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I'm a Canadian currently living in England, and I just cancelled my subscription. The ONLY benefit of the subscription is that you can watch the games afterwards (not live). This is good because streams start around midnight for eastern teams, and like 3am for western teams. Another shitty part however is that most blacked out games require you to wait 48 hours before you can watch them on replay as well. Its all a load of bollocks.

TL;DR: The NHL makes it impossible to keep up with the NHL in England

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I was just about to comment with exactly what you have said here, almost word for word.

I would add that I found that would blackout some games that weren't even being played live on Premier Sports. Sometimes Premier Sports will show a game at around 7am that was live a few hours earlier but still they black it out. Utter bullshit.

If they let you download games straight after the love feed like NFL Game Pass does I would consider buying again this year. But they're not going to do that, so getting rid of it is a done deal for me.

Actually, one more thing...

The last two rounds of the entire play-offs are completely blacked out. Your only option is to watch live on Prem or wait 48 hours for it to come up on

Neither of these option are useful for me.

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Get a camera and shoot your own footage my friend. You'll learn more about the process and you will pick up a load of other skills that will help you to be a better editor.

This is a shortcut by the way...if you want to learn a lot in a short about of time, this is the way.

This might seem crazy splitting them up but

Naslund - H. Sedin - Bure

Would be an insane line, two snipers with one of the best playmakers period

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I agree but it's hard to take Daniel out of that spot.

In my heart I want to put Gus Adams there...but I'm a bit older and probably more nostalgic than you you lot.


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That's a full stop on the end of that sentence just incase you didn't catch it.

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The biggest plus of moving back to Chicago from Vancouver is not having to listen to Don Cherry.

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Here's hoping that the door hit you on the way out...

Also, if you change the file extension to ".zip" and then open the zip file, all of the assets used to create the PowerPoint will be available in wee little folders for you!

You guys know that this is an Icelandic thing an would quite literally have nothing to do with what is going on tonight?

Sedins have commented before that the find it interesting, plus it's nordic in general. It'll be fun and memorable.

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Fair enough, it is pretty cool to watch. Have a good one!

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Don't need to draft a QB.

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Bullocks to that, no matter how big your type is.

I'm not saying that they need to take one at #5 but they have to take a QB in this draft. Absolutely have to.

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I disagree completely. Take one at 5 or none at all, we don't have room on the roster for another QB.

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They might only have one QB on the roster right now! As much as I hope Lynch figures things out no one should count on this happening.

I'm down with 'Barkley @5th' though!

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Hmmm, I'm in the export render settings now I don't see anything that'd allude to being able to click it in premiere and it opens in AE? Yea if you ever get the chance let me know what export setting that is....thanks!

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I'm just traveling into work now but I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

It's there...I promise.

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Cool no rush!

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I may have taken advantage of the "no rush" situation, sorry but it's been a little bit hectic.

Anyways, here's the answer if you haven't already sorted it out yourself...

When you click to amend your output module, at the top in the main settings there are two tick boxes. If you tick the 'Include Source XMP Metadata' option and export your file (I use ProRes) this should do the trick. I also keep the 'Include Project Link' box ticked as well.

When you are in PremierePro, either from your project bin or directly from your timeline you simply right click on the AE exported clip and select 'Edit Original' and as long as your AE project is still in the same place this AE project will magically open up for you to make changes.

I find this much better to deal with than Dynamic Link.

I hope this helps mate, take care!

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Here's a link to a spreadsheet of what I believe is Wess' recommend football reading:

I think that you can also find this on the subreddit as well. I'm sure that the book you are looking for will be listed here. If not, there is a boatload more that you may find interesting.

Happy reading my friend!

There are dozens of us. DOZENS!

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I would suggest that we all meet up for a beer and watch the game but I am fearful of the dreaded NHL.TV local blackout. Even though the game is not being played live locally, I've been burned in this situation too many times before to get too excited.

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Hey! I'll be in Sydney for work in a few weeks. By any chance are there any bars that show NFL replays at an acceptable time to drink and eat pub food? I can't muster going on Monday mornings to a bar (again, I'm there for work). I'm staying down near Central Station.

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Find a casino, that's where I use to watch games when I was living in Oz. If I remember correctly there is a big one at Darling Harbour and the big ones tend to stay open 24 hours...and you're going to need to find a 24 hour one.

Is been a few years since I was there but I think the early games start at 5am and the "afternoon" games start around 8am. You might want to stick with the Sunday/Monday night games.

Have fun mate! It's a great country so I hope you enjoy yourself while you're there!

Edit: just read your post properly, duh. Fox Sports use to show replays during the day. Most bars have this so hopefully you run into a bartender nice enough to change the channel on the TV in the far corner of the bar that no one is watching...

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and I'm arguing nothing has changed. we've been shit since the bye week.

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Agreed. So it begs the question...what happened during the bye week?

I wonder...

Paid for NHL center Ice. Turns out they block local games during the playoffs... WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF MY PURCHASE!!!

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Agreed! It's a useless service.

I live in the UK and wanted to watch the Canucks game last Friday but couldn't because it was played locally. I kinda understand doing this but the blackout lasts for 48 hours! The Canucks had already played another game before I could watch this one plus the 'local' channel had played 3 other games in that time. One of these games wasn't even live! I have very few chances to see a game played live at 8pm over here and both games this last Saturday were blackouts. Absolute bullshit!

And on top of this, you can't download the games to watch while offline like you can on NFL Game Pass ( don't get me started on their shit service!).

No playoffs either. Fuck it, this will be my last year.

They're so busy trying to scoop up as much money as they can from as many avenues that they can, that they don't stop to realize that their shit service when delivering the game is driving away their most loyal fans.

Looks like I'm going to have to start watching Hurling...which I'm alright with. (Seriously, Google won't be disappointed)

As a vancouverite, i must ask. Why would you ever want to be a Canucks fan in the UK? Don't worry about the blackouts, you aren't missing much

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It is a curse that I was born with as I too am Vancouvian. Growing up as a Canucks fans has made me very adept at choosing all sorts of sports franchises to follow who will build me up with hope and promise, only to inevitably rip my heart out over the years.

I'm pissed about the blackouts because I want to watch this team grow into itself. Bad pass attempts, missed assignments, shit games...all of it. To be honest, it's kinda nice being 'out of market' as I'm not inundated with all the bullshit opinions from the newspapers or friends of what the team should or shouldn't be doing. I watch the games and get on with my life...that's it.

They're not going to be shit for long my friend so I'd suggest that you jump on the bandwagon now...

Great shift from the Better Business Bureau line

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For the first time ever...those three words together might have a positive connotation.

I like it... Let's hope it has legs as nickname for a line and as a line.

He sure is, in canada schools do a presentation on him aswell,

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My school was named after him.

That's not just good advice for those addicted or suffering. That's good news for anyone who reads it and willing to take it in.

Thank you, that came to me at just the right time. Very much appreciated.

I'm kind of surprised that I recognized it actually. I lived in that building over 14 years ago. I've moved countries twice since then. I loved living there! Even with that creepy hairless cat in the window of the front ground floor apartment. Good times...good times...

I think that I used to live in the first building on the right hand side of your picture! It's this taken in the west end, just off Nelson Street?

I think I know what you're taking about. If I remember correctly these were in season though and I believe that El Syd was the producer. They were always played after the outro music so I would think that the best way to find them would be to skip to the back end of some of the podcasts from about a year ago and if you hear the outro and there is still about two or three minutes to go you've probably found what you're looking for. There weren't that many though, maybe three or four tops. Good luck!


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Where's Your Pee Scale At? is open for business!

Emails have been sent so if any of you in my league haven't received this please let me know and we'll sort it out.

I have signed up - but happy to be a reserve player as have never played before and don't know what I'm doing.

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No better time to figure it out! Just jump in and I'd suggest doing a couple of mock drafts before your actual draft day, that way you'll know basically how the draft will go and then we all just make it up as we go from there. Have fun mate!

No, this is a bad idea. Remember what happened the last time we signed the league's second leading scorer of all time?

Not good...this is not good.

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