Watching Chris gush over Zelda’s mechanics is absolutely amazing by christiaan1999 in OneyPlays

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Imagine if the took car damage away from gta, it would make driving around riskless hence BORING AS SHIT. same goes for no fall damage in games with huge vertical open worlds. Fall damage in 2d games sucks cos you cant look up or down very far usually. In a 3d space though you can look alllll the way down so it's on you if you fall off AND you still have a chance to save yourself last second anyways. All in all, it's just what I like. Enjoy what you like. :>

DD+J's departure is not being handled well by [deleted] in OneyPlays

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what a self entitled person you are. every single one of your points has nothing to do with me. it's not my responsibility to talk for someone else, its not their responsibility to give you a "closure video". they have said multiple times on the show that it was not going to be forever. we are selling pins because they took months to prepare, and we want to make they money back. we are obviously not making more merch now that we know they are gone. i also expected to finish KH2 and ocarina, how is that my fault exactly. am i supposed to predict the future? making a closure video would more than likely cause a lot of drama and attention, which none of us want.

Oney Plays DARK SOULS 3 - EP 2 - Hacker! by Shakeable_Lake in OneyPlays

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sorry if people are disappointed that its no longer solo, i tried playing it for a bit on my own and was not feeling it at all. without waffle i would have stopped outright

Just waiting for the next KH2 episode by Chutzpah2 in OneyPlays

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the fuck are you talking about, i love watching kingdom hearts. the other guys are just busy, sucks but what can you do

Kingdom Hearts FULL Best Of - Tell us which parts are a must! by OneysVideoHole in OneyPlays

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PLEASE name the episode and time stamp, if you see comments with none of these and if you know them, please reply to their comment with the info. Thanks again guys!

Oney Plays God of War - EP 1 - Boy of Bore by [deleted] in OneyPlays

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i know exactly what toxic masculinity is, i don't need a buzzword to explain that people are people and have emotions, and men that try to mask their emotional side are doing harm to their mental health. that being said, its a word that's lost all meaning and most people now use it to describe being masculine itself as a bad thing.

Oney Plays God of War - EP 1 - Boy of Bore by [deleted] in OneyPlays

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i went out of my way to edit out 99% of the criticism because i know people don't like listening to it in a letsplay, i will say it's nuts you people get so worked up over a simple opinion. its on you if you read criticism with an angry screaming voice in your head

If Cuphead and Dark Soulds had a baby by mrnoobman in gaming

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reddit is so disgusting. you could have linked to the animators video rather than turn it into a gif to score fake ass baby karma points

I miss Doodle Doods. It was like that extra dose of Chris during my week. by MataFooie in OneyPlays

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I was getting paid by GG a set rate every month to do oneyplays, but after a while we just wanted to do it on our own. When I left it was too much time and effort to go in and set up for free every week. I'm busy with my own projects to commit to that.

CSS Updates + User Flairs by DingDongVG in OneyPlays

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i want a BIG flair make me a god

We don't want new Mods, sorry! by OneysVideoHole in OneyPlays

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[side they end up taking]

i dunno what that even is or who stole it, how do i remove it?

I'm Mack Kenny (Tom Kenny's son) and since the funny men mentioned me on the show, here's a Ding Dong I drew! by mackdoodle in OneyPlays

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Me and Ross are always scrambling for guests to come on by all means hit me up on Twitter if you want to!

Too much crash? by RyoAsuka in OneyPlays

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Agreed, the only reason it's been all crash is because it's the only footage we have recorded and Rod is at RTX so ive been editing the last 3 days (rod is credited cos i didnt care) and i'm juggling other work so i haven't had time to record anything new. We'll be back to normal soon!