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Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/changemyview
Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

I mean if you're ok with that, then that's good. The only complaints I have would be that the fingerprint scanner is not very good, it'll start to slow down further and newer apps will have a harder time running on it, and the camera is not the best.

reotlet 5 points

Pretty sure doctors are getting that response plenty, and I don't think they signed up for therapy sessions with patients that they look inside of

Narwhalbaconguy 3 points

typically they'll do screenings and stuff but mine didn't

reotlet 1 point

hmm, well good luck 👍

Narwhalbaconguy 2 points


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Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/technology
NyashaT 1 point

Why is it terrifying. Do you use Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Google search, YouTube?

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

Does Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Google search, and YouTube listen in on my conversations 24/7?

NyashaT 1 point

If you think smart speakers listen to everything you say you don't know. They listen for a hot word only

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

And people didn't know that the Facebook app listened into your conversations. Why wouldn't the device that's purpose is to listen in not do that?

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Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/learndota2
mkzmch 0 points

Arc absolutely dumpsters him. Seriously, the matchup is so uneven that I am confident that even if Miracle was playing sf and some random 5k player was playing arc Miracle would leave lane 0 2 0.
Arc has a very high attack range, so its difficult to bully him with razes. He has okay base damage, so its easy to take early last hits. He doesn't allow sf to control runes with his sparks, he is so tanky early on that sf cant trade hits with him. And most importantly, arc loves heroes that push into him, because once those creeps are under your tower the sf is dead.
Once arc reaches level 6 sf cant lane against him. He cant kill arc, he cant escape from arc, he cant farm, because the moment arc can reach him with flux he is dead.

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

... Literally nothing would happen like the way you said.

Narwhalbaconguy commented on a post in r/todayilearned
NYtoTXtoTBD 14 points

Candles present a fire risk. At a time when firefighting services aren’t available.

If you don’t want to deal with batteries, use solar powered chargers or mechanical (crank style) chargers.

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

Put them in a dish of water. If it does tip over, the fire is extinguished.

meghanmua 1 point

ugh that’s fucked. Here I am sitting in front of me blindly renewing reddit with my phone resting on the book im supposed to read for class tomorrow. i dont care

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

i feel you bud. i have to make up a bunch of tests and quizzes i missed tomorrow but i can't care enough to sleep or study anymore

meghanmua 1 point

ugh im sad. you seem like a nice kid tho, a bud. two bad life fucked us over

Narwhalbaconguy 1 point

you seem pretty nice too, neither of us deserve this. hopefully our situations will get better and we won't have to suffer through this for long.

it's getting pretty late rn where i am so im gonna try to sleep, have a good night

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