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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
handlemangly 2 points

About 70k £

I’m 24 and don’t plan on doing this dream till abit older..

Please do advise and tell me about your experience I would love to hear

Oax_Mike 2 points

Cool. Most people who ask about doing this have <$10,000 :D

I've done quite a few AMAs on the can check out our construction album here and then find our AMAs here...some went viral...some didn't...haha...but you can likely find plenty of good stuff if you sift through it all.

I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have.

handlemangly 1 point

Gong to go through these right now thanks so much dude

Oax_Mike 1 point

No worries.

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readitour 5 points

Survivor bias here - those who made it are more likely to answer.

Also, I recognize the name! How's the boutique hotel doing?

Oax_Mike 2 points

Survivor bias here - those who made it are more likely to answer.

This is true...but failed business owners are welcome to chime in, too!

I failed miserably twice at starting my own business until I got it right and even then it's been a bumpy ride :)

Also, I recognize the name! How's the boutique hotel doing?

Somewhere between good enough and not quite good enough, haha. We're earning enough to live a normal life again but not as much as we'd like given our level of investment (financially but also time/effort as well) but we'll get there.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/financialindependence
FI_throwaway8102423 15 points

Thanks. calling the car dealership now.

Oax_Mike 35 points

Umm....yeah, dude...before you do that, you really need to get a better grip on what's important to you.

uniquei 4 points

I mean, that's exactly it. It's either financial independence, or material possessions. In reality it's not so black and white, and you need to strike the right balance, but this balance has to be at the point that's right for you.

Oax_Mike 3 points

It's either financial independence, or material possessions.

Or the most important, life experiences and good food :D

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel

I think it has if you dont speak the language you can type it in google translate and you can get by with no issues in any country if your in some back water station town that isnt on the main tourist spots etc

Kananaskis_Country 3 points

It's astounding to me that you believe the only way to travel where you don't know the language is to have Google Translate.

How can you forget the billions of successful trips in the thousands of years before your smartphone was invented?

Oax_Mike 3 points

Point, grunt, smile & pay.

Transaction complete.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
tariqabjotu [M] 1 point

We really don't need separate posts about whether each item is allowed in China.

Oax_Mike 1 point

What about tampons?


T-shirt with the word FREEDOM printed under a bald eagle?

Oax_Mike 1 point

Hide them in your electronics.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/Entrepreneur
Oax_Mike 4 points

As a moderately successful freelance writer I can tell you that the work you'll get from overseas is unusable.

It's incredible how shitty the average writing is from a university-educated native speaker, let alone someone from the third world who grew up speaking a different language.

There are plenty of companies that do what you describe and it's basically peddling shit that's been loosely polished to try to mask that's it's actually shit.

The only good this sort of low-cost writing is for is SEO fodder that no human is ever intended to read.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
ravegreener 1 point

When they got moved up to MLS in 2009, for the first couple months of the season I was in South East Asia. I wasn't really in to sports at all at that point, but started looking at highlights and scores from internet cafes (I kinda miss those things). After I got back I started to go to games, and follow more religiously.

Do you know which game you're going to, and where you're sitting? I'll most likely be there and would gladly buy you a beer.

Oax_Mike 1 point

No idea where the seats friends have season tickets. It's versus Columbus.

ravegreener 1 point

That Seahawks win was special. Last football game i watched before my dad died, haven't watched since.

I did travel last minute to Toronto to watch the Sounders beat TFC in 10 degree weather. So we've got 2 championship teams.

Oax_Mike 1 point

I left the US 3 years before the Sounders were formed so I don't really follow them other than what friends post on Facebook. I'll be going to my first match this spring when I come home for a visit and I'm sure it will be fun but I haven't been able to truly force myself to care.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
MrGoodEmployee 2 points

In Tulum?? Maybe OP is right to worry.

Oax_Mike 1 point

In the United States.

NeverGonnaGoHome 2 points

This to me would be a bigger red flag regarding safety than any violence (OP said 'safety' nothing about 'violence') -- if local construction and inspection standards aren't up to snuff to the extent that people die from gas leaks, that is a major safety issue.

Oax_Mike 2 points

On average, 430 people die from accidental Carbon Monoxide poisoning ever year in the United States.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
mikesaidyes -2 points

The only choice you have is China Eastern. An airline is not a personal mail service.

Oax_Mike 5 points

You absolutely can send things with an airline you aren't flying with. It's called cargo.

mikesaidyes -2 points

Of course I know what cargo is. But can someone actually call up PAL and say “hey send this dog for me but I’m not flying with you” ?

Oax_Mike 6 points


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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/solotravel
ILoveHaleem -3 points

LA is the best food city in the world; if food plays any factor in your travels, you'd be crazy to skip it.

Oax_Mike 5 points

Our meals were hit & miss. The Thai was amazing. Korea Town galbi wildly disappointing.

I've been several times and each time find my original assessment to be accurate.

I don't doubt that there are plenty of amazing restaurants in a city of 10 million people from around the world...but I just fucking hate it there. It's just not for me.

All that said...I will give it another chance at some point. I have friends in Orange County and have never really done Los Angeles with a buddy...but I won't make a special trip. It would be more of a case of finding a cheap flight to Asia out of LA and then arriving a few days early from Mexico.

Vaynar 31 points

Yeah, and in cases like this, not only are you trying to basically out-maneuver someone who lives off $2-3USD a day, but you're also ruining your own trip by being upset about stuff like that.

Oax_Mike 8 points

And potentially ruining your eyes with fake sunglasses that offer zero UV protection :D

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jippiejee 1 point

Holy Moses, of all the backpacks in a hostel that'd be the one I'd try to steal...

Oax_Mike 2 points

The worst part was that I kind of "had to" try it on a couple trips since it was a gift and it wasn't cheap.

This one says its just 500g but mine was from almost 20 years ago so it was easily 1.5kg of dead weight, too.

jippiejee 1 point

Hahah... it may have offended a few fellow travellers. "Are you that suspicious of others?"

Oax_Mike 2 points

I didn't use it at hostels.

I'd use it on the train, particularly a night train...and one actually good use was to lock it to something at a train station when I had a 6-8 hour wait and wanted to sleep next to my bag on the floor.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
ratracer 3 points

Don't hate the playa, hate the game

Oax_Mike 6 points

I hate both.

BoilerMaker11 -3 points

But what I'm saying is that I shouldn't have to pay exorbitantly more for the same flight on the same airline. With the jeans example, it'd be more like you and I are at the same store and we both grab identical pairs of pants, but then you grab a second pair of pants. When we get to the counter, you should be paying more than me, right? You got two pants (two flights). Instead, not only do I pay more than you, but I pay triple what you paid for just my one pair. Even though you got the same pair plus an additional pair.

The smart thing for me to do would be to pick up a second pair of pants, pay the cheaper price, and then just toss them in the trash after check out since I don't want them.

Now, I understand that plane tickets aren't the same as consumer goods. They aren't based on distance, but rather, "market forces" or whatever terminology they're using. All I'm suggesting is that a direct flight shouldn't be stupidly more expensive than a flight with a layover in that same city.

For example, an argument could be made that "Houston to Indy isn't as in demand as Houston to Chicago. That's why HOU to MDW is cheaper", but then I'd have to ask why there's so many stopovers in Indy unless there is demand to fly in and out of Indy?

Side note: I just plugged in, on Southwest, a random date. April 4th. HOU to MDW with a layover at IND vs HOU to IND direct. To MDW, it's $262. To IND, it's $287. That's reasonable. I'd just get that one (doing hidden city can mess up your frequent flier account if caught, so I wouldn't risk it for $25). If HOU to IND was, instead, almost $900, I'm getting the flight to MDW. Tripling the price is outrageous, no matter what the "market forces" are.

Oax_Mike 7 points

I'm not saying that you should have to pay an exorbitant price. I am not saying that I like the airfare pricing system. Like everyone else, I wish the system was more consumer friendly, more predictable and more fair.

What I am saying is that one individual's efforts to fight the system shouldn't inconvenience 200 people who have no choice in the matter.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
mug3n 2 points

you shill!! /s

Oax_Mike 1 point

I gotta eat, yo!

viborg 5 points

Boots?? I just cut up old tires and stick them to my feet with mud. When I need a snack, well there you go.

Oax_Mike 5 points

To be fair, I usually slide said laceless boots off a passed out homeless person.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/AskMenOver30
farfigneugan 9 points

basically puts you in the 1% at this stage in the global economic game.

If you lived in the U.S., why would you ever compare yourself to someone in an undeveloped country?

Oax_Mike 3 points

The perspective is still valuable.

Taking relative wealth for granted absolutely skews your perspective and therefore your happiness/contentment.

farfigneugan 3 points

I only ever see it used to try to discredit people who point out issues caused by income inequality.

"Well, compared to (insert some place that has nothing to do with the US economy here), YOU'RE the 'one percent'!"

It's not even remotely useful, and only ever serves to try to play down issues that stem from the ever shrinking middle class.

The perspective is useless.

Oax_Mike 0 points

While I agree fully that using this fact to discredit income inequality in the US is wrong, it's bullshit to say that the perspective is useless. There is value in understanding how lucky you are to be plain old middle class in a 1st world country.

That doesn't mean you don't have the right to fight for more...but it can help you to get over some of the first world problems you stew over.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Reckoner08 4 points

This is REALLY good. I had a few brushes with this, I spent 24 days in Italy and felt like I was wasting days if I wasn't in a museum or tour of some kind. I got over it quickly and got to chill but for a minute there, I lost myself.

Oax_Mike 10 points

It's only a wasted day if you don't eat gelato.

jippiejee 1 point

I'm not really familiar with rum. Never really liked that fake whiskey made of sugar cane. Maybe it's my ignorance, and there's real good stuff out there.

Oax_Mike 2 points

That's pretty much my opinion/attitude, too...which is why I thought it would make an interesting side quest to my journey.

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