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A few gems in this interview:

"Most of the founding Zionists- if they came back and saw that Netanyahu was the head of their state, I'm sure a lot of them would've wondered whether it was worth it."

"Israel is a state that's gone mad. It's a racist, Jewish supremacist, obnoxious, self-righteous, morally corrupt state."

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Well, there's footage of Palestinians doing the things you said, no doubt about that. I believe it's perfectly warranted when you cage them up like animals and make them live in the worst conditions possible.

On the other hand it was a total of 40,000 protesters. There's footage of people praying who got shot at. There's footage of people running away getting shot at. There's footage of people who were 300 yards from the border getting shot at.

"No no no no, these were all Hamas's fault, we're the most moral army in the world everybody!" Continues gunning down peaceful protesters

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