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its an album. you can find it on his artist page if you scroll down far enough

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Thank you :) homemade is almost always cut into diamond shapes, but there are so many different ways to do so!

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how do you cut it in the pan like that? slowly with a knife?

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Yep, a very sharp large knife

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cool, nice work

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As someone else said, that actually gives a kind of 'herd immunity', where there's so many stolen SSNs, that yours personally is very unlikely to be hit randomly. But yes, doing a check at least once a year or every other year is good to keep control of your identity.

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how do you go about checking for identity theft or stolen ssd? just looking at credit card statements?

Oh god I thought you were joking. I nearly inhaled a skittle.

I also would like to point out she adds Canola oil to the pan before throwing a wad of meat into it. WHY?!??!?!

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whats wrong with the canola oil part? helps it caramelize better without burning it

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But then what can you deglaze?!

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I thought using oil still allows the Maillard reaction to occur. If you don’t use oil doesn’t it literally just burn?

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a true banger

I really hope Eric releases this one day. I’m going to have it on repeat.

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yeah. its so fucking good

ITM have intrinsic value so the premium will be higher.

OTM have no intrinsic value so the premium is basically set by volatility plus theta (time until expiration).

Your question is complex and there are many things that need to be factored in, so there is no straight forward answer. The short version is ITM are "safer" but you pay for that "safety" with a higher options premium. OTM are riskier, and you pay less for taking on more risk. Assuming same expiration dates for both.

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yeah i understand the pros and cons to ITM and OTM but i just assumed ATM calls are essentially similar to ITM since they are equal to spot price of the equity.

another question I have is about puts: is there an ITM/OTM/ATM equivalent for puts? or are they all technically ITM

No a put can be OTM. For example a 360 put in NFLX today would expire worthless, because you would never exercise the right to sell Nflx at 360 when it would cost a dollar more to buy it back.

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but just like OTM calls, an OTM put payoff would be higher if, say, the stock tanked today for any reason.

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are the potatos necessary? if it is part of the authentic original recipe then i would consider them necessary, but having them in the filling seems like there would be too much starch considering they are all wrapped in the dumpling wrappers as well.

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I have made these dumplings many times before and my neighbors love them too. They were so surprised when I told them there is potato in the filling. If you don't feel like adding that much potato. You can start with small aount first and see if you like it=)

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interesting... thanks!

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2013 name 5 players that are better because that post went to curry and Harden which was totally wrong.

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lebron, duncan, leonard, kd, cp3/kobe/blake griffin

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He's the opposite of what the worst r/nba villains are doing. Did the opposite of ring chasing. Opposite personality of whatever you can even call what Kawhi is doing. On top of that he's pretty funny. Basically the perfect superstar. Just didn't win enough rings to put himself higher on the all-time list.

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17 points · 1 month ago

at least he won one. puts him above malone and garnett. also the best european player to ever play and solo carried a championship

It would help him scale a lot better if they did this, but a big problem was removing Ultimate Hat. Amumu being so reliant on his R means CDR is crucial and Ultimate Hat was basically mandatory. Maybe a minor buff to his E damage reduction and a new passive to his R would fix him right up. A passive like " For every Champion hit by Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy reduces the CD by X seconds."

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Go precision secondary and take presence of mind + coup de grace. your ult will be up even faster than old ultimate hat

Wondering if anyone can give me some advice on my general workout routine. Specifically the order of the exercizes and what muscle groups im targetting each day. Any important exercizes that I'm missing? Might add spider/preacher curls to day 2. Right now im doing 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 2 days off.

Bro splits aren't the most optimal. But if that's what you really like then it's alright. If not then maybe split it into an upper/lower or push/pull/legs.

I'd take the front raises out seeing as you're smashing your front delts with loads of stuff anywho.

I would also not take dips for 4 sets to failure as that will probably unecessarily impede recovery.

I hope the curl superset is with triceps, that'd be pretty sweet and they're a big part of arms.

I would take your plank close to failure but not all the way to ensure you're able to keep progressing with it.

Other than that it looks pretty sweet.

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Thanks for the advice. A few questions:

What exactly is a bro split? is it when you combine two different muscle groups in one day?

I will probably reduce the dips to 3x8-12

The curl superset is for legs. They are extensions and seated leg curls.

What do you recommend for planks? Right now we are just trying to do as long as we can and trying to beat that time every day.

I think you're right about the front raises but instead of removing an exercise from the routine what do you recommend I target in place of it?

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Wondering if anyone can give me some advice on my general workout routine. Specifically the order of the exercizes and what muscle groups im targetting each day. Any important exercizes that I'm missing? Might add spider/preacher curls to day 2. Right now im doing 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 2 days off.

Grab a program from the wiki. Nsuns 4-day might be up your alley.

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Will do, thanks. I like my current routine so I will most likely stick with it but I will definitely use the wiki programs to adjust my exercise ordering and muscle group targeting.

You don't want Kawhi for Kyrie b/c Kyrie only has 1 year left on his contract, Kawhi for Kyrie and Jaylen would be good, but that deal will never happen.

I would like to see:

We give:

Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker

We get:

Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum, and some kind of pick or Terry

But Tatum is apparently untouchable.

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We're not giving away Parker. FO wouldnt do that in a million years.

IT's been discussed a lot recently that TP is either retiring, taking a vet min, or leaving.

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Parker is one of the best examples of a franchise player tho, the city of san antonio would give him anything he asked and he wouldn't tarnish his reputation for whatever small paycheck he would get in a bigger market. Who knows tho, hakeem ewing pippen wade and jordan did the same bullshit

Go precision secondary take coup de grace and presence of mind. ur ult will be up 90% of the time

Not going to playoff games, lots of reports that Kawhi was unhappy, not trying to come back for their playoff push

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14 points · 2 months ago

one hundred percent this^

Even if kawhi resigned with us I would not forgive him for skipping out on supporting our players in the playoffs. Thats one of the biggest hoe moves you can do to your own teammates.

the tracklist is mediocre. liberate, odyssey, and cafe mambo are the only great songs in it.

Original Poster6 points · 3 months ago

Wow - that's an unreal compliment. Thank you!

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no problem haha

this is like prydz and armin van buuren combined. sounds good.

I've been holding a decent amount of DIVX (definitely over the 1000 limit) in my wallet for the past two airdrops but haven't received anything from the airdrops, at least according to the counter on MEW. Am I missing something?

Dorsey started almost the same as Hiaasen, if I recall correctly. Dorsey wrote for the Tampa paper (I believe their tribune), for years before taking those stories and loosely basing his books on them. The first five or six books he wrote were loosely tied together, as far as character development, but all the others after that are pretty much chronological. I highly recommend Dorsey if you enjoy Hiaasen. I had actually read Dorsey first, and when traveling with my daughters in the panhandle of Florida, we stopped by a library. They had a small shop in the front, to sell used books, and the 60(ish) year old librarian told me I should check out Hiaasen, since I was buying a Dorsey book. I enjoy them both, but Dorsey is waaaaaay over the top in the most hilarious ways. “A++ would always read again”. Good luck in Miami; I’ve never been and I only just recently moved to Jacksonville.

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Which dorsey books do you recommend the most? My favorite Hiaasen book is Skinny Dip, probably because of the diversity in setting.

I've only ever heard complaints about Miami so hopefully it goes well lol

Oh boy, Skinny Dip was the first Hiaasen book I read, which prompted me to do research, so that’s a great choice! That’s where I learned he does pseudo kid’s novels as well. As for Dorsey, the first I read from him was Triggerfish Twist, and I was hooked after that. I couldn’t stop going to B&N and thrift stores to find more and more Dorsey. Like I said earlier, the order is a bit off, with the first handful (it’ll make sense after you check the link I added), but to be honest, there isn’t a single reason why you need to read them in any order. You’ll notice the same characters like Serge and Coleman (main characters and the heroes we need), Agent Mahoney, Sharon, The Millers (I believe that’s their last name, they have a son named Melvin), Johnny (the sexiest/unluckiest billionaire playboy alive), the book readers club, etc. You’ll also see some common thematic elements, like unique ways to “off a guy”, and a reoccurring case filled with $5mil in cash, that’s also cursed. I’d really recommend any of them to be honest, but you start at the beginning and work your way down. You find more at thrift stores than you’d think. Here’s a link to the order. Happy hunting and be safe in Miami!

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Thanks for the advice. I will try to read a few this summer.

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By that logic, no advertisement could ever be successful. It's always obvious.

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slippery slope fallacy

That's a cool tool.

But now I'm wishing I had invested $10k into Amazon in 1999. It would be worth $2.8 million now. I started a kids clothing biz in 1998 that I poured a ton of money into (with no return.) Damn, if only I had foreseen the future.

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18 points · 3 months ago

Hindsight is 20/20. Imagine if your business blew up and turned into a multimillion dollar venture.

  1. liberate

  2. call on me

  3. lycka

  4. reeperbahn

  5. vega

melo, lift, shadows, and tromb are also great

check out Cantoma (Phil Mison). similar relaxing style

Well thanks for the help. Thought that minions getting to lane and jungle camps spawning happened at different times since whenever I leash, jungle camps seem to spawn after minions fight in lane.

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Mid lane is shorter than top and bot lanes so minions hit each other earlier. That may be why your frame of reference was incorrect.

Yeah that's a good point. Was referencing a mid game with the 1:30 minion clash. Whenever I'm bot, I'm usually pretty close to losing the first 3 melee minions, unless I leash as Jhin (4 shots brings the camp to ~500), then its pretty fast and I get first 3 no problem.

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Yeah or with other adcs just leave early, fuck it lol

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