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Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Oishi_Takoyaki 2 points

I'm not particularly interested in this but I can't wait for all the cool stuff people will make with it from 3D printing. It is very interesting and appeals to kids and some adults. Adults who are more qualified in certain areas may be interested as they can create their own projects.

Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Narqil 40 points

oh they are quite real. I have a coworker that will take every opportunity to go on about how nice he is. Simple shit like just offering to help with the work load or doing one of the more difficult tasks will always end with him telling you how nice he was being for doing that.

Oishi_Takoyaki 4 points

Well you would rather a coworker who helps and brags about how nice he is than a coworker who is a bitch and doesn't help out

madeofknives 1,026 points

Repeatedly commenting on my appearance.

I get it, we met online and you're glad I look like my pics. I'm happy you didn't catfish me, too! But please stop talking about my appearance in every other sentence. It makes you look insecure.

Oishi_Takoyaki 4 points

Not that I have been on any dates before but I would assume that repeatedly commenting on a person's appearance would be the last thing I would want to do as it would seem like I'm care more about what they look like than who they are.

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Laketoseefrom 42 points

Welcome to the ballroom cause a 14 year old gets her top ripped off by an older man who is one of the main characters. The girl was trying to cover herself, clearly upset , and the guy kept on yelling at her to be sexy. It was super disgusting, and I dropped it instantly.

Oishi_Takoyaki 9 points

I watched it and I don’t even remember that happening...

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Oishi_Takoyaki 22 points

This is actually pretty legit. Spent most of my time listening to stories by a skeleton, stuttered when asking a question and realised my mic was off. VR Chat experience 10/10, spent 3 hours saying a total of 5 lines consisted of texting if the mic was working and a guy mentioning the static on my mic.

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Oishi_Takoyaki 1 point

General Use Headphones for home and use in public
Budget: 50-100 AUD (pref to lower limit)
Source: Iphone or laptop
Isolation: Some isolation but not too much
Full size, over-ear headphones
Overall balanced audio. I am not an audiophile and would easily prioritise comfort over audio quality.

Oishi_Takoyaki commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Tippynut 4,521 points

Most people have heard the term bukkake from porn. This is actually a Japanese word that means "to pour over'. There's a delicious Japanese dish traditionally had for breakfast called Tamago Bukkake Gohan'. Which essentially means egg poured over rice.

Edit: spelling

Oishi_Takoyaki 1 point

I have seen bukkake udon at a Japanese restaurant called Mappen before at Sydney CBD

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