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BO Folty

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Wasn’t the finest last year limited to postseason players? That’s going to take a few out of the equation.

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It is actually funny how wrong he was

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Riley ROY was his pick.

I got tickets for home game 1. I like the phone light chop, but it doesn’t compare to the foam tomahawk chop. I hope they hand them out to everyone at the gate so Suntrust can show out.

I wonder how much of this stuff we see from South America are cartel hits on family members of the guys you see arrested transporting record dollar amounts of drugs.

I went through and counted, 13 of my last 30 games are disconnect losses. If it was random, I figured I would have gotten at least 1 of those wins. Directly wired to my router, no power line or anything else in between. Not my internet because nothing else or no other game has this issue.

I think contact hitting not being a viable option is what killed the game more than immortals. If Gwynn and Ichiro were Real options, you wouldn’t have folks grinding for all power lineup full of immortals.

Not a lawyer.....but retail manager. No. Your name will still show in the system until it’s purged out. Could be weeks or even months. You’ll still be listed as terminated for theft. If they pressed charges, I’d try to find another job ASAP, as once that theft is on your record, you’re not getting any kind of meaningful work that requires background checks. Now most retail companies have bought into a reporting system that you can see if someone was terminated for theft or any other red flag offense. So even if charges were not pressed, your chances of working retail are low.

I just got a pair of $30 tickets at 2:30 central time. Looks like they opened up and sectioned off general admission.

Damn they have to lock up the candy bars here.

Gotta give it to them for at least sticking to their content release plan they had. They have made no adjustments to content for how the game plays online, and must have really thought contact would be more viable than it is.

It’s too little too late. This game is off life support. Everyone has jumped ship.

For me and the few people still playing, this will be a nice content drop next week tho

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The disconnects have just about gotten the best of me. 3 in a row last night. I can deal with the issues because I love playing baseball more than I dislike the issues. If I can’t finish a game, and get the loss even when I’m winning....that’s a different story.

How in the heck did this guy get a director position being so clueless, and where is the job posting link for it? I’m applying.

Is there a point where we start to feel badly for the Phillies or nah?

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Little premature wad blowing here. Good attempt at humor though.

Quid pro quo. He’s pretty much requesting a family vacation in order to make the deal.

But it says you reached first on a throwing error

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I know that animations weren’t added, but I’ve not allowed a stolen base with him yet. Almost all his throws are low and on the second base side of the bag, giving the fielder the quick snap tag animation. I’ve thrown out 90 plus speed guys without a slide step on sliders.


If they get their confidence up at all it’s over. If you don’t start out hot, you’ll have to move to small ball. Steal bases, Sacrifice them over, then the deep fly ball gets them in.


I keep seeing folks talk about quirks on flashback and legend cards. Do they matter this year, unlike last year?


This isn’t good enough to be a 25 man collection card.

Not really. The PCI doesnt even reach where im throwing these pitches but theyre magically taken yard. Im guessing theyre just using directional and getting lucky.

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They are probably as far as they can go, then either late or early and the pci moves based on the movement for being late or early, and puts it right on the ball. I give up tons of homeruns in the dirt and 10 feet over the guys head like that.

So with this argument, Acuna should be a diamond.

Markakis should be an immortal with this argument

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I’m good with that

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