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I'm glad the title explained the topic clearly, I'm glade the title explains the topic clearly.

The_Write_Stuff 68 points

How do you separate money laundering from tax avoidance? Because they both use very similar strategies.

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mcsharp 100 points

Thing is.....nowhere is currently a good place for nuclear disposal. See: Yucca Mountain.

But near a river?! Gtfo of here with that stupidity.

Palana 7 points

Yucca mountain was a failure. We store our waste in New Mexico now. There are 56 chambers, each 100 meter long.

vinegarstrokes1 3 points

That's just for weapons waste though. We still don't have a permanent home for fuel waste, which is much more abundant

Palana 1 point

No one has a good answer. Personally I think this disposal method looks promising. Here is a full list of disposal methods.

mamaguebazo 3 points

Neck game stronger than OP’s mom.

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They ranged from Europe to China. The name is owed to the fact that the majority of specimens have been recovered from Irish bogs. There antlers were the largest of any know deer species, measuring 12 ft from tip to tip. Wiki.

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Each one of these machines is know as a HPHT cubic press (high pressure high temp). It is not the only way to make a diamond but it is one of the cheapest. A new machine will run you about $450,000. Synthetic diamond wiki, or buy your very own new or used cubic press.

Edit: the factory pictured is relatively small, here is what a large operation looks like.

Binx13 1 point

I don't go down to Northwood Rd. enough tbh, I saw a Ferrari California a couple years ago down there.

Palana 1 point

Nice. I saw this beast yesterday,

lukeaw2525 1 point

Where is west palm?

Palana 1 point

Right about here, 415 Northwood Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

digophelia 2 points

What body part is this bone from?

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Palana 25 points

Source, and wiki for the sloth . The article talks about a specimen that died 30,000 years ago, while the species did not go extinct until 8-10,000 years ago. The oldest human ruins found in South American are over 14,000yo.

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RubelliteFae 1 point

Being trained in archaeology I'm loving OP's question. I had no idea there was a musical instrument that old. Rock drums are quite old as well, but I don't recall how old.

What's most amazing about this flute is that age and location make it very possible that it was made by H. sapiens neanderthalensis

Palana 2 points

Neanderthals were much more advanced than people give them credit for. Some of the oldest jewellery comes from Neanderthal sites. Anatomically they were bigger than modern humans. I would like to think (or hope) that it was a genetic or viral problem that wiped them out, not us.

PIP_SHORT 1 point

someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that flute found to have a pentatonic scale?

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therealBoomboy 1 point

Wait, humans had reached GERMANY, let alone Europe 400,000 years ago?! This is definitely new to me!

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Mordecaya 1 point

I've always found wooden artifacts to be fascinating. We've got a pretty good idea of the evolution of stone tools, all the way from what are basically apes banging rocks together all the way up to sophisticated spear heads, arrow heads, and other tools. They're stone, so they last a long time. But wood is soooo much easier to work with that of course our ancestors must have been working with wood for a lot longer before they started working with stone. But there's practically no record of it since wood decays so fast. Who knows how long tribes of primitive hominids were developing different types of tools, weapons, shelters, etc. with wood before they started leaving archaeological traces with more durable materials? Just thinking about that "arms race" and how little we know about it is amazing.

Palana 3 points

You would have fun looking up bone artifacts. Most of the very old artifacts are crafted from bone, antlers (bone), or ivory.

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