Passed composite 820/810! by Nicky4Pin in ccna

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Wow, Thank you! The Boson practice tests were great, the explanations were thorough, and I liked that you even give sources. Great product and will be purchasing again as I move forward with certifications.

Passed composite 820/810! by Nicky4Pin in ccna

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I feel that Netacad helped me a great deal, especially if you have a good instructor that can thoroughly cover things. I felt very confident in the practical things (configuring devices, routing protocols, etc) and less confident in the theory of things going into my first attempt and I feel that part of why I failed. You'll need to know the acronyms, what they mean, and how they work. Make sure you understand the Exam Essentials at the end of each chapter in Lammle's book.

Good luck!

Thought I bought silver wrapping paper by BearzBeatzBSG in mildlyinfuriating

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Holy shit, I did the same exact thing. I bought 2 rolls.

My Work-Laptop Died Today by [deleted] in Frugal

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Not to mention Thinkpads are very easy to upgrade/repair.

[homemade] half pepperoni half pineapple pizza by Coonhound420 in food

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I prefer the PB&J - Pineapple, Bacon, and Jalapeño: sweet, salty, spicy

Need advice for a cut.. by 1_1111111 in GettingShredded

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145lbs at 5'8" is pretty light. Why are you still cutting? What are your goals?

If you're searching for abs you may need to put on some muscle mass.

T470 College Student Breakfast by Drakidor in thinkpad

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I have a degree from a different school. I'm taking the classes for career advancement. I really like COD though and all of the instructors I've had have been great! Good luck!

T470 College Student Breakfast by Drakidor in thinkpad

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Current until next week. Taking the CCNA courses and I finish next week. You?

What does Jagr mean when he says the younger players generate speed from their hips, and not their leg strength? by Peng-Win in hockeyplayers

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Out of curiosity, hold old are you?

I've been dealing with back pain for the past few years and I suspect this is likely a big contributing factor for me as well.

Anything to do to recover/reset after holiday binge? by SylviaNorth in nutrition

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Get back to your normal eating habits and hydrate.

. by tyruggs in subaru

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Headlights clear as glass!

Testing out the camera on my new phone and thought my 06 STi would be the perfect subject! by BERNIEMACCCC in subaru

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SGM brother! It's such a sweet color but makes finding a wingless trunk nearly impossible.

What the best pizza topping? by DrMonkey7 in AskReddit

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Add pineapples....sweet, spicy, salty. The PB&J pizza!

2004 WRX STI by GainzRUs in subaru

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I'll always love the gigantic hood scoop on the blob eyes.

If you die during an orgasm, you’re coming and going at the same time. by 31moreyears in Showerthoughts

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Clothes ripped like the incredible hulk, I spit when I talk, I'll fuck anything that walks

Had the rink to myself tonight! by vapengfx in hockeyplayers

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Street, ice, shinny, inline....hockey is hockey

All hockey is beautiful.