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N8theGr8 commented on a post in r/nottheonion
LordMugsy 1 point

My post was removed because: “Old story with minor update - removed”

Scenario: if someone had posted that JFK was assassinated, and 70 years later evidence came out that there was another shooter, would the moderators take that new post down because it had a “minor update”?

N8theGr8 [M] 1 point


Also because someone being shot isn't oniony.

N8theGr8 commented on a post in r/modnews
N8theGr8 3 points

It's possible I'll be able to show up to the Boston event. Is there a final cutoff day after which we can't register/RSVP/whatever?

MajorParadox 3 points

I signed up for Boston!

N8theGr8 1 point

I just realized it's on a Tuesday :(

Makes it much more difficult for me to find time to drive over

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N8theGr8 commented on a post in r/SubredditDrama
Drama_Dairy 247 points

Right wingers flocked there because of the horribly offensive jokes, but then just as many jokes at their expense were thrown in their faces. I think /r/drama is just full of a bunch of trolls trying to get a rise out of anyone they can. They're opportunistic predators, lol. There's no denying that actual scum made their homes there, but I always thought /r/Drama was more like 4chan's /b/. A bunch of asshats being edgy for the sake of the luls, and not caring who they offended (except that they really wanted to offend people into taking them seriously).

/r/Drama was what some people wanted /r/SubredditDrama to be - a place where people can not only point out drama in other places, while at the same time poking at the drama-llamas and luring them in to harass them at their leisure - all while being allowed to be endlessly crass, offensive, and idiotic, just for fun.

I say good riddance, but there was an overlap between this sub and that, so I'm sure not everyone will agree with me.

N8theGr8 101 points

I think /r/drama is just full of a bunch of trolls trying to get a rise out of anyone they can.

Yeah, that's a lot of it. They used to username ping anyone associated with posted drama just to try to mess with them.

better_bot 59 points

To be honest, it was fairer that way. The people we pinged would be upvoted if they could stand up for themselves and we laughed.

I think it's sleazier to stand in the balcony and take potshots.

N8theGr8 38 points


I thought it was funny. I've been pinged from there before. Sometimes I'd show up and shitpost, and sometimes I wouldn't. Once I pre-emptively pinged myself because the totesmetabot told me that someone had linked to my comment over there.

Some people couldn't handle it though, and I've heard that there were numerous complaints to the admins about harassment.

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N8theGr8 commented on a post in r/OutOfTheLoop
SamLangford 94 points

While we're at it can someone explain what that subreddit is about? It baffles me.

N8theGr8 84 points

I snapped this from their sidebar while they were temporarily re-opened:

Basically they're about any drama at all, as compared to /r/subredditdrama which is only about Reddit drama.

alexmikli 87 points

Drama would still be fun to go to without username pings, but I think it's pretty fucking obvious that "mayocide" is a joke.

N8theGr8 48 points

I've always thought it was an obvious joke.

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N8theGr8 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
babbchuck 186 points

My kids watched Pee Wee’s Bug Adventure when they were about 5 an 6. They are 20 and 21 now and STILL won’t rewatch because of Large Marge.

N8theGr8 22 points

Large Marge is the first thing I thought of when I read the title to this thread.

Horny_Dalek 51 points

apparently on Hulu

piracy seems to be the only option

Someone make sense of this

N8theGr8 2 points

Hulu typically only keeps either the most recent season, or the most recent 8 or so episodes, depending on the show. Either way, you can't watch the entire series of something on Hulu generally.

N8theGr8 commented on a post in r/PornhubComments
PeepingJayZ 2 points

Are you the flying photoshopped uncle guys alt? u/N8TheGr8

N8theGr8 1 point

Photoshopped uncle?

PeepingJayZ 2 points

weren't you the dude who was taught about photoshop by his niece and then you sent a pic of you flying in the air in the middle of a race to her

N8theGr8 1 point

Doesn't sound familiar. Probably a different N8.

N8theGr8 commented on a post in r/aww
thescientificgamer 5 points

A rare form

Not that rare, this mod. Mod still had to make a display of themselves making a judgement. Not a modest mod.

N8theGr8 [M] 48 points
N8theGr8 [M] [score hidden]
N8theGr8 commented on a post in r/gaming
OutbreakMonkey 179 points

Here we go with another bot ring. This is an identical post lifted word for word. Tag them and their associates if you have RES. I wish the admins would clean this shit up.

This account also lifts comments and reposts them too:


Identical copy:

It even has some identical comments by other bot accounts.



——- Edit: if you want to help hunt these assholes (the admins obviously don’t give a shit), then have a look or participate over at /r/TheseFuckingAccounts. These bots make up half of front page content on some subreddits on occasion. They will be the death of this place, eventually you won’t just deal with reposts, you’ll be replying to and conversing with bots that post comments - you won’t know who to trust.

N8theGr8 2 points

The mods in this sub don't care about repost bots. They run rampant here.

N8theGr8 commented on a post in r/iamverysmart
N8theGr8 [score hidden]
  1. This looks like an interesting subreddit. I currently mod a bunch of animal subs, and the content is getting a little old. I have no problem approving "offensive" comments, I already moderate several subreddits that "let the votes decide". I'm quite capable of being courteous and professional in modmail. The majority of what I do is spot spammers and bots that try to appear human.

  2. EST, usually 7 am - 5 pm mon-fri.

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