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He told me he was fixed!

NoctuaMasterRace 6,656 points

Hijacking this comment because apparently I can't reddit

Hey everyone!

We're a small animal shelter in Nuuk, Greenland.

We took this cat in a few weeks ago, but only recently noticed the bulge in her stomach area getting bigger and bigger. Turns out she's pregnant!

We're going to try and find loving homes for all the cats instead of euthanizing them. You can follow their progress by finding us on Facebook!

Just search for "Kalaallit Nunaanni Uumasut Ikinngutai - Dyrenes Venner i Grønland" on facebook :-)

SpiderNinja79 2 points

u/NoctuaMasterRace why did you reply to this with that??? Such a random comment to do it on. That should like. Be it’s own comment or somethin idk

NoctuaMasterRace 2 points

Reddit spamfilter was blocking my comment. :-)

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NoctuaMasterRace 1 point

While NetworkNode doesn't use SG300 in their configuration examples, it's a good place to start regardless.

You can also read the official compatibility list, instead of trusting a random thread.

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prinzklaus -1 points

I'm pretty much copying and pasting. But there are other options. Frozen mice and snake sausage being some of them. I understand a snake has to eat. But it almost seems on par with feeding a puppy or kitten to a snake.

NoctuaMasterRace 2 points

What's the difference between feeding it an animal, and feeding it an animal?

prinzklaus 2 points

Already replied to another comment that asked the same question.

NoctuaMasterRace 2 points

You didn't really respond to him.

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NoctuaMasterRace 7 points


Jeg skiftede dem selv for første gang ude på parkeringspladsen, overraskende nemt.

Sgubaba 1 point

Undrede mig over hvad du skal med dem i DK, men så du bor på Grønland. det myder umiddelbart ret sent at skifte deroppe

NoctuaMasterRace 1 point

Sneen/isen begyndte at lægge sig ordentligt for ca. en uge siden, jeg vil gerne undgå at slide piggene op ved at køre på almindelig vej. :-)

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TynShouldHaveLived 9 points

I mean, I'm really not intending to sound rude here, but don't you people have work/school or something? Personally, working part-time and studying full-time (exams coming soon yay), I'm almost too tired to be hyped. I'll probably be too shattered to even play Total Warhammer 2 on the night it comes out (8:30pm for me) tbh :(

NoctuaMasterRace 2 points

I took a day off work to squish some rats.

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turnonleft 33 points

Hi there! I finally made a Reddit account just to participate in this AMA. First off, my husband & I are a big fan of your work, the first half of our first dance was to "Paper Boats" at our wedding just this past July 15, so many of our friends were crying!

My question is this: What compels you to stick to the isometric(ish) look of your games? Do you find it gives you more creativity or is it something that is just nostalgic for you?

NoctuaMasterRace 2 points

Where can I see the video!?

That's awesome.

NoctuaMasterRace 38 points

Can you tell us a little about the company setup / special stories during the infant days, before Bastion came out?

I love hearing stories of companies before their first game, the atmosphere and attitude of the developers working hard to release something they're passionate about.

HUGE shoutout to Darren, love that dude.

vinokandiah 1 point

Whats the name of that network/switch cabinet you have? And where did you get it?

NoctuaMasterRace 1 point
TorreZ_ 1 point

Is that a MILLBERGET chair from IKEA in the last 2 pics? If so how is it? I'm trying to decide between that or a generic mesh chair.

NoctuaMasterRace 2 points

Ikea Malkolm, but it looks very similar to the new Millberget.

The armrests aren't adjustable, and the back can't be adjutsed either. It gives me backproblems if I use it for more than 3 hours.

But seriously get the MARKUS chair, best I've ever used.

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