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Pity, if the mods can't handle the sub (and there is a clear issue with at least one of the mods' racism) then maybe this sort of collapse of /r/collapse is inevitable.

What an absolutely absurd thing to say. For so many reasons. Kind of a perfect microexample of the level to which discourse here has sunk.

This is supposed to be a place for anyone that wants to discuss the end of BAU and probable NTE, and you think the main problem here is one of the mods' "racism"

The main problem is nobody sane wants to deal with you vicious, ugly, rabid leftists so they just don't bother to participate. Case in point: this is my first comment here is months. And I'm tempted to not even post this because I know from experience all I'll likely get back is "fuck off nazi scum"

For people supposedly so "woke" you are comically narrow minded.

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Fuck off, Nazi scum.

In all seriousness though, I agree with you, I don't comment or browse this sub as much as I used to either, because it is polluted and diluted with useless and baseless information from crazed lunatics with too much time on their hands.

At least I got the most out of this sub while it still worked.

you've gotta keep the debt flowing

and if we try to stop this

they threat us by saying that tanks will be on the streets next day

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But will they be electric tanks?

Well done Humans-R-Scum you broke me. This made me cry. Not because I'm gonna die, but because of what people have done to this beautiful plan. First time crying in many many years. I didn't even know I still had a heart in there. I'd give you gold but I am poor. Good post! well done.

Edit: I really hope humans do go extinct, if I had a big red button I would not at all hesitate to push it. I am so so ashamed to be human.

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Look at the bright side, we will be going away real soon. No more human scum to feel ashamed of.

I hope you didn't pay too much for it, it doesn't look that great.

Original Poster2 points · 9 days ago

I don't disagree, just trying to find a solution. I know it's not 100% perfect, but it's a step in the right direction I believe. I can see a future in which our societal structure has become high-tech and decentralised, without losing its complexity.

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How do you see a decentralized, high tech society happening when the core of said idea is extractivism fueled by fossil fuels? Unless someone develops solar panels that can be built by one's own belly button lint, all these futurist technologies will continue to be dependent on unsustainable production methods. Let's be honest here, sustainibility and high technology civilization and high population numbers are polar opposites.

Furthermore, once the global supply chain goes down, any chance for such "smart" villages to continue operating on the long term becomes zero, so this is far from a collapse-proof solution.

Original Poster2 points · 8 days ago

How do you see a decentralized, high tech society happening when the core of said idea is extractivism fueled by fossil fuels?

I'm getting a bit tired of this whole line of reasoning to be honest. Although you may be right to some extent, it's a fatalistic stance that kills every argument. It's either: "learn to live like the monkey we used to be 10.000 years ago or die a sudden death due to our dependence on technology." This type of black and white thinking is really pervasive here at r/collapse, while the reality is much more nuanced.

YES, there will be some sort of setback that forces us to learn to live with more robust and less complex technology due to limitations. HOWEVER, we will not all of a sudden forget how to build electronics and things like that. In fact, we will realise how much we need them and try to secure their production as much as possible.

I don't believe we will go back to the complete middle ages or hunter-gatherer style. If you don't agree, then my question to you is: what will be the base level of technology that we will fall back to?

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My reasoning is that most of the world can't even be fed without a global supply chain, let alone maintain an industrial high-tech civilization. Of course as you say, some places will be better off than others; for example China, as a net exporter of precious minerals and an industrial center, may be able to continue its development, but many if not most countries depend on foreign production of technology.

I mean, it is literally impossible to produce many sophisticated technologies without Asian and African minerals, and I guess we will have to wait and see if after shit hits the fan, we will try and secure their extraction and processing as you say.

It's not a suggestion. It's an example for my point, one where extra time was not considered to count points, and one where it was. It should be consistent. Either everything that happens in extra time gets ignored, or the extra time should be counted as "played time", and play-time based points should be awarded correctly.

Obviously I think the second one should stand. Cheryshev should have gotten 3 points today and Neuer was scored correctly.

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Neuer never played extra time, he played 90 minutes in a group stage match. If you concede a goal while on the pitch, no matter how long have you kept a clean sheet for, you lose those points. Your suggestion implies you don't understand basic rules. It would be debatable if, say Spain/Russia ended 0-0 and De Gea conceded at the 104th minute, but conceding a last minute goal should, by all means, be awarded with points deduction.

By extra time I mean the "extra time" the referee gives at the end of each half of the regular time.

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You seem unable to understand the basic rules of a virtual game and lack any reading comprehension whatsoever. Thankfully 99% of the public understands these rules, so I won't keep on wasting my time trying to explain it to a dimwit like you. Have a nice day (i.e. fuck off).

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Don’t feel bad. This dude is an alarmist. Sure it’s going to get bad, but we will persevere and life will go on. We don’t need all of these modern conveniences to survive.

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If you mean a few individuals that prepare, sure. But make no mistake, 7 billion people cannot survive on this planet without industrial civilization.

If you took the top 50% of emitters sure, if you took the bottom 50% definitely not

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And you think that if the top 50% died, the bottom wouldn't take its place?

14 points · 21 days ago

Gee, why do you think? So they could salve their guilt and keep grabbing the cash, of course!

Now it IS up to us because previous generations have refused to do what has to be done.

Fortunately we now have both a solid grasp of the scope of the problem and lots of technology that can be used to build the necessary solutions.

The only question left is whether we can muster the political will to do something today that will benefit generations yet unborn more than ourselves. I think of this as the ultimate test of Western Civilization; our maturation, by replacing the doctrine of 'God gave us Dominion over Earth and all within it to do with as we please', to 'We are the Stewards of all we touch, to be managed so that our grand children's grand children will also prosper'.

Failing this test means that Mother Nature will shrug and eliminate us through the consequences of our own stupidity and short sightedness.

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We don't have anywhere near the technology needed to fix our problems.

Life on Earth will be just fine until the Sun goes red giant. What this is really about is saving human life. As a human I'm fine with that, but let's be honest here.

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As a misanthrope I am not fine with humans trying to save themselves. Luckily for me, our attempts amount to a bunch of corrupt idiots arguing in a room for two hours with nice slideshows and a big group photo, and no action whatsoever.

Morality doesn't exist. Nothing is okay as much as nothing is wrong. You do what you want to do as long as you are willing to face the consequences. In this case, your input to the destruction of the planet is 1/ so you might as well indulge in a trip.

Its well known that Messi already had a HUGE influence on who is brought up to the NT. Id go as gar as saying Sampaoli sends a list and Messi deciides if he likes it. Believe me Messi runs that team. Kinda how LeBron runs his (literally cant give a fuck about his coach)

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Don't know why you are downvoted. I am from latin america and I follow argentine sports media all the time and it is widely known that even during the 2014 WC, Messi had a huge influence on who was called for the NT. After Sabella quit, Messi's influence only increased.

But it takes the people to get the state to take action. Develop your plans, then make yourself heard. Be loud and disruptive, and you will get attention. If not from the state, then from like-minded people.

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And what do you expect to happen honestly? To have the country abandon global capitalism and become a closed agrarian state or something? 50% of the population of most countries would die of starvation if this happened, and the rest would be condemned to misery for the rest of their lives. Industrial states cannot transition into amish communities overnight, you know?

Besides, even if a country became "self-sustainable" it would still suffer the consequences of global warming and species extinction, ocean acidifaction, sea level rise, etc. And to think that suddenly every country in the world will act like this is beyond utopic.

While making society more agrarian would be a goal of mine, I never said that people are going to overnight take it up. What I said was that it's necessary to take personal action to get attention to whatever action you want taken against collapse. Personally, I'm considering participating in this, but doing literally anything is better than waiting to die with the mindset "Why try changing when you know we can't?"

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I disagree. Embracing the inminent death of industrial civilization and enjoying it while I can is much better than trying to fight against the current, becoming increasingly isolated and frustrated with the exploits of humanity. Trust me, I have been on both sides of the fence.

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39 points · 1 month ago

It's even more hilarious when you realize how pretentious climbers are.

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19 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I agree. Climbers who spend tens of thousands of dollars in some cases to walk up a piece of rock, please tell us again how spiritually enlightened and woke you are.

Comment deleted1 month ago

So are you justifying human delusions of achievement? At what point does the objective ecological impact of climbing a rock, even if it is the tallest in the world, outweigh the subjective and in truth meaningless sense of pride and accomplishment some self-aware primates may have by doing it?

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Poland are garbage lol.

-1 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

google is the fucking problem! it says it's 1345 CET here's a pic

god damnit why me, rude awakening, Lewandowski on the bench because I tried to catch the colombia lineup

edit: CET is 1345, CEST is 1445. And you're cute for thinking I thought the game kicked off at the wrong time.

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All three games kick off every day at the same three times. It has almost been a week now, you should know already.

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34 points · 1 month agoGilded1

Nah man, you just stay here and keep reading and realize that things are getting increasingly worse than expected and that there are more and more problems ready to be discovered. No true solutions either, just a bunch of lies from rich idiots to gain power and relevance.

The true question here is, do we want humanity to be saved from itself? I personally don't. I mean if you look at history, you will see that ever since the dawn of "civilization" we have been nothing but power hungry, patriarchal and violent apes. This world, for as long as it has been under the rule of men, has never known true peace. If we weren't been waging war against each other, we were exterminating other species in order to expand the scar tissue we identified as progress through the face of the earth. Think about it, as soon as we discovered how to burn fossil fuels for nearly limitless energy, we exponentially accelerated the process of turning this planet into a shithole for our benefit.

Thanks to our influence, not only is 98% of all biomass on earth humans and cattle, but that cattle, which is 75% of said biomass, is condemned to a vicious cycle of death and torture. So, in a way, it could be said that we kill 75% of all life on earth over, and over, and over, and over again. The other 2% is being displaced and exterminated as well, and we have already triggered its mass extinction, so it will be gone eventually, regardless of what we do.

What else can be said? We are a failed species, our culture is diseased, our minds are rotten, our bodies are contaminated, our lifes are meaningless and while we are promised the bliss of individuality, of opportunity, we are nothing but a number, a small statistic that no one but a handful of people really care about, if that.

That is not to say there is not joy in the earthly delights of industrial civilization; in fact I may argue that this is the last thing we have to enjoy, while it lasts, because even that, too will be gone soon enough. But trying to change anything at this point is just chasing windmills, and a true connundrum, because to save humanity we would have to collapse industrial civilization anyway and have 90% of our population die in a horrible manner, and then we would have to rebuild it with non-existent technology so we can face the consequences of the CO2 and its equivalents that are already in the atmosphere and that will bring about hunger and death to us all in the about three decades at this rate.

Let me ask you, who is going to listen and accept this knowledge, let alone act on it? Would you kill your own children to save the planet? People will rather live in their fantasies, because most people are spineless morons living on their knees, and I say let them. In the end, I will be gone before all of this happens, and I won't leave any trace of my existence behind me to suffer the death of this planet, and that is as much as I can do, as much as any of us can do in truth.

You know, there was a time when I would have agreed with every word you just said. In fact the old me probably ranted your post or something like it to dozens of people. Now I would reject almost everything.

I wonder if its because my life circumstances are much different now or because I have learned more. Or maybe became delusional?

Just out of curiosity what is your job, education, life circumstances etc...? I strongly suspect they would be similar to mine and many others who are collapseniks or whatever you want to call the people who have such viewpoints.

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I am well accomodated in life. I have nice clothes, my father has a nice car, no debt, etc. I went to the best university in my city and I am now studying to become a chef at the best institute on top of it. I am pretty sure that if I try hard enough I will be able to accumulate a lot of wealth before society starts failing, and I probably will to be honest. But still, that doesn't change the fact that humanity is a disease and that I will never be able to reconcile with my own human condition. In fact, I would sooner ask not to be born than to live one more day with the cognitive dissonance of being a part of what I despise most.

I have moved past grieving of course, and now I try to do as much as I can to live the rest of my days in peace, but deep down I know everything I said is true, and what has happened, is happening, and will happen in humanity's story only serves to back my words.

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What lifestyles?

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Read the comments above. Americans have widely bloated lifestyles for the most part, thanks to the ability to borrow money almost infinitely. I think that it is the only place where poor people own cars, have multiple flat screen TVs, high end cellphones, etc.

I mean if you want to look at the bottom economic half of a third world country you will see a total different picture, and you will understand that Americans have a lifestyle that is far, far above most other people in the world.

In that one Beats 1 interview, Trent talked about how this album would be about how humanity is rotten to the core. The lyrics to this song, more than any other on this album, exemplify that for me. The idea that we're not as advanced of a civilization as we sometimes think we are is something that resonates deeply with me.

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Have you heard of r/collapse? We are going to go down the drain, fast.

Not to be that guy but please don’t promote piracy of this music on reddit. If you enjoy the music please purchase it.

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Sorry, I'm piss poor and only want to enjoy some music, don't crucify me for it man.

B-but we could fit all humans on Texas. B-but we could mine asteroids. B-but we could live luxury communism on Mars with them electric cars. B-but thorium nuclear reactors.

hahaha love it. Dunno why you're getting downvoted for this it's hilarious.

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I thought my sarcasm was pretty obvious to be honest... Guess I failed to convey it correctly or people here are becoming to tight assed.

14 points · 1 month ago

Wait, you actually want to force someone to continue to engage in a relationship they don't want to be in anymore?

Dude...that's fuckin' creepy and desperate.

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Why marry then if they are going to bail out as soon as they see things aren't that easy? Personally, I dislike emotional commitment and human contact for long periods of time, so I won't ever marry someone only to hurt them later. People have no emotional intelligence these days.

you are conflating initiating divorce with being the cause of relationship breakdown

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Children are the cause of relationship breakdown in my opinion. More money needed, a lot more responsibility and energy required, less intimacy and free time. Now the question is, statistically, what gender wants children the most?

The great lakes are gigantic (like, they contain by themselves 20% of surface fresh water on earth) - only some parts of them are heavily polluted.

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some parts

More like 3.5 out of the five great lakes. It takes a special kind of stupid species to pollute the majority of the source of 20% of its drinking water.

The human body can survive without food as long as there is excess fat on the body. The longest fast on record is 382 days.

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Damn, was that person 800 pounds?

Comment deleted1 month ago

Very well then, he broke te basic rules of human social behavior. Or you don't believe those exist, either?

There are a lot of reasons that I have essentially no interest in live music. The whole "other people" thing is definitely up there on the list.

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I agree, I wouldn't look forward to what kind of greasy, stinky and/or mentally unstable idiots I may have the misfortune of encountering.

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•France is doing the wrong thing by limiting migration

•Instead, France should allow unlimited migration and be replaced

•Therefore, White people are retarded for fearing being replaced

That's nonsense

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What is the economic incentive for the replacement of white people?


Good night, everybody. I am an experienced buyer on Ebay, and I currently reside on Bolivia, although I have a family's USA address I use to receive items, as shipping is usually cheaper that way. I have been doing this for many years and I have had no problems at all. The USA address is currently my primary address on My Ebay's settings.

Having said that, I am interested in a particular item that is located in Canadá, and as I was asking the seller a question regarding shipping, he stated that he was shown I lived in Bolivia and that he would only ship to my Ebay and Paypal address because it would break the rules if he didn't. I know for a fact this isn't true as the only thing that is prohibited is requesting the item being shipped to a different address than the one provided when paying.

I tried to talk to him and convince him he is just confused. In the end he told me that as long as the address he receives from ebay and paypal match, then he will ship the item.

Now, my question is, if I pay him using my bolivian paypal account with a Bolivian billing addres from a bolivian credit card, BUT use the USA shipping address that has been registered on ebay when checking out, will the seller get only the shipping address I selected at checkout? Or will he receive my billing address? Or maybe both?

If any of you guys could help me, I would be extremely grateful as this is an unique item I am interested in acquiring.


Well, seems like he’s telling the truth. As long as you have a address the listing says ships to, you’re good to go. Just pay for the item and wait for it to arrive.

Now, from how you describe, as a sellers perspective, it feels like how a scammer would proceed.

On your second paragraph, the seller is making a valid point and as are you. A seller would lose seller protection if they changed the shipping address. But, as you mentioned, a buyer is also able to choose any address they’d like as long as you change it before paying. So both of your points are correct.

The seller will only receive the shipping address that you select while paying unless they accept credit cards themselves. But since you’re paying through paypal, you’re good to go.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Thank you so much.

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