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Nexustar commented on a post in r/pics
madgainz12 21 points

I dont think the natural gas density is worth drilling in that area.

Just saying they dont go pick lovely places to ruin. But i get it, fracking can cause harsh damage to the local area.

Edit. Also, nuclear is the safest form of energy generation compared to all of the other non-renewable energy sorces.

Nexustar 1 point

Also safer than solar from the energy worker/installer perspective.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/pics
whereameye 12 points

It's incredible, considering the texture of the rest of the wall. I cannot figure out how it looks so shiny.

Nexustar 10 points

It looks so shiny because of talent.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/LifeProTips
Iamnotarobotchicken 37 points

I fundamentally disagree. What this really amounts to is don't argue with people who's opinions you don't understand, and the unwillingness to engage with those who are different than ourselves is a big part of what has led to the toxic political climate that we currently live in.

Nexustar 1 point

Not understand so much, but disregard. "Never argue with people who don't matter."

It's a foolish position, because I have certainly learned as much from those that serve as I have from those that manage.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
venusblue38 11 points

Yeah I've tried that before and didn't have any change. I've tried to see doctors for a federal and I've just been told to take over the counter allergy medicine, or to get some real expensive allergy tests. I really need to see an ENT i guess

Nexustar 9 points

Reddit anagram time.. federal = referral.

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Dorkamundo 363 points

Fuck, we might as well 256th this shit and claim that we can’t go any further due to bit limitations.

Op, your son needs to see as much of you as he can. Your money will be the last thing he is concerned with. Sure, try to set them up as best you can, but right now your focus should be your family and their interactions with you.

If there’s anything I can do, let me know.

Nexustar 240 points


If you run out of subject matter, each evening watch a classic movie, and record your thoughts on it. Your son can then have that discussion with you when he sees them. Don't expect your wife not to need these too.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/personalfinance
WorkinForThaWeekend 2 points

Damn you got a source for this? I would love to have this to throw out in any "credit cards are evil" argument.

Nexustar 0 points

Nothing global, but for example, look at Wells Fargo Q2 earnings announcement, Debit Card POS volume for the quarter was $87.5bn vs $19.2bn for Credit cards.

For Bank of America, they saw $81bn in purchases with debit cards vs $67bn on credit cards for the same quarter which is where I got my 20% number from, but Wells numbers shows the ratio is closer to 4 to 1.

BumpyUpperArms 1 point

Check Chase. Much more credit card volume I'm guessing. Neither BofA nor Wells are major credit card brands but have huge consumer banking sectors... And you're also discounting all the major credit card companies that do not have major consumer banks. These include Capital One, American Express, Citi, etc.... This data you show is incomplete and misleading.

*Edited for clarity

Nexustar 1 point

Good points. Add in discover too, they probably outweigh debit card volume. Chase are less transparent with their numbers... total volume was $225bn for credit and debit combined. Amex investor relations site seems to be borked.

Would be nice to get the data from Visa.

Edit: I did find one number, in 2017 the US spent $2.56 trillion on debit cards. That's a huge amount of unprotected spend.

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Nexustar commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
Kebble 367 points

I'm Canadian. I'd kill for "unlimited" that throttles after a certain amount of data used. All we get over here is outrageous fees for going over the limit. Hell, one of our providers markets their super cool Shock-Free Data™ that cuts off your data completely when you hit the limit, so that you don't get these pesky overages.

Nexustar 1 point

Wow. You guys should fight for independence. Establish your own elections, courts and legal system and outlaw these guys ;-p

Nexustar commented on a post in r/hometheater
Nexustar 2 points

If we ever met in a bar, I can tell from that collection we'd have something to talk about. I haven't got into Castle, but adore Firefly.

Potter, Sound of Music, Outlander, Thrones, Sound of music, Rings, Star wars, Sherlock, True Blood...

Edit: Ok, I challenge the asshats of Reddit to find the crap movie/TV series here. And before you start, Buffie was great.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/history
woweed 1,293 points

Archeologists in Jordan have found the charred remains of flatbread that dates to 12,500 BC, making it the oldest surviving bread ever discovered, surpassing a Turkish loaf which was estimated to be 9,100 years old. The bread was found in a stone oven which was apparently built during the formative years of the Natufian culture. The bread is also notable for predating the Neolithic Revolution by 4,000 years.

Nexustar 1 point

But would you eat it?

Nexustar commented on a post in r/hometheater
xer0s 2 points

What all will the network cable be used for? I mean should this be ran only to the receivers? Or should network cable be ran elsewhere also?

Nexustar 2 points

Run it to the projector too, and any gaming consoles that wont be near the receiver.

iThinkergoiMac 1 point

You really just need one to the box/rack, then just put in a switch there.

Nexustar 1 point

Yes of course. I was suggesting an approach where the equipment rack is outside the HT room, and thus the hub for network & audio which requires more cable runs into the room.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
ElementPrime 132 points

I was once going to sleep with a girl I was dating for the first time and at some point, during the lead up she said: "wouldn't it be cool if we had a kid together?" to 18 years old me.

I went soft and went home, and ended the relationship the next day.

Nexustar 23 points

There is no sex more wholesome than sex where you have come to the collective agreement that yes, you think the time is right to make a new human.

It doesn't make you any harder, it makes you righteous.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/pics
HistoricalNazi 1,003 points

Man can you imagine being a sailor back in the day and you're in a rough storm and you see these doom creatures breaching along side your rickety boat? Stories of sea monsters from back in the day make so much sense.

Nexustar 1 point

I have a feeling most sea monster sightings are a result of necessary heavy drinking on the part of the rickety sailors, or some form of protectionism that dissuaded prospective sailors from becoming additional competition.

I'm a software engineer, and can tell you that I'm lucky to be alive, we work 45 hours a day, live in a shoe box in the middle of the road, eat a lump of coal for dinner (if we are lucky) and our father comes home every weekend and murders us with a steak knife. But hey, someone has to do it.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/homedefense
sb1349 2 points

Every experience with UBNT cameras has been poor. They like to over promise and under deliver by great amounts.

I use many Hikvision cameras as you really cannot beat them for the price. Not a fan of having to segregate cameras from the rest of the network due to fears of having a back door into the cameras but good cameras from a reputable company are twice the price.

Nexustar 3 points

Just want to point out the fear shouldn't be of a bad actor controlling the camera, it's more that the camera can be used as an attack vector to gain access to your internal network, where your laptops, PC etc are sitting on the "safe" side of the router's firewall.

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