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seriously what the fuck i can't feel happiness anymore

I don't have feelings anyways

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Original Poster1 point·2 hours ago

i wish i was back to that again

not feeling is better than bad feeling

Always sad boi hours for me 😔😔

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Original Poster1 point·2 hours ago

same here just doesn't come out till the night

No one actually does that at gyms. There might be a small portion of assholes that actually does, but either way, they a very small portion. Generally people will be supportive

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The type of people who do that are typically too self conscious to go to the gym anyway


yo everything sucks ass and i hate it

fuck my life am i right

Give me some of those specifics. I don’t know if I can help, but I can try and give you some advice.

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Original Poster3 points·1 day ago

well uhh

nobody has been talking to me at all recently and i have no idea why

i feel like im not important to anybody anymore

my friend group hangs out much less now and we all argue a bit

work has been bad recently

im 99% sure the girl i like is more interested in my friend than me now


I don’t really know the best way to go about this considering I’m a random teenager on Reddit, but I would try and start some conversations if you’re feeling lonely. If nobody can talk just talk to some people on reddit honestly. Internet friends are nice. I would give up on the girl because I’m a beta bitch, but if you’re feeling like a real alpha just go for it. If she says no she probably a thot and you should just forget her, but if she’s nice keep her as a friend. Work can suck, and if it’s just for the summer, you might be able to just finish it out, but it couldn’t hurt to find a new job. If you’re in high school/college there are plenty of clubs and activities to meet new people. You can start friendships there and meet some girls probably. You could do these with your friends if they’re interested. That’s the best I’ve got.

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Original Poster1 point·17 hours ago

i just don't feel like internet friends are the same, it's a lot less personal

idk what's going on with my friends and why they're not talking, they're still nice to me but they won't talk

for the girl im not sure if im too late or not bc i knew she liked me for a while but i couldn't make any moves bc i was already in a dying relationship which gave my friend the opportunity to do so, i don't have any problems finding other girls but this is the one i like the most

im just praying work isn't as awful as it was yesterday

So you want to talk?

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Original Poster7 points·1 day ago

i want to talk to my friends and the people who won't but thanks

Ok if you need to talk tho hit me up

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Original Poster3 points·1 day ago

thanks man it means a lot

My plan was

  1. Become friends with a lot of girls
  2. Get to know said friends
  3. Then rank each girl based on preference/ my chances of actually going to prom with her
  4. Realize how shallow this was
  5. Go on with the plan anyway
  6. Once you choose the girl, tell yourself you like her until you actually like her
  7. Ask out the girl
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my plan was

  1. die

I do this for earpods, but I take tissue/toilet paper and clean whatever I can reach, then I use the plastic tip of a mechanical pencil to get the earwax out.


grey gucci shorts

thanks so much, really appreciate it!

Soon we'll just start uploading pitch black pictures of nothing

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T posing is a highly prestigious activity

Redditors are some of the biggest celebrity worshippers on the planet. The blatant ass-kissing whenever one shows up for an AMA is an example, as well as the same fucking people making the front page for "being relatable" or "awesome", over and over.

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Woah, celebrities are people too?!?!

Comment deleted3 days ago

/r/starterpacks has stereotypes, yes, but not full on racism.

Comment deleted3 days ago

psst racism doesn't make you cool

MCR isn't mainstream anymore

it doesn't. conservatives give more of themselves in every respect. the only place liberals can be said to be more empathetic is on a survey, where nothing is actually asked of them, aka "lip service".

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[Citation Needed]

locked up in a mental ward for being too real

Original Poster6 points·5 days ago

Well, arguably if I made an atom thick sheet of bone a single molar would be more than enough. Im thinking just tying the bones together and epoxying them so they’re ridged where required.

And it’s be full plate armor with hide for the joints. Lord knows I’d have enough of that lying around after harvesting the bones.

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... Should I be concerned?

What I had in mind, was some semi light wooden spear with iron tip.

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Yeah, and nobody's first instinct is to throw it away.

But you look at cavemen using spears, and spears remaining ing a relevant weapon all the way up until firearms...

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Even after firearms, they were still used (bayonets).

-12 points·5 days ago

I can see that, but surely your use case is the minority. So I ask again, why is fast charging such a big deal?

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The fact that fast charging is this widespread proves you are wrong, not to mention all the people who don't want to be stuck at a wall for hours.

Sure, why not?

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Original Poster2 points·5 days ago

Just making sure, heard from a friend that it's illegal to resell tickets, so I was curious if it applied to this situation as well.

Gifts aren't considered sales but there are some rules when it's really expensive stuff, like cars.

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Original Poster1 point·5 days ago

Thank you!

Because more plastic is the answer?

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As opposed to countless years of wasted water?

This was a mistake

why cant i reverse this
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