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Original Poster9 points · 1 day ago

Yea dude I’m not proud but I got 3 kids and limited playing time and a little disposable income. I wish I had time to grind

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What’s impressive is three kids AND disposable income. My 3 cost me every damn cent with all their activities.

Can it really improve your team? I’d say it’s too much of a pain at this point for you.

Original Poster0 points · 3 days ago

I mean not really but I want that kemp to replace that jones and I want that yadi to replace posey. My team is full diamonds except my bullpen. It has 2 diamonds in that. I’m not doing the immortals lol to much grinding for me

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If you are good enough of a player, you could play every game with a grind team and knock out some immortals along the way. Just keep folks at their secondaries.

They won’t make him unattainable to folks just now buying the game. At the end of the year, they will put those in the ticket counter or in packs or something. You’ll be able to get as many as you need.

45-50 hours a week, 3 kids all involved in extra stuff. I got Chipper, Ripken, Gibson and Pujols to the point I was waiting on the career arcs. I had bought up Philly and White Sox stuff knowing Schmidt and Thomas were coming. I was as ready as I could be when they dropped. I’ve gotten Chipper abs Ripken done....close on the other two. I’ll grind 2 hours a night when everyone is asleep, minus nights I don’t get kicked out of bed for snoring. I just make sure every person in the lineup is helping me advance some imports stat that I’m shooting for.

7 points · 5 days ago

I will never understand how this question is asked so often for painfully easy math that could have been done by the time this question was submitted.

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It’s easier and faster to ask than do the common core math stuff to figure out the answer. That’s all kids are taught now.


Returning back home from a Tennessee Mountain, figured we would make a 3 hour detour and catch last nights game. Life long Braves, and especially Dale Murphy fan, nowhere else I could take the family to eat pre game, other than Murph’s. I get there, check myself in on Facebook to brag to my fellow Baseball friends. I check out other Murph hashtags and find out I missed the man himself by about an hour. Damn 75 south and the traffic. Wings were great, wife loved the BLT, and walking to the stadium was the easiest parking.

Side note.....if you’ve never been, most parking doesn’t open up until 5:30 on weekday games. BP starts at 5:05 for the 7:35 games, but you can’t get to your seats until 5:30.

221 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

Lying is never helpful even if it’s done to avoid pain. It’s momentary and puts off the inevitable truth without doing anything to prepare someone for that truth.

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We had a Down syndrome kid in our football league that was allowed to score a touchdown 3-4 times a game. Of course the clock stopped, the touchdown didn’t count and such.....but this happened 3-4 times a game. Then he was allowed to just hang out with his parents and friends in the stands, goto the concession stand, then at the start of the next quarter.....touchdown. At least he needs to sit on the sidelines with the team.

He’s hitting the ball very very hard for me. Not a lot are falling unfortunately. He definitely has elite defense.


So I’ve been fortunate enough to get enough grind time in for Chipper and Ripken. I have a really bad habit of getting anxious with new cards and swinging at bad while those two guys are not hitting well in the beginning, what they are doing is forcing my RS opponents to pitch a lot more strikes to the guys in front of them. Ripken has helped me get Albies average up 20 points and Chipper has gotten JDs up 15 points. Didn’t expect this but if I’m not hitting well with the two immortals at least they are helping me like that.


Dude the exchange set for chipper 😢 I want him but jeez

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Original Poster7 points · 11 days ago

I got the exchanges done for him, Ripken, Gibson and babe done early before even all the program players dropped. If I had known what babe was going to be like, I would have went Griffey instead. They were cheaper back then.

I really hope you’re joking or being sarcastic

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Is this the same dude that gave me hell for the Joey Gallo Ok symbol and white power or some shit like that?

How about we play the game.....or do most folks want to grind for 12 months?

Look at some of the programs they came up with last year. Finest program was pretty awesome. Everyone got some high level cards just by grinding stats. I see the last immortal being like that. High level ticket counter cards.....there’s still possible diamond, non immortal versions of some immortals they could release. Super Alomar can still be released. Hardware Harper is out there somewhere, and he won’t be another BR reward, so he will be obtainable to a lot of folks. Super Ellsbury will rake. There’s a limited number of FS cards, but last year remember there were whole programs devoted to them. Events can get crazy fun with crazy requirements.

Now you get to play the game with the super cards you’ve unlocked.

I play when the family goes to bed. I can get a couple hours of grinding in before I get tired and start swinging at everything. I’ve got Chipper and Cal, about to have Pujols. I loaded my lineup with 3b. Once I got diamond Schmidt, I loaded it with SS and Schmidt. Then loaded it with 1b, Schmidt and Larkin until those were done. You just gotta have a method.

Using one of mine on Pujols. I was fortunate to get Ripken, Chipper and Gibson exchanges done before they skyrocketed.

I played 3 RS games with Chipper, Schmidt and Ripken this morning. The insane stats made hitting feel a little like last year again. This chipper hit the way that the IV did for me last year.

Is that Robert Downey JRs dog?

There's no possible way to work a full time job and or have a family/friends and get these done already

Edit: and it's fine if that's how someone wants to spend their time/money. I have no problem with that if they're happy. Doesn't mean I still don't think they're absolute fucking losers though

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I’ve got everything you mentioned plus 3 kids and their activities. I snore pretty bad when I sleep so my wife will sometimes goto bed before me. I’ll stay up a few hours when everyone is asleep. I’ve gotten Chipper and Ripken already. Just have to not have any wasted playtime and make every player in your lineup advancing some stat.

Yeah you have two immortals, that's fine. I was talking about people who have like full immortal lineups already

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Yea that shits just crazy. I would say for those two it took me 10-12 playtime hours. I couldn’t imagine all immortal lineup being anything more than a house of 3-4 people playing non stop.

I got 560 with Reynolds at Laughing Mountain grinding for Schmidt. There was a ton of wind that day too.

Is it really worth 5 team epics for a guy who has multiple teams you can pull from? Would it not be better to use them on a different immortal like chipper or pujols?

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I’m not at home to look.....but aren’t the player exchanges worth 5% also? That’s my plan with Pujols. Bought the jerseys already. Trying to figure if players or hats would be cheaper.

All the immortal exchanges are worth 5%. The exchange prices vary by player since some players, like Gossage, played for a lot of teams so there is a very large supply of hats you can choose from, while Chipper can only get Braves hats. For Chipper I’d say you should exchange players because hats will take a much longer time and possibly be more quite more expensive.

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Luckily I got all of Chipper, Ripken’s and Gibson’s exchanges done before the immortal drop. I was halfway done with Pujols when it dropped, but I had the jerseys done.

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I got burned so hard during the Eddie Mathews drop buying the wrong stuff at huge prices. Lit like 70K stubs on fire in about 29 seconds.

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I did that crap last year with POTM Martinez. Bought in the first 20 minutes for 150k


It’s going to be hard to tell if I’m really doing well with some of these diamond career arc cards, and hell, even the position players I’m using to get them. I’m on the last mission for Schmidt and Larkin.....both are hitting well over .500. In the rest of my lineup I’m grinding the gold and diamond 1b hits.....their averages have all shot up.

Original Poster4 points · 15 days ago

I read somewhere the event thing was done on purpose. Not sure what the significance of it would be other than to keep cards that are in your lineup and get upgraded mid event from being able to stay in your lineup for the event duration unless you take them out.

Why? It’s better as you can do stuff online if you can’t do it offline and give the guy the win for helping you

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Original Poster3 points · 15 days ago

I’m not following you here. Single game stat missions that someone would boost for, would very minimally impact the stats. 600 hits needed by outfielders, and someone grinding that on rookie would greatly have the player stats impacted.

The game has gotten too complex I think for what a smaller studio is trying to pull off. Content is the easier part, but the physics, branching animations and online code are what’s suffering. Bring in a new crew to handle those areas.

Since I only play MLB the Show......I should be a pro baseball player then, right?

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