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emprss_theodora 1 point

With such a prominent light source I'm gonna say lens flare... And a fairly common kind: Google blue dot lens flare...

Panicpete23 2 points

That looks like a winner. Thank you

emprss_theodora 1 point

The lurking skeptic... At your service bows 😊

Panicpete23 2 points

I’m totally fine with skeptics. I’m one myself. I just didn’t recognize that. Lol

best_little_biscuit 4 points

The watermark isn't yours. General reposti?

Panicpete23 6 points

You are a bold one!

JuanLum 7 points

r/prequelmemes will enjoy this.

Panicpete23 8 points

Someone should screenshot this and post it on prequel memes for 45 karma

Urzatron79 18 points

This is a masterpiece. I am so proud, we are like brothers. Now only to get him going with some zetas. Ahem...

WhiteStripesWS6 3 points

You gonna be throwing G12+ pieces on the ol Loby?

Panicpete23 1 point

Yeah. I don’t know how to update pic without deleting post. I did it

Panicpete23 1 point

I put the two g12 pieces on him and modded him for speed. I’m going to run a gw with him as a lead. See how it he does with my droids.

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PRSMesa182 1 point

I am one exam in myself, passed CIPTV1 a month or so ago. It would seem that most vendors don't create courses for collab as they don't sell well. Makes us collab guys more valuable 😉

Panicpete23 1 point

Dang, that’s crazy. I never took an np level class. How was it? And how much are the np level exams.

Panicpete23 1 point

Wow, that is some heavy stuff. I’ll look into that

Panicpete23 1 point

Use the first link more so than the second link. Run through the “learn” category in the quizlet app about 5 times through and you should be good.

Panicpete23 1 point

Interesting. I was just about to start finding materials for ccnp ciptv 1, but will maybe just study some stuff before buying a book. If you need flash cards, I’ll give you mine

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