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It’s not about your computer it’s the software your device is on

90 points · 2 days ago

Anyone thinking about making the jump ? I’m tempted.

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I’ve played with iOS 12 beta before jailbreaking, I’m going back to iOS 12 again. So smooth and I honestly don’t need a jailbreak

this pretty funny after seeing your other post lmaoo

ya it's i'd rather not talk about it just do that shit

1.1k points · 4 days ago

he was a kid. people just grow up.

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he has matured but a lot of his old self is still there, he's just toned it down

can you imagine old tyler on twitter today? he's already been deleting tweets when people get uncomfortable. I was so sad when he had to delete his tweet on XXX's death because his 'twitter stans' had to tell him he couldn't like X

3 points · 5 days ago

no bruh 💀

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ya probs not i was just laughing during her verse tho

Original Poster10 points · 5 days ago

high af rn so i cant really tell but i think his verse goes hard

Oh right, I’m thinking of the Pixel. But still. Samsung with all their damn bloatware isn’t much better 😭

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The galaxy phones aren't bad at all. I'm still with my iPhone because of iMessage, better app store, and constant updates

How do you know the version is the GM one?

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That’s what Apple is calling it on their website

I'm not in America and it doesn't say GM anywhere for me

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An option to pan when you swipe pages would be really cool too

one of the biggest reasons magnolia went mainstream was because the hook had no swearing

18 points · 15 days ago

bb grl we can do planb

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i walk in the bih, they playin mah shit

walk in the bih, eyes on the kicks

walk in the bih eyes on the fit

i look at yo bitch and blow her a kiss (muah ooo)

My entire phone would go black and the buttons wouldn’t be responsive. I just held home and power button for like 15+ seconds till it restarted

Start the day with Long Time, end it off with Flatbed

(everything else during the day)

3 points · 19 days ago

Spotify premium has the same features (no adds, can download all content to play offline). They're podcasts have greatly expanded and they added a Video section. Not sure how that is tho. But to each their own I guess

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Ya but YouTube Red gives you both music and an ad free YouTube. But I’m paying for both YouTube Red and Spotify right now because I have ppl following my spotify. Otherwise I’d just pay for YouTube because it doesn’t make sense to pay for 2 music services

i used “i was brought up different, so my vision different.” as my senior quote last year.

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That ones dope for senior quote

Nah bruh it was P. It was the skeleton of Love Hurts. He was tryna put in the 808s in the video.

Do you know where the original video is?

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Am I the only person that doesn't care if an artist bites off another artists style

I mean of course if they do it well and add something to it. I love carti but smokepurpp can go hard too, and comethazine sounds just like purpp so it goes hard too lmao

On another note purpp and carti don't even sound the same anymore

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