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Palana commented on a post in r/CozyPlaces
Five5h 1 point

Can anybody tell how the far wall is finished, I love it!

Palana 8 points

Judging from the cracks in the right corner, it might be a giant slab of stone. If they built the wall to conform to the face of a giant piece of stone that was already on the property, that would explain the window conforming to the edges of the structure.

Edit: robot no think me spell goud.

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Palana 73 points

This is part of the larger conversation about predictive AI. There is a company you've probably never heard of in Silicon Valley called Palantir, with a valuation of 50 billion dollars. Their main source of Revenue is the US government. They're a data mining company, focused on crime prevention. Zuckerberg was asked about the company several times the hearings. You've heard about what's going on in China possibly. You've seen Minority Report. Minority Report style intelligence-gathering is already here. If they're worth 50 billion dollars today, extrapolate on that number. How long till they're worth half a trillion if they continue their growth at the current pace of 20+% a year?


Google search for Palantir.

Edit: am on mobile, typos.

DigiMagic 8 points

Why do rally cars almost always drift through corners, while formula cars almost never drift? I mean, if one of these strategies allows for faster driving than the other, why aren't both sports using the same better strategy? (I've thought the video would explain it, but it doesn't even mention it.)

Palana 23 points


Palana commented on a post in r/worldnews
0b_0101_001_1010 291 points

This is how John Wick begins...

Only need to switch:

  • John Wick -> Sergei Skripal
  • dog -> cat
  • beaten to death -> nerve-gassed to death
  • russian mob -> Vladimir Putin himself

The script would probably have been to unbelievable even for John Wick's standards, yet since Trump is president reality seems to beat fiction every day.

Palana 29 points

He will never return to baseline. The class of nerve agents used in the attack, norvichok agents, differ from more common nerve agents such as sarin or VX in that they cause permanent physiological damage. He is a crippled vegitable at this point.

Palana commented on a post in r/todayilearned
removable_muon 96 points

But it does get dislodged after 18 hours right?

Palana 9 points

Not if you take a thumbprint.

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