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SecretLifeOfANerd 9 points

No. There are times for dried herbs, but this isn't one of them. The pasta is actually quite light and wonderful because it has fresh lemon and fresh parsley.

Dried herbs are really good for when you are stewing something for a long time and it has a chance to re-hydrate and give off it's flavor. The parsley in aglio e olio is on the heat for MAYBE a 2 minutes while the pasta water forms a better sauce, and it's such a low heat that dried herbs wouldn't do much in terms of flavor

Also, parsley is fairly cheap, and the bits you don't use (stems) can be tossed into the freezer along with other kitchen scraps and dumped into a stock later

Hey /u/OliverBabish, herbs and spices would actually be a good basics topic ;)

OliverBabish 3 points


And yes will be doing a spices/herbs essentials Basics episode soon!

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goodhumansbad 16 points

Add some sauteed new potatoes, a mixed greens salad with basil olive oil and a glass of crisp Chardonnay to this and you have my dream lunch.


OliverBabish 3 points

We got us someone who knows how to eat.

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comineeyeaha 369 points

You seem active enough on reddit, so here's my chance to send you a personal thank you. My kids love your channel, because it has made me finally decide to perfect some recipes they can remember as my special food. Thanks for getting me in the kitchen to see what I'm really made of. I've never been one to attempt real cooking, but now I'm getting the hang of it.

OliverBabish 292 points

That’s so nice!! Thank you so much for telling me - keep it up!!

Rubinblau 1 point

I tried your pizza sauce from Basics with Babish out yesterday (used a different dough because time was pressing) and it was pretty great as well. Really appreciate your videos.

OliverBabish 2 points

Nice!! Thanks so much - and happy cake day!

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futzi7 5 points

Maybe the cigarette buds and coffee filter should be left away but I’m genuinely curious whether u/oliverbabish can make the mix of falafels, bacon, cinnamon and a hotdog bun taste delicious.

OliverBabish 12 points

I was literally typing out 'I don't think this is doable', and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense - cinnamon and falafel can work together, falafel and bacon can work together, and a hotdog bun is pretty innocuous. Interesting.

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nedaco 840 points

You just found my celebrity doppelgänger, and it's kind of messing with my mind.

OliverBabish 124 points

How did you get out of my lab...

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Piscea 3 points

I dont know why that happens per se.

I know in this instance I sifted my powdered sugar just like he did in the video. but I fucked up and misread the recipe and used my clementine syrup instead of clementine juice.

So it ended up being way too thick, and I compensated by juicing 1 small clementine into it, then it ended up runny.

I'm 100% going to try this recipe again. and will try to make improvements every step of the way.

Maybe putting the juice in a warm water bath first will help make the glaze not so lumpy.

OliverBabish 3 points

I think the glaze, in this case, turned out lumpy because of the clementine zest - I didn't mind!

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inverse_tiresias 17 points

Sorry to hear 'twas a sinus infection that left you speechless entirely, not the delicious cake joining the clean plate club. /u/OliverBabish, did you consider a version of the episode with the ambient noises of the whole process (pseudo ASMR type stuff) or is your sound setup/neighborhood not very conducive to it?

EDIT: "cake pan is too big"/"cake is too flat"

Did you also end up at the intersection of most cake recipes making the infuriating assumption that a round 8" pan is on hand (if a pan size is even mentioned) and most decently tall (2.5"+) ones not coming in less than 10-11"?

For you and other Babishkas weathering some wintery ailment, have a single serving recipe for salabat, hot ginger tea. Scale accordingly.

  • 1 cup water
  • a thumb length of ginger
  • honey or sugar to taste (optional)

Boil water. Slice ginger into thin matchstick thickness coins, no need to peel. Add to the hot water and steep 3-7 minutes depending on your spice tolerance. Add sweetener if desired and sip from your choice of heat resistant container.

OliverBabish 36 points

I'mma try this - thank you.

And yes, I had a 10-incher, this recipe calls for an 8-incher.

And yes, but I was listening to MST3K in the background the whole time I was shooting :(

BlueBokChoy 6 points

Get well soon.

PS: showing the ingredients in text as you put them in makes everything much clearer/memorable.

OliverBabish 1 point


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TrilionarioAcreano 1 point

/u/oliverbabish I'm not asking to upload the whole thing again, but would mind doing a small edit and instead of using a song just the original audio just for a few seconds? Just out of curiosity, or does it sound too boring?

OliverBabish 3 points

Well, few issues there - first, I usually listen to music or shows in the background when I'm cooking, as I don't expect to have to use the audio. Second, whenever I'm using the induction cooktop, it's putting out its signature whine/whir, so none of that audio is usable.

OliverBabish commented on a post in r/mexico
bichola 5 points

Dont worry, most of us speak English ;)

Been following your channel since you used the Fraiser intro, loved every video so far specially the sandwich ones (those cross sections!!)

Your puerco pibil video (we call it cochinita pibil) was great too.

Keep up the great work man, you are inspiring

OliverBabish 4 points

Thanks so much that's lovely to hear!!

Ingenium21 15 points

I have a couple of things I could nitpick on your Mexican dishes, and your cilantro hatred is a bit of a yellow flag, but overall you do great work!

OliverBabish 3 points

Hah thanks dude!

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HittingSmoke 2 points

/u/OliverBabish do you not run into issues using a spicy, acidic marinade in foil overnight then cooking in it? The one time I tried that the acid started eating the foil and left behind metallic flavors.

OliverBabish 3 points

That is an excellent point, acidic marinades do not play well with reactive surfaces - would definitely do this in an enameled or glass vessel as well - will note this in the recipe and in the video description!

Sherlockhomey 6 points

My girlfriend loves it.. A lot... Help.

OliverBabish 10 points

My sympathies

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SpeculationMaster 3 points

u/oliverbabish love your videos! Would you mind posting a written recipe for this? Thanks!

PS - What does Jon Favreau smell like?

Edit: Did it myself. Here is the recipe

Ganache Ingredients:

4oz Dark Chocolate

½ cup Heavy Cream

Cake Ingredients:

12 tblsp butter

10oz Dark Chocolate

6 large eggs

½ cup brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tblsp Grand Marnier

6 tblsp all-purpose flour

Strawberries, quatered

Heavy whipping cream, whipped

Powdered sugar

Ganache Instructions:

Melt Chocolate in a bowl over a sauce pan with simmering water, over low heat

Slowly drizzle heavy cream

Freeze for two hours minimum

Cake Instructions:

Melt chocolate and butter in a bowl over a sauce pan with simmering water, over low heat

Combine eggs and brown sugar; beat together until light and frothy

Add vanilla extract and Grand Marnier

Slowly add chocolate in to the egg mix and stir entire time

Add flour a tablespoon at a time

Lube up ramekins with butter and brown sugar

Fill with cake batter less than half way, add 1-2 tablespoons of frozen ganash, top up with cake batter

In the oven at 425 for 11 minutes, then cooling rack

Run a knife around the cakes to make sure they release easily

Serve with strawberry and whipped cream and sprinkle of powdered sugar

OliverBabish 1 point

Hey man thanks for writing this up! The recipe is also available on my website.

OliverBabish commented on a post in r/bingingwithbabish
OliverBabish 3 points

Hey nice!

KingBearFight 4 points

I cook because of you. Thank you for being so straightforward and making complicated recipes approachable!

OliverBabish 2 points

That's lovely to hear - so glad you dig the show, so glad you're cooking!!

OliverBabish commented on a post in r/videos
sean151 22 points

The fact that he said it was late at night and it looks like mid morning sunlight is coming through his window on the left is a real testament to Andrew's lighting setup.

OliverBabish 22 points

Nicest thing anyone's ever said to me

hobbitdude13 6 points

I love your show man, you inspired me to start cooking more at home and stop going out!

OliverBabish 7 points

That's awesome dude keep it up!!

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