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OliverBabish commented on a post in r/bingingwithbabish
benoliver999 2 points

I really liked making this one, I have a question though - how did you get the salt off the chicken? Mine was still a drop on the salty side.

/u/OliverBabish - what's your trick?

OliverBabish 3 points

Just really brush the hell out of it - use a pastry brush to get in all the lil nooks n crannies.

SkipperMcNuts 2 points

Hey man, love your show. I need help though. I've fallen off your episodes due to a bad case of life, but have you done or will you do a really good omlette episode? Mine keep coming out as almost like scrambled eggs. I need wisdom, man.

OliverBabish 5 points

Hey man thanks! Just finished marathon-shooting 8 new episodes of Basics, including one all about eggs :) French omelet, American omelette, soft-boiled (for scotch eggs), sunny-side-up eggs, soft-scrambled eggs, and eggs benedict.

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OliverBabish commented on a post in r/bingingwithbabish
mattsulli 2 points

Hey /u/OliverBabish, in the pit beef thing I gotta point something out. When he says extra horseradish, I think that’s probably a mistake on the writers’ part. We put a horseradish sauce on our pit beef called tiger sauce. It varies from place to place, but it is essentially 1:1 horseradish and mayo with lemon juice and S&P.

Edit: kudos for pronouncing Baltimore pretty damn closely to a native.

OliverBabish 2 points

Well there's that one scene where he's actually eating the pit beef, and he's spreading on some thick horseradish - figured it weren't tiger sauce!

drewdistilled 10 points

I see you Bills Zubaz Labatt Blue can

OliverBabish 13 points

You god damn right

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OliverBabish commented on a post in r/bingingwithbabish
edamomnomnom 4 points

Serious question /u/OliverBabish, can I trade a glass of scotch for a bowl of soup when I come to New York?

Also have you ever used your Kitchenaid to shred chicken? It's a game changer, especially if you're doing it in large batches.

OliverBabish 2 points

I haven't, that sounds like a fabulous tip, thank you!

I'll make that trade.

videoreditor 6 points

Hey /u/OliverBabish, my bag of chicken parts are getting a bit of freezer burn. Will this ruin the stock? Incidentally, I'd love to hear your thoughts on food storage in general. I've got a fridge full of leftovers from following your shows, and I'd rather not waste anything.

Love the episode, as usual. Thanks for all you've done for us.

OliverBabish 2 points

Thanks man! I would steer clear of freezer burn for stock - all the flavor is coming directly from the chicken. Save freezer-burned chicken for something in a heavy sauce or braise so it can help mask the off flavor.

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OliverBabish commented on a post in r/bingingwithbabish
OliverBabish 13 points

God I wish I could remember, cause they're nearly worn out and I want new ones. And all the branding has long since worn away in the sole/tongue of the boot. Alls I know is I got 'em at Macy's - and they've lasted me more than 2 years, which is longer than anything has ever lasted me, ever.

LaGrrrande 2 points

Do you remember a rough price point? Also, if you get a minute, better pictures would probably go a long way towards IDing them.

OliverBabish 2 points

I remember they were goddamn expensive - most expensive shoes I ever bought. I think they were $200 on sale?

Cornish27 3 points

He did itttttt! Great work Andrew, massive achievement!

OliverBabish 1 point

Ayyyy thanks dude!

castleofmirrors 19 points

Frasier episode?

OliverBabish 21 points

Actually have something a bit more ambitious in mind

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OliverBabish commented on a post in r/videos
OliverBabish 141 points

Thanks for posting /u/Natty_D! Happy new year you guys! Hope you're over your lettuce cocktail hangovers.

oraclestats 7 points

Happy New Year! My wife got me your cookbook for Christmas and I love it! I hated cooking growing up and I'm having a blast trying your recipes. Bourbon French Toast and Pasta Aglio e Olio are my favorites so far. I also got a Dutch Oven for Christmas so I may try the Boeuf Bourguignon. Thanks for the gift of food!

OliverBabish 11 points

Hey man that's really nice, thanks!! So glad you like the cookbook - definitely try out the bourg, it's my favorite! Happy new year!

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OliverBabish commented on a post in r/bingingwithbabish
oneblackened 2 points

You probably did. Babish recommends light molasses if you can't find golden syrup. The suggestion for molasses on its own is somewhat odd though as I've never seen light molasses before. I'd try a mix of 1 part molasses to 2 parts light corn syrup for the future.

OliverBabish 2 points

I think these folks are both correct - oven too hot, molasses too dark - give light molasses a shot!

OliverBabish commented on a post in r/TheWire
TimeToFloat 20 points

What was that about season 2 being inferior? It's different but just as brilliant!

OliverBabish 16 points

While it's still head and shoulders above the vast majority of television, I'd just say it's my least favorite season - the unions were a less compelling storyline, I thought.

mysteryihs 4 points

So what season is your favorite then? I'm going to go ahead and guess season 4. It's okay to rate season 2 as your least favorite, but try to withhold judgement on it until a second watch through. It just might change your perception. Love your show btw.

OliverBabish 2 points

Definitely 4 - people are reminding me that season 5 may be worse than season 2, but that finale makes up for any wrongdoing in my opinion.


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OliverBabish commented on a post in r/todayilearned
bgog 7 points

This needs to be an episode of "Binging with Babish". u/OliverBabish can you hook us up? The link has the full recipe.

OliverBabish 4 points

Woah this is cool - I wish I brought my camera upstate for xmas, I woulda made/filmed this! Guess I'll just have to make it...

OliverBabish commented on a post in r/videos
Two-Tone- 36 points

Would he be Primitive Babish?

/u/OliverBabish, next guest please? It'd be hilarious if he only spoke in subtilities but you spoke normally.

OliverBabish 4 points

He'd speak through his actions.

steampunkjesus 79 points

tagging /u/oliverbabish for posterity

OliverBabish 32 points

I'd kill to kick it with this guy

OliverBabish commented on a post in r/bingingwithbabish
glorkcakes 4 points

Do you rinse off the salt prior to baking or does it all sorta dissolve over the brine period?

OliverBabish 17 points

Brush off! Do not rinse - you'll ruin all that beautiful drying.

m1garand30064 5 points

I made this tonight but I found it to be extremely salty even after trying to remove the salt. Did you literally brush the salt off and how thorough were you? Other than the salty skin it was wonderful and I will try it again.

Thanks again, your whole channel is a work of art.

OliverBabish 4 points

Gaww - thanks - and yeah you really gotta brush it clean of salt. Takes a minute, but rinsing just undoes all the work you just done did!

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