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To get this started: One particular aspect I found interesting was the way General Jack Ripper’s rants about “Fluoridation” and “Bodily Fluids”, felt like something Alex Jones could be screaming on infowars right now!

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J.J. Watt. People love J.J. Watt, but I just think the guy is a total ham. He does plenty of good charity work, don't get me wrong. But he just seems so... artificial. The way he plays to the cameras. The way he has to be publicized for every good deed he does. Everything he does, all of his quotes, they're all super cliched. He just seems like a text book try hard.

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I'm sure someone here will debate if this even happened; but, it has to be going to the moon. It's the most clear example of our insatiable desire to explore. Humans always have been and always will be frontiersmen, we want to find the next great journey! So much so, that we got out our calculators, and our computers (barely), and we attached rockets to a couple of brave fuckers hoping to land them on that thing we had been seeing in the night sky for a million years. We looked with our naked eyes for the farthest thing away and then we went there. That's pretty awesome.

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They have not personally impacted me. BUT, the idea of Obama era gun laws prompted several of my friends' parents to go on buying sprees at gun shows due to their fear that they would not be able to get certain guns in the future.


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