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A Tesla Model S was actually converted into a Wagon/Shooting Brake in the UK. Here are the videos: Part One and Part Two.

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Always good to hear people's theories on this one. I posted one a while ago too.

I don't think this is the case however, as I think that Vision is a form of life and worthy to wield the hammer. It was a pivotal scene where the Avengers didn't need to subdue him or question his intentions (further), they were able to trust him instantly because he passed the test.

Paul Bettany (the actor who plays Vision) has opinion on this as well.

Hmm, I think I should lead with that next time...

Edit: Spelling and a name correction.

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Here's a link to the Inside EV: sales by month stats.

Edit: Added detail about where the link goes.

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Shit a girl did something like that to me last week. Woah wtf I only just realized. Now is my time.

Wish me luck Reddit.

Update: I got a date!

We're going shopping for Lederhosen. German cliche confirmed.

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Update us tho

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I got a date!

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So I’m watching the video you posted with all six movies running simultaneously, and I have zero idea what the point is. I’m not seeing any great overlap going on here.

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"Well then, you are lost!"

...sorry, couldn't resist! Okay, the video I linked to can be a bit confusing with all six films playing at the same time. However, some have found other synchronised moments between other pairs of these movies too. In terms of this, just try to focus on the top and bottom films to the far right and look for the scenes as detailed in this post. As well as the couple I pointed out in my other comment.

Note that the whole of ROTS/ROTJ does not sync up, it's just small moments that do.

I find it quite incredible that over 2 hours into both films, following characters that literally travel across the galaxy in line with (mostly) different narratives, plus a number of edits that Michael Bay would be proud of, that you can get to a point where very similar actions take place at the same time. Like when Luke and Obi-Wan are looking down over someone and they perform an identical hand movement where their hand draws away from the person's body.

I hear you...thank you for the explanation. I’m tempted to sit with a fellow Star Wars fan and watch the entire clip you posted showing all six films...I was just trying to decide if it would be “worth it”...if that makes sense.

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No problem, I've yet to watch all of it that way yet but have saved it to do so at some point.

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It's a pretty interesting film, never noticed he was in it. Thanks for posting!

It also was boring as hell

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That's fair enough, not all films will be everyone's cup of tea. I like that it was more a film about exploring technological concepts and possibilities rather than your usual 'AI goes wild and tries to launch nukes 'movie.

Don't own a Tesla (yet!) but found this really interesting!

Cool idea, but I think it'd be tricky to implement as r/all is like a chart where each post changes position is constantly changing as opposed to a Facebook or Twitter feed where the position of the posted are time based. So while Twitter can remember where you got to in your timeline (and, by default, Facebook doesn't care), it's harder to accomplish in Reddit if you go away from the page and come back.

I tend to just open subs in new tabs and go back once that trail has ran dry.

Some are suggesting using the feature that allows you to hide posts you have already seen by upvoting/downvoting them. Which I was totally unaware of but isn't really for me as I don't want to be interacting with posts that I don't care about either way.

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This guy doesn't fuck and can't get a reply. He literally got ghosted here after she had him spend a bunch of money on bullshit. Guys who fuck don't generally announce excitedly on reddit that they met three girls on tinder and may or may not get to actually see one in person.

This dude is so incel. He's v creepy and probably ugly as shit.

Edit: calls himself a 6... lyingcel

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Maybe in the future when there isn't so much Tesla news flying around...

Oh, my sweet summer child, we will never see such a day! I mean, can you imagine an Elon company that was...boring?

p.s. thanks to the mods for all the hard unpaid work! :)

Hang on, did someone drop her off so she could just look at your Model 3?? Have to be honest though, I can imagine worse days out!

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Here's an album I made of all the borders in the credits:

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Nice work! I like how the borders seem to reflect each person's contribution. Editors get film and scissors, creators of the score get instruments etc.

Can someone please explain this like I'm a five year old who thinks 1+1 = Jello?

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They're equations that look meaningful if you aren't familiar with the actual fields... and silly if you are.

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Thought of this this afternoon, guess you beat me to it! lol

at that kid's wedding

...and if EVERYONE could direct their attention to the screen, we can see my son being schooled by me in Basketball. You see Greg, your husband has no game, so how he managed to score you is a mystery.

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Excellent use of creative licence there!

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his face looks photoshopped or something

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I will never understand why most movie posters look like this. They usually have the actors together for months then they produce an image that looks cut and shut from stock images.

That's the fakest internet laugh I've ever seen

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"It's real!!"

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