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And I don’t think a lot people understand the concept but when Trump helps out companies the companies can then pay there employees more money wow! Isn’t that crazy

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um... but they don't.

So your argument is Americans are dumb?

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Has it really gone that far over there? Man I feel bad

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If you'd have asked me two years ago if things could have ever gone "that far", I would have said "never".

Here we are, and yes they have. There is a definite cult of personality that is being cultivated by both foreign and domestic players. One particular "news" network is very much a part of it by creating an echo chamber for both our President and his devout followers.

You THINK you pranked him... He knows, you just gave him hours of free money by just standing around holding a boom and not actually doing normal PA work.

Whos the idiot? Hint, not him.

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Came here for this. Wasted perfectly good assistant work.

Jokes on you. You wasted a perfectly good PA for hours. Could have been actually 'assisting'.

I like to think he taught himself like this. Non-stop "oh hey, is that a piano" and then getting kicked out of a stranger's house, but every time getting a little better. Slowly, like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, he mastered his craft. This is the result.

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There is no way he "taught himself" to play piano. It requires several years to get to that level, guy has been playing from childhood, which means his parents/guardians made him learn. Very impressive nonetheless.

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This, right here, is a plot to a screen play. Person takes on delivery jobs just to scout out houses with pianos to either practice for 5 minutes at a time or break in later to practice....

Title: Pizza for Puccini

CNN isn’t on the left. Democrats are basically centrists. They just aren’t the alt right.

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CNN does lean left, IMO. I won't watch it because they do so. I watch or read anything that I feel is blatantly leaning one way or another. And that's not easy.

It’s pretty common in most homes with basements, it allows air flow if needed, or just natural light to make its way to the finished portions of a basement.

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And that whole "fire code" thing for bedrooms.

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Won't work. Best way to convince antivaxers is by giving them not a lesson in science, but a lesson in psychology. This scishow video does the trick:

I wish people shared this one around rather than the usual science ones. Yeah, those are logical for us, but that's not the way their brains work. Gotta come at them from a different angle.

Edit: psychology is science. I'm sorry, my words weren't working well there.

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awesome. thanks. sending to antivaxer friends now,

I just realized something very important.

I have yet to see a stop motion artist make a stop motion film about a stop motion artist making a stop motion film.

When is that going to happen?

I have no skilz

Woahhhb. This is crazy. Anyone know why thy didn’t crawl on the ceiling? This seems like war with extra steps

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FYI, I got the reference.

Answering for my wife because she's a doctor. Yes. She constantly does. I can't watch anything with her because she'll either figure out the twist ending right away or know who the bad guy was the whole time. I swear, she should be a cop.

So many spoilers...

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Tell her to start watching bad movies and series. They won't set up the characters well enough to lead her down the right path!

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Maybe the best episode ever!

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WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey Drop


edit: Some of you might notice Ron Glass in the first clip. Shepherd has a rock-n-roll past.

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edit: Some of you might notice Ron Glass in the first clip. Shepherd has a rock-n-roll past.

Venus Flytrap was played by Tim Reid. Ron Glass was in Barney Miller.

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awww crap. Well, I'm just going to leave my incorrect, know-it-all pop-culture reference out there for all to ridicule.

Go ahead. Do your worst.

Yeah I can see this going very wrong, you could end up in a dungeon chained to the wall forever. Or even worse.

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Thank you for the horrible rabbit hole you just sent me down.

Now I'm back to believing that humans are just absolutely the worst.

Alternative: piss off your dad. He hands you a dull axe, tells you not to come back in until that stump is ground level. Goes like that for four days. Finds another stump. Worse than the summer he won the contract to wash every school bus in the county, but still better than the summer we built The Fence.

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OMG, I have a "dad made me build The Fence" story too. And a "Paint the Barn"... that one was particularly fun... Had to load the truck up with hay bales, put a ladder on top to reach the top of the barn...

"don't worry, it'll hold".

Edit: And the fence was pre-auger. Used post hole diggers for two months straight. Good times.

Yes. Jesus H., yes. The Fence is capitalized exactly because there were no augers. No driving metal posts. There were six of us. No one had a "fun" job. Three guys were cutting down locust, turning them into posts. Two guys behind me were planting, tamping, and stringing. Being the youngest, I got stuck with the post holer. I hate post holers. I got blisters through my gloves and a healthy hate for fence work.

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Holy crap. You had to make your own posts? That's next level. Hats off to your tormentor.

How many resets when the post wasn't set "just right?" em' I right?

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A few thoughts:

  1. With the star on her pants, my first thought was "she's a plane!"
  2. Ow, Ow Ow, Ow, Ow
  3. The dismount was mind-bending

As a firefighter this is super scary. I could very easily miss that space while doing a search looking for victims. Very cool space don't get me wrong, but just something to keep in mind. Fires spread faster than people think. Is this a daylight basement with a walkout door on the ground floor?

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Not a firefighter, but saw the candles and thought it was a fire hazard.

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This animation is a series of images from the Rosetta spacecraft and features the towering cliffs of the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko surrounded in what appears to be a snowstorm. Of course, it isn’t a snowstorm. It is largely a combination of star motion in the background and dust and cosmic rays in the foreground. Most of the streaks in the foreground are most likely dust particles which are likely part of the comet's coma, a hazy envelope of dust and gas that commonly forms around the comet’s central icy body, also known as nucleus. These particles are floating rather far away from Comet 67P and not, as it looks like in the GIF, on the icy world. Rosetta captured the images at a distance of 12 km from the comet. At this distance, Rosetta’s OSIRIS camera doesn’t have the sensitivity and resolution to observe dust particles flying around directly above the comet. The apparent motion of these particles is largely thanks to the movement of the spacecraft through 67P’s coma and, since the images are compressed into a short GIF, the action appears much faster than how it occurred in real time. The dust was of high scientific interest. Three of Rosetta’s instruments studied these dust grains by analysing their composition, mass, momentum and velocity, and profiling their 3D structure. Studying the smallest and the most pristine grains is helping scientists to understand the building blocks of comets. The motion of the stars is the result of a combination of Rosetta’s changing position as it takes images and the comet’s rotating motion. The stars from the constellation Canis Major are on the right side of the GIF and the stars of the cluster NGC 2362 are in the upper-left hand corner of the images. ESA‘s Rosetta Mission is the first mission in history to rendezvous with a comet and escorts it as it orbits the sun. These missions help us to learn more about the „time capsules“ of our solar system, the evolution of our solar system and the role comets may have played in the formation of planets. The mission also showed us how a comet changes as it is subjected to the increasing intensity of the sun's radiation when it enters the inner solar system and it sent valuable scientific data of the comet. The effects of solar radiation and solar winds, trigger an effect called outgassing. Here, frozen or absorbed gas is released. The released gas carries dust away with it. This dust forms an extremely tenuous atmosphere around the comet called "coma". The Sun's radiation pressure and solar winds cause a tail to form, which points away from the Sun. The comets gas and dust form a separate tail. The tail made of dust is visible because it reflects sunlight, the tail made of gases glow from ionisation. Comets are made of material left over from the epoch when our solar system formed, about 4.6 billion years ago due to the gravitational collapse of a molecular cloud. A comet's nucleus is made of rock, dust, ice and frozen gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and a variety of organic compounds. Rosetta is the first spacecraft to witness at close proximity how a comet changes as it is subjected to the increasing intensity of the sun's radiation. The observations will help scientists learn more about the origin and evolution of our solar system and the role comets may have played in the formation of planets. To create this GIF, the images have been rotated by 90 degrees. Without this rotation, the „snow stars“ would move sideways.

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Another version of it worth seeing.

(slowed down a bit) of #ESA #Rosetta images of #Comet67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko at 12 km distance (taken over 25 min period), complete with sun-lit coma dust close and afar, and #CanisMajor in the background, taken September 2016. #Explore

Sadly, it's very easy to imagine. These countries are still held by the cold unyielding grip of old world religion that refuses to modernize. I'm speaking as someone who grew up in this religion.

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not "still". They slid backward. So could any country.

When I say "still", I'm referring to the moment after power was seized by the Ayatollahs and the religious conservatives. Afghanistan was the same way.

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Holy smokes, only 53. I remember him stopping by my middle school for an event and everyone went nuts. He really was one of the biggest local celebrities at the time.

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Remember Sprite Night?

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I’m surprised how almost nobody mentions it that this thing helped her push her own career a lot. Sure she did some dumb stuff. But her popularity landed her a gig as a dj and she makes up to a million $ per gig.

Edit: I don’t get how people can be so annoyed by it. A lot of celebrities are popular just because they are popular. She knew how to monetize her own image and I respect her for that. Doesn’t have to mean I think she is a wonderful dj or something. I see it as Kim Kardashian. I care very little about her. But I respect she was able to make a career out of some controversial things. They make some people happy, so let them. She at lest tries to help some people by supporting quite a lot of charities. I don’t think this can be said about Paul Logan and other people that I find much more disturbing.

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Atheism and agnosticism are not mutually exclusive. Most atheists accept there is a chance for a god or gods to exist but do not believe in them because they see no evidence.

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And furthermore, should there actually be testable evidence of an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent being watching over and influencing our lives, it would no longer be supernatural and something for which faith is required.

It would be natural and something to merely accept.

According to Wikipedia the people were led to a nearby hill and murdered, and the city wasn't taken back by the Italians for another year, which is the point when they put them in the church. So I assume, since the Turks probably gave no shit about the bodies, these people probably just decomposed out there on the hill and were skeletons by the time the city was recaptured.

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On 14 August they were led to the Hill of Minerva (later renamed the Hill of Martyrs). There they were to be executed with Primaldi to be beheaded first. After the blade decapitated him "his body allegedly remaining stubbornly and astonishing upright on its feet. Not until all had been decapitated could the aghast executioners force Primaldi's corpse to lie prone."[6] Witnessing this, one Muslim executioner (whom the chroniclers say was an Ottoman officer called Bersabei) is said to have converted on the spot and been impaled immediately by his fellows for doing so.

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