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Have you heard her talk about it, she is not taking any responsibility.

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No, all I saw was that quote from her, and others vouching for her. Can you link to her being irresponsible about this matter?

Ok, what are you smoking? That video only corroborates stories of her taking responsibility for her actions. She seems to be acting maturely and responsible.

Did you just find a random link about the story and paste it, hoping I wouldn't actually watch it?

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1.9k points · 2 days ago

We had a dog like that. She'd help herself if she could and assume we wouldn't miss just one.

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My dog was far less subtle. He'd bark at the door to trick us into thinking someone was knocking. When we went to answer, he'd quickly run back to the table, push the rolling chair close enough, climb up and jump onto the table to eat as much as he could before we could stop him.

Less subtle, but damn that is some complex planning (for a dog)!

Altho, why did everyone leave the table to check the door...

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Not everyone checked the door. It was just that always one of us had to be at the table while the rest of the food was being prepared, to keep him off of it. So the table guard would check the door and be fooled. The others were out and about doing other things - either preparing food or watching TV.

It worked a few times because it was someone different guarding the table and getting fooled each time.

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This isn't a story of bad luck. This is a story of overcoming all hurdles! Stay motivated!

Bah! that's silly. If you wrote a book about that, it surely wouldn't sell.

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Call it "IT" because you couldn't think of a better name. You know it won't sell, so just whatever.

1 point · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

A simple one, but sometimes when there is a big stack of resumes, not having a cover letter can be an opportunity killer.

Don't expect these people to do close research on all 100 resumes in a stack. They're almost always going to take the lazy route to reduce their work load. They're going to categorize the stack based on their own custom criteria quick checklist.

"Does he have a cover letter so I can learn a little about him without having to look him up on social media?"

"Did he spell everything correctly?" It's just another excuse for them to toss another one out of the pile. I've known people who also look for 'power words' because for some reason, that's important to them personally because that's the way they were taught to write a resume.

Did he put something in his resume that shouldn't be there? (ie. your favorite food, or hobby) This sort of thing belongs in your cover letter if it's relateable to the position you are applying for. These people do not care what video games you enjoy playing (unless you are applying for a video game development job). If you put a section in a resume for your interests that aren't related to the work you'd be doing, it's going to make you look bad.

331 points · 3 days ago

European here: nobody here understands why there aren't 500,000 protesters out front of the White House protesting this shit, right now. Are you all waiting for more entertainment, a permit to protest, less inconveniences, water & pizza?

We have jobs, health insurance payments, and kids here as well here, but the fact that on a good night only 50 to 100 people turn up from 7 to 10, it just doesn't compute.

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People are waiting to see if Trump gets away with firing Mueller.. Everything kicks off once that happens.

Lol that's hilarious. Obviously hes responding to the wrong person on accident but you can easily just put it back on yourself.

91 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

the prosecutor will most certainly take the stat

dont kid yourself


nice downvotes. now im gonna personally follow this case and make a thread when im right. which sub should i put it in? r/quityourbullshit ?

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This is my prediction too. I don't think the prosecution is going to pass up such an easy win. In the eyes of the law, these people really don't care about your personal issues. At the end of the day, they're going to base their decision on whether or not they can fit it into their schedule, and how easy it would be to prosecute. Which is to say, very easy in this case.

Just to be clear, while the officer didn't arrest him there for the possession of heroin, he still refers it to the state prosecutor and there is no saying whether they will prosecute him regardless of how the officer handled the situation. He says it himself near the end of the video, so the suspect isn't exactly free of this yet.

Hate speech is free speech, the courts have already ruled that


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Protection from the government, not from privately owned entities. It's within the social media platforms right to rid itself of that cancer that damages its reputation.

-5 points · 4 days ago

I mean, you made it look like you were cheating by shaking your mouse around. Don't be surprised that the cashier calls the police on you because you are wearing a balaclava in the store.

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It's fine for the cashier to call the police for something suspicious. It's not ok for the responding 'police' in your scenario to arrest him without proof.

That's a really stupid analogy.

3.8k points · 4 days ago

Pro tip: You can avoid this issue by not fucking raping people.

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I said this about Mike Tyson and people defended him.

-15 points · 6 days ago

Here’s the lie about WMDs that started it all.

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Bush was the liar. Republican's were the liars.

Some FBI agent who was lied too by Bush's administration, and presented false evidence can't do much but corroborate that evidence within the context that it was presented to them.

By the way, Mueller is a Republican, you traitor.

-11 points · 6 days ago

Your being so dismissive instead of being understanding to those voters

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People are so dismissive of Trump supporters because they understand them. They're like the special needs kids of the adult world.

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582 points · 7 days ago

What are they eating...

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-28 points · 7 days ago

They’re worth about $1,500 each for that size.

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Oh really? So uhh, could you give me the address of this place? Asking for a friend.

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Miami is the one lying? Are you implying that she is telling the truth?

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My guess is that he accidentally swapped her name with the word Miami in his comment.

The Green Party exists to divide the Democrat base. Don't vote third party. You're throwing away your vote.

It especially bothered me that there seems to be no set pattern to them too. I was thinking weep holes for water that comes in through the top? Really wish he talked about that!

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That's probably exactly the reason. Allows water to get through.

33 points · 8 days ago

Yeah just a bad week I guess ☹ hope no one was hurt on the island

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The island didn't have a fire department. :(

65 points · 8 days ago

That and they're extraordinarily common commuter aircraft. I fly on one pretty much every week.

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Now you know you can fly one of these baby's with only the experience of having played video games previously.

I've concluded everyone is Arizona is crazy.

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I thought that was Florida. Is the disease spreading west?

This is the problem with StackOverflow. People gatekeep that community like nothing else I've seen. They're pickier than Wikipedia is.

Welp, someone's getting disowned by their father after this. Nothing to suggest the Police Chief is a bad as his son.

You didn't know that Quebec existed?

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13 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

I wouldn't say that I didn't know it existed, maybe just that I didn't know the significance of there being a province that is primarily french speaking apart from the other English speaking provinces, and that it was an everyday part of their culture.

In a lot of places within the US, us Americans tend to live in our own little geographical bubbles. We don't learn about the world outside of the US as much as other places, and the times we do, the knowledge we learn isn't reinforced in any repetitive form. It's easy to forget.

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