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A shame that Croatia didn't win their first World Cup title.

Well done France!

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Your centaur was a "cow" level sentience, indicating that it is the body that matters, not the mind. Being a cow sounds kinda gross to us, but I'm really not sure why a yeerk would have an aesthetic preference for a human.

Whereas if it's a question of function, humans dominate this planet primarily due to our minds. There is nothing particularly interesting about human bodies, save for long distance running and thumbs. Vocals sufficiently complex for speech, I suppose, but that's trivially overcome with sign language and so on. It is a moral good to provide you with bodies, but displacing a sentient being just so you can have thumbs seems to be placing the scale pretty heavily towards yeerk comfort.

Nevertheless, if thumbs of all things are what matter to you, humans are still not the ideal species to infest. We have plenty of species of primates with shorter generation spans and stronger, faster, nimbler bodies. Even if you don't want to be a cow, we already have a huge infrastructure for growing animals for agricultural purposes, which can be modified to suit other species. It would be trivial to provide yeerks with millions of farmed animal bodies of species of their choosing, with senses and physical abilities superior to that of humans - and with their shorter generation times, it would not take long for their numbers to exceed the entire human population. You can buy a monkey right now for only 4 thousand dollars, imagine how cheap it would be at mass produced scales. And you know what's neater than thumbs? Flying. Birds are dirt cheap, many of them can produce speech, and all their senses except smell are better than ours.

Look, farming is a simple technology, you do not need bioengineering. I'm not sure why you are not already farming your existing hosts. I'm not sure why infesting humans is even on the table here? Even if you don't want to be a cow, since the brain isn't a factor why would you want to be a human?

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Yeerk here.

I have to disagree with you that there is "nothing particularly interesting" about human bodies. My host has something of an interest in biology and nature, and naturally, this fed into my own desire to learn more about the human body and its functions. Both my host and I agree that humans have some of the best senses on Earth. (As an aside, I must say Earth's evolutionary history is rather remarkable, and your own in particular).

if thumbs of all things are what matter to you, humans are still not the ideal species to infest.

Untrue. Humans are unique in the musculature of their forearm and hand - the extensor pollicis brevis and flexor pollicis longus allow modern humans to have great manipulative skills and strong flexion in the thumb. Your precision and power grips are unrivalled among apes.

plenty of species of primates with shorter generation spans

I can't speak for other Yeerks, perhaps, but I personally wouldn't want to exchange hosts so often. An analogy here would be ... like cars, I suppose. Some humans like trading in their cars every so often, while others prefer to maintain and keep their same car for years.

While it's true some birds can produce speech and some may have better eyesight (not all birds see better than us; in fact, this applies mostly to diurnal raptors), and some primates can grasp things (though not with the same degree of precision or power as human hands), neither possess the full range of capabilities that humans have to offer.

You are versatile, intelligent, exist in large numbers, have the capability to understand and make use of technology, have language and culture, and have good senses (maybe not the best of the best, but certainly ranking high compared with Earth organisms overall). Frankly, I am surprised you would discount your own species so readily.

I think part of it isn't for the sympathy, but with young heroes, having no parents is very useful for sending them off to fight monsters and shit-- if they have mom or dad calling them at curfew the writers have to worry about additional relationships to write AND figuring out how to get the teenager into abandoned warehouses/ fantasy portals at 2 am. still a shortcut, but for more than one reason. it has its places, but these days it's getting old. I'd much rather read about the hero leaving a " mom dad, I had to go save the world, sorry about breaking curfew" message

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the hero leaving a " mom dad, I had to go save the world, sorry about breaking curfew" message

The Animorphs series kind of deals with this.

Probably far too late to see this, but I'll try anyway.

I once read an awesome Harry Potter fanfic where Harry allied with Cornelius Fudge and became a political player. Have never been able to find it again

Bit late for this, and I make sure not to take it for granted (because I don't get to go as often as I'd like), but being able to see large wildlife out in the wild in national parks, such as lions, elephants and rhinos.

It makes me sad that millions upon millions of people have never experienced that.

Second this. I was there over Easter and had a herd of 40+ elephants basically walk by my car. Also saw rhinos up close as well as the antelope/deer species.

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No native deer in South Africa for future reference :) It's all antelopes. I think we may have just over 20 species native here.

These guys are awesome, and also quite a rare sighting.

Whenever I go to Kruger Park this is what I want to see most, very seldom do though!

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Only saw them once, and that was many, many years ago. Kruger as well.

u/magszinovich already mentioned a lot of stuff I list when I answer these questions, so I'll just add some options if you enjoy nature.

If you want to see wild penguins go down to Boulders Beach at Simon's Town.

Otherwise if you want to have amazing scenery and stunning views go all the way down to Cape Point - the sheer cliffs there are amazing, plenty of hiking trails, and Dias Beach is lovely to visit. You might even see a few antelope and ostriches, and of course, lock your car doors and roll up your windows when you see baboons nearby!

You can also learn to surf at Muizenberg, or go on a ferry to Robben Island (history with Nelson Mandela), or hire some fun activities at the Waterfront (there's an aquarium as well) such as a speedboat, sunset yacht cruise, or helicopter ride. You can go sandboarding at a place further north from Cape Town (towards Malmesbury I think). Definitely visit Kirstenbosch - it boasts amazing collections of indigenous South African plants which are all beautiful. Go shark-cage diving at Gansbaai further down the coast towards Hermanus.

Have fun.

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Its really hard to have free will if your god is Omniscient. Omniscience implies knowledge of the future. The ability to know the future means the future is fixed, else it would not be knowable. A fixed future means the universe is deterministic, ie you have no free will, your entire life was already mapped out on day 1 on the universe's existence. You have no control over your life or any of your actions in it.

Add in Omnipotence, the power do to anything.....this meaning God had the ability to make sure you didn't go to hell for something you had no control over. But Christianity believes in Hell, so clearly God decided not to do so. That makes the Christian God a first class jerk for sending innocents to hell.

So you see the contradictions here. Most Christians think God is Good, Omniscient, and Omnipotent, and that people have free will. There is no way all of those things can be true simultaneously.

If people have free will, God is neither Omnipotent nor Omniscient. Is God really a God without those traits?

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Back when I was religious, I didn't agree with this point of view - and still don't to a large degree.

How can we have free will if God knows the future? Simple - because we ourselves don't know the future! Hence, from our point of view, we have free will as we are free to make choices and control our lives and choices to the best of our ability.

Look up compatibilist determinism.

Tortoises are awesome. Nobody hates them; that's how awesome tortoises are

So I have been completely oblivious to the fact Titanoboa ever existed for 42 years. Never heard about it, never heard the name. And now I come across this on reddit literally 10 minutes after first learning about it from a book about prehistoric animals I am reading with my son.

What are the odds.

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Haha awesome!

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Titanoboa was around 12.8 m (42 ft) long and weighed about 1,135 kg (2,500 lb). It is thought by some experts that this giant snake was piscivorous (subsisting mainly on fish).

Impala crossed with a giraffe

About a month of travel around Namibia, Botswana, and Victoria Falls. Saw amazing wildlife and awesome tropical scenery.

Also three weeks' travel around the eastern parts of my country which I hadn't yet visited, Lesotho, and Swaziland. It was nice to tick off those places on my list.

Now the only parts of southern Africa I haven't visited yet are the Kalahari corners of South Africa and Botswana (Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park) and Mozambique. I'd honestly like to go back and explore more of Botswana and Zambia.

Biltong is delicious. You should try it. There are several different meats you can use for it: beef, ostrich, springbok, kudu, oryx, etc. I'm partial to kudu biltong myself.

I would like to see those "world-class" American athletes try their hand at soccer, rugby, cricket, etc

FireRed/LeafGreen maybe? Play the ROM file on an emulator

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I tried playing on my phone but the experience was not good. The touch screen is not a good way to play the old games IMO

I think I need a Nintendo console to experience it the way it was meant to be.

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Try PC.

" Why don't they touch the fruit?" wondered God. "After all, I wired their brains so that they're susceptible to reverse psychology ..."

He pondered for a moment. "Perhaps because I am God, My command was too strong? Perhaps that's the case ... as nothing can happen without My willing it, apparently. Did I not create the Tree of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life, so that Adam and Eve can have the opportunity? How should I tweak the situation so that The Grand Story of the Universe can be set into motion?"

His Spirit soared over the waters until He approached dry land. Up, up he flew over the shore, over the coastal plain, over the mountains. He crested over the lip of the valley that contained the Garden of Eden.

He noted where Adam and Eve were located, and transformed Himself into a snake. Steeling Himself for what He had to do, He slithered out.

"For humankind", He hissed softly.

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Titanoboa was around 12.8 m (42 ft) long and weighed about 1,135 kg (2,500 lb). It is thought by some experts that this giant snake was piscivorous (subsisting mainly on fish).

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