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This is dope bro, never heard kvng zuzi's remakes but they're so hard. Only negative for me is probs removing leven kali's part on flex but otherwise this is cool

edit: the roblox death sounds lmaooo

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😂😂😂thx but I wasn't feeling his part tho

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ya dude hope you do a die lit one, you should ask the sub what they want changed too

self titled are all bangers and just fun, die lit is more cohesive to a theme and conveys more emotion imo

the omen, 4tspoon, talk, chill freestyle, fake AF, pump fake, (and ofc broke boi, what, fetti)

I think it's good for people to not know their MMR, especially low elo players. People already get so hung up on their LP, imagine seeing your MMR change so big and constantly.

If anything, I wouldn't even be mad if they hid LP and it was more similar to CSGO for example

i love carti his interviews are so fucking rare

I signed the Joja contract not knowing wtf it was oops

Ancient seeds are rare? I've found like 3 before mid summer. This is my first play through.

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Fairly rare, you wanna plant them and put them into a seed maker so that you can fill your greenhouse with ancient seeds ideally

I'm a Carti fan but I've heard this album like 5 or 6 times and it still hasn't clicked, I think I just need to see the live set, this is wild

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u gotta listen to it 7 times

idk man i thought die lit would never top his self titled but i love this album for what it is, there's so much more of a direction going on with this one. R.I.P, Home, and Lean 4 Real feel so dark i love it. Pull Up, Shoota, Choppa Won't Miss are fun like his self titled. Long Time is so dope too, it's like a victory lap for carti. And i've been bumping flatbed freestyle every night cause it feels so emotional lmao

dude i dont even know why im writing this much but I just love this album I could go on forever about every song

I kinda agree with this whole heartedly except for Don’t Matter To Me, I actually fuck w that song.

Today I listened to some of drakes older albums and remembered why I did like him. He sounds so much more hungry. Scorpion sounds so boring in comparison

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Don't Matter To Me definitely doesn't sound bad or anything, it's the only song I listened to more than once from the album. But I still agree with his points on it, the feature also just wasn't special. MJ didn't bring anything for Drake that someone like the Weeknd could've done, it definitely looks like a flex with the feature

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His previous style was appealing to more people. This emo punk stuff is not for everyone .

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if carti was trying to appeal to everyone then his music would be lyrical

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I was referring to his fashion LOL.

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Ya I know lol

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The flows are heat, but he spits the wackest verses ever

The only freestyle I like that he's done was the video with the white girl getting piped on the sofa

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"i just send them xd rawr, when i be texting your whore"



What mods are you using that work on CO-OP?

I just bought the game with my friend, was wondering what mods I could download on this beta. What mods can I download, and does my friend have to also? Thanks!

Original Poster10 points · 25 days ago

Just cool to see Carti happy about it in the back

Original Poster3 points · 29 days ago

I can’t choose honestly but I put that one down bc that’s how I start every morning w that vibe

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no cap and gown i aint go to class, i'd rather die before i come in last

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I don't care if people hate X, he obviously isn't leaving behind some angelic legacy. But the people who are dismissing everyone else's emotions and telling them they shouldn't feel bad are terrible. They're people that are literally still alive today because of his music, let them feel sad.

I obviously hate X for being an abuser, but I'd be lying if I said he didn't positively influence me a bit. Ya call me a bad person for feeling sad about his death but the fact that I will never see him grow up is devastating. He was so unique, hip hop is missing something for me without him.

everyone downloaded this song through limewire to put on their cheap mp3 player

from his first album, Location and Flex

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