That poor guy by eXaR_N7 in GrandTheftAutoV

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Nice. I’d be laughing my ass off if I were him

Curves Everywhere by bogglingvacantly12 in curvy

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It seems like she’s a fan of this look

Guy orders Xbox controller. Package arrives and it’s a bong. by [deleted] in videos

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Here we see a novice reposter still learning the arts

Just bought an xbox, looking for some couch coop suggestions by TheAmishMan in xboxone

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Goat simulator

Seriously not joking, the split screen is hilarious

Fox getting belly rubs by 1Voice1Life in foxes

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Never seen a fox like that before

Passing a cherried bowl by PaulNicol in trees

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Why would I want to pull harder and get less weed and more air in my hit? The same amount of weed will get smoked either way at the end of the bowl. I don’t put a constant flame on it. I just light it to actually cherry the whole bowl

Planet earth 2 made me cry{9] by Berr1es in trees

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You must be a very sensitive person

Edit - dude said he cried watching a nature doc. So yeah he is sensitive

Passing a cherried bowl by PaulNicol in trees

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I do it cause I want a fresh 100% lit hit every time and not some dudes left over half hit of smoke and air

Take that, Jeff Sessions! New Hampshire House of Representatives just voted to legalize marijuana. by MarijuanaNews in trees

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Hey reptiles are awesome. No need to degrade them with putting Sessions in their group

2meirl4meirl by [deleted] in 2meirl4meirl

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Nice. I recently realized how empty my life was when apple decided to make a 2017 collection of memories for me. There was that pic I accidentally took of my foot (I cherish that one), the black pics that it took inside my pocket (good times), a pic of some shit i had to sent my boss, and a couple of screenshots of uselessness. Thanks Apple

These handwritten notes by SteelDolphin in oddlysatisfying

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I went to go write something the other day and realized I probably haven’t written a full paragraph on paper in like 5years. All I do is sign things and type shit, it felt weird

Got charged with possession and two counts of paraphernalia. by [deleted] in trees

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Then the cop went home and slept like a baby because he was just doing his job and it doesnt matter how many lives he might ruin to make his shite paycheck

I have no idea where to post this atrocity by The_Swiggs in trees

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Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should

Sent in Gears of War Elite Controller. Got standard Elite Controller by CarlDrogoo in xboxone

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I guess MS support should read their own T&C before telling people lies or false info over support

Sent in Gears of War Elite Controller. Got standard Elite Controller by CarlDrogoo in xboxone

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I love how everyone (myself included) saves the chat logs of MS telling us shit they don’t know or just straight up lying to us and it means absolutely nothing

This big frisbee by GlutenStuffedBread in Wellthatsucks

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The reason you laughed was because you thought it was funny