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I can totally dig that. Let's get rid of some neckbeards too, while we're at it.

I can just picture the mechs now:

"We removed the small parasite in your stomach, you should no longer feel nauseous"

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The human body actually regards it's own offspring as a parasite. During pregnancy the immune system slows down so it won't kill the baby.

The axe-wielding clown isn't even that bad. I want to know who that arm on the left belongs to though...


This is dangerous. If anyone actually attempts that they're going to end up with alcohol poisoning.


Uh... What was this post about again?

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I actually did that once. My teacher didn't expect that someone would write "a poem"...

What was the test about and what song did you use?

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It was about the time period of the 30-year war and i used the lyrics of "A Lifetime Of War". "Two ways to view the world, so similar at times..."

Every square is a parallelogram, but not every parallelogram is a square.

  1. As far as I have ever noticed you only lose some money (and maybe the good will of your team mates).
  2. There's a slight chance that you get an item from a body part that isn't broken. I got tails from monsters even though we didn't even touch the tail.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by that.
  4. The coatings simply add their status to your attacks. When you fight a monster that is resistant or immune to that status, the coatings won't work or trigger very rarely. (I never used them...)
  5. Sword and Shield. You can deal sharp and blunt damage with it, it has a jump attack, you can block and you are rather fast when unsheathed. Not to mention that you can use items while unsheathed.

Is electric? Check.
Looks cool? Check.
Has a sick tail attack? Check.
Jumps around like an absolute maniac? Check.

Sounds like Zinogre to me.

The pain is real.

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Written by renowned feminist Likh Makhlit

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Is she related to Sakh Mahdik?

Is the Water sandwich really a meal in New Zealand?

I am the Senate!

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Not yet.

Are you threatening me u/LOLICE-SWAT?

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The senate will decide your fate.

I just saw another post from someone talking about how their Shooting 14- Sniper didn't hit anything while being shot into pieces by a Shooting 6- Pirate. I've had similar things happen to my pawns too. Accuracy in this game seems to be broken, or at least it feels like it is.

It’s treason then

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r/prequelmemes is leaking again

I love the loss reference.

Execute Order 66 on this guy!

Is it treason, then?

Hear them whisper.

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