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just raid on konduit. it is the supreme client for raids and only raids.

Im serious, it's so helpful and has so many functions that for some reason are banned on other clients. A number of high level PvMers use konduit literally only for Xerics because its OP.

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I hate konduit a LOT, but a few days ago I was reading through some of the runelite faq and learned about the removed/rejected plugins. Spent about 10 hours finding plugins from random runelite forks and updating them to work with the current version. Now my runelite has all the random konduit features that were sick :')


Hey guys, have been messing with cards for the past week whenever I have any down time. Pretty much playing with a deck and trying stuff I've learned for 5+ hours a day. My hands are super achy with a bit of pain. The last bend? on my index fingers have bruises, and the rest of my fingers are generally just achy and feel awkward. I've had problems in my past with tendinitis/hand pain, is this normal in the learning process or should I be worried? I stretch my hands pretty often and try to take breaks but the pain is worrying to me.

Any advice appreciated : )

Look into musician hand stretches if you have not already. I do them when my hands act up during card stuff. Sadly, if the wrist really is acting up not much I can really do to fix it outside of ice, brace and rest.

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Original Poster1 point·2 days ago

Gotcha I'll start doing some stretches : )

Yeah it definitely sucks, I had to quit playing guitar because of my wrists. No problems with handling cards though and I've never heard of anyone else having problems like that. Hope it gets better for you

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Original Poster1 point·3 days ago

Thanks mate, I've gotten wrist/hand pain from keyboard/mouse usage which really sucks because it's something I have to do as a career. Main thing that helped me was stretching/breaks/relaxed form. I'll try implementing that when messing with cards but it's hard to not tense your hands when learning something :p. Appreciate the advice and I'll be more careful : )

145 points·17 days ago·edited 17 days ago

I will give 50m to the first person to get one of these bots to the GE


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I'd kms if I had to go 8k at todt for pet

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Do u get the pet from the crates or right when the boss is killed? This guy either has the worst rng or the fattest stack of crates from todt lmao

127 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

It's a horrible idea... the closer someone gets to me the more room I leave ahead of me as now I have to assume their reaction time into the space ahead of me. With brake checking you are just going to piss someone off or get hit.

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Sometimes people just ride your ass without realizing it. Tap the brake so the brake lights come on but you dont slow down. Other driver will realize they are on your ass

We didn't use erasers, just our nails, it was a competition to see who would give up first.

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Kids will really do anything when they are bored

Within reason, yea.

This was before the internet, I think giving yourself a scab is slightly different from eating detergent.

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Man I lived in the middle of nowhere and was bored out of my mind. My friends and I did some really dumb shit to waste time

1.2k points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Trust me when I say you never want to have a gall bladder attack...

Edit : I have not read all the replies to this, it's gotten way more responses than I anticipated.

Personally I have been successful enough at controlling the symptoms that I have not had mine removed. I take Now Foods Super Enzymes with each meal. I've learned to judge how many capsules to take with each meal based on how fatty the meal is. I have also taken Now Foods Digest Ultimate in the past, but found it was more expensive and harder to find. I do eat a low fat diet and cook 95% of my meals myself.

When I do have an attack I take two prescription medications. The first is an opioid/acetaminophen pain killer at the lowest dose made. For me this acts in about 15 minutes and makes the pain bearable. The second drug I take at the same time is Dicyclomine, also known as Bentyl. For me this drug stops the gall bladder from spasming which ends the attack and pain from the attack. Again, for me, the dicyclomine will end an attack 45-60 minutes after I've taken it.

The above edit is NOT medical advice nor am I a medical doctor ;P This is how my licensed MD and I treat my gall bladder attacks. I generally have an attack once every 10-12 weeks. Dealing with it the way I do is considerably cheaper than surgery. I hope this helps someone out there, sucks to have bad genes for gall stones...

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Yeah, I definitely agree. I have never seen my dad cry in my entire life, except for when he had gall stones. Ive seen the man go through a heart attack, having balloons stuck up his nose, being almost unable to walk from spinal disc problems.. only cried from gall stones. Wouldnt wish it upon my worst enemy


What's up guys, been pretty depressed the past couple weeks because of GPU prices, and banging my head against a wall for thinking to wait on buying more GPUs.

Decided to do some very low IQ googling on modding GPUs to add more VRAM because my nice hot air station and soldering iron haven't been getting any work, and found some interesting threads on modding GPUs.

I lost a thread on a guy who desoldered Micron memory and soldered on Samsung successfully, but it makes me VERY ambitious. I have an old r9 270 2GB laying around, and I'm planning on desoldering the memory off of it and resoldering 4/8GB of Samsung memory onto it. The memory is pretty cheap, running around 6 bucks on eBay, and I would need 8 of them. Soldering 8 BGA chips doesn't sound fun at all, but it sounds like a really cool thing to test out.

Do you guys have any insight on this? Will post updates after I order and get the replacement memory.


This person comments saying that it's definitely possible, and you can switch brands as long as all of the memory is the same brand. I assume if I just flash the BIOS with the new brand it should be easy peasy. I'm not exactly too sure what specs exactly matter for mining(Clock speed, memory speed, memory size). Will try this for fun because I don't have much to do for the next couple weeks.

Soooo....what happened with your experiment? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Original Poster2 points·4 months ago

Still waiting on the memory ICs to come in from Asia. No updates on tracking yet

Let us know how this goes!

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Original Poster1 point·4 months ago

Will do, going to order the RAM soon. It's from china so who knows how long the shipping will take

This isn't really a polling issue. This is how the game was designed in terms of behaving differently if it registers any analog value before the digital press. You can avoid the analog value per trigger with the trigger trick before you actually start a game. Even with perfect polling you're going to still have this effect.

This is something that has already been discussed and it's honestly pretty balanced. Basically, if you go for a powershield, you're at a greater risk of getting hit. If you go for a regular shield, you're never going to get hit but you don't get the PS. If you want the best of both worlds, you can just use the trigger trick. The reason I say it's balanced is because even then when you use the trigger trick, the trade off is you can't lightshield on that particular trigger.

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Original Poster2 points·4 months ago

Its just a side effect of how melee functions. It can be wonky/inconsistent if you dont know about this, so I just made the vid to tell people the importance of having one of their triggers set up to be the primary shield/powershield button. If they dont know about how analog-> digital works, and how the outcome is inconsistent then Im sure it can be frustrating to figure out why its happening.

I would love a short summary in text. Basically for when I am slacking off at work but not slacking off so hard that I'm willing to watch and give all my attention to a YouTube video (even if it's really short).

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Original Poster1 point·4 months ago

Will do, would definitely make whatever Im talking about more clear as well

Hey, me and a friend have been messing around and we basically came to a conclusion that one of the hops in between US East and Chicago(where their servers are) is causing a problem. When you are routed through a certain server, which is completely the fault of your ISP, you will basically be fucked. You can either get a VPN, or just wait out until Verizon fixes it.

Are you on windows? If so you probably need to up your paging file(can't remember if this is required for AMD).

Windows is a bit weird with lots of GPUs, you could near more RAM, a larger paging file, or switch to linux!

If this isn't the case, definitely try booting with just 1-2 of each card individually to make sure every card works on their own. Post updates after : )

I'm almost never hit by the lasers because I DI away from the lasers entirely. Why would it be better to SDI the lasers?

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Diing the upthrow is a trap, leads to guaranteed folllowups. No di and sdi lasers gets you out everytime


What's up guys, I'm in available 6 pin poverty on my psu and was wondering how much wattage I should expect a PCIe riser to use.

Google has general answers to this, but I feel like my situation is somewhat different(I guess).

I have the TB250-BTC Pro, which has molex connectors on the Motherboard to give power to the PCIe slots(sidenote: I have a 2 psu rig, should I use my secondary PSU to give power to these slots to keep the GPUs, PCIe risers, and the molex connections on the same power rail?). Does giving power to these connectors make it so my PCIe risers don't need to draw as much power?

Can I full jank my setup and use 6 pin Y splitters to power multiple risers? Google hasn't given me much help for these questions, appreciate any advice ya'll have regarding it.

edit: Also I'm using 14 AWG cables, which claim they are rated for 250 watts. Not sure if that changes anything

My power cords have multiple connections for risers along the way. I have plugged 2 risers into 1 power cord and it works fine.

Not sure if that helps but it's all I got.

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Original Poster1 point·6 months ago

Gotcha, I've heard people saying to be careful with the daisy chain Molex/SATA power cables, not sure if it applies to 6 pin

Most standoffs in pc cases are metal so there’s direct earth contact between the mainboard and the case (the screw points on a mainboard always have little bits of metal around the holes for earthing).

Some good info in this post

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Original Poster2 points·6 months ago

ahh, that does make sense. I looked up the mobo grounding and it definitely uses the standoff screws for grounding. Can you go into more detail with the copper wire? (what wire to order, how to route it with 2 psus)

tyvm for info

I used a length of insulated copper wire (from a spare bit of 240v electric cable) and made a small loop at either end, one loop screwed to the psu and the other loop onto a motherboard lug. I fed the cable up under the lip of the gpu brackets and shaved off the insulation where the bracket touches the wire and then screwed the bracket down into the wood.

The cable effectively goes PSU->GPUs->motherboard, I don't think the order of things makes any difference just as long as they all share the same thick wire. With two PSUs I would connect one to the other and then onward to the graphics cards and mobo.

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Original Poster1 point·6 months ago

Gotcha, and you just connected the wire to one of the standoff holes? Will run by home depot to pick up some wire, seems like an easy fixup

What's up guys, decided to order a TB250-BTC PRO Ver. 6.x but I have some questions regarding it's setup.

Some people say you don't need to use powered risers, or you don't need to power your powered risers(which I currently have) because the mobo has MOLEX connectors to power your PCIE slots from there. This sounds sweet, but I have some questions regarding my dual PSU setup. A lot of people say to keep the PSUs seperate, as in don't power your risers with one PSU, and use another to power the GPUs. I did this, but now with the option to just not power the risers and instead just hook up the mobo I'm a bit confused. Is there potential to have any conflicts if I power the motherboards molex + GPUs with one psu, then have the motherboard on a seperate one? Will I run into issues? Not trying to fuck my setup up/burn my house down, will seriously appreciate any advice yall have for me <3


Hey guys, jw what I could have done wrong on my Iphone. I replaced the front screen/digitizer and now GPS is no longer working. Everything else is completely fine, and from some Google searching it seems like I didn't touch the GPS at all. Is there something dumb I did that makes the GPS no longer work? Thanks for any advice : )

Try changing the GPS/wifi antenna. If that doesn't work the trace BB_TO_AP_GPS_SYNC to the V1 pad under the baseband cpu may be broken. This is usually caused by the board flexing.

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Original Poster2 points·6 months ago

Will do, just seems curious that the wifi still works but the gps doesn't. Will also check the pad, tyvm for the advice.

In Quebec I charge 180 an hour for the girlfriend experience. When I was at the agency, on that I made 120. Now it's aproximately the same depending in which hotels I rent a room. Also if I'm doing outcalls I charge an extra since I don't drive and have to Uber my way there. I'm considering renting a small studio soon, because it would be much less expenses than hotel rooms all the time.

So yeah, between 120-180 an hour. Girlfriend experience already includes a lot but some things costs extra (like cum on face, in mouth or anal).

Also I'm talking for my city but one of the girls I worked with before is now an escort in Calgary and make 360 an hour. So it may vary quite a lot. Personnaly I don't need more. Three or four hours and I double what I make in two weeks at the office (part time).

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Be careful if you live in that apartment , you dont want people knowing where you live in that industry


Hey guys, made a post earlier but I just don't have a great understanding of FPGAs, MCUs, and their relation to sending digital video over usb 3.0. I see modern capture cards using this, which I do understand. But when I look at some capture units, specifically USB 2.0 ones, they just have a transceiver hooked up to the USB. Is there a reason for this? I assume if you want to send a large amount of data (uncompressed 1080p60) over USB then having an FPGA that can actually manage that much data is crucial. If I want to send less data, such as 480p60, could I just have a basic transceiver hooked up to a USB 3.0 controller like the cypress ez-usb?

Sorry for being brand new and not having a great understanding, I do this as a hobby and finding documentation regarding this specific problem is pretty hard. Made a previous thread but realized that using an FPGA to drive 480p seems like overkill.

Would appreciate any advice

You are setting out on a fairly difficult task for a beginner.

First of all, hardware design in an HDL is not intuitive and can be very tricky. You can easily code a design that simulates and even synthesizes but is garbage logic that is impossible to properly constrain and actually use in hardware. The tools such as Quartus, ISE, and Vivado are buggy, have high learning curves, and quirky as hell. Timing issues whether detected as a violation by the tools or not can make you question your sanity. Cryptic errors reported by the tool when it can't properly place, route, etc are also difficult to debug.

I'm not saying you can't or shouldn't try this but I would start with something dirt simple and work my way up. Maybe start with a course on the topic.

First learn to design synthesizable HDL. There are HDL primitives for most hardware blocks like priority-encoders, muxes, RAMs and ROMs, FSM's, etc. You will need to learn to simulate your modules (I use Verilator when my testbenches get too complex for Vivado or Quartus).

There are free courses that can teach you this stuff. You should probably do one of those before diving into any FPGA project.

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Original Poster1 point·7 months ago

Any advice on where I can start learning?

Also I cannot emphasize enough the importance of designing anything complex beyond a counter as an FSM. Learn to make them now. Don't create spaghetti logic that only you barely understand at the moment. When you one day come back to your code you will thank yourself. Also they scale much better.

Consider this: designs ALWAYS seem simpler than they are as you begin them, but you are hard headed and just started with some random collection of combinational blocks and flops because it's gonna be easy right? Then you realize you must add X to handle a case you didn't expect until it happened in sim. Then another side effect of X requires more logic you must add with logic in Y. Now because you didn't start with a FSM you can't easily convert that tangled ball of gates into an FSM. What you have now is an unmaintainable unscalable science project that only can barely understand. The bad news is I work on a team and I have been tasked with using your science project in actual hardware. I now must add some more logic Z to make it work in the actual hardware because your sim didn't expect the hardware to do something.

Sorry for the rant but my ASIC professor was so right when he said start with an FSM and if need be add more layers of them. FSM's scale wonderfully. Spaghetti logic does not.

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Original Poster1 point·7 months ago

Awesome, I'll give this a read.

I'm currently planning on just using a cypress ezusb fx3 to act as master, and have an hdmi transmitter going into this. I only want ot achieve 480p60fps so I think this should work well.

I'm also r eading through because their project is basically the same as mine, except they are using an FPGA. Will read through their code to get an idea of what I'm looking for.

Thank you so much for the help : )

My dad had gallstones 4 years ago, I have never seen him cry in my entire life but I heard him crying in agony at 5 am from the pain. Was one of the worst things I've ever seen, couldn't do anything except hug him to try and comfort him :'(. Got them removed a bit after, we were on vacation at the time and he decided he would live through it while we were visiting family lol

Strongly disagree on this point. The $120-150 price tag is way less relevant when you factor in the fact that CRTs are bulky, raise your power bill significantly, and only have one, maybe two purpose(s) which are melee or maybe retro gaming.

A monitor will not only display melee more vividly with only slight image differences from CRT (see that post Jesse Hertz wrote on facebook for details, posted across several region fb groups), but you can use a monitor for a lot more things than melee...

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There's already a lack of setups at every local scene that I've heard of. Melee players are cheap, I've learned from experience lol. Finding a CRT is really easy, and finding a light ~14-15 inch CRT that are easy to move is pretty easy. Melee players are MUCH more likely to pick up a $10 CRT and drag it around to get their venue refund than invest in gaming monitors. In MI, a large amount of the players here have no need for gaming monitors, they don't play other games really besides melee.

I feel you so much on the people saying no to friendlies. When I started I didn't see a reason to keep going because all I got for my money was 2 5 minute asswhoopings and most people there generally pretending that I don't exist or that I'm some scum when I try to start a conversation. Luckily I found some chill people early on or I would have stopped going

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A2 can be really scummy lol. They def have a clique there, find friends to play w/, festing will help you a lot


I have an IC that only accepts data in FIFO format. I'm trying to pass digital video (RGB) through it, but I really can't figure out what fifo.. actually is. I understand the idea of first in first out, but not what that means relative to data. I can't find anything on converting digital video, or and data into FIFO. Can someone drop some knowledge? tysm :)

Out of interest, what device is the video coming from?

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Original Poster1 point·8 months ago

Its 480p video that Im putting thru an adc, which I then want to go over usb

If you are starting with analog video, why not buy a $10 USB video capture device off ebay?

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Original Poster1 point·8 months ago

Encoders* sorry

Pen and paper has always done wonders for me. Hate having to search for resistor, type in it's value, then place it. Nice and easy to just draw

Original Poster5 points·8 months ago

I always start with pen and paper too, but this is good for small projects and not when you need to work with several people.

Right now we are two on the project and we can't possibly pass around a paper. Thanks anyway :)

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That makes sense, I like Fritzing and Kicad quite a bit for programs : )

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