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Xur isnt really selling Ghorn if that wasnt obvious enough. Its sunshot

Yikes. Another reason why Twitch (and the curse client) shouldn't be trusted with any confidential information

He's very fun but its frustrating as a jax main that Riot continues to indirectly nerf every playstyle he does to the point where he's completely mediocre.

According to Riot it's less than 1% lol

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32 points · 1 day ago

Its a lot less than 1%, closer to 0.3% Most (80%+) of league's players are in china so all the other regions don't matter at all compared to them

Its a lot less than 1%, closer to 0.3% Most

what. This subreddit has almost 2 million subscribers. Do the math, unless you think there are 600 million league players around the world. It's closer to 2 procent than it is 1% in reality. lmfao

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I dont count all the subscribers because let's be honest not nearly all of them are active or even real. I go by traffic stats

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201 points · 2 days ago

TIL there is a mobile game called Gods and Glory

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154 points · 2 days ago

A real shitty one too

Every sub should be a Trump hate sub though.

Even if you support his politics and isn't just a brainwashed cunt that needs everyone to be just as misserable as you, the idiot can't even speak propper English.

Also, let Hillary go. How can anyone buy this "hidden enemy" shit. First it was the jews, then the commies, then Soros, then the gay mexican muslim terrorist Obuma, now it's Hillary.

It takes some serious brain damage to support this guy and his goons.

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A lot of this stuff is subjective and only applies to certain kinds of streamers. Overall a good guide for "guidelines" but I wouldn't limit myself to this

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You're right. The Democrats used the company ShareBlue and the Republicans used the company Cambridge Analytica. Reddit has been vote-gamed to hell ever since. And many corporations are in on the vote-gaming too, read here:

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And its not just political interests. Companies (including HBO, and very likely John Oliver's show itself) love to astroturf on reddit, buy fake upvotes, use interns to write comments, and overall abuse reddits voting system in order to gain more views and hit the front page.

If you think "they wouldn't do that its wrong" I can tell you from experience that they dont even think that way. It's literally just another thing on the checklist when a new episode/article/video comes out. "Hey Bob make sure you forward your video to PR when it comes out so they can take care of the reddit post" was a common occurrence. There are tons of companies and even youtubers who have abused and astroturffed reddit to gain fame and money

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That Masterwork has to be one of the worst to get finished, right up there with Polaris Lance.

Is there any particularly good place to grind that out (edit: Mostly referring to the Graviton Lance Masterwork here, though I do still need to get Polaris Lance done as well)? I got the Masterwork like 2-3 faction rallies ago and I'm still only at like 60%.

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I knocked out the Polaris lance catalyst in about 1 hour last night. Just go into the raid and shoot the legionaries, once you have your delayed burst shoot a fresh one once in the head and tada, free burn kill

This has been reposted more times than the flash spins his little arms around in circles

Check out his YouTube channe! He's good at thinking on his feet for sure

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No more rape!

Twitch has an established history of neglecting primary functionality, services, and features to focus on random new features and programs that someone has come up with which themselves will eventually be forgotten and neglected when they come up with yet more features to focus on.

They also have an established history of rolling things out that are not thought-through. Having a bulk-sub-gifting feature where nobody thought about the consequence of gifting subs to bots is just one example.

They also have an established history of often seemingly like they don't actually even use their own site and are unaware of a lot of obvious elements of it.

When they announce that they're replacing Communities with Tags, you can bet that they'll kind of forget about Tags within the year and stop improving or refining them and all but forget that it's a thing they rolled out. Same goes for sub gifting. They'll all have moved on to yet some other idea that is taking their attention.

In the meantime, twitch live notifications will continue to be as unreliable as they have been for the last several years. Streams going live but showing offline will continue to be a thing. The entire site just crapping itself and shutting down for hours at a time will continue to be a thing.

Cohh said something recently along the lines of "Twitch is adding a bowling alley and game room to the top floor of their house before they've even finished setting the foundation".

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While this is 100% true, you think they wouldn't fuck up a feature that gives them more income. The one thing twitch likes is additional income

I suppose it doesn't technically impact their income. What do they care if an active or inactive account or a bot or a human account gets a sub? either way, they get their cut.

I'm sure it just didn't occur to them that this would happen. It couldn't have. I mean, I don't understand how it couldn't have been the first thing that occurred to them... but I also can't understand how it would have occurred to them and they'd just roll it out, anyway. So I have to assume it just really didn't occur to them.

Or maybe it did. And they did. And it just isn't working as designed.

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Bots aren't encouraged to resub to keep their streak

I don't think you should use anything this guy makes. He's made hundreds of comments in the last hour spamming for a shady site while saying "original post" in all of them

0 points · 5 days ago

How u change battery in water

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Take a couple in a waterproof box/bag and swap em in shallow water.

Moderator of r/videos, speaking officially-2 points · 4 days ago

Hello /u/littlebitofevrything,

Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, it is being removed due to the following reason(s):

Consider submitting this type of content to /r/PoliticalVideo.

For a more detailed explanation about our no politics rule, see the wiki page.

Thank you for understanding.

10 year ban from OWL

285 points · 7 days ago · edited 6 days ago

Riot Scruffy has worked on Sion (update), Skarner's Gameplay Update, Rengar's Gameplay Update, according to his League Wiki page. He has been on the team since Season 3, and is a veteran to the game design scene (working with Treyarch and Timegate). He was in charge of production of champion updates as well before working on newer releases as well (notably, Pyke).

Also worth noting he's been active on Reddit and the boards discussing updates and explaining their direction and decisions. Appears to have had a pretty large part in Evelynn, Swain and Akali's reworks. Basically what it looks like is he oversees a lot of everything that comes through, with a slightly larger hand in the three mentioned first.

Edit: Added more information.

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All those look good except the skarner rework (and the rengar one if its the OG one)

170 points · 7 days ago

Annie Buff - Getting back to this after other work delayed it. First direction tested will be increasing her AA range back to its previous values.

Annie ADC is back!?

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Probably not since annie has such atrocious base attack speed

This game looks fun but its fucking ridiculous that they want 25 bucks for it. This is a 10 dollar game at most

-21 points · 7 days ago

Adrenaline doesn’t turn you into a moron

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Actually... it pretty much does. In this situation its almost certain that he was in a state of shock and didn't really have the higher mental capacity to consider the situation as a whole. In near death experiences your whole brain pretty much only thinks of one thing.

So how does this work for the games... Are you forced to launch them via discord? Can you play them offline? Are you required to have Discord running while playing? Will the Nitro games be there forever?

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I imagine it's like steam where its DRMed through discord.

So every time Discord is down you will be unable to play ?

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I imagine the voice servers will be different than the hosting servers but I don't know.

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This may be one of the first decks where a high APM is actually required to win. As well as some ridiculous thinking. Very impressive by Dog here.

Patron was similar but overall much easier.

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