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NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
Never_The_Twain -9 points

He plays up front, receiving passes from midfield, wing, defence. He's a striker, even if FPL and your computer games tell you different.

NICK16_06 6 points

He is a forward, a winger to be precise, not a striker. FPL classifies every winger as a midfielder and while it is not technically correct, it doesn't make Salah a striker.

Never_The_Twain 0 points

A winger... Plays on the wing. Clues in the name. Salah runs onto through balls and gets on the end of crosses. You get very few true wingers these days as the wing backs take up most of the traditional wingers duties in most systems played in the Prem.

NICK16_06 1 point

You don't understand football, do you? Please watch a few basic videos and learn about positioning before making yourself look like a fool.

NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/collapse
Dave37 8 points

What are you talking about? Flat bread with toppings have exists since the neolithic age. Bread is some 30,000 years old, cheese predates recorded history. The only thing that's fairly new is the Tomato which comes from south America but there are a lot of native European foods that could have worked as a substitute.

NICK16_06 1 point

I agree, if anything our feeding techniques are pretty ancient compared to humanity's other technological developments. We can put a man on the moon but we cannot develop a sustainable feeding mechanism ala soylent that would eliminate the need of so many disease prone organs, of so much waste created in producing food and then excreting it, etc?

NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/collapse
Kleorah -5 points

Why defend Trump? Sure, some things may have been in the works since before he came to office, but you know he’s done a good enough job on his own of destroying your country and making it a world wide laughing stock. Can’t blame everything on Obama.

NICK16_06 1 point

When did he defend Trump? Not blaming Trump for everything bad that has ever happened in the world is not the same as defending him.

NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/collapse
EmceeEsher -2 points

I know we're on a societal collapse sub, but I don't think it's likely for food and water to start getting scarcer. The level of technology related to food gathering/farming has improved drastically. Even in extreme circumstances, we won't just magically forget all our accumulated knowledge.

NICK16_06 12 points

You must be new around here.

50% less agricultural output and 50% increased food demand by mid century thanks to top soil depletion by shit industrial practices needed to feed 7 billion people. and that is before climate change comes to mind, which could further reduce staple crops by 10-20% in that same frame time.

If we talk water, look in this sub's search bar for Nestlé's leaked report that shows that by mid century water will be scarce for 2/3rds of the population, half of which will face severe scarcity. The report was buried because it would have hurt stocks, but it was released via Wikilieaks.

The level of technology related to food gathering/farming has improved drastically

This is the problem, technology in farming is destroying the soil, why? Because 90% of all technology in farming is dedicated to increase efficency and crop yield, which is exactly what is causing the problem in the first place. We need less people not more intensive agriculture.

EmceeEsher 1 point

The problem with this line of thinking is this only looks at what we're actually doing. Not what we have the technological ability to do. We have the ability to farm sustainably, we just don't. Eventually there will be a clear choice of "farm sustainably or die" at which point we will at least have the option of farming sustainably.

NICK16_06 3 points

Farming sustainibly for unsustainable population numbers? Now that must take the cake for the biggest oxymoron ever. The only reason there are so many people alive today is because agriculture is unsustainable.

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NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/collapse
ReasonBowl 83 points

This is a good thing. Think about it, the rich only have your best interests at heart, and keeping that in mind they should be receiving the bulk of the profits from the common man so they can more responsibly spend that money.

And work is really exhausting, and not to be crass but it's for unsophisticated dirty savage types, so you can't just work like the plebs to generate a profit if you're rich, you take your money and invest in other people's labor where you can then extract money from those with less than you in a sophisticated con game.

Also, if you give poor people money they'll just spend it on worthless shit like healthcare or rent. Why get boring stuff when there are kick ass machine guns, bombs, tanks, yachts, casinos, and all that cool shit you get in Grand Theft Auto games. That's a reinvestment in our economy the stupid poors would never even be able to comprehend.

Personally I like to tithe a good portion of my paychecks to billionaires. What do I know about spending money? Why should I be so selfish to feed myself first and not think about the needs of the billionaires?

Well, I can say it's an ascetic life for me. Hard work, pain, and servility are my companions, and I do so all to serve the rich - may passive income based on exploiting the poor forever flood their bank accounts.

NICK16_06 1 point

Username checks out. Great satire.

NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/nin
NICK16_06 3 points

Good for you.

Gorillapoopass 8 points

Well aren't you just the cheeriest fellow

NICK16_06 4 points

This is a NIN subreddit, we are not supposed to be cheerful lol. In all seriousness though, he didn't even provide a link or an explanation, OP just shitposted randomly.

NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/collapse
bligh8 13 points

You've been around since dec 21, 2015....take a look at my history. I study the Ice, Oceans, SLR and stop by on reddit now and again. I've spent most of my life out on our Oceans. Repair/servicing onboard automated equipment on Chevron oil tankers all over the planet.

Our entire civilization everything everywhere is designed and built on the premise of a stable coastline. 2 meters of SLR will destroy our economy, 3.5 meters will destroy our entire civilization, that much SLR will close 90%of shipping ports globally. No trade, no jobs, no money, no food. Once the WAIS collapses and the arctic sea ice is gone anarchy and tribalism will rule, that's all and that's enuf.

king_of_the_ayleids 9 points

Ooooo a collapsenic off. I'm with you. People being displaced will do us in. Doesn't matter if we can still grow things if our distribution is messed with by looters.

NICK16_06 8 points

Everyone alive today will be dead long before 1m sea rises. Most people alive today will live to see the collapse of the food chain and of fresh water supplies by 2040.

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NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/collapse
bignuke87 2 points

This mindset displayed by the other poster is so ignorant and close minded i dont even know where to begin. Those of us who had children prior to discovering "collapse" had no clue. Im well educated and a free thinker and even i did not learn in time im also 30.

NICK16_06 -1 points

Guess your moral obligation is to drown your kids in the bathtub like kitten, at least they'd go to heaven that way.

NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/Futurology
Valianttheywere 1 point

Hopefuly he got the cost down where we could all have one.

NICK16_06 1 point

And what good would that be? Give starving people in Africa giant anime robots, how exquisite.

Valianttheywere 1 point

Dig canals, irrigation ditches.

NICK16_06 1 point

You can do that without spending millions of dollars in vanity designs. You are clearly performing enormous leaps of logic in order to defend your position.

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NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/collapse
NICK16_06 4 points

Buddhist monks consumed a special pottage that left them out of their minds, some speculate that it even killed them just before they set themselves on fire, which is why they look so calm on footage. I wonder if this guy did something similar or endured the pain of burning flesh. Either way, I don't see this becoming relevant or transcend into the media. At most he will be seen as a looney.

NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/collapse
3bedrooms 2 points

I mean, who cares if you're correct? The points for being right don't count for anything afterwards if it's true. What does it serve to press down those who can at least sustain a good vibration through the downfall? You just bring down anybody's odds of focusing on and enjoying what little of life there is to be enjoyed in between. If you really knew better you'd be going out of your way to make as many fond memories as possible before bumping up, alone and cold, against the big, numb Nada.

NICK16_06 2 points

You can live a happy life without delusions of change and human potential. If anything living in denial drives oneself to unhappiness once those ideals are proven to be wrong. I never said you shouldn't enjoy life, I just said that you shouldn't fool yourself.

NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/FantasyPL
NICK16_06 4 points

LOL Kane bending down to tie his shoe or something instead of heading it in.

omeraziz 8 points

I’m sorry for dropping you Salah. I deserve this

NICK16_06 3 points

Yeah you do, you don't drop Salah even if he breaks a foot.

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NICK16_06 commented on a post in r/collapse
National_Marxist -6 points

I hope Russia wipes the US off the map. The world would be a much better place. What would civilization lose? Hollywood? Wall Street? Facebook? Orange Hitler?

NICK16_06 3 points

The autism is strong with this one.

National_Marxist 2 points

Have fun with global American capital ravaging the world.

NICK16_06 8 points

Global American capital has already ravaged the world. There is literally nothing that can be done sans implementing sci-fi levels of technology to reverse the damage that has been done to the planet.

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