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Can this video please replace the silly drone intro video before games at the garden?!?!


I understand that routing on lightning is an 'unsolved problem'. My question is why would we want to solve this problem in the first place???

If the problem is solved, wouldn't lightning transactions lose many of the properties we love about onchain transactions? For example, an onchain transaction , I know where my coins went, I know when they went there on the chain, I know how many confirmations they have, and I know that it is irreversible.

Lightning . . .I wouldn't know when/where/how I can get my coins back and onchain, and I wouldn't be able to locate them onchain and count them towards my balance that may include other coins I may have onchain outside my lightning channel.

How is this a good thing?
Especially if we can increase block sizes and get low fees . . .lightning seems like an unnecessary complication for a long time coming, and and any benefits are not clear to me especially when block sizes are not artificially limited.


Was Benji Simmons. If Benji Waz a rookie, that means jaylen was the number 2 pick in draft, a nice move up.


Who cares? Let them ask again. It's not hurting anyone to have duplicate discussions. We should encourage newbs to ask questions.

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The league created a system that literally incentivizes teams/organizations to lose games in various circumstance.

Change the draft rules. solutions exist.

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April 17, 2018
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