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I was actually going to play with english va because it was decent but i started H'aanit and the english drove me crazy so i changed it to japanese va.

I hate bananas. I dislike the flavour and just hate the texture.

my favourite games were emerald, HGSS and Platinum. metacritic scores can be pretty screwed up depending on the game. Look at all the games where the critic score is double the user score. Btw, one of my favourite pokemon games: mystery dungeon explorers of sky somehow has a sub 60 score...

You have to keep in mind last year was the launch year for the Switch and the big question on everyone's mind was whether or not the game library was going to flop like the Wii U. I think at this point they've answered that question so they might not be nearly as motivated to push as many directs post-E3 this year as last year.

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I think that mostly applied for their e3 direct. The stuff announced in the other directs usually came out pretty soon (<6 months) after while their e3 direct announced 2018 and 2019 games to show that they had more stuff coming.

im not going to buy it only because i know its too hard. I'm not good at platformers but have enjoyed a few such as shovel knight. But i found shovel knight pretty difficult so i can only expect myself to give up playing hollow knight. I am willing to pick up celeste though because of the assist mode.

I want a poster of this so much

This looks like something that is in the middle of being power washed

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We did a game called "get down mr president"

Lets say youre talking amongst a group of friends. One of you puts a finger to your ear. Other notice and start doing the same, the last is the president and the rest yel "get down mr president" and save him from assassination via tackling

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We played a similar game and I think we just punched the guy who was last

r/ wholesomeroast

I don’t think so. They said that they had a heavy focus on 2018 games. I think that it will come out first half next year while MP4 will be our second half. So I think it would be announced at the end of year direct or start of next years direct. EDIT: Also probs simple remake


I cannot find any new copies of the book online and used copies are available for ridiculously inflated prices. I know that the book is no longer in production and i was wondering about how it would be to try to find the book when I visit Japan.

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Socks with sandals are obnoxious, Crocs (without socks) are more frustrating than anything else

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I wear crocs so that I don't have to wear socks...

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RemindMe! 1 year.

This game will be trash and people will complain about its battle royale/zombie skin, shoddy story, no story, and AAA price tag.

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Will still sell at least 10 times as much as it should have though

I posted this last time and it got removed for not following rule 3.

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Man, I was thinking that this whole episode. Like, everything I thought would be the culmination of the events prior is thrown so far out the fucking window. I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore. Klax's confirmed intelligent, Dr Franxx confirmed douche bag, Nana confirmed parasite, Hiro confirmed blue oni, Mitsuru and Kokoro sexy time confirmed, Nine's genderless confirmed, APE being disembodied confirmed.... like idfk know what's going on. This episode though was super important. How we gonna wrap all this up in 7 episodes!?

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what did the 9's say that confirmed that they were genderless? I thought he said that genders were necessary for piloting the franxx.

Curious as to why they didn’t just announce this at e3 where it will get bigger coverage

Even then, I'd rather get it through another source, I can't in good conscience support Apple.

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Most of the time it’s not better getting it anywhere else other than the original source or buying physical cds

I have no idea what time this giveaway ends. I hope it hasn’t ended yet.


I was randomly reminiscing about pokemon when I remembered explorers of sky. I remembered loving the game and story and decided to search it up and was shocked by the terrible critic reception (tbf critics are generally dodgy but it was shockingly lowe regardless) Admitedly I don't remember too much about the story and whether it was actually good or just amazing to the 8? 10? year old me then. So I was curious what you guys thought of the game. EDIT: Also i tried pokemon mystery dungeon and got really bored of its lack of story (and i think it was a lot easier too?)

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he’s a downvote troll.

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The saddest guy was the one under the parent one because I checked the guy’s comment history and he wasn’t a downvote troll so he was being serious.

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  1. Not everyone cares about smash bros, specially if they decide to not do another story mode again which A LOT of people loved in brawl.

  2. It's been an extremely dry season for most of 2018 so far, and people are getting frustrated that all they really have to play are kirby, wii u ports and some indie games

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Intentionally sabotaging it is taking it way too far. I haven’t been interested in any games released so far this year but It would be foolish for me to say that they haven’t made a good effort bringing over numerous good games which certain people may or may not be interested in.
Also we don’t know much about Nintendo’s second half of the year so far. On the topic of virtual console, it’s non existence is either a deliberate lie or due to rebranding. Its Nintendo, there is no way they won’t release VC eventually. A good point I read about the lack of VC was that it was beneficial to the switch marketplace as people looking for games would buy indie titles instead so it may stay that way until the switch becomes a lot more clogged with shovel ware.

I’m annoyed at how much of his jokes are based on American history/people which I don’t understand

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