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Am I the bad guy?

Maybe. Maybe not. Reddit circlejerks pretty hard on some things. (A lot of things actually.)

Let me check your comment history...

OK, you spend a lot of time talking about Marvel movies... yeah, if there's one thing Reddit circlejerks hard about, it's superhero movies. You're probably not a bad guy, just ... oh, wait. You post a lot in prequelMemes too... Yeah, you may be a bad guy.

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Original Poster4 points · 17 hours ago

Into exile, I must go...

It's soo annoying that the link doesn't show James Arnold's answer! I was trying to find a way to direct link to his answer earlier but gave up.

I like this. Especially Black Widow being the Reality stone. Her role as a spy is essentially to change people's perceptions as to what they think is real (about her).

Duuuuuuuude! I imagine that you actually levitated for a moment when you completed this.

RemindMe! 300 Days "Avengers 4 Theory"

Everyone is agreeing with this theory. Someone please provide some counterpoints before I succumb to the hype

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I don't think there's any. It fits so well. Quick...aboard the hype train!

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48 points · 4 days ago

This case reads really weird. First off you do have to understand that being a married man and being perverse with other women is incompatible (in most situations). It's even more incompatible while in an office of the state. And Finally you should never blame the victim of this.

But the way this is presented/reported ethically bothers me.

2,000 messages is a lot. If she didn't like his approach, then she could have blocked him or ignored it. The way this is written would suggest they had some type of relationship. Yet there is a clear editorial decision here to hide what this relationship was in the report. If money was exchanging hands then you would assume she (at the time) was happy to receive said money, and provide a way for him to pay her. Not only does the nature of this relationship seems to be hidden, so too the reason for why it stopped. Did the money stop flowing? Did the lady in the report simply get bored by this online sub/dom relationship? Did she simply want to be have a few seconds of fame? But it's clear there was an expectation between Griffiths and the girls that these conversations were private.

On one hand, The fucker felt cocky enough to use his work mobile for the messages, he was cheating on his wife, and he's probably not fit for office.

On the other, these are clearly private (even if abhorrent for an MP) conversations. Is it ethical to throw them out into the public? Does the level of detail the report go far beyond what is necessary to have him resign and to be held accountable.

I guess what I'm really asking is how should we, as the public & media, actually treat politicians? Should we observe them like Love Island semi-celebrities who sign up with the expectation of the levels of Big Brother intrigue into their personal life? Or should we instead judge them on their actions as a representative and their standing as moral members of society. The difference between these two is huge. One is for entertainment. The other part of political accountability. This is the kind of media reporting that puts people off politics - "Why become an MP if every message I send in confidence to a friend could be sent off the press for a few quid?". I guess it's easy to get wrapped up on scandal without thinking too much of the longer term effects this style of reporting has.

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This sums up all of the thoughts that I had on the article as I was reading through it. I think it's this kind of reporting that has contributed to significant divisions between certain parts of society.

2 points · 4 days ago

Which parts?

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Like that which exists between the general public and politicians.

OP is wielding the OC stone to save the sub!

Moderator of r/thanosdidnothingwrong, speaking officially21.0k points · 12 days ago · edited 8 days ago

Hello r/all,

The sub-wide balance will take place on July 9th. This means half the subreddit will be banned, to achieve true balance.

If you are new here:

To have a chance to be banned, remember to subscribe and comment a reply to this sticky comment.

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Original Poster3.2k points · 18 days ago

Yooo someone who knows her irl linked me??? That’s fucking awesome

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Shields up, red alert!

1.7k points · 18 days ago

Quick OP, delete all embarrassing post and comment history

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This is the real Order 66 to execute.

This video may have restored my faith in Danny Dyer.

You know the world is fucked up when you judge people by their battery precentage

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Original Poster1 point · 24 days ago

If this exists then we must be doomed!

Gravity pulls you through things? Time pulls you through things? 2 questionable statements in 1 question🤔🤔🤔🤔

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Original Poster1 point · 28 days ago

Gravity can pull you through things, like air molecules and other more substantial objects.

Time pulls you through moments.

Gravity doesn’t pull us through anything, our weight does. More strictly speaking, gravity pulls us towards other objects of mass rather then through them.

Time doesn’t pull you through anything, it’s relative to your movement through space

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Original Poster1 point · 28 days ago

Okay. The key word in the title was "like". I'm just saying that time is like a force pulling you through the moments of your life until, splat. You die.

Anyways, have a nice day :)

Comment deleted28 days ago

A former/present supermarket employee by any chance?

He's just guessing. There's no reason the king of a foreign country would be the one to write out the receipt for equipment the US government confiscated.

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This confused me too. It would make sense it was post-Black Panther then Wakanda might have been supplying some of the tech.

But this comment on the original thread supposes that it might have been written by Cap as he heard the earlier convo.

The way the Sharon Carter looks at Cap at the end could be the tell.

But this comment on the original thread supposes that it might have been written by Cap as he heard the earlier convo.

That suffers a similar problem, though instead of it being the king of a foreign country, you're looking at an arrested accomplice. When police arrest a group of people, they don't hand the "leader" of the group a page to write up a receipt for confiscated goods.

Nyet, this is a job generally done by whoever is in charge of the lockup unit(s). The police turn the equipment over, the clerk documents everything and writes up a receipt, which is eventually given to the arrested individual.

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Possible scenario:

Civil Servant Clerk: "What the hell is this thing?"

Cap: "It's uhh...a bird costume."

Civil Servant Clerk: "Whatever"

Edit: Added line breaks.

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10 points · 29 days ago · edited 29 days ago

The way I see it cap wrote the receipt as a jab at falcon for saying that, because he didn’t stop the conversation after he said “Sam.”

black panther writing it doesn’t make much sense, cap is the leader of the avengers

EDIT: think I was a little unclear so I rephrased it

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I agree, especially the way that Sharon Carter looks at Cap at the end. Though, she might just be into him. He is Cap after all.

In Soviet Russia, Death vomits you after a night of heavy drinking.

1.6k points · 1 month ago

For anyone that needs to hear what is possibly the inspiration for this....

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Jesus' story arc in The Walking Dead has taken an interesting turn.

Low and steady wins the race!

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