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While I appreciated the detail in the recipe, the life history and ads leading up to it annoyed the heck out of me.

If you’re in Papillion, Walnut Creek or chalco is nice. I think Chalco had a dog area by a smallish pond that they can get in to

Zorinsky Lake usually has a pretty good crowd. I like to take my dog with a really long lead to the park on 192nd and Dodge but I don't know the name of it

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Lawrence Youngman lake

Meth for sure. As an added bonus: after you lose teeth you’ll slow down your eating therefore getting full faster!

maybe they're trying to protect the neighborhood from Martians, not Mexicans.

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I do worry about those Martians and their weird green antennae and the UFOs. The thing that bothers me the most though is the crop circles! This is our livelihood that they are encroaching on. I just wish that the public was more concerned about our farmers. It’s easy for us omahans to live in our urban area and not consider how these crop circles are affecting the rest of the state. I also worry about how these UFOs are affecting the livestock! PTSD IS REAL PEOPLE! REPORT THESE ALIENS ASAP

I'm a 43 yr old woman and my bed sits directly on the floor. Got tired of jumping into the hallway from the bed.

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Good idea! I can not stand next to my bed. Something will definitely grab me or slice my Achilles

i actually don't know personally. i mean i see a LOT of people buying jugs of it at costco everytime i go. but i mean it's not selling as fast as say cereal or something, but usually i'll see a few dozen jugs in various people's carts whenever i go.

my personally i don't use it that often, at least doesn't feel that often. maybe every other day i'll pour some into my milk to go with my cereal to make it a little extra sweet. obviously whenever i have pancakes. but otherwise not much, oh i use it to make sandwiches sometimes.

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Are you an elf named Buddy?

This reminds me of an eighties movie with a comet that turned everyone that was looking at it into red dust. What was that movie?

That’s it! Thanks. That movie freaked me out when I was a kid

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Were you guys at the Cajun festival at midtown tonight? Saw a beautiful dog just like this there

Drunk now, and wanting to try to do a handstand. Seems like a bad idea....


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How does he have a child? Who is this woman? I need more.

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Yeah- and I’m wondering why he lost visitation. Obviously some mental issues going on there

Well it's gonna be a pain in the ass if they have to get into that wall and do any work in 30 years.

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I was thinking the same thing. They’d have to chip through it just to find the wiring and pipes. Sounds like a nightmare

The pan is okay. They can keep the slab.

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The cast iron pan is kind of smart. If it’s heated it would keep the meal hot longer

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I’d be relieved. There are so many policies and procedures that they nitpick on and you probably haven’t been exposed to many of them yet. Consider yourself lucky

I got to just above my goal weight then tried to moderate but gained 3 pounds. Now I’m tracking more closely again and adding a little exercise (a mile a day in May). Hoping to lose a few pounds then keep tracking. I think that tracking is going to to have to be a continued lifestyle otherwise the pounds will creep on.

Look up crock pot Keto recipes. I feel meat in the crock gets very tender Edit:spelling

Fentanyl is some strong shit. I had a patient that was having terrible 10/10 pain for a couple days and nothing was helping so her doctor ordered a fentanyl patch. When I took the patch out, it was about the size of my pinky fingernail. I was pissed off thinking that it wasn’t going to do crap. I put the patch on her back and she slept all night. It was amazing.

My parents live at The Arsarben ones. They love it. Lots of activity in the summer, the pools are nice and it’s walking distance to alsarben village. There are lots of concerts in the summer and there’s a farmers market every Sunday which is fun. I’d definitely recommend

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