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Thank you. I hate the screaming shark.

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Big fan of the number on the back only aesthetic of the jerseys and the light brown sticks (I realize that they're wooden sticks but obviously wood sticks aren't possible for professional use today).

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The number-only aesthetic should be the precedent for outdoor games. Few folks have eyesight keen enough to read a nameplate from stadium seats; cede that real estate for a larger number.

Here's a new event for All-Star Weekend: Vintage Scrimmage. All players use wood sticks and old-school leather pads (but wear modern skates and helmets w/ visors). It doesn't need to be long, let's say 16-20 minutes with a break in the middle to dry-scrape the ice, nor mandatory for all the All-Star players to participate, so equipment companies don't have a full order that's too logistically difficult to fill and said equipment can be auctioned off for charity afterwards (and fetch a decent return b/c of rarity versus having 30 of each piece of equipment).

Not period correct skates though. There would be guaranteed ankle injuries when someone used to modern skates tries a quick stop and the boot folds.

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Good point; let's not have any injuries. Edited my post.

The only thing I like about the new jersey is the return of the fin logo. It does look pretty slick in black.

I love the fin logo back! I strongly dislike the teal stick. Quite honestly, I have a burns reebok 3rd that is cursed from the reverse sweep so I'm ok with replacing it. I definitely think they could have gone with something a little less bland

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I definitely think they could have gone with something a little less bland

Aye, like the heritage jersey...

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One day our farm system won't be ranked near the bottom. Just 'cause we're light on blue-chip first-rounders doesn't mean the cupboard is empty; the Sharks' scouting department is doing quite well in the late rounds recently.



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

and a few works by David Lynch: Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, INLAND EMPIRE. As for Twin Peaks, Fire Walk With Me is watchable w/o having seen the TV series, and you should definitely check out Twin Peaks The Return.

You can still grab a Marleau and be set: #12 is unofficially retired until it's officially retired.

How far back does your fandom go? Plenty of classic players we all know and love that you can rep: Nolan, Irbe, Friesen, Ozolinsh, Ricci, Damphousse, Nabakov, Murray to name a few. A Desjardins 69 will always get you a "Nice." comment from someone. Here's a link to a list of every Sharks players' jersey number.

The Gametime app is my favorite method to buy tickets. Prices are decent compared to the other resale sites. If you're feeling brave, you could wait until game day itself and buy your tix right before puck drop: ticket prices usually drop close to and right after the game starts (Gametime keeps the ticket sales window open for up to 30 minutes after event start).

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Ivan Chekhovich had a strong camp and 1st preseason game vs Anaheim. He debuted with the SJ Barracuda last spring after his juniors season ended, where he developed immediate chemistry with Sasha Chmelevski and helped the 'Cuda push into the playoffs.

He was returned to his juniors club. The Sharks have a whole lot of more-experienced forwards vying for roster spots that there's no need to rush Chekhovich into the NHL. He'll get a longer look next season and likely be high on the call-up list if he doesn't make the team out of training camp.

Antii Suomela, after a ho-hum first preseason game, was firing on more cylinders in game 2. He looked more comfortable and demonstrated growing chemistry with Joonas Donskoi. After trading Chris Tierney, Suomela leads in landing that 3C roster spot (with Rourke Chartier flexing to make the team as 4C after outshining Dylan Gambrell in that same game 2).

EDIT: I'll mention Ryan Merkley too. He's demonstrating that he's not the glaring liability on defense that the pundits at the Draft were harping on him about. Excellent vision, making great passes. Decent positioning and adequate recovery after getting tied up. He's definitely going back to juniors after camp but I think he'll stick around until the last round of cuts and play in every preseason game: that taste of the NHL will stay with him this coming season and shape how he approaches the game. After his juniors season wraps up, he'll join the Barracuda for their playoff push. If Karlsson signs long-term and we move Braun or Dillon, I think he'll make the team out of training camp.

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This was the first time in the Sharks' history that they swept an opponent in the playoffs.

It also served as revenge for losing the 2011 WCF (curse that stanchion).

Bonus: I was fortunate to be at that game, row 15 behind the goal, and saw Patty tap that in with my own eyes.

I like the black shoulders and red stripes. How would the white shoulders and red stripes version look with red piping around the shoulders?

My only gripe is the pants still say "gets." ;-p

While I don't want Pavelski to leave, he'll be looking to cash in on his last big contract and I don't see the Sharks ponying up if Karlsson extends. Even with him walking, Melker Karlsson and either Braun or Dillon (or both? an extreme proposition, but read on) will need to be moved to free up enough space to keep the rest of the roster intact.

The analysis on Meier's next deal I agree with.

If Sorensen replicates his playoff performance during the regular season, we'll see him aim for a bridge deal somewhere between $2m and $2.5m (Melker is the comparable here); otherwise he'll test FA.

Donskoi will get a deal if he can stay healthy and be productive, $3.5m-$4m seems reasonable. He's leading our next wave of veterans and having him on the roster mentoring younger players will be a boon.

Labanc is looking to prove himself a pure goal-scorer and needs to break 20 goals to get a decent deal done, though I don't see that deal eclipsing $3m. If he takes the Sharks to arbitration, he'll be dealt.

Thornton will come back for $1 (or $1m if there's a league-mandated vet minimum).

Joakim Ryan, absent from the article's listing, will get $2m-$2.5m. He proved himself a solid, reliable defender alongside Brent Burns and I hope we'll see that chemistry continue to grow this season as he refines himself into a higher-quality defender.

Tim Heed, also absent from the article, hasn't gotten the ice time he needs to prove himself as a solid defender. Full disclosure: I was very anti-DeMelo during the season and thought Heed would have been the better choice, but DeBoer had his reasons. He'll be the 7th Dman again this season and likely only see time on a few back-to-backs and/or as injury replacement. If he's not overly sour b/c of his lack of usage, he could re-sign if both Braun and Dillon are moved, as Merkley may not be wholly ready for fulltime NHL minutes next season.

Suomela, Praplan, Letunov, Gambrell, Radil: all on one-year deals, any of them that stick around at the NHL level will need a bit of a raise over their sub-$1m contracts. I'd think those would be small bridge deals for $1.25m-$2m.

All told, there's a good possibility for a lot of roster turnover next offseason. If Karlsson does re-sign and leaves a little $ on the table for the good of the club (Jumbo whispering in his ear a bit), we'll get to enjoy watching more of our current Sharks carry on into '20-'21.

  1. We should revert to the old goal song. Last season during Sharks road games I heard that song played as "pump-up" music, so those arenas didn't care about Gary Glitter's situation. If it's a matter of the Sharks having to pay royalties to use the song, then I understand why it cannot come back.

  2. If we can't go back to the old song, the Sharks should commission Metallica to write a new one. They're big fans.

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Scratching my head at Chekhovich. I get that he can't be signed to the Cuda yet because of his Juniors contract, but I heard on TV he can be signed to the big leagues. Wouldn't they at least keep him the rest of camp to see if he makes the roster? Dude was impressive and we now have some openings.

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We have a pair of imported European free agents in Praplan, Suomela, and Radil with more experience and the ability to send them down to the 'Cuda, plus a host of other prospects with AHL seasoning to vie for current roster spots. Chekhovich had a great camp and preseason game, but he's still young and needs time to develop. Remember that in the preseason game he wasn't lined up against full-time NHLers.

Temper your expectations and be ready for him to challenge for a roster spot in 2021 and more likely tear up the AHL on the 'Cuda's top line.

Uh... game isn't on NHLN...

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I have Comcast and I just saw them switch to the Ducks' intermission coverage. It just came back from commercial as I type this and it's still the actual game, so NHLN figured their shit out.

Blacked out

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Not anymore

third season is the best imo

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I think they spent too much time in Angelville. The rate at which Jesse and Tulip would scheme, get caught, scheme again, get caught again, all the while Marie (and by extension Jody) would let it keep happening really dragged down my appreciation for this season.

I hope we see Eugene's pop star storyline next season, though I wish they'd started it sooner (like at the beginning of this season) and just kinda left it in the background with his songs and radio/TV interviews making a just a handful of cameos. I fear that it'll feel a bit rushed if it does happen next season.

Traffic in that area is going to be even more fucked for a long time to come. If the developers are betting on future residents to not have a car and just use BART and other public transit to get around, I'm not sure who's more foolish and scummy: them for selling that idea or the city officials that bought and approved it.

Once the project is complete and the traffic-related complaints start rolling in, I can see a band-aid solution in making short highway entry and exit lanes to Mabury on the north side and N Bayshore Rd on the south side at the Berryessa/Hedding intersection. Full and proper on-/off-ramps connecting to Berryessa/Hedding would be more ideal but more expensive. Oakland Rd is still going to be the main point of freeway access and the 880/101 junction will never get fixed.

Pretty awful. Compared to the 1997 ASG logo, this is a severe faceplant.

Quick FYI about that logo: the sun is part of the official SJ city logo.

I’ve been hanging on to this puck since the ‘95 game that didn’t happen, looks like a better logo than ‘97 if you ask me!

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I disagree about it being better than '97 but do think it's way better than this new one.

Firstly, choose yourself an Eastern Conference team to root for. It could be you like one player on the team, or their logo, or you have a friend that used to live there - whatever. Personally, I root for the Blue Jackets and Panthers because they've been underdogs for a long time. That will give you games to watch before puck drop in Vegas and likely a few games on Vegas' travel/off days.

Secondly, watch the other Pacific Division teams. Knowing what your rivals' lines are helps a lot when you're watching them play Vegas so you see the head-to-head matchups. Casually tune in to everyone during the start of the season, then once they start to separate a little in the standings, pay attention to the teams ahead of and right behind Vegas in points.

My only issue is, do the Sharks have the money? Good portion of the roster will need contracts, as will Pavelski, unless he's taking a paycut.

Thornton is no issue, since he'll continue taking paycuts to help his team.

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I think they only way to make the dollars work is to trade Justin Braun and Melker Karlsson for picks and/or prospects and (sadly) let Pavelski walk. Much depends on how large of a bridge deal our young players - Meier, Labanc, Ryan in particular - will take and how big a raise Donskoi wants (he could test FA and land a long-term deal for more $ than SJ has to spare).

This will be a good year to watch the Barracuda to see who gets top-pair minutes; iirc it was DeSimone and Simek at the end of last season. Merkley will get another good year of development in juniors this season before getting at least 9 NHL games in 2020. If any D prospect shines this year, Brendan Dillon could become expendable and traded as well.

TL;DR doable but will require significant roster turnover.

EDIT: fixed a grammatical error and elucidated two points.

I guess it comes down to a question of “is Braun on his Off side better than Dillon?”

I also think there’s a pretty decent chance that we end up trading Braun by the end of the year because of our stacked rhd now. I feel like something like Braun + for rnh + makes a bit of sense for both teams

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Unless he's struggling, I don't see Braun moving until next offseason. Having him on the blueline for a Cup run will be crucial, and as much as I was in the Heed > DeMelo camp last season, stifling Heed again this season in favor of a stacked blueline seems a wise position.

His value next offseason will still be high: top-pair D on a decent contract with one year left, and would be even more so as a Cup winner. He'll definitely need to be moved to make cap space for a Karlsson extension.

In this scenario though I worry a little about depth. If Heed doesn't re-sign b/c he wants ice time, internally we've got young options in Roy and Merkley (Ferraro is stuck in the NCAA) but I definitely don't want to see either of them rushed and broken like Mueller was, and one veteran more-experienced option in Nick DeSimone. The 2019 UFA Dmen crop has a lot of budget names on it but none of those seem particularly appealing as 6/7th D options.

SAP CENTER (SAN JOSE): I don't think they had walkability in mind when they built the Tank. Everything is very spread out, I mean there looks like to be good stuff but you have to drive several blocks down to get to anything. This stadium would really benefit from a BART extension.

Um, quite the opposite actually. What's your definition of 'walkability' and where are you from? (EDIT: flair check shows Florida, so okay - that humidity sucks to be walking in but we don't have that out here)

We've got a small brewpub adjacent to a Whole Foods to the west, a classic dive bar in Patty's Inn to the south (until Google buys the land and develops it, that is), Little Italy just outside the north entrance, and San Pedro Square a short 4 blocks to the east (along with several other restaurants and bars there in the heart of downtown SJ). No need to drive those blocks and pay even more for parking; I guess if you're lazy you can always get an Uber/Lyft.

Transit-wise, Diridon Station is across the street, which is perfect for catching a northbound CalTrain, the 17 Express bus to Santa Cruz, or a BART connection to Fremont (until the Berryessa station opens). As for BART downtown, here's the current plan. Knowing what BART is but not recognizing Diridon as a transit hub from your Google Map view earns you a downvote.

Could Checkovich end up being on a 4th line? I like the aggressiveness and he's really making an effort to make a name for himself. Since getting rid of Tierney, I worry a little about our depth. Hopefully we can upgrade from within.

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Highly doubtful. He's primarily a winger and we're full-up on those.

As he's only 19 and this is preseason (read: weak competition), he needs to bulk up before the coaching staff look to promote him: all that slick skill doesn't look as good if you can't keep possession of the puck.

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He played for the Barracuda last season though. Is it just that he can't start out the year in the AHL?

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Last year he (and Chmelevski) joined the 'Cuda after their junior teams' seasons ended. It'll be the same road this year and then graduate to the AHL full-time (and vie for an NHL roster spot) for the '19-'20 season.

  1. Joe Thornton raising the Stanley Cup.

  2. Erik Karlsson signs an extension, and bonus points if that doesn't jeopardize retaining several current core players on expiring contracts.

  3. Both the Kings and Ducks miss the playoffs.

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