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Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
chiboy_ 107 points

And yet wrestlers wear spandex singlets.

Also, man do guys really dig around there trying to pin, hold each other against their will really and throw each other around.

Man, wrestling is super homoerotic guys.

Ozymandias195 5 points

It's only gay if you make it gay, bro

yovoKOFFI 2 points

I was at a dive bar during the ncaa championships. The bartender was a former teammate of mine so we had the tournament on. This middle aged guy sat next to me and we got talking. I just said things like « yeah wrestling is awesome. Shame they only show this stuff once a year. » the guy gave me a funny look and up and moved to the other side of the bar. That was the only time in my life a stranger up and walked away from me that abrasive.

Ozymandias195 2 points

Yeah it’s obviously very strange to outsiders but whatever, if they are too insecure to respect a sport then that’s just their problem

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Metalcore
Metal_Yoda 4 points

Fit For A King, Ice Nine Kills, and Silent Planet all have sick lows.

Landmrvks would be a lesser known band with some gnarly lows. Check out their song “World of Pain”.

Ozymandias195 2 points

Any news on what landmvarks is up to? Have they released anything since their debut?

eJaGne 2 points

Two singles. Fantasy and Scars. Both are dope!

Ozymandias195 1 point

Wow thanks, can't believe I missed them

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Metalcore
InsiDS 7 points

Was this at Trenton? I considered going, but seeing Gideon and Varials before I figured in a smaller venue it would be a mess. Yea they're great live, but they encourage guys with the extra testosterone lol.

Ozymandias195 8 points

extra testosterone

Come on, we all know the crowdkillers are all soyboys who feel insecure in a real pit so they have to get in cheap shots

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Metalcore
Ozymandias195 3 points

What’s it like being on the Stay Sick label? Is it more laid back than working for a big record company or is more stressful because of limited resources? Also what’s it like working with Fronz, does he help you guys with the album process? Is he much different in real life than his persona?

MandoEric 4 points

Working with them has been ridiculously easy and helpful. As far as resources go, they're more connected than you'd think.

We have conferenced with Fronz, but our communication with the label is mostly held elsewhere and between our management (SCARIM) and SS.

His persona is different in the way that anyone is different on stage vs in a private conversation. It was crazy how encouraging and positive hes been with us.

Ozymandias195 1 point

Thanks for the response!

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
196212007f 5 points

Can you educate us on how to tell the difference?

Ozymandias195 3 points

I work for a roofing company, and I’d like to say we are pretty legit. The thing with roofing is that in most places building codes make it illegal to have several layers of roofs due to it being a fire hazard, but a lot of your shady contractors won’t care and will just put a second roof onto your old roof. For an average house, this can be done in day with a good crew, vs taking up to a week of you tear off the old roof and then put a fresh roof on. Obviously a week of labor vs a day of labor is going to be a huge difference in cost. Worse still, the shady contractor might tell you he is gonna do a tear off, then not do it and charge you as if he did. This is easy to pull off on older people who are definitely not going to go up on their roof to see if they did a good job or not. If you do get your roof done, and it’s in the contract that they will remove the old roof, make sure they aren’t breaching contract. Especially look at your dormers or any other small areas of roof, it’s easy to cut corners there and just put on a drip edge so it looks like they removed the old roof.

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Deathcore
Bubbaho-tep92 13 points

I mean I've listened to them since this album, love it and [Id] so much. But I also fuck with their new vocalist and love Matriarch, I think there are songs on there as good as anything they've ever made, Namely Lucy, Mikasa and Aeris. I think the constant that makes it all worth it is Marc's insane riffs.

Ozymandias195 3 points

Nyu and teleute for me, and those songs go so hard live too

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Metalcore
Ozymandias195 6 points

Question for JT, I saw you in the alley when I was walking to my car outside Chicago’s Summer Slaughter date. You looked kinda down and I wanted to say hi, but chose against it because I didn’t want to fanboy of you weren’t in a good mood. How do you feel about fans coming up to? I often want to talk to musicians I like but feel like I’d only be bothering them a lot of the time.

DeuceHundy 9 points

I've been REALLY sick this tour with an upper respiratory/acute bronchitis and it SUCKS when I feel like my days are just countdowns to 30 mins of pain and oxygen management instead of me going out there and crushing it. While that all just makes me depressed and disconnected, 99% you can always come say hello and I will be glad to pass a hug and a chat.

Ozymandias195 3 points

Thanks for the response, I can’t believe you were dealing with that and could still kill it on the vocals!

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/darksouls3
Hereiamhereibe2 7 points

Dks2 had substantially easier bosses overall, with a few outliers (Smelty, Gang Bangs, and Pursuer)

Dks2 relied more on the world/environments to kill you if anything. Wether that be from forcing you to walk on tightropes over lava, cramping you in a small space with tons of mobs or a Sarlac pit while wizards snipe you from every direction.

And then to top it all off there was this amazing PvP balance that made the worlds even more interesting and complex trying to navigate while dodging Jesters and Naked Moth Men.

I loved it, I kind of hope after Sekiro FROM decides to do a Dark Souls like game with as much emphasis on Multiplayer as possible again, something that will last forever.

Ozymandias195 6 points

something that will last forever

Or you know, until the servers shut down

Hereiamhereibe2 2 points

We will fight off that day like an unstoppable force raining down upon the lords at least until we just host our own Servers.

Demon’s Souls is still going strong last i heard.

Ozymandias195 2 points

Yeah I hate to break it to you but demon’s souls kicked the bucket, I’d figure DS1 is next but that’s not a huge deal with DSR out

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Metalcore
Ozymandias195 19 points

Erra did a headliner last year that was awesome, with Auras and Phinehas

sunburntdick 3 points

What the fuck, how did I miss that tour? That sounds amazing.

Ozymandias195 6 points

I think it was only a handful of dates and they played at the smallest venue in my city, so easy to go under the radar

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Deathcore
papacdub1 7 points

Did people consider BMTH deathcore back in the day?

Edit: I see I’m getting downvoted for this, which is fine. I just want to point out I wasn’t hating on the album or the band, I loved this album. I just always considered it closer to metalcore when I was younger and listening to it regularly. I see now that I was wrong.

Ozymandias195 27 points

This is totally deathcore, maybe even leaning more towards death metal but there’s definitely core in there

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Deathcore
champagnesnazzy 4 points

I actually write and play guit in TAI, BOS :D

Ozymandias195 2 points

Dude I love Berserk, and I’m going to check out the rest of your guys’s stuff, this song was sick! But, as an avid berserk fan, your vocalist/lyricist needs to know that it’s not “laws of casualty”, it’s “laws of causality”. Not gonna lie I loved the song but sort of cringed when I heard that line lol

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Metalcore
madrushdrummer 32 points

New Monuments single-A.W.O.L.

Ozymandias195 1 point

Is Josh Travis back with monuments?

madrushdrummer 1 point

No sir. Still John Browne and Olly Steele.

Ozymandias195 1 point

Was he ever with monuments or am I confused?

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Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/wsgy
Ozymandias195 2 points

Have any more good Roman posts?

wsgy111 2 points

maybe like 6

Ozymandias195 3 points

I will be expecting you to post them

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/Metalcore
_Hynx_ 15 points

Clenched in the jaws of anguish are only godless men

Chaos is drawn to silence like life is drawn to death

The dusk is so much clearer than the dawn had ever been

I'm a ghost, and yet I've weighed down the earth Through the stars to the pavement

Ozymandias195 8 points

Probably some of my favorite lyrics ever, also love: I assure you that HELL IS NOT A MYTH WE BOTH VACATION THERE

Ozymandias195 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
vaelroth 9 points

I met a boy wearing vans, 501s, and a dope beasty tee, nipple rings, new tattoos, and claimed that he was OGT back from '92, from the first EP. And in between sips of coke, he told me he thought we were selling out, laying down, sucking up to the man.

Well, now, I've got some advice for you little buddy...

All you know about me's what I sold ya. I sold out long before you ever even heard my name. I sold my soul to make a record, dipshit, and then you bought one!

Ozymandias195 1 point

Who’s lyrics are these?

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