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Are you just saying you want to have fun or so you realllly want to have FUN?

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I love the huge/aggressive scoop but it just doesn't work on the Hawkeyes.

Happening in our district too. We changed our public IP at the NAT and that "fixed" it for a day and a half. Now we're back to getting reCAPTCHA'd. Worst is we can no longer complete the test--it just turns up blank, thus effectively blocking any searches through Google. Incognito, FireFox, and just plain logging out of the Chrome browser bypasses the test, but our Chromebooks are screwed.

We finally got ourselves added to Google's "master ticket" on the issue, which has apparently been a thing for a week. This if, of course, after we got the run-around from them as well.

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I keep 2 IPs open so I can swap the NAT when this happens. We saw this issue on the first day of school from the increased traffic I assume.

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Where I work the administration is pretty open to suggestions. We generally present an idea, they agree, and we go through with it. Sometimes they'll push it back or decline them, but usually with good reason. Sometimes it's just waiting a couple months or until the following summer. I'd say a 7 or 8.

This summer we made renovations to parts of the building and got 3-4 QLED TVs. We got an entire new camera system, I believe 64 cameras (all deployed) and even got some new interactive TVs for the classrooms. Tons of cabling work to fix older rooms, and are slowly upgrading our phone system.

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What camera system did you go with?

When I was a midget I checked someone into the glass and it cracked. That was quite the confidence booster for my young self.

Love those Hawkeye headlights!

Michael Richards' meltdown

My first two days at my job I told them I usually don't eat lunch but I was starving!

I recently purchased some used HDD's and decided to learn about data recovery. I didn't realize how relatively easy it is and how you can do quite a bit with free software. I ended up finding tax documents, legal contracts, scanned SS cards, driver licenses, business plans, etc. Pretty god damn scary that people's data is insecure.

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What did you use software wise? I'm interested in getting my feet wet in data recovery.

What is their intended use?

Are they designed as a stress toy, or for some other purpose?

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We used to play hacky sack in high school. The point is to keep it in the air without using your hands. There were a few different "games" we used to play.

Teachers come back tomorrow and students on Monday. Wish me luck!

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The blue fog lights are pretty powerful and other one is stock.
What do mean see it from inside?

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They want to see what you see when driving with them on. And I do too :)

Summer is usually the busiest time for us. Full access to all rooms is great!

Use it in a sentence.

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Man, that Michael Jordan is so phony.

Joel Hornick

Do you have any more pics? This thing is sexy!

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We ended up buying a decent number of externals that will be housed in the Library, and teachers can go sign them out as needed.

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This is what we do. Originally they were assigning them to every teacher along with the laptop but most went unused or were lost.

It's pretty simple. The HMM linked will show you step by step. You may want to consider replacing the fan assembly while you're already in there.

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

I’m curious as to why? I think your logic is due to age, mainly.

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It's a cheap part and you're already looking to reapply the paste so you need to take the fan assembly off anyways. If your T420 has the original fan assembly it is a few years old now. Just a thought.

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