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Ghosty141 6 points

Man I had that dream where I was running besides a friend of mine who was on a bike, and I felt like I weighed 10 tons. It was the most awful feeling I ever had in a dream, I couldn't even stand up properly but still tried to run.

Dreams can be weird as fuck

NE0REL0ADED 1 point

Me too. It feels like you're running into super strong wind blowing you back.

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NE0REL0ADED 1 point

I see plenty of posts and comments on this sub Reddit of people bragging about how quick they get to lvl 55(?), but as a new player should I be more concentrated on taking my time and chipping away at black spirit quests while doing a few side quests and some professions? I'm only lvl 22 and about 30 hours in haha.

Yunaine 1 point

You can rush to 55 if that fits your playstyle, but I wouldn't recommend it for a new player since you will miss out on several things that become more important in the long run.

  • Energy: raise this by talking to every question mark you see on your minimap and by (trying) to get knowledge on the enemies that you kill. Press H ingame to go over some of the categories and check if some are missing one or two entries, and complete them for more energy.

You need energy for gathering, for rolling items at the Night Vendor (only do so when you have 200+mil), for talking with some NPCs, and so on...

  • Contribution Points: raise this via doing quests, some of the cities daily quests, or cooking (though this can take quite some time at the beginning without good clothes to reduce cooking time).

You need contribution points for activating nodes (which will either unlock houses for additional storage or workers, or places for item-gathering for your workers). Use the link at the right-side to somethinglovely for a complete node-map. Workers give you passive income, which is rather important.

  • Inventory Space: doing the black spirit quest line is (for me) an absolute must on every new character since you get free inventory slots from several of the quests. Press O to open your quest log and you can select (at the top) Suggested quests which will have a category "Inventory Slots". Try to do the easy ones at the least.

Also note the selection at the bottom of the quest window. You can simply highlight the quests you want to take and leave the others away. Note that if you fail to get a quest from an NPC, it might be filtered away due to this selection. You can only do this from level 20 onwards.

Of course, don't try to do everything at once and simply take it slow. Do what you enjoy. If that means ignoring all the above and leveling quickly because you love how the combat works, then do so. Just remember the free inventory slot quests when you curse about a full inventory :)

NE0REL0ADED 1 point

Thanks for the advice. I picked the game up on Steam for a few quid and fancy buying some stuff from the pearl shop. Are pets really a necessity as most make out?

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NE0REL0ADED 1 point

I know "Game preview", but it's a bit of a fucking joke now. I play duos with my brother and he's on OG and I'm on an X. He's constantly crashing and I'm constantly getting "network lag detected" and we both get just as much rubber banding. I'm a pc player, but jumped over to Xbox as I wanted to see how PUBG would transfer over to consoles. Safe to say I'm jumping back to pc for the foreseeable future.

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katabana02 20 points

i've read from some piece that initially the fog effect is placed in the game due to graphical restriction.

NE0REL0ADED 9 points

Correct. They botched a remastered version of 2 and 3 on pc where you can see how immersion breaking it is when the fog isn't there as it should be.

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NE0REL0ADED 2 points

I know people say the police in America are trigger happy, but is it really at a point now where you can just ring the police, put a fake report in against some one you don't like and get them shot and killed just like that?! Man... America is so fucked!

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