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The idea of fun super hero movies bug me. It's not supposed to be fun. If you need a ton of powered people to volunteer their lives and free time to save people, there are major societal flaws. Loss of faith in the systems, from civilians. If a super hero like superman shows up, shits going down. If you look at the marvel movies... lots of people are dying in the background, the gravity of the situations these heroes go through should be made more aware. But...Throw in some jokes and wallah! Whole family is having a good time!

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If you look at the marvel movies... lots of people are dying in the background, the gravity of the situations these heroes go through should be made more aware

I liked that they did acknowledge this to a point in Civil War with Stark being confronted by the grieving mother, but they probably couldn't have explored that theme without making the film(s) too grimdark and adult for family-oriented audiences.

Ah, for a few good years I blissfully forgot that Tony Egregious existed. Good of him to remind me he's still round all in his buffoonery.

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you have aggressive and narcissistic politicians.

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I feel this is a problem of shitty politics in general. When countries go through troubled times, e.g. Africa, South America and even Europe at various stages in history, scumbag opportunists come out of the woodwork to try and take advantage of the circumstances.

In a way I'm glad this sorry saga happened because now we see the UDM's true colours. They are not to be trusted.

Apparently they only start breeding when they're around 200 years old iirc

Starman in his Tesla Roadster having a wild ride around the sun after being launched into space by Elon Musk

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Any land white people have in Africa was taken, not purchased or traded. The current inheritors of that land may have generations of family that grew up there, but that doesn't mean that it's rightfully theirs. Unless you're saying that the white South Africans have somehow been in that specific part of the continent for thousands of years?

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Any land white people have in Africa was taken, not purchased or traded.

As a South African, I can tell you for free that your claim is false.

What are you a fucking NAZI?! /s

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I'm just sick of the bullshit that gets thrown by both sides.

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Clearly. Although it's probably pretty easy to cheer him on from behind your computer screen- I wonder how many would actually want to hang out with someone who would do something like that.

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Yeah I get it, you're definitely not 'Chaotic Good' material.

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Its like the Hilary/Trump election of 2016. There isn't really a good option so the decision is which is the better of the two.

In the case of the American election, I do believe Trump was the better choice since he's under intense scrutiny all the time. Hilary could have just done whatever the hell she wanted and nobody would have questioned it. I wouldn't have voted for either of them to be honest, more likely I'd have voted for Cruz but he wasn't eligible...

In the case of ANC vs DA, I'll still vote DA not because I think they're the right choice or a good choice necessarily - given the current political landscape I don't think there's any party that I would say is the right choice - but because I think they're the better choice than the ANC.

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You know politics sucks when you have to vote for the lesser of two evils.

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I thought that was the whole basis of politics to begin with.

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The lofty ideal of democracy and voting is that you vote for the representative that best represents your own values, but as we all know that doesn't always play out in reality.

Why the clipped horns?

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Because in captive conditions these creatures can and do hurt each other otherwise.

Are there time when scientists will release animals for good reason that never lived in the location?

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Many times! New Zealand and Australia practice it regularly for endangered native species, wheere they relocate these creatures to islands off the coast where they can live and breed safe from predators.

It's called ex situ conservation.

How is climate change killing off this species? Not saying it’s not happening, just curious how.

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Mountainous species that is being forced into a smaller range due to temperature increases and the march of the treeline towards the peaks.

There are actually quite a few species of pika, and they are related to rabbits and hares.

Life can throw you curveballs. Deal, or die.

Dogs: always sniff others as you would want to be sniffed

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I would've preferred if there was an option for facial hair - oh well

A Kg is 2.2 lb basically. I was using the 2 units to emphasize hiw big the difference is

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So American porcupines are roughly half the size of African porcupines.

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