Sad day by danq420 in trees

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Do it with your best bros

Happy 4/20!! by ACOG_Jook in trees

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I’m literally dedicating my next toke to you bro

Post 420 by groovy_jp in trees

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Quitters never win

Best drunk purchase ever by smokethis1st in trees

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Amazon? That’s where I got mine. I’ll use the regular ones and when I’m out and about I’m always just checking to see if any cool design bics are at check out so I can replace the plain colors with a dope graphic

I quit. by Lontology in Wellthatsucks

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Yeah and Grizzly Adams had a beard

Saw this on r/unethicallifeprotips lol by Gaucho510 in trees

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Imagine them tellin you while you were smokin them out. I honestly would never trust that person ever again

What y'all cookin? by misterkairos in trees

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It is considered mandatory anytime you are within the vicinity of something 420 to make that number 420

So, I'm not alone. That's cool. by iameor in trees

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Just imagine how many times you had to say “hey you got my lighter” to attain this collection

I lost a good friend today. RIP Colonel Stoanders. by Uhhh--- in trees

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Now we must figure out what strains make up the 11 herbs and spices

Found an old video of me in College taking a huge rip off my homie’s bong. by [deleted] in trees

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The other day I took a huge rip and had to sneeze. There was nothing I could do to stop it. RIP my throat

His scooter died and she pulled over to give him a boost by spig66 in pics

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Nah I think he is probably trying to tow her car or something

proportioning my weed until payday by logimeme in trees

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Sounds good but I’d just end up borrowing from other days