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Or you know, not invade people’s privacy and steal their pictures.

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fuck outta here


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Iron man is going to be one of the first ones to go down. His clothes of iron are going to be so heavy that the first time he trips or gets pushed over, he's not getting up quickly, if at all. Maybe the iron will keep his body safe from most blows, but he's going to exhaust himself quickly. Iron man will be 0/10.

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Iron Man - An average man wielding a clothes iron.


I can see a lot has changed, can somebody fill me in on what I missed, and anything important I should know? Thanks!


In all seriousness they added blueprints so you can’t craft everything off the bat, and they added base decay so you have to stock your tc with resources. There’s also boats. Two new radtowns that don’t matter. That’s all you missed

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you... will... never be a god.


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Fighting as tall guy is fucking bullshit cuz cheap ass fuckers use this all the time.

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you could literally grab them before their foot is even in range

if this happens to you then you deserve it

Round 1: Doom Slayer gets beat by Thanos like how Thanos beat Hulk but worse.

Round 2: Doom Slayer rips through the Outriders like demons.

Round 3: Doom Slayer offers more help than Spider-Man during the fight. He knocks out Star-Lord so he doesn't wake Thanos.

Round 3, alt: Thanos still wins and even the BFG doesn't seem strong enough to hurt Thanos.

Round 4: He beats Glaive and Midnight but the other two are too strong for him.

Round 5: Doom Slayer gets reality warped and destroyed.

Round 6: Thanos snaps since he tanked Stormbreaker which is stronger than anything than whatever the BFG has been shown to do.

Bonus Round: Doom Slayer stops Star-Lord from waking Thanos up.

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he tanked Stormbreaker

He nearly died from that...

Eh he was able to snap with no problem just as if he hadn’t been impaled.

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Yeah, but snapping is an extremely easy motion, it would be like claiming you tanked a knife stab because you're still able to move your hands.

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You have no idea what you’re talking about. First, most Android manufactures will make you ship them your defective device, leaving you without one if you do not have a backup. Second, there’s my favorite, they will find some sort of physical “flaw” that will void your warranty and send you the phone back as is.

And where are conveniently picking up your replacement phone? The LG store? The Motorola store? One of the 7 Samsung stores in the U.S.?

This is why 95% of people refer to their carrier for any warranty defects. Which is no different than seeking help at an Apple store, or with Apple tech support over the phone for a same day replacement, or shipping one overnight, leaving you with your old phone in the meantime.

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Not sure about other manufacturers, but when I had one from ZTE, they sent me another device for free (charged until they receive the device) so I wouldn’t be without one when I shipped my defective one in.

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All praise ZTE!

But unfortunately LG nor Samsung do this, I’ve bought iPhones ever since :/

That and iPhones are easier to repair at home anyway, at least IMO

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I agree, I believe all manufacturers should be doing something like that.

the central group of friends have all dispersed

Although you don't see your old friends much anymore


I was going to call you out for being an asshole but then I realized what sub I am in. You are most likely lying and if you aren't, your punishment is living as yourself. Which must really fucking blow.

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well karma’s a bitch

He lets it happen, since what happens in IW is the only timeline where they win.

I feel like someone would be forcefully sacrificed to the gorilla, then they’d either charge the gorilla or run.

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Happy Cake Day vro

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Happy 6th cake day ;)

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thanks :)

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No, I realised.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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What does it matter which sounds worse? They both carry the same sentence.

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"John was convicted for rape."

"Jane was convicted for sexual activity without consent."

Who's gonna be hated more if the public heard that?

-1 points · 6 days ago

The aim of convictions are public hatred. There’s a difference in the language used because there’s a difference in the acts committed.

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Rape is rape, end of story. Phrasing it differently just because the perpetrator was a man or woman is completely ridiculous.

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I have the same stats as your extreme example.. infact around 10 lbs lower :(

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Hey man, you're gonna make it some day. I believe in you! :)

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How is being slightly shorter than the average male a skill?

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That’s just America, globally the average is like 5’6

Thanos was a man who always had his head pointed forward. Ever since he was a child, when he saw a goal, come hell or high water he would reach it. Everything he came across was just another tool towards perfecting the universe. No matter what, nothing, not even love or death, should ever come in between him and preventing total chaos.

Today was no different than any other. Here, he was surrounded by death. Asgardian men, women, and children lay on the cold hard ground, eyes empty forever. His faithful companions, no, tools, the Black Order, once again brought the universe closer to balance. The ship had been subdued just minutes before. Now, flames from destroyed equipment spreaders across the metallic floors, and the Titan could hear the moans of those few who resisted, or at least, could put up a fight.

“Here me and rejoice!” The most senior of the order, Ebony Maw, began to preach to Thanos’s new flock. As Maw continued, Thanos picked up the “High King,” Thor, of Asgard. The Asgardian was no more. He had lost his eye, his hammer, and now his people.

“I know what it’s like to lose,” Thanos picked him up and examined how much damage his Black Order did to the god. His ribs were cracked, and arms were limp. “To feel so desperately that you’re right...It’s frightening. Turns the legs to jelly. But I ask you, to what end?” Thanos drew the god closer. “Dread it. Run from it. Destiny still arrives. And now it’s here, or should I say, I am.”

“You talk too much,” was the last bit or resistance the king of Asgard had. Thanos handled him as if the god were a 5 year old, and put the Gauntlet at his temple.

“The Tesseract. Or your brother’s head. I assume you have a preference.” The Titan told Thor’s half brother, Loki. He already knew Loki’s answer, but it was just more fun this way.

“Oh, I do. Kill away.” Loki replied. Thanos, without even a word, activated the Gauntlet. The Power Stone glowed, and then the heat, following the pain, smashed into Thor. The wreck of a god screamed in agony, feeling himself disintegrate.

“All right stop!” Loki cried out. There, Thanos thought, I knew you two were too close. Loki gave the cube which housed the stone to the mad Titan.

“Now Asgardian, you’ll be one of the first to witness my climb to balancing this universe.”

Maw put in the stone in the sleeve, a perfect fit. The Titan felt so much at once! He thought the Power Stone gave him strength, but this was euphoric. He could see every star in this galaxy, and now that infinite void between each of them seemed petty. Thanos had ascended every being who had lived up to this point, he had now reached infinity, and with the Gauntlet he could-

“Well, for one thing, I’m not Asgardian. Second, we have a Shrek.”

Thanos frowned at this. The Black Order has already-

“Oh you’re fucked now!”

Was the only warning Thanos had when something big and green slammed into him. It was unreal, it hit faster than a lightning bolt and hit like a mountain! The drop kick took all the wind out of him, and he felt something crack.

Thanos was knocked back a dozen feet, when the enemy launched a flurry of hits. He could see the fist coming for his face, the kick aimed for his side, and knew about the two raised arms ready to slam his skull in, but couldn’t do a thing about it. And each hit felt harder than the last.

Thanos was on the ground, and could feel blood. To think that such a creature existed! He smiled at this, ready to test out the power of two stones.

He got up, his fists raised.

*“Oi, what d’ya think ur doin’ on my ship”?! * The beast roared.

“I have not had such a beating in years. Thank you, you have humbled me. My heart is now clear.”

The Gauntlet activated with a simple closing of the palm. Suddenly, the entire Black Order was transported away, back to the mothership.

*”And what was the point of that, Laddie? Prefer to die alone, or are ya that daft?!” *

The green figure leapt, closing the distance in a single second. However, Thanos was ready. He closed his fist yet again, and launched several purple bolts from his palm. None struck the ogre, but they did collapse the structure. Explosions and fire spread throughout the hull, knocking Shrek down.

But the ogre wasn’t done yet. He jumped up, and took out an onion. The vegetable was somehow in the ogre’s pocket, but Thanos didn’t want underestimate his opponents ever again. The ogre threw the onion at speeds which would make a bullet look stand still, Thanos barely made it out of the way, but the force of the throw was deadly enough. A mini sonic boom threw Thanos to the ground, while the onion shattered.

He then saw the ogre waiting with a sack full of them. All he could do was grunt when the storm began.

Yet none ever managed to hit their target. Each onion was suspended halfway. Thanos had begun to understand what it really meant to control space, and sent each onion back at the ogre.

Shrek was shocked, but not caught off guard. He dodged one of them, and caught two more in his hands. The green of his palms turned a bright white from the force, but Shrek didn’t even wince. He aimed again, but this time he was prepared. Thanos was about to stop the third volley, when the onions went off course.

The first was aimed low, which rippled across the entire ship. Sections of the hull were blasted into space, while the engines had totally collapsed. The Titan lost his footing, and tried to steady himself. He was prepared to catch one of those death veggies, when he saw Shrek’s true plan was.

The second was aimed at the ceiling above, right above the catwalks. It was all too sudden, and several tons of reinforced steel cane down upon Thanos.

Shrek laughed, and ate his last onion. At the end of the day, he thought, that brick head really was nothing.

Suddenly, a purple explosion blew the room apart. Shrek was knocked into a wall, and snarled.

Thanos dusted himself off, and looked at what was left of his armor. The deep bronze had been broken, all that was really left were his cloths. He threw them down, and took off his helmet. These were nothing to him, every piece of technology he had paled in comparison to the Gauntlet.

Shrek roared in defiance and disbelief, and charged. He dodged another set of bolts, but caught one in his shoulder. He felt the skin grow old and die right there, and his bones melt away, but he didn’t lose momentum. Shrek grabbed Thanos’s arm, determined to rip it off. Thanos, meanwhile, smashed his fists into Shrek’s side, but the ogre’s resolve was to great.

Then, he grabbed the ogre’s shoulders, moved his hips, and shifted the weight in his legs. Suddenly, the ogre found himself on the ground. Now it was Shrek who was being grappled.

“You’ve fought hard. Tell me,” Thanos activated the power stone, “what is your name?”

Shrek spat blood on the Titan’s face. Thanos smiled. He activated the power stone again, and broke Shrek’s legs.

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Then Shrek ate Thanos.


Just got a new 310 lb (plus bar) York weight set for $200. So pumped!



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