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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
swollencornholio 2 points

Best: Bellavista Playa Málaga Hostal - Was there during a weekend and by the end of it it felt like everybody staying there was family. The owner cooked paella for everybody and it was $5.

Worst: Can't remember the name of it, but it was in Berlin and there was a HUGE bathroom with piss all over the bathroom floor. Got some on my socks...should have worn shoes to the bathroom.

/u/oax_mike has the best "worst" experience I've read about in one of these threads.

Oax_Mike 1 point

A fantastic prize to own.

Oax_Mike 2 points

A fantastic prize to own.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/TravelNoPics
Noedel 2 points

So would I man. In Europe, if its says 15 euros it's 15 euros. It's not going to be 10 euros for anyone, and it's not going to be 25 euros if you're a foreigner.

Taxis are very complicated. Although I dislike Uber and Grab as a business, I do feel like it helps me a lot when abroad to stay safe in taxis and get fair rates.

Oax_Mike 2 points

What I do is user uber and just give the driver extra money as a tip. That way I get guilt free convenience and safety.

Noedel 2 points

In which countries and how much? Tipping is always a tad awkward for me as I'm not accustomed to this habit.

Oax_Mike 2 points

10-20% I don't call it a tip but just make a joke that uber rates are too low and the driver laughs and that's that. I've only done it it Latin America so far.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/TravelNoPics
uReallyShouldTrustMe 9 points

People who are too cool to be here.

Oax_Mike 5 points

TravelNoPics for the win. Haha.

uReallyShouldTrustMe 7 points

I didnt mean the sub hahaha. I meant people who cant stop talking shit about the place they are currently in.

Oax_Mike 3 points

I prefer my interpretation. Haha

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/TravelNoPics
Oax_Mike 5 points

I like a little of everything except that I don't stay at resorts, per se, and I'm not really into big museums anymore. I enjoy small, quirky museums but have no problem skipping the main museums in a place.

Most trips include some city time and some time deep in nature and some smaller to medium towns.

H20Buffalo 1 point

I used to visit Central America often, it was my go to years ago. Then I got hooked on Asia for decades but now I am coming full circle and I have these questions: After the earthquake(s) in Oaxaca how is the infrastructure around Puerto Escondido/Puerto Angel? I've heard the street vendors have been ousted from the square in Oaxaca but are they nearby? Best pozole! Is Busarias a pricey place to stay? Is Zihuatanejo a pricey place to stay? I would like to spend a month in one of these towns on a budget of <$2300.

Oax_Mike 1 point

No permanent damage from the earthquakes here on the coast..most anywhere in Mexico can be pricey or cheap. 2300 dollars is plenty for a month with mid-range accommodation.

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Oax_Mike 24 points

I don't own a franchise but I own a very small boutique hotel and we had a very interesting dude as a guest last season who sells about 500 different franchises. From what he said, it would depend wildly on the business. Most of his clients have found success (in terms of profitability) but traditional storefront franchises don't tend to make a ton of money. For example, he said that people who own a Subway tend to own around 10 of them.

I can email him your phone number if you're potentially interested in buying.

But there were a ton of franchises that were relatively inexpensive ($25k) and highly profitable - but you do most of the work. For example, at-home medical billing or crime scene cleanup.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Oax_Mike 1 point

Isn't Norwegian Airlines dirt cheap, though?

How much cheaper was it than the next cheapest option?

cvjoey 1 point

not very much... round trip ticket to london bags paid for and seats selected & meals included was $1k each for June/July travel.

Oax_Mike 1 point

OK. If it's the same price as a legacy carrier then it's always better to take the legacy carrier. Low-cost airlines are for when the savings are worth the drop in service quality.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/AskOldPeople
ApolloniusRhodius 14 points

Two chicks at the same time brother

Oax_Mike 2 points

Not all chicks are into money, though.

ApolloniusRhodius 2 points

Just need two

Oax_Mike 4 points

The correct response is: The kinda chicks that would double up on a guy like me do.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/TravelNoPics
MaoZeNong 1 point

He edited his original post, so now you're the one doxxing him ;)

Oax_Mike 1 point

Now I'm doxxxing Ed.

windcape 1 point

You’re talking a month off for the camino?

Oax_Mike 1 point

We close for 3 months every summer so we each try to take a one month trip (give or take) each year. But yeah, we'll open a bit late so that I can do it like mid-September to mid-October. That's the tentative plan.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Meganebahia 3 points

The most important thing when thinking about learning Spanish in Latin America is that you do not under any circumstances want to stay in tourist destinations where it is more likely you'll end up speaking English all day long than a couple of words in Spanish.

Oax_Mike 2 points

It looks like they're after a Spanish immersion course, though. I doubt they'll find beach, PADI course and a Spanish school without loads of other whities looking for the same thing.

Meganebahia 1 point

Could hang out in Isla Margarita or anywhere on the Pacific coast in Southern America. I've met some people who took Spanish lessons in Northern Peru. Or Argentina.

Oax_Mike 2 points

But they'll need the PADI course in English.

Either way, I think that most people have completely unrealistic expectations with regards to how much of a language they can learn in 2-4 weeks via "Immersion." Of course you'll learn some but not so much that it's feasible to make it the underlying purpose of a trip - even less so in 2 weeks.

The idea makes sense to do 2-3 weeks of classes at the start of a 3-4 month trip through the region.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/RedditForGrownups
Oax_Mike 2 points

How far off are you from getting the degree? Are you looking at 4 years of tuition/classes to get your Geology degree? Do you have the cash set aside to pay for it or would you be stuck taking on a massive debt load?

If you'll be stuck working for the next 30 years it's likely worth it to make the move into something you enjoy. For one thing, your dream is highly achievable. It's not like you're looking to be an artist or a rock star or open a yoga studio.

Before you know it you'll be dead...and at that point all that really matters is that you spend as few days as a miserable old turd as possible.

But you do need to be somewhat pragmatic with regards to how you plan to pay for school.

IVentToStaySane 3 points

I'm 2 years away from completion and the cost, as of right now, would be $25,000 in student loans. I have a small amount of post 9/11 GI bill left.

Being in the work force for 30 more years is exactly why I'm torn between doing what I love and doing what pays. At my current rate, retirement isn't an option. Someoneelse on here mentioned keeping Geology as a hobby and I hadn't quite thought of it that way.

Oax_Mike 3 points

Another thing to consider is whether or not your geology job would really be all that sweet.

Work is still work, even if you're theoretically "following your dream" - so it's important to do your due diligence and find out what your future job would actually look like on a day-to-day basis. It's highly likely that there's a lot more office bullshit and other crap like you hate now at the new gig.

I'm not putting you off the idea just saying that most dream jobs are more job and less dream when you get there. So be 100% sure that your new reality really would be sufficiently better before committing - but 25 grand is a pretty doable amount so that need not be an obstacle.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/actuallychildfree
UnwantedAppliance 3 points

What didn’t appeal to you? It is definitely geared towards couples, which is disappointing if you are traveling alone or with friends.

Oax_Mike 1 point

Sandals is exorbitantly expensive for one thing.

Caddan 9 points

/u/Oax_Mike runs a small resort in Mexico. He has mentioned it several times in /r/childfree.

Oax_Mike 4 points

Thanks for the plug :)

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/TravelNoPics
Oax_Mike 3 points

I had to cut a trip short 2 weeks when I was robbed in Italy but it was from 3.5 months to 3 months so not really much of a sob story. Sorry I don't have more apropos travel misery to share.

Noedel 2 points

I bet it was in Napoli.

Oax_Mike 2 points

Night train from Vienna to Florence.

But this was pre-EU so I know it was on the Italian side since I had my passport at the border :D

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
iloveatl 1 point

Will I need to apply for some kind of work permit too or would evidence of my citizenship be enough?

Oax_Mike 1 point

I am not sure how it works exactly.

But if you're an EU citizen I am 99% sure it's pretty easy to work in any EU country.

Getting your citizenship for doing shitty hostel work is somewhat silly, though, unless you have another reason to want it.

Oax_Mike 3 points

Yes, you will need your Irish citizenship to work legally in hostels.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
swollencornholio 3 points

Flights will be more expensive and blow your budget almost entirely to Ireland (I'm seeing ~$800 per ticket) vs the East Coast but generally hotels will be more expensive on the East coast depending on where on the East Coast you are trying to stay.

Mexico I think would fit that budget. Tulum or an Airbnb on the Riviera Maya would work. If you are looking for a lounge around type of vacation I would look into /u/Oax_Mike's spot in Oaxaca...might be a tad above the $2k when you include your flights depending on the flight deal and how many days you intend to stay.

Oax_Mike 1 point

Thanks for the plug.

From Houston it might be possible to get lucky with an Interjet flight and keep a 5-6 night stay in the $2,000 range but it doesn't look like u/The_Tin_Can_Man is looking for a chill out by the beach sort of honeymoon.

A bigger issue is that the Christmas week is one of our peak weeks of the year and as of right now it's all booked out from the 22nd onward.

But if they would be interested in staying with us there's a IAH-PXM route that would cost $831 total for 2 tickets Dec 17-21, leaving Houston at 6:45am and getting into Puerto Escondido at 1:10pm and then leaving at 1:40pm and arriving in Houston just before midnight. Both flights transfer in Mexico City, of course.

And then 4 nights would be $900, taxi here about $40 and taxi back about $ $1,791 with all meals, flights and transportation covered. $209 would be plenty for alcohol and spending money if they didn't do any expensive activities. An extra $100 would be better though, so to push the budget to $2,100 instead.

But other than selling my place...another good option would be Mexico City - particularly if they're looking for museums/history/ruins/etc.

anonymous_hipster 0 points

If you want nice weather with a lot of activity, I would recommend Washington or Oregon. Both are absolutely beautiful with plenty to explore, eat, hike, etc.

My parents fell in love with Bainbridge Island across from Seattle- that'd be a fun spot to explore too. You can take the ferry across the bay and spend a day walking or driving around the island.

I love Oregon all over but particularly love Bend- it's a great little resort area with white water rafting, plenty of biking, etc. I've only been in summer, though. Portland is also great!

Oax_Mike 2 points

In late December the weather will be shitty.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/TravelNoPics
Oax_Mike 3 points

In a different life, I would join you.

travel_ali 4 points

There are infinite parallel universes where you two are married and have already made that trip.

Oax_Mike 2 points

For sure. In at least 4 alternate universes I'm way into dudes.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/TravelNoPics
Oax_Mike 1 point

Taking the bus from Arica, Chile to La Paz, Bolivia you go through this tiny checkpoint where the officer who stamps your passport is in the kitchen of this little house.

travel_ali 1 point

Do you get a snack with each visa?

Oax_Mike 1 point

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