sad :(

Mrdadik1 commented on a post in r/gaming
Mrdadik1 18 points

How do you make kratos smile :/

Brobatos 57 points

When you're in photo mode, the last tab to the right has options for Atreus and Kratos. You'd be able to edit their expressions there.

Mrdadik1 14 points

Holy , im gonna check that out right away thanks !

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