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Nexustar commented on a post in r/WTF
theghostofmyjoy 93 points

This happens with dogs too. You leave them alone, otherwise the female gets scared, tries to run, and can break the males' penis.

No idea if true, but I've read that it can happen with humans too.

Nexustar 6 points

Probably, but humans shouldn't go around sticking their penis in dogs. It's not natural.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/ArtPorn
Nexustar -5 points

Skilled, but the pose/composition is awkward - the shadow cast by her hand cuts her face in half.

astronaughtman 5 points

Just because a shadow cuts her face in half doesn't make a pose or composition awkward. If you can understand that the shadow is being cast by her hand then the pose and rendering are successfully coming across as she intended. Not to mention her and her significant other are on the cutting edge of modern figurative painting. They are no stranger to purposefully posing their figures in weird ways that would not be considered "traditional."

Nexustar 1 point

It maybe the thumbnail sized view to blame on my mobile device (I'm certain it wasn't drawn at 4" tall) but it took me at least 5 seconds to realize her face wasn't just an odd shape, but part of it existed in shadow.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/RTLSDR
SopaXorzTaker 1 point

Why would you need that?

(I'm simply curious...)

Nexustar 1 point

I'm not OP, but assuming you can uniquely identify a phone, you could log cell phones corellated with security camera footage to help identify scroats even if they disguised themselves the time they break in, by searching back through footage linked to prior times that phone was in close proximity.

'Oh look, it's my HVAC guy returning to steal my stuffed pony collection'

Nexustar commented on a post in r/esp8266
Nexustar 2 points

Some arduino libraries introduce an overhead - Digitalread & digitalwrite are slower than direct port access for example, which in turn would equate to higher energy usage due to lower efficiency. Library functions use up program space too, but for most usecases we have plenty of it. But I expect overall, not much.

The support, portability, and ease of use makes the arduino toolchain the right choice for many.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
TheShamit 13 points

Expert?, all you have to do is go to your cities waste management page and it has a guide on what you can and cannot recycle. Its not exactly rocket science.

Nexustar 0 points

This was totally a dominance question.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/smarthome
spect0rjohn 6 points

What about ecobee with multiple sensors? Works great.

Nexustar 1 point

Ecobee is great, and supports as many room sensors as you desire, tracking temp and occupancy data (plus rules you can define) to determine if it appropriate to heat/cool.

What it can't do is direct heat/cold to specific rooms. If you live in Ireland and have a water-fed radiator system, perhaps individual radiator thermostats would work better?

Nexustar commented on a post in r/functionalprint
Bazzatron 1 point

I don't think LEDs tend to get that hot.

Nexustar 2 points

LEDs can require heatsinks, and this bulb holds all the power conversion & led driving circuitry that can generate a lot of heat - but details... as long as the bulb feels warm, and not hot it should be fine. I'd expect it to melt first anyway.

If that silver shiny stuff is aluminium or another metal, and not plastic, then it's the heatsink radiator, and should not be covered.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/3Dprinting
AskMoreQuestionsOk 20 points

I love it, you did a great job. The only thing I noticed was the print lines. If you printed sideways then it would look more woodlike in that the lines would align with the direction of the natural grain of wood for groot. It’s just an observation for your future masterpieces. It looks awesome!

Nexustar 2 points

From that perspective his legs look fine, so print him laying down - less support issues than sideways. If we all eventually come to accept print lines like we do wood grain, this would be fine like it is.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/WTF
Terminusbbq1 93 points

Who ever put up this sign was most likely legally required to. Legal loop hole of making information public but unreadable with little effort.

Nexustar 0 points

Yup, lettering must be 3.5" tall, no more, no less.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/arduino
Nexustar 1 point

Not exactly that, but you need 3 connections: SDA to SDA, SCL to SCL, and 0v to 0v.

Use the wire.h library. The only difference between those devices would be which pins are SDA, SCL and 0v. Some circuits have SDA and SCL pullup resistors connected to an output pin you push high in code, but the Uno has internal pullups that should be enabled so doesn't need them - but double check that.

Here's an example uno to uno, wiring and code:

Bunch of ESP specific notes/issues here:

Nexustar commented on a post in r/WTF
Hentaru 6 points

Thank you for they amazingly informative comment, I will definitely give it a try!

Nexustar 2 points

They sell cleaning vinegar in the US, a gallon would be $3 or so, and it has less of a nasty flavor but all the required acidity - 7%

Leave it in the reservoir for up to 4 hrs before rinsing.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
rawdenimquestion 4 points

honestly I think it's dumb that people fall for this stuff and send a stranger free coins. who knows if they're telling the truth. and even if they are, isn't it pretty ridiculous that the person could have potentially profited off their screw up if enough people send coins? a few people in this thread already shared with OP, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he ends up making more from donations than he lost in the first place

sometimes people need to face the music instead of being bailed out

Nexustar 2 points

OP posted the transaction thingy.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/homedefense
Nexustar 1 point

How often are you having to change the batteries, and how often are you activating the lock? - I have schlage keypad locks that are powered by Alcaline and they lasted about a year being operated about 10 cycles (unlock+lock) a day.

Definately look at improving the quality of batteries being used - Upgrade to lithium.

Also make sure the lock operates with the least resistance possible - adjust the installation until this is achieved.

Asphodan 1 point

I’ve been using energizer rechargeables, with their charger.

I have to change the batteries at least monthly.

I’ve had this deadbolt for a few years now, could it just be poorly optimized tech?

I forget the brand but I remember their main feature was a little piece of metal that you can use to rekey the fixture so long as you have a working key.

Nexustar 1 point

Kwikset perhaps.

Those rechargeable AA batteries will not hold a charge for a long time, especially if they are a year or older - they are not appropriate for this use (they even loose power just sitting in a drawer). Buy some Energizer Lithium (silver) batteries and write the install date on them with a Sharpie.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/Art
gamrgrant 7 points

Me too, until I remembered that the water is darker because it’s further down, so the lighting should be less of a vertical gradient and more radial from the deepest point in. Not hating on the piece, but it does allow me to pull myself out of the illusion. On another note, I don’t think I’ve seen a piece with the water lighting I’ve described (maybe because it isn’t as visually appealing or fun to make, or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough :P).

Edit: just realized that if I look at the base like a glacier it makes a lot more sense to me, it was too small to see on mobile that way

Nexustar 30 points

...vertical gradient and more radial from the deepest point in... ...does allow me to pull myself out of the illusion


You really went with the lighting gradient?

Not the floating rock in the ocean, not the magical invisible containment field, and not the fact there appears to be a damn big whale in the canyon?

Anyway, nice piece.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/outrun
Herobrine20XX 89 points

Here's some old screenshots :



But I improved several things so don't take it for what it actullay looks like now. I will post other screens of my progression if you guys are really interested in !

Nexustar 67 points

After seeing those, you need to call it 'OuTron'.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/arduino
Nexustar 1 point

I used cat5e UTP cable (network cable) for data+gnd, plus thicker gauge (landscaping wire, about 14AWG?) for power+gnd run at least 40ft into just one end of the strip of maybe 170 ws2812 leds outside and it's performed perfectly for over a year. I did have to halve the resistor on the dataline that most circuits recommend, but kept the cap.

Just try it, and be prepared to inject a little over 5.0v for longer runs (mine run at 6.5v) by running a stress-test on the lights (full white for 2s, then G,R,B each for 2s) so you can see if power is an issue - the far end will get sketchy. If so, be prepared to inject power at both ends, and even every 5m wouldn't be overkill.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/todayilearned
[deleted] 8 points


Nexustar 1 point
[deleted] -1 points


Nexustar 1 point

Stop it... you are talking (still) about stealing organs, and stealing organs (kidneys, hearts, lungs, skin, or livers) is not a thing that actually happens - so stop trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

It doesn't exist in countries where organ trade is legal. So, no, I don't think it will suddenly be abused, because there is no significant evidence of that. Trading an illegally obtained organ in a heavily regulated market like I'm suggesting would make it even harder.

The main issue with allowing trading of organs is not theft, it's social abuse - the rich vs the poor and ethics surrounding that.

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