Shockwave vs the door by RobotJoe50 in transformers

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Is Shockwave holding a smaller version of himself? Maybe it was his favorite gun and took its form because he has issues.

Everyone loves a good group chat by optimistic__nihilist in funny

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I don’t get. Why is it funny? And enough to gold?

People getting ticketed for trying to park handicapped parking at a NASCAR race. by cap10cook in videos

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I know know cops that love the cams because it protects them from false accusations.

Episode 100: I Guess You Had To Be There -- Discussion by Puntle in TheMagnusArchives

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I have a terrible memory and can’t remember a mention of Peter. Can someone refresh me?

I’m currently doing a relisten but I’m only on #18 at this point

Wanna get high?? by JoshFack in funny

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Wouldn’t know. I’ve only seen clips from it.

lots of disinformations agents on here by farshad04 in aliens

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Yep. Everyone who disagrees wth you or points out obvious fakes work for the government. Have you considered professional help or are they government agents as well? Seriously seek help.

What is the most surprising fact you’ve heard about aliens that you believe is true? by Sigdavtilmig in aliens

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So get high on hallucinogens and see real aliens. Riiiiight. *unless that’s the joke. Because it sounds like a joke.

It feels like I'm running away from something by 7197010 in TellReddit

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I used to do this. I’ve been around reddit for a long time but took a couple years to start participating. I would get terrible anxiety that someone would disagree with me or flame me.

Finally I started making myself participate and it has over all really helped my anxiety with participating with unknown peoples.

Hey Hasbro, I got your next Transformers movie right here... by Acidick in transformers

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I like this one because he fits very nicely with the masterpiece in scale

A massive and beautifully coloured crayfish from Papua, Indonesia by Dauss in Aquariums

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I saw one on a rock just beneath the water in ozarks of arkansas about 1 am that was very close to lobster size. I have never seen another that came anywhere close. He lived under a bridge with light shallow rapids