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When you said Italian Immigrant and how your dad laughs at nothing, it immediately made me think of how my dad, the same type of blue collar Italian Immigrant, loses his shit everytime Home Alone 1 or 2 come on. My dad literally cries with laughter when Stan and Marv get tortured in those movies.

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Can confirm, my blue collared Italian dad also laughs at nothing but will laugh his ass off watching home alone

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Ben Franklin owned slaves for a while, but later in life decided to become an abolitionist after learning that African Americans and European descendants were near identical when it came to learning.

Believing that Africans are inferior to Europeans in terms of learning is a separate problem that doesn't really excuse anything -- even if it were true, that still wouldn't make owning people as slaves okay.

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This was a very common belief at the time. Obviously it's completely wrong today, but hundreds of years ago this was "common" knowledge, or at least accepted as fact. Imo n1 Ben Frank for clutching out the correct thing to do

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This was a very common belief at the time.

And even if that belief were true, it wouldn't have mattered -- that's the whole point I'm making.

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If you are born into a society where you are taught something is okay, but later in life realize that it was wrong, are you a bad person?

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You literally put the GPU in an oven to heat up and remelt the solder on it. You have to remove/cover some parts (most importantly plastic parts and some metals obviously). It's done when the solder under/inside one of the chips cracks and fails, this revives the GPU for about a month or so but it mostly works only once. This is also why you should be wary of cheap-ass GPUs from third-party sellers, some online merchants offer very short refund times (like, a week, two weeks) during which a microwaved/ovened GPU could work perfectly fine but would fail very soon after.

here's a video from LTT

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God bless ya for mentioning that ovening a GPU is a temporary fix to a permanent problem. A lot of people think that throwing a gpu in the oven will actually fix it for more than a few weeks

This is a bad mentality to have if your playing Runescape to impress other people you shouldn't be. Play for the individual achievement not for the praise of others because no one really gives a fuck besides you.

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Caring about what other virgins think of your pixels feelsbadman

I don't really know how jagex spot it tbh. If you legitimately went to your mates house to do it, did it - would they think you've bought it? Unless they look at the ip's of the accounts who've completed it to see if that IP has completed it on other accounts before

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Apparently they do it a few different ways. The main way they take away capes is looking at previous attempts and completion attempt. If it's your first time trying it and you do a perfect cape, you probably paid for your cape. Or, if you went from dying wave 50 to killing zuk, you probably paid for cape. Not sure if they still do it, but back when there were very few ppl getting cape this was apparently what they did

Fremennik theme also loads the fastest because there is no grass

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High IQ I'm switching now

Skllingmethods discord, has the best possible setup. this aint it.

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link pls

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So he's running component (YPbPr) from the Wii, into the Shuttle, the Composite passthrough from the Shuttle then goes into the CRT, while the Component passthrough goes into the other capture card?

Big brain setup tbh. I wouldn't have thought of it.

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Original Poster1 point · 29 days ago

This was actually how I did my setup but with my black magic acting up (black flickers that happen on the players tv and in the recording) I wanted to look into other methods. I do think the problem could potentially be an issue with my USB 3.0 power, which I could fix through using a pci usb 3 add on but I need to do more testing.

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I can ask my friend how he does it, but the black magic is such a piece of shit. On both of our computers if you click the black magic software while it's running the PC crashes. If you dare try to interact with the black magic in anyway, it stops showing video. Black magic has a pretty helpful forums where other users will help you, I'd try going there and asking questions. Good luck!!

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Jumping on this, forgive formatting because I'm on mobile. When you say broad daylight did it happen to be closer to early morning or sunset because....

When I was a young teen, I lived out in the middle of nowhere, 200 acres of land and no neighbors to speak of. One morning, just before dawn, I wake up with this...thing on my bed. Brownish grey skin, pus-colored eyes just a little too large for it's head, lanky arms and legs with a bulging stomach. It must have been about three or so foot tall but it was crouched Gollum style so it seemed smaller. It's skin looked a bit slimey but also stretched like it was too tight over his bones and it's joints were bulbous and swollen.

The amount of detail this thing still has in my head almost 20 years later is telling.

It was just sitting there looking at me with the most intense hate I've ever seen, it started to bare it's teeth with a wet rattling hiss sound starting at the back of its throat. Terrified, my sleepy brain decided "If I can't see it, it can't see me" and I snatched my blankets over my head. About half a minute later I look and he's gone. Told my dad, siblings, and grandmother about it later in the morning over breakfast. Immediately laughed at and told it was just a nightmare.

I do some digging over the next two weeks in our Encyclopedias (grandmother was a retired librarian and we didn't have as much access to the internet in our rural area) and decide that what I saw was definitely just a night terror. I'd never experienced one before but the details seemed right. I haven't shared my search for answers or even mentioned the little beasty since that first morning. Thinking I have my answer, it starts to fade from my mind...

Then one morning three or four weeks after my encounter my dad comes to the breakfast table visibly shaken. Pours his coffee, looks at me a long moment and goes: "NerdgasmGirl, that thing you saw? Did it have sharp teeth that looked sorta rotted and broken in places?"

I'm shocked at the question as I hadn't really mentioned it's teeth in my previous descriptions but I remembered that right before that brilliant thought to yank my blankets over my head it had started to bare it's teeth at me. I nodded and he says "I think that same thing was on my bed this morning. I blinked and it was gone." Back and forth with details: crouching on his bed, same seething hatred, how it's grey-brown skin seemed to meld with the pre-dawn light.

I feel a little validated but I'm still fairly certain my logical conclusion of night terror was correct. It seemed plausible that me mentioning the thing could influence my dad into seeing something similar. Siblings and grandmother all scoff and make fun of us. My grandmother being the loudest and most brutal commentator; she's a former librarian and while all that sci-fi/fantasy stuff is fun to read, it's not real.

Two days later my grandmother is cooking dinner as the sun's going down and the dogs start going nuts outside, not terribly unusual as wildlife would often wander past their fenced enclosure we kept them in at night. The only reason we'd built the enclosure was our dogs refused to be indoor dogs at night and we'd spotted bears roaming around the area probably smelling their food/table scraps. She glances out the window, gasps loud enough to get everyone's attention and immediately ducks away from the window and sets her attention very obviously to her cooking.

Little Brother: What did you see? Grandma: Nothing. LB: No, really, what was it?

My sister and I perk up now as my grandmother sounds very uncomfortable, which is not normal for her. She's getting the inquisitive stare down from three kids and quickly breaks. "I... I think I just saw NerdgasmGirl's monster run across the yard."

Everyone goes to look, no sign of it but this is enough for me to believe that what I saw was real. Me seeing it? Nightmare. Dad seeing it, probably influenced by me. My grandmother seeing it at a different time of day and in a situation where she wasn't possibly influenced by a sleepy half-awake brain?

That thing was real but I still have no idea what it was or what it wanted. I saw the thing from a distance a few more times while I lived there, usually in the yard and moving damned fast but always pre-dawn or sunset when the light seems a little more greyish or orange-y so it seemed more like a shadow than anything. Haven't seen it since moving away and living in a more urban area.

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Jesus christ I'm on r/askreddit not nosleep its 2 am and I have shit to do tomorrow

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Wouldn't know, since no one will ever teach ToB or play with anyone who doesn't have kc

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There are multiple learning discords for finding other players: )

Agreed, I don't care if someone calls me the n word or flames me. I can just mute them and we can still try to win. If someone ints/afks/trolls then we instantly lose. The fact people can actually ruin the game and not be punished, but saying mean words gets you perm banned is absurd. Have never been chat restricted personally so it's not like I'm salty about it, just hate having my game ruined by 1 player when I play for fun.

Justiciar doesn’t work in inferno. The helm is bis but set does nothing

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It does work, there are multiple videos of people using it. It's like the bcp tank method but better

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Why are you cheering the renovation of a beautiful public building, the cornerstone of what would have been a great public transport system, and turning it into new Ford office building?

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Because this run down, closed building has been there for around 30 years. Now it's going to be a nice office employing more people of detroit

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what did A Kq Pet Fan do

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Either an absurd amount of lava runecrafting, or paid people to run essence for him at ZMI for fat gainz

Wouldn't runners be better for death runes than ZMI?

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Afaik no, there are clan chats and discords made around zmi running. Assume its because of how close the bank is

Yep. That's why they cut his channel: He was getting too close to the truth about space reptilians. Shame on him for using a service owned by space reptilians, though.

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I think this is enough proof to awaken the uneducated American masses about how the CEOs and politicians they worship are shapeshifting reptilians.

If Martha Stewart didn't wake us up, nothing will.

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God bless

There’s plenty of teletabs and jewellery these days so its possible without

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Humidify makes it 10x better, having to deal with refilling the watering cans without it is a huge pain

everyone who knows math knows it's op. it's really good at most places, and completley overpowered at a certain handful.

juz cuz u never took a high school math class doesn't mean it should stay in its current state.

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Can u list the spots that its op at? Curious :)

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You will be grounded after spending a couple frames in the air, yes. This is why you need to delay your shines when multishining.

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whoops didn't believe you and 20xxd it and I'm wrong

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Yeah it's just 2 jumpable aerial frames, so it's easy to miss. Interestingly, it's always 2 frames regardless of whether you full hop or short hop, and regardless of whether you are Falco or Fox.

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Yeah I was a bit curious so I messaged kjh on it and he says that the only reason to do the shine late is because jumping from those 2 frames is basically TAS only. Really weird

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Hey mate, prepare for some grueling learning because ur team kc is irrelevant to how you are gonna be in solos. Every room is pretty much the same, some being a bit more tedious, some being easier solo. But on olm if you dont want to suicide an inventory ur gonna have to learn and practice a lot to consistently get fast times

Eve Online requires about 21-22 years to fully train every skill available, at least it's passively training though. Since the game has only been going 15 years, nobody has trained everything legitimately.

And there's a structure worth 100+ trillion, moneymaking per hour at best is 500mil-1bil with standard methods, but the materials required to create the structure, which must be mined or gathered, would take another 4-5 years of gathering at least on top of what people already have. It's kind of insane, but not an individual grind so not really the same.

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Not a fair comparison imo, you can ignore most skills in that game and it doesn't matter. Racial ships/their weapons don't need to be trained unless you want to be flying a million different ships. Also skill injectors made the game MUCH easier to get into, and it's actually realistic to inject the majority of your skills if you are good at making isk.

Soft cap is now 60/61 with the highest players being lv 63 (62-63 is ~ 10000 hours). The soft cap with gear is full TET armour/weapons and TRI golden accessories or TET blue accessories.

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Mate I played for awhile and got put on suicide watch after so many fucking tet roulettes. bdo gives me fucking nightmares

yeah i was one of those guys that couldnt peg each healer while maintaining eye contact with jad, dragon darts is the way to go

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bring a few chins just to aggro the healers : ) can get 3 of them just by tossing a chin at jad

just raid on konduit. it is the supreme client for raids and only raids.

Im serious, it's so helpful and has so many functions that for some reason are banned on other clients. A number of high level PvMers use konduit literally only for Xerics because its OP.

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I hate konduit a LOT, but a few days ago I was reading through some of the runelite faq and learned about the removed/rejected plugins. Spent about 10 hours finding plugins from random runelite forks and updating them to work with the current version. Now my runelite has all the random konduit features that were sick :')


Hey guys, have been messing with cards for the past week whenever I have any down time. Pretty much playing with a deck and trying stuff I've learned for 5+ hours a day. My hands are super achy with a bit of pain. The last bend? on my index fingers have bruises, and the rest of my fingers are generally just achy and feel awkward. I've had problems in my past with tendinitis/hand pain, is this normal in the learning process or should I be worried? I stretch my hands pretty often and try to take breaks but the pain is worrying to me.

Any advice appreciated : )


Look into musician hand stretches if you have not already. I do them when my hands act up during card stuff. Sadly, if the wrist really is acting up not much I can really do to fix it outside of ice, brace and rest.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Gotcha I'll start doing some stretches : )

Yeah it definitely sucks, I had to quit playing guitar because of my wrists. No problems with handling cards though and I've never heard of anyone else having problems like that. Hope it gets better for you

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Thanks mate, I've gotten wrist/hand pain from keyboard/mouse usage which really sucks because it's something I have to do as a career. Main thing that helped me was stretching/breaks/relaxed form. I'll try implementing that when messing with cards but it's hard to not tense your hands when learning something :p. Appreciate the advice and I'll be more careful : )

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I will give 50m to the first person to get one of these bots to the GE


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Truffle did it rofl was a journey -

I'd kms if I had to go 8k at todt for pet

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Do u get the pet from the crates or right when the boss is killed? This guy either has the worst rng or the fattest stack of crates from todt lmao

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It's a horrible idea... the closer someone gets to me the more room I leave ahead of me as now I have to assume their reaction time into the space ahead of me. With brake checking you are just going to piss someone off or get hit.

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Sometimes people just ride your ass without realizing it. Tap the brake so the brake lights come on but you dont slow down. Other driver will realize they are on your ass

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