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Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/AskReddit
xtnts 288 points

Great sense of humor. Doesn't get offended easily and knows how to laugh at himself. I personally really like shy guys so.. that's another trait that I find veeery attractive too.

Oishi_Takoyaki 3 points

I knew that this would be the most upvoted comment. The issue is that you are either funny or not. Unlike some other personality traits, it is much more difficult to develop a "good sense of humour."

Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/gaming
batgamerman -12 points

I traded in two games and it's 29.99 Buck 16.40 in trade in

Oishi_Takoyaki 6 points

So traded in 2 games worth more than thirty dollars to get an effective price of ~45

batgamerman -5 points

No the game that I traded in was worth all together was 16.40 the price of the game is 29.99

Oishi_Takoyaki 2 points

GameStop buys games for less than half of what you could get from selling them yourself. Also, you bought the game for $30, not 12. Under the misleading title’s logic, I could buy 5 more games and sell my switch and all 10 games I would have to get a new switch which i got for “free”

Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
aspinalll71286 2 points

yes, in nz and australia we pay a fair bit more then the US most of the time, and even then if we were to buy the same game on steam its $10+ cheaper a lot of the time

Oishi_Takoyaki 1 point

3DS was usually more expensive but switch prices are similar. (In Australia) RRP in USD is $60 or ~$66 assuming 10% tax which is roughly 85 AUD and our RRP are $79 or $89 depending on cartridge memory required.

Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Oishi_Takoyaki -1 points

Nintendo's current policy is fair as they offer do offer refunds. The illegal thing they do which should be changed is how they don't allow people to cancel preorders.

Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
itsgotime64 3 points

It’s retailing for 60Aud across all platforms... which will probably make it one of those $38 games at Big W or something. Tempting.

Oishi_Takoyaki 2 points

When were games ever $38 at Big W? The general trend was that Target and Big W sold their games at $10 below RRP which was $69 or $79 for most switch games and $49 for 3ds games. Dark Souls will probably sell at $49.

Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/australia
slimrichard -10 points

No Competition? Amazon is here and they will ramp up until they have same day delivery for half price as Toys R Us. Big box retail is dying.

Oishi_Takoyaki 16 points

Amazon isn't "here" yet in the way that they aren't established yet. That will become true once Amazon becomes a big market presence but that will take up to a few years to happen. Atm, Amazon is just another online store and won't become anything more than that until they establish their distribution centres and can offer cheaper prices than retail stores.

Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Oishi_Takoyaki 1 point

Sure, it doesn't specify how I have to execute them. I can be in an entirely different room and press a button to execute someone while I browse reddit on my phone.

Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Oishi_Takoyaki 2 points

Temper your expectations. As hyped as I initially was, the direct won’t have much new stuff and will mostly be new details on announced games. This is as Nintendo already has 5 big titles (April: Labo, May: DS, Tropical Freeze, Spring: Mario Tennis, Hyrule Warriors) announced for the next two months before their major direct during e3 in June.

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