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Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/changemyview
Janlukmelanshon [score hidden]

Well I think the words that I used are too strong, does this count as delta worthy, I'm new to this sub

Narwhalbaconguy [score hidden]

If it changed your view even slightly, give a delta.

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abnruby 219,695 points

Don't waste time being self conscious, don't waste time on negative people/relationships/interpersonal dramas. Use this time for personal development. Get good at things you enjoy. Be friends with people who make you happy. Do interesting shit.

Literally no one, ever, has looked back and been pleased that they spent six months embroiled in roommate drama. You're not going to (hopefully) be regaling the bar with how that bitch Cheryl bleached your towels in six years. It doesn't fucking matter.

No one has ever been super jazzed that they nitpicked their own appearance for seven years and consequently couldn't enjoy themselves because they were pulling at their clothing. (I'm not talking about self improvement, I'm talking about being really unhappy with yourself for the sake of being really unhappy with yourself, stop doing that, you're fine)

If your relationship involves screaming, drunken screaming, the silent treatment, weird subterfuge, or general nastiness, (and I could make an endless list of bullshit behavior) leave that relationship.

You are going to outgrow friendships. Other people are going to outgrow your friendship. This is normal. It's not an indictment of you as a person. It can be painful, handle it with grace.

And always, think before you react. Always be your own devil's advocate. Think about others, think about how you sound when dealing with conflict. Being a stable person is partially an acquired skill. Learn it.

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

"Just think positive! Being self conscious is a choice!"

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Gius9811 0 points

The AI is also given less time to elaborate on fast speeds, both to simulate real bullet game and because of physical reasons. If he played on slower speeds, there's no way the AI would've missed that.

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

... That wouldn't really change anything. Remember, the human plays on that speed too, so it's fair.

Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
PMmeYOURrareCONTENT 5 points

don't you want your kid thinking more?

No - most of society sees children (and adults too for that matter) as replaceable worker bees - their individuality and autonomy and thinking is neither appreciated nor required

Society DOES like to pretend to encourage individual thought though - that's a clever ideological defense mechanism - eg if you tell someone that free thought is a lie then they will remember their teacher at school telling them "free thought is good!" and in their cognitive dissonance they will "assume" that their thought is free because their teacher told them so - but ultimately thought is still tightly following desired paths

This is part of the reason why kids get told fairy tales like that of Sokrates - that they are tricked into believing that they live in an environment that allows them to think and question freely

Narwhalbaconguy 2 points

Damn bro that's pretty deep

Wanna explain more about how we're all just robot slaves or do you wanna stop sounding like an edgy 14 year old

PMmeYOURrareCONTENT -2 points
  1. I'm not your bro

  2. Do you wanna explain more about how I sound like an edgy 14 year old or do you want to stop sounding like virtually everyone else who is confronted with such ideas, including the same kinds of refutations?

Narwhalbaconguy 3 points

ok bro

maybe it's because you're spewing all the same "everybody is the same and society sucks" bs that edgy 14 year olds do but idk

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Narwhalbaconguy [score hidden]

To add onto what /u/QAnontifa said, if we didn't help people with minor flaws, we would be nowhere as advanced as we are now.

Take people like Stephen Hawkins as an example. He had ALS, and would've died very young had he not get any help. But he got help, and he made major contributions to the scientific community.

Stephen Hawkins had an obvious major disability and still managed to , and you want to let people with much smaller flaws die? You want to risk tons of advancement and contribution over that? We'd probably still be living in the 1700s or earlier if we did that.

snowe2010 0 points

You need at least 30 gallons per goldfish, else they will die. I would not recommend less than 100 gallons for 2, though that's just what I've heard. Do you have a filter on the tank? What are you feeding them? What's your substrate? I would go read the wiki and then immediately go buy a larger tank.

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

I read online and in store that 10 gallons was fine, but I'm not completely sure. I had a friend with 2 goldfish in a smaller tank, and they lived for 9 years (honestly could be alive right now, I haven't visited in a long time) and they grew to be around 7-8 inches. I have an air pump and filter running. Right now, I have TetraFin Goldfish Flakes. I'm not sure what you mean by substrate. I googled it, and I'm using glass stones right now (is that the answer you were looking for?)

snowe2010 0 points

Looks like I was a bit off, at least 30g for 1 and 10-20 for each after, but only with powerful filtration.

Just because a fish will survive in a smaller tank does not mean it's happy. If your friend had 2 survive in a smaller tank than 10 gallons then that is seriously concerning. It meant they knew how to take care of goldfish, but insisted on stunting their growth instead of getting them a larger tank. Goldfish grow to be 8 inches. Contrary to popular belief fish don't 'grow to the size of the tank', their growth will be stunted and they will die from it.

On top of that, goldfish need so much space because of how much ammonia they produce. Just a quick glance at this article seems to cover most of the main points.

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

I can't afford a bigger tank right now. I'm a high school student and all the materials the fish have right now were purchased by me. My parents won't put money towards it. In the future when I have money and if they grow bigger then I will, but right now I can't.

Would changing the water weekly + having the filter be good enough for the water quality?

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Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/worldnews
BlamelessKodosVoter 111 points

Don’t stereotype 1.3 billion Indian people......instead let’s deflect to stereotype 1.3 billion Chinese people

Narwhalbaconguy 6 points

DAE hate all Chinese people???

how-about-no-bitch -5 points

Coming from the ecology and zoology field.... Yes, I hate Chinese culture. A good chunk of the poaching of species endangered or otherwise "unique" is because of illegal Chinese markets.

Narwhalbaconguy 13 points

... You're kidding right? Every single Chinese person?

Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/Whatcouldgowrong
Seranta 82 points

Reddit is a very black and white place. You're right or you're wrong. And when you're wrong no punishment is ever enough. If you ever try to say that they are being too vindictive or harsh, they'll downvote you and hate you.

Narwhalbaconguy 18 points

Make a mistake and get hurt doing it? Good, we need less idiots in the world anyway! Darwin amirite?!

Do anything wrong? You deserve all the pain and suffering in the world!

Seriously, fuck Reddit.

[deleted] -13 points


Narwhalbaconguy 9 points

Yes, I shouldn't use Reddit because I dislike a certain aspect of the community.

Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/videos
GaySwans 1 point

Probably not as long as you think. Tribal people still make these kinds of dwellings and it usually takes them less than a day. Ofc, they have lots of practice doing it all the time, but this guy has been making huts for 2 years on his youtube channel.

Narwhalbaconguy 2 points

And there's multiple people working on it too. Wouldn't be feasible by one person alone, the guy in the video says it takes him a month to make.

Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/worldnews
indoobitably -8 points

Whoever Richard Spencer is. Sounds like someone who was already racist before the election and because he voted for the one candidate that is putting the well being of ALL American citizens, which includes every legal citizen, before the well being of every other country everyone else who voted for Trump is now racist.

I can guarantee you with 99.99999999% certainty there are racist minorities that voted for Obama. Therefore, if you voted for Obama you are racist.

Pure logic you got there.

Narwhalbaconguy 4 points

Jesus, how bad are your logic skills?

Richard Spencer has the views of a Neo Nazi, therefore supporting his views makes you a Neo Nazi.

Obama does not have racist views. There are racists that support him, yes, but that does not make the rest of his followers racist. You can't say the same about the former, especially considering racism is a huge part of his platform.

And before you turn this into a Trump vs. Hilary debate, no. That's not what I'm talking about.

indoobitably 0 points

Who gives two shits about Richard Spencer?

And no racism is not a part of Trumps platform.

Illegal immigrants have no rights, Islam is not a race, and putting the well being of all American citizens, especially with how little the rest of the world contributes, before everyone else or in our favor is not Nazi Nationalism.

China is one of the most racist countries in the world. Have you ever, truly, confronted a racist person? Try having BILLIONS of them and its pretty much every day accepted.

India, a country with a medieval caste system where skin color is the deciding factor in everyone's life.

Mexico, an extremely racist country that just expelled someone solely for being black.

America and Trump supporters are not racist. The irony of lumping all Trump supporters (fucking white males) together with a stereotype of them being racist, is racist.

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

And no racism is not a part of Trumps platform.

When did I ever say this? And saying "but..." isn't an excuse.

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Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/starterpacks
BackSkeetBoys 3 points

Do people actually use that parlance off the internet?

Narwhalbaconguy 2 points

Only the ones who reee in real life.

idontgivetwofrigs 21 points

Spelled 'Supereme' or some variation of that

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

There's tons of those on Wish

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