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I'm almost certain Congress cannot legislate state level murder defenses. They can only change the federal level, which does not have a plain-vanilla murder statute.


WTW for when TV/film characters do stupid or illogical things in order to increase dramatic effect


  • In the Last Jedi, Admiral Holdo refusing to explain her plans
  • In Travelers episode 6, not shooting to kill when the targets are going to die anyway, then jumping into every single person except the one shooting them
  • In the 1960s Batman, tying Batman up in some elaborate trap that always fails, rather than just killing him.
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No. Section 4 of the 14th amendment says:

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

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But then why would they specifically enumerate the right to petition?

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So that you can freely voice your opinion on matters of public policy.

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That's already covered by freedom of speech. So why would they specifically enumerate the right to petition on top of that?

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According to Wikipedia:

The right to petition includes under its umbrella the Legal right to sue the government,[9] and the right of individuals, groups and possibly corporations to lobby the government.

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I honestly didn't know the Pope could quit before that. When I heard he resigned my dumb ass was like "who does he hand his resignation to? God?!"

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39 points · 3 days ago

It's only happened 5 times, and the last one before Benedict was in 1415.

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Now he'll have time to reply to those job offers

EDIT: I just noticed that he uses python-esque triple quotation marks to before and after quotations. That's hilarious.

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Man, can you imagine how much being a paralegal there would suck? The laws are carved onto stone tablets, pulverized into a fine powder, and put in a bigass ark - which, by the way, will melt your face off if you open it. Good luck with your case research!

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Don't forget you have to literally bury all of that paperwork. (Jews aren't allowed to throw away anything with the Tetragrammaton on it)

Wasn't that the government in Equilibrium?

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Yes, it was the name of the governing council in that movie.

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Wow you liberals are just completely full of hate aren't you?

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Liberals tried to help out conservatives with Obamacare. Republicans went and elected a would-be dictator whose entire platform was built on hurting immigrants, blacks, gays, women, and poor people. So yeah, next time liberals are in power, they should put the screws to red states.

Please tell me specifically how his policies have hurt those groups and those groups only, because it seems to me that you're inferring his policies are inherently racist. I'd like some evidence of that, please. It's also ridiculous to say Obamacare was positive in any way whatsoever, and especially for conservatives. It totally flies in the face of the very concept of insurance, i.e. pooling risk and spreading it throughout a large diverse risk pool. And enough with the identity politics, already. Why can't liberals judge people based on their individual merit? Why must everyone be lumped into a race, class, gender, sexuality, etc.?

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Immigrants - Separating them from their families, launching a denationalization task force to strip naturalized citizens of their citizenship, massively expanding the scale and scope of ICE raids

Blacks - Gutting the DoJ Office of Civil Rights and the Department of House and Urban Development (and stocking the latter with a parade of incompetents, including Ben Carson)

LGBTQ - Attempting to re-ban trans people from serving in the military, appointing a raft of anti-LGBT nominees to the Federal Courts, his support for the discriminatory cakeshop in Cakeshop v Masterpiece, firing all the members of the HIV/AIDS council.

Women - Appointing judges to overturn Roe v Wade, attempting to force migrants to carry their pregnancies to term,

It's also ridiculous to say Obamacare was positive in any way whatsoever

The biggest winners of Obamacare were disproportionately rural sick and poor white people who had no access to medical care before Obamacare.

It totally flies in the face of the very concept of insurance, i.e. pooling risk and spreading it throughout a large diverse risk pool.

Massively expanding the number of people in the insurance pool, which was (and still is) the goal of Obamacare will make it affordable for everyone.

Why can't liberals judge people based on their individual merit?

I am. Everything I wrote here is policy based. But I could also add that Trump is a serial sexual predator who raped his second wife, a serial conman, and a complete business failure and that too, would be based on his individual merit.

EDIT: And probably a Russian agent too, if we are to judge him by his actions.

If I was Dylan Roof I’d pray for death every day. Why should we give them the sweet relief of death when they can spend their life thinking about what they’ve done? I feel like killing people back feels like vengeance but really it’s mercy to the convicted.

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6 points · 3 days ago

Why should we give them the sweet relief of death when they can spend their life thinking about what they’ve done?

If given the choice almost every person on death row would prefer to stay alive in jail than to be executed, which is why very few of them voluntarily drop their appeals. It's obvious which punishment they consider more punitive.

That would effectively reward death penalty opponents for stringing out litigation as long as possible.

I'd be in favor of limiting the appeals to a certain amount of time - say, 5 years, after which the convict is barred from bringing any new appeals

Ending slavery was unconstitutional too bruh. That’s why changing the constitution is in the constitution. Because constitution should be based on ethics. Not the other way around. If you wanna try to make an argument that FDR was like fostering a personality cult and how that is wrong than fine. But the New Deal was good and expanding it was good and it had massive popular support so I’d like to see how you can say he didn’t have a mandate for the new deal or its expansion. Also in per the reasoning behind the constitution. Doesn’t 60% popular support and rhe support of 40+ states kind a give them the right to change the constitution. Also packing the court is totally legal and also should representd another popular move. Also the Supreme Court was awful and racist and conservate and elitist even for the times. So fuck them.

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Ending slavery was unconstitutional too bruh.

No, it wasn't. Lincoln effectively declared slaves in the south to be contraband, and therefore could legitimately be freed as a necessity of war. He did not free the slaves in the border states for the same reason.

Lincoln effectively declared slaves in the south to be contraband

yep, which is why the founders didn't include property in their list of natural rights, which really is a shame.

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2 points · 3 days ago

Property rights are protected by the fifth amendment, along with the right to life and liberty. The people of the South gave up the protection of that amendment when they declared independence.

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My older kiddo just turned 3. He likes Haba games, AttrAction, and Loopin' Louie. The younger one is six months old, so he's too young for anything.

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The vast, vast majority of Americans have never heard of Tyrol.

I know it because I've read Mein Kampf (or at least I tried - it's pretty much book-length rant). Hitler spends a dozen pages raging about how it should never have been taken from Austria.

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Eschatophobia, from the greek eschatos, meaning last. See also: Eschatology

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.44th is gramatically incorrect. The th suffix is used to denote discrete quantities greater than 1 (the fourth), or fractional (one fourth), but 0.44 is neither of those.

You probably want to say: the 44th percentile is the exact same thing as the 44th hundreth.

I had no idea a police department could be entirely disbanded. Interesting.

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It happened in Hampton, outside of Jacksonville. In fact, the State legislature almost abolished the town.

Nor party

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I don't see neo-nazis at Democratic rallies. I don't see any running as Democrats.

I never made it out to Gen Con when I lived in the midwest, and I just found out about DTC last week after the con was already underway. I had a friend visiting the con from the Northeast. I went down there to pick him up and head to dinner and some of the local tourist spots, but ended up in the game room playing games for many, many hours instead. Really looking forward to going to DTC2019 for more than just part of a day!

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Make your hotel reservation today, especially if you want a villa. The villas sell out every year.

We are sort of local and don't plan on staying at the con hotel. If there is one thing that is in abundance in Orlando it's hotels!

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I'm local too, and I skipped the hotel for DTC 1 and half of DTC 2 (hotel room for the weekend only). Honestly, I think the con is a lot better if you have a place to crash when you're feeling tired, and a place to store your games when you're not using them.

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How to set up automated backups. If your hard drive crashed right now, how sad would you be?

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We do

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Spoken like someone with absolutely no understanding of history.

Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago

Thank you very much for everyone's response. I'll look and do some research at Conway, Dr. Phillips and Lee Vista.

The reason I said that I don't have enough time to research is that I got my offer letter last July 5th and they said that my starting date would be on the 26th of August. With that being said, I have to figure out everything, cost of moving, making calls and all the other stuff. Just thinking about it is overwhelming and that I only have a month to do everything.

The reason I posted on this sub is to get answers from people who have lived in Orlando because right now I don't have the time and money to visit Orla do just to check out the place.

If I were to put out priorities it would be like this 1. Safe neighborhood 2. Diverse town (We are a Filipino couple with a baby) 3. Affordable apartments. 4. Parks where we can take the baby out. (Not disney/universal)

We don't really go out and party.

I hope those information can help me out more. Thank you again everyone for taking your time to respond

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I'm in Doc Phillips. It's a good, safe area, with decent schools (about as good as you can find in Orange County). It's fairly diverse, from what I have seen. (Both my neighbors are mixed asian/white couples).

Ladybird is absolutely fantastic. (My kiddos have been going there for three years) I don't know if they have any College Park locations though.

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In my dorm room, getting ready for class. I left before the second plane hit (thinking it was an accident) and got back after both Towers collapsed. It was quite a shock.

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