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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
reiflame 1 point

Don't worry, the wings will help lubricate it all down.

Oax_Mike 1 point

I'm not really a big wings guy. I mean, I'll eat 'em if they're in front of me but I never order them or go to "Wings" places.

I prefer nachos or clam strips.

reiflame 1 point

Most places that make wings make shitty wings. Go to buffalo and get some good wings ;)

Oax_Mike 1 point

Only if you let me borrow your Scott Norwood jersey.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Oax_Mike 7 points

Yes...I've come back with no money (or a little bit of debt) on multiple occasions...but this decision had nothing to do with my parents.

But...bear in mind that it's plenty feasible to be an adult and to travel.

Adult life doesn't have to mean pumping out kids and climbing the corporate ladder.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Oax_Mike 13 points

I found Krakow to be absolutely gorgeous. Never once had an issue being American and there are some pretty extraordinary day trips from there.

Not discounting your experience at all but I'd 100% recommend Krakow to wife was just there over the summer and loved it, too.

trooper9128 2 points

Totally agree with you as far as day trips... The salt mine and Auschwitz were definitely worth seeing, despite giving you totally different takeaway feelings at the end. We also used Krakow as our homebase to do an overnight in Zakopane which was a really cool lil town in the mountains.

I have to ask though, explain to me what made Krakow "absolutely gorgeous." So Wawal Castle is definitely gorgeous but they dont let you inside, so its a good way to kill an hour or two but I'm sure there are cooler castles which are more accessible... The central square or old town or whatever you want to call it has some really gorgeous buildings for sure but your walk to or from there has you getting pestered by the strip club promotors... Other than that what did you see that was so gorgeous? I'd objectively describe Kazimierz as very ugly, you disagree? Sell me on what I missed, I'm curious.

Oax_Mike 3 points

It's been a very long time since I was in Krakow so I don't remember particulars other than finding the city to be beautiful.

I don't recall any strip club promoters so perhaps that's a new thing.

I don't doubt that the city's charm has likely waned a bit over the years. My guess is that when I finally make it around to going back to Eastern Europe that it will have changed significantly. I was there around 2000/2001, so closer to the fall of the Soviet Union than 2018.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Oax_Mike 0 points

You do realize that 1% back on 2 grand is 20 bucks, right?

azazelthegreat 1 point

Yeah. Why do you think im asking this question?

Trying to get a better reward than the 1% i have on my current card.

Oax_Mike 1 point

According to our local guru, you want a Citi Double Cash card.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Oax_Mike 1 point

If you're into coffee, cut your time in Medellin in half and head to the coffee region for 5 days.

reallyweirdfishes 1 point

Anywhere in particular you would recommend?

Oax_Mike 1 point

Filandia for sure and then also Salento and the Cocora Valley for hiking.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
windcape -1 points

I think you're misunderstanding how it works. You have to actually live abroad with a permanent address, in order to renew your passport at a embassy.

You can't renew it while visiting as a tourist.

Oax_Mike 2 points

This is definitely not true for the US.

blatzphemy 1 point

Did you have to stay in the same place or how did it work? Did you have to relinquish your current passport while over seas?

Oax_Mike 1 point

Well, I live in Mexico so yeah, I left my passport and a new one arrived to the DHL office near us 10 days later.

So I had to fly up to Mexico City, pay the fee and fill out the form and then pay another 10 bucks for shipping.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Reckoner08 5 points

Las Vegas. I don't ever really want to go, but when I do, I have an okayish time but at the same time cannot wait to leave.

Also - and grab your pitchforks, everyone! - I was expecting Siena, Italy to just be awesome. And parts of it were, I took a great tour that showed me some relics (Saint Catherine's head and thumb, anyone? Ok cool) and the most insanely gorgeous church I have and will ever see (what's up Duomo di Siena).. but other than that? Pretty much some pretty, windy, hilly old walkways and a bunch of college students and ridiculously expensive food. I was staying in a really nice hotel with a gorgeous pool overlooking wine country and even then I still left a day early to head back to Florence. Maybe four days was just too many.

Oax_Mike 2 points

I went to Vegas for the first time this last summer and I loved it.

That said, I mostly loved it because it was far more ridiculously preposterous than I ever imagined and also because I was there with 3 childhood buddies and it's not all that often past 40 that you get to have those sorts of weekends.

I'm glad that I waited so long to go to Vegas. It was like a circus freak show. Front row seats to the end of the world.

I don't think that I'll ever go back, though. Not unless there's a serious shift to my income bracket.

That's the one thing I didn't like...Vegas eats money like an emergency room visit sans insurance.

Oax_Mike 11 points

I was underwhelmed by Medellin. It was fine and I enjoyed it but I think that unless you're planning on partying hard into the wee hours of the morning that it's just an OK city during daylight hours.

It's fascinating from a transformational perspective, given where the city is today compared to the height of the Escobar Cartel...but if you remove this context from your mindset I struggled to see why so many people are raving about Medellin to the extent that they do.

The thing about cities, though, is that the people you meet is a big part of what makes it special.

I absolutely LOVED Barcelona and thought Rome was just OK, for example...but looking back it's in part because we had an awesome group of people together at the hostel in Barcelona that went out every night leading up to the big party on Y2K and then when I was in Rome I was a little sick and didn't meet anyone fun...pretty much stayed in a cheap pension and spent every day on my own exploring historical sites and ruins. I enjoyed the history, of course, but was underwhelmed outside of the architecture/sites by no fault of Rome at all.

I think that many times when someone says they love a city it's half chance based on the people they encounter there (both locals and other travelers).

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Oax_Mike 25 points

I do a lot of things differently now but not necessarily because my new strategy is better. It's more because my wants and needs have changed.

The two biggest shifts compared to my early travel days have to do with lodging:

  • I tend to book my lodging in advance now whereas I used to just figure it out as I went.
  • I am willing to pay more for a nicer property and a lot more for a very nice place for some of the nights of my trip.

Part of this change has to do with getting older. I value a quality night's sleep more than I used to and feel like shit if I sleep on a shitty $5 hostel mattress. Along the same lines I value peace & quiet more. I still gravitate towards the budget end of the spectrum but now I choose high-end budget properties instead of hostels (mostly). And then I pepper in nights at much nicer places...either unique properties or big chain American hotels...and for these nights I spend much more time in the room/at the hotel. The purpose is to enjoy the luxury and relax and not just serve as a place to sleep.

The other catalyst to my change in travel strategy has to do with taking much shorter trips. Nowadays I usually travel for around 20 days or so, which frees up more money to splurge a bit.

Oh...and I party a lot less. I still like to go out boozing but not like the good old money that was once reserved for drinking all night can now be shifted into better hotels.

Bad_Karma21 5 points

How old are you, Mike? I did that a lot at 27 and bled too much money, and now I'm 32 and going to India, but I want to try the budget route to extend my travels for a bit.

Oax_Mike 5 points

How old are you, Mike?

Old enough to remember being excited when my parents upgraded from a B&W to a color TV :)

I'm 41.

When I traveled at 27 I was still mostly in hostel dorms 80% of the time.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Shepherdless 10 points

Dentist here.

Better to get another quote in the US(or multiple). Try to find a good dentist, preferably one that owns his own practice as they are not going to get fired if they don't over-treatment plan so they hit thier production goals.

Now I live in Arizona and have seen some decent dental work coming out of Mexico....and I have seen some crazy shit! Mostly I have seen kinda average work. The thing that sucks is the porcelain work. It takes my lab 2 weeks to make a crown and a lot of these guys are doing PFMs in 1-2 days. I see the porcelain fall off a lot on them.

There is no recourse if they fuck up your mouth. A friend of a friend went down for some liposuction and never woke up...not that much can happen with your mouth.

Again get a second opinion.

Oax_Mike 0 points

That's hilarious.

From most of the shit you say in here I had no idea that you were a professional.

No offense.

Not that saying "no offense" prevents someone from being offended.

Shepherdless 3 points

I am a professional shit talker....that is where it ends.

Oax_Mike 2 points

As a complete aside...the last time I went to the dentist was in 2004.

Not smart.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Oax_Mike 27 points

It's called being an adult.

Obviously travel is more fun than work. Just like jerking off is more fun than digging a ditch.

All you can do is plan your life in such a way to allow for more time/resources to travel in the future...or win the lottery...or have wealthy parents.

There's nothing to reconcile, really. You need a job to have the money to travel, reality reconciles this fact quite nicely.

onelittleworld 3 points

Just like jerking off is more fun than digging a ditch.

And less likely to give you splinters. Probably.

Oax_Mike 4 points

Depends on whether or not I'm wearing my cedar masturbation gloves.

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
EmpireofSuns 1 point

This sub has a real hard on for turn key vacations and Vegas.

I get that we’re all young, hip, hostel going AUTHENTIC TRAVELERS in this sub, but as you said, they have their place.

Oax_Mike 2 points

This sub has a real hard on for turn key vacations and Vegas.

I think you've got this backwards.

Having a hard on for something means you like it...hence the erection.

Ash1989 1 point

In Canada we call it a "hate hard on"

Oax_Mike 1 point

In Canada you've got poutine and donairs...this is much more important than some hateful erection.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
Oax_Mike 3 points

What is wrong with World Nomads? That's who I use (except for the fact that I traveled for about 20 years with no insurance at all).

$254 for 2 months is about $4 per day.

BeStrength 0 points

As I said, because I keep seeing other travellers getting insurance for much less and with better benefits. I really want to find if there's any other possible options.

Oax_Mike 2 points

Are you sure about the better benefits part?

Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/travel
NeverGonnaGoHome 1 point

It's almost as if there's no alcohol in America and these people need to get on an airplane just to have a drink.

Oax_Mike 6 points

Americans are no more or less likely to drink/party when traveling than people from any other western country.

zuukinifresh 5 points

I always bring earplugs and a sleeping mask as I hate to be that guy who looks disgruntled when I decide to go to sleep at 8 (happens on occasion). Generally I don't get pissy about noise or lights unless its that group/single drunk person who decides to make noise and flip lights on and make phone calls when they get back.

Generally most get my social cues or comments of "I am going to sleep/need to chill solo for a bit" but the two big issues really made me re-think if I was in the wrong sometimes for quickly dismissing socializing. One group tried coercing us to the bar because 3 or 4 bunk mates were going. It was to the point where after declining 3 times they seemed legitimately pissed off at us for not wanting to go drink after a long day as if we were being rude not to attend. The other guy who quipped about not staying in hostels if we aren't social kept trying to hear my opinions on things like racial tension in South Africa and the political climate in the Middle East. While that seems to be a more isolated inncident, he really tried to make me feel like an ass hole for basically saying I wasn't interested in that conversation.

Oax_Mike 6 points

One group tried coercing us to the bar

Yeah, that's ridiculous.

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Oax_Mike commented on a post in r/AskMenOver30
amalik87 3 points

Wow, that’s pretty varied. Own or run it only? Btw depending on the supermarket, managing it could be decent pay.

Oax_Mike 9 points

We own it. We're very small, with just 4 rooms and my wife is the chef. Our rates include 3 meals per day so we're kind of like a mix between B&B and all-inclusive resort.

And yeah, if I'd stuck with Safeway for all these years I'd likely be earning $150,000/year by now with most of those years being 6-figures but there's more to life than money :)

amalik87 1 point

More important than money? like more money?

Oax_Mike 9 points

I like money just fine. It's a necessary evil and I certainly spend plenty of time thinking about money and accumulating money...but most people yearn for much more money than is required to live a great life.

Time was, is and always will be more valuable than money...there comes a point where there's a diminishing return in selling more time.

The vast majority of people who earn a big salary piss most of it away on pretty meaningless crap...from a home that's 3 times larger than what you really need to designer clothing, flashy cars, jewelry and the sort of garbage they sell at Anthropologie.

This isn't to say that I don't spend money nor that I don't like to own nice things...but I still value a unique life experience 100:1 compared to a possession.

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