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Everyone knows how to make Shapiffanies wet like a waterfall. You just say glormbo

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Julian: "WHEEZE"

I can't speak for the good boys, but I think it's just funny to picture a giant mysterious ape man stomping around the woods and even funnier to make up all sorts of situations it gets itself into.

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Even funnier to me is that on top of all of what you said, he's still somehow elusive enough to have never been caught

Cause people think drawings are real

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I like how you say that as if what he draws isn't an issue. When people make pornographic art of fictional underage characters, that's one thing. Making pornographic art of actual, real life children is absolutely fucking wrong and only disgusting people do it. With fictional characters there's no chance of being victimized; they're not real. But the real life actual children can become targeted for harassment because of it.

Also, it's super illegal to make lewd art of real life children, so there's that as well. Hopefully you actually learned something

Wait so did he draw art of real kids?

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Yes, Lt. Corbis (YouTuber), Keemstar's Daughter, the girl from Logan, and the blind girl from Game of Thrones. The last two can be argued that they're fictional, but he was using the likeness of the actresses

The original comment has been deleted but I think I know what that person is getting at lol.

In the transgender community, 'egg' is a term for people who haven't realised they're trans yet. (Used to just be for trans women, because "chicks come from eggs" but now it's a general term)

So if that person was calling Arin an egg, that's what they meant. Personally I think a lot of people in the community are too quick to insist someone is transgender just because they don't follow gender roles or have an interest in traits of the opposite gender.

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Wow, yeah Arin definitely isn't transgender, and he's stated multiple times that he's straight. Since the original comment I've seen people call him an "egg" multiple times, you would think people would get a clue

It really worries me that so many people aren't sure whether or not the bits with Matt in these videos are real and not scripted

Haven't even heard grade's name in forever.

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Pretty sure he fucking died, he made an update video saying "got a new video coming out in a few days!" and he hasn't uploaded, tweeted, or streamed in the 7-8 months since. I legit think he's dead

Holy fuck the look on his face at the cigar question, I'm fucking dead

Didn't Ding Dong fire a shot about doing a let's play of Majora's Mask and actually finishing it the other day? Lmao

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Pretty sure that was a joke about how they themselves don't finish series

This has to be my favorite clip from the stream because of how it ends

Anyone got a link to that "try it before you buy it" viddie

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the only reason i come to this sub is to see if somebody posts the weird videos the reference so somebody step up and deliver already

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Haha, no way. Dan is way to pure to even say that as a joke.

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He did say it for a joke, though, during their Super Mario World playthrough

Fuck, and I have to go out of town tomorrow morning and I won't be back until saturday night :(

Just me or does this thread seem to be getting less posts than the other MM threads? At least its mostly positive this time.

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A lot of people really only like to comment to complain about things Arin says/does. It's why the "controversial" episodes always have way, way more comments

Those closed captions are unintelligible. Can't even imagine how stupid this guy must sound for it to guess those words...

Totally digging this "youtubers fighting each other" fad though.

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The best was when Idubbbz challenged Jinx to a fight, Jinx accepted, and then Jinx never showed up. I think Jinx deleted his channel shortly afterwards too lmao

I think they should have posted this to the main channel. I know it's in relation to the podcast, but I think it's too good of a vid to be seen by so few people

Another best of

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They explained why there's been so many in this tweet from earlier today

I said this in another thread, but I wonder if this was at least partially inspired by Carol Brown by Flight Of The Conchords.

Also I don't know why but the slow-mo shot of them watching the frisbee fly through the fire got a hearty chuckle out of me

NewGamePluss commented on

He's made videos with Zach and Niall (and also Corey, if you're not familiar with him) before if you're interested in watching those: Spiderman 2, Resident Evil 2 (ep 4 has one of the most memorable moments in OneyPlays history), and Left 4 Dead 2 Ep1, Ep2, Ep3, and Ep4

Hm, I wonder if this was at least partially inspired by Carol Brown by Flight Of The Conchords

Arin did the voice of the screaming sun in Rick And Morty.

see more, he voiced the photographer at the wedding in the season 2 finale

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