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This is actually a great idea.

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I think thats a bit too bizarre/out of place. Not in terms of flavor, its fine there. But the ignore unit collision effect is very weak in most cases but sometimes very powerful. Its why its just tacked onto a few kits (fizz, hecarim,etc) and phantom dancer. It really doesn't DO much 99% of the time but is just a nice little benefit. Wouldn't really fix the problem with swifties

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this guy has never gotten stuck on a FAT minion and died because of pathing

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Trust me I have, but I still don't think bad pathing should be fixed with something like this

56 points · 2 days ago

I still tie an onion to my belt.

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As was the style of the time

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Reminds me of the time they screwed up and gave Naus's ult a 1% max HP damage to 1 AP ratio. It only lasted a few hours, but was hilarious. You went full flat AP runes, ghost and flash. All you had to do was get to 100 ap and touch an enemy with your ult and they were instantly dead. Probably the funniest game I have ever played. Totally unfair to play against, believe me, I experienced it, but absolutely hilarious to do.

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More around 200 ap because of how magic resist works

Original Poster6 points · 7 days ago

I just found out he is growing weed in the attic. I bet he’s hooked up to both out electric boxes. I’m going to call the electric company because I don’t need a 600 dollar electric bill for a 1 bedroom apartment.

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Call the cops bro. The electrical company probably is already flagged that and is going to send some cops your way eventually. Gotta make sure the blame isn't falling on you.

3 points · 8 days ago

it was cool for the first day or so but got clogged up with 'just use google' and repetitive questions. overall, i think the filter system is better.

maybe update the retired questions list + organize it ( memes, x subreddit, world events, etc. ) and have automod link to it as well?

i think for a filter system a more active modbase is necessary; there have been times where i've sent a pm about a removed post or comment to no reponse, and it takes a while for posts i do submit to get through

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Moderator of r/OutOfTheLoop, speaking officially1 point · 8 days ago

I find that there are some pretty obvious questions that get upvoted atm anyway, but often get left up even if they are googleable because there isn't a previous reddit thread about it. Anything with a "know your meme" post I usually try to remove though.

than that should be reflected in the sidebar rules. i'm fine with posts on stuff that can be obtuse / confusing by design or requires followup questions, but some stuff is done to death at this point ( loss, scp foundation, etc. )

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It is, rule 1

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74 points · 8 days ago

Salt doesnt hurt our eyes. Our tears have a fair bit of it.

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Lol what? Have you ever been in ocean water?

Last week, yes

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Splash a little water in your eyes and tell me it doesn't sting

11 points · 9 days ago

loooooooool, can attest to that, they're like in the middle of nowhere (LA-wise)

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Not really, They are in Santa Monica across from a huge gym and working out of the old lucas film studio buildings. Not the height of LA but not really nowhere.

Source: visited some riot friends last year and got a tour

"why not both" - zoidberg. Go to the gym then eat some shit food...

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The planet fitness strategy

Given the popularity of the game even running this for as little as a single day would net the people in on this several thousand dollars and given how bitcoin wallets work it'd be near impossible to track and find out who did it beyond rounding up every programmer who had access to the code, assuming it wasn't done by some third party somehow.

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Eh... maybe. Bitcoin mining on CPUs is pretty damn bad. Especially in potato PCs. Plus I don't think it was going full blast, probably programmed to only take up a few % of CPU power to not be noticed too much

Shitty ping isn't much of an excuse either, since NA teams can scrim with low ping and also were arguably even worse internationally back when the NA server was close.

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Yeah, I'm sure a few scrims a week makes up for hundreds of soloq games a month that koreans put in

Yeah, Slack is probably more appropriate here.

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Does slack have voice calls now? I haven't really used it since discord came out

I'm not gonna lie this is me when I'm driving

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That sub was kinda cool but it's impossible to keep people from astroturfing it hard. Basically home shopping network on reddit. Half the shit there was dumb anyway

I mean you still would have close to 20 miles or more left on the tank unless you just floor it around town. So, you'll be fine.

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My car reads empty when it still has a good 8 gallons left in the tank, damn volvo.

Do you happen to have a 16 gallon tank? That would explain your situation!

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Yeah, it's a 15.9 gallon tank

Don't think the draft will be a problem (or at least I hope not because i watched an episode where he explained that's what he's gonna do). But they'll have to put the mast on after they get to sea, yeah.

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Oh wow, its gonna sail?? Nuts

Im guessing it was more of an anger thing that made him leave before and now that everything is calmed down he is back? Honestly i have no idea, thats just my guess

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I doubt it. He probably got a really good offer from another company, riot matched it and he came back

I concur with this. Machamp is literally always available as a T3 raid, and even if you don't want to invest the stardust, time, and candy into a solo team, it's easy enough with two people. You only need to do four (with TMs, otherwise you may need to do more), then power them up to 30, and you can take Absol.

That being said, the hard part is finding a friend who is interested enough in the game to do the same

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I've never seen a level 3 macho raid where I live. It's always onix and areodactyl.

He did an AMA once upon a time. At least in the way most celebs do them, with a PR proxy/community manager, but he at least knows it exists.

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Fun fact, most of the time it's a mod from the sub or an employee of reddit who is on a phone call with the talent and their PR rep and they usually read and transcribe the comment out for them. Especially if they aren't particularly inclined to type.

Source: worked for reddit as a freelance talent coordinator and did this for a while

Can't tell if it's just because of the video but that doesn't seem that big or crazy.

OBLIVIATER commented on

Where is it?

45 points · 16 days ago

Considering the millions of people that use reddit a day … its really not that impressive.

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Millions use reddit but only a small % have accounts and actually vote on stuff

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