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Nexustar 1 point

7.1 is just four ceiling mounted speakers short of a decent 7.1.4 ATMOS setup, something that might cost you about $350 to add (excluding extra money you would need to spend on the receiver)... just a thought.

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Nexustar 1 point

Build yourself a 'dummy fate's for testing out your wiring & coding in the form of a 9v battery, resistor and LED.

Things to look out for:

  • The default state of the arduino pin so that it does not operate the gate during its boot/power-up sequence.

  • Possibly needing to de-bounce the relay's switch (on the gate side) by adding a capacitor.

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thehotcarl 9 points

Schlage Connect here. I personally love it. I have an automation that runs at 10pm every night to lock. Scares the crap out of the dogs but I like knowing it's always locked before going to bed.

Nexustar 2 points

I have used two Schlage for over a year and they have been flawless(*). Yes, when you install them you need to do it with care so that the lock will operate without resistance. My kids have their own codes, and I don't need to carry a house key. I don't remote lock/unlock often, but do get a notification on my phone every time they are operated.

(*) Nearly flawless - the one furthest from the hub (on a different floor) sometimes delays updating its status. I can fix this by adding a z-wave repeater in the form of a smart socket nearer the lock, which I purchased months ago and have just been two lazy to install.

res9871 1 point

Thanks for sharing your opinion! Do you think installation was harder than it should be. I imagine this is something that could put people off as they don’t want to spend ages trying to figure out how to install it.

Nexustar 1 point

Install is fairly straightforward as long as you have the hole cut for a deadbolt (these aren't latch locks) already. I had to cut one on one door through two layers of steel, and managed to hurt my hand as the drill jammed and spun out of my grip - so its worth $75 to get a locksmith to do it in that situation. Do pair them to the hub before installing because they need to be litterally 4 or 5 feet away to pair, I didn't do that and had to temporarily bring my hub closer with a 100ft network cable to get them to pair.

But they are attractive, easy to operate, and reliable.

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lipidsly 1 point

Does that control for race? I think itd be interesting to see the standard of living of blacks in italy/wherever

Nexustar -6 points

'Blacks' in Europe and African Americans are not at all similar. Europe is a melting pot of integration, that won't happen in the US for another few hundred years. Currently the African Americans are tearing down statues from the US civil war, erasing the parts of history they would prefer never happened. It will be a hundred more years before nobody remembers slavery and 'blacks' are judged based purely on their own merits in the US.

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Lambaline 27 points

Looks like the focus is on her shoulder closest to the camera, might want to make sure focus is on her face. Other than that, nice photo

Nexustar 6 points

This. I wish there was a bracketing mode for AF to get its shit straight. I can fix a lot in post, but not focus.

And while we can see exposure (under or over) issues highlighted in the viewfinder if I so choose, I don't immediately see where aperture's DOF is impacting the image. Maybe in 10 more years of tech...

DOF is weighted about 2/3 behind the plane of focus and 1/3 in front. Hit the subject's face if you can.

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Nexustar 2 points

I'd be more worried about how it behaved during lighting storms and brown-outs, with it suddenly deciding to open the door.

..that and the ever present danger of remotely closing without being monitored for pets/children getting crushed to death.

GiveMeTheBits 3 points

Does it override the safety sensors? I thought it just operated as a "button push".

Nexustar 1 point

No, it doesn't override them.

Those safety sensors (obsticle detection via IR beam and travel resistance sensors that trigger an auto-reverse) are required by law for when you operate it in person whilst watching the door close as both the warning sticker on the door, and the instruction manual requires. You can buy fully remote solutions from door opener manufacturers, but they typically add a couple of additional critical safety systems: a live video feed to the remote device that allows you to monitor the door operation, and a 5 second delay before closing during which time the lights flash and an alarm sounds.

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incer 41 points

I used a colour that will make it harder to lose it, and added a hole since she hangs them from the tube with carabiners

Nexustar 34 points

Always nice not just to replace a part, but to customize & improve.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/hometheater
Nexustar 3 points

Try getting a sample of Planet Earth from the torrentz to compare the same content, in case its some limitation with local file playback. Also, many 4K blu-ray players can stream too, maybe run it through that way instead of the AppleTV?

How hard was the 5040 to get set up?

Nexustar commented on a post in r/TwoXChromosomes
fruitpunch730 73 points

Save money. Don’t fall into traps of what others want you to do. Learn to be yourself.

Nexustar 3 points

Do not stop at saving money... invest your savings. Once you have about $3k above your emergency fund, move it into a mutual fund or something - bank saving account interest rates are abysmal.

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offtobuttonmoon 82 points

Haha As I am a beginner at this I have exaggerated marks, lines, wrinkles etc as it's easier for me to do it this way. It does make him look a bit more haggard than intended... lol. Oh well. It's all a learning curve!

Nexustar 2 points

I think you can see the future, and have great talent to draw it.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/news
critical__sass 20 points

That sort of makes sense, if he was in the middle seats, reaching over the (folding) 3rd row into the trunk area, maybe it started to fold and somehow wedges him in?

Nexustar 2 points

Can definately visualize several ways of pinning yourself with third row folding seats - they are fairly heavy and move in non-simplistic ways.

Every minivan I've ever driven has a door at the back (some are even powered these days) to access the trunk area. In most situations this is a safer way.

Nexustar commented on a post in r/Damnthatsinteresting
notsosecretsnowbunny 73 points

Honest question, how does garbage even get into the ocean. I’m sure that’s dumb but I don’t get it. Are boats just dumping all their trash into the ocean instead of throwing it in a trash can once they get to land?

Nexustar 2 points

90% of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean comes from a 10 rivers in India & Asia.

But, seperate & more recent sample analysis on the floating Great Pacific Garbage dump has shown that much of that was waste which originated from industrial fishing operations (nets, floats etc).

It is estimated that around 32% of all plastic waste ends up being dumped into the ocean:

A simple solution appears to be moving towards more friendly materials in conjunction with a packaging redesign. Millions of consumer products would need to move in that direction, and whilst such a move may save marinelife, it can negatively impact other areas of the planet such as accelerated deforestation and greater energy use, or for corn-based solutions even impact our ability to feed the third world.

More sustainable would be re-education around the fact that recycling isn't a golden bullet, in fact it's utterly crap compared to re-use (non-disposable, non-recyclabe items, such as forks and knives made of metal instead of plastic, fabric bags that last 5 years, not one shopping trip etc).

As a US or EU consumer, buying this fish-food packaging will do NOTHING of impact, because that's not where the problem exists.

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