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Joe be lookin thiccc boi

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creatine makes you swell up

It was a joke because Rogan has mentioned this numerous times on the podcast...

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gut flora

Oh my god.. There is a significant chance that he will pardon this piece of shit.

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no there isn't. don't be stupid.

It's both. Homophobia is another reason why it was an abusive situation. It's not a separate issue. Children and teens need to know they are loved unconditionally. That isn't possible with homophobia, unless it's something like "well, I do think being gay is a sin, but none of us are sinless. This is between you and God, and I love you no matter what" (which I would be glad to get from my parents, even if it isn't the best reaction in the world.)

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sounds like they tortured all the kids regardless of sexual preference. after reading the article I'm confused why they mentioned his coming out at all. it had nothing to do with it. guess they needed more of a headline grabber than "kid tortured to death for years while DCFS does nothing after repeated reports of abuse"

(being a member of MS13) this was not classified or flagged as a safety threat to Anthony. Being a member of one of the most dangerous gangs in history was not flagged as a safety threat

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This has to be the worst DCFS director in history, at least I hope so. I'd really like to see the cases where they actually removed the children.

Uruguay is rather pleasant. I'd prefer it to the US personally if I had to chose, but obviously language and possible relationship links to the US could matter to other prospective immigrants.

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plus they got legal drugs. wooo

Any sleep issues with taking the tia in the evening?

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None that I have noticed. I only use recreational doses, if anything it helps me get to sleep easier.

Normally I would try to give benefit of doubt since I don't know any of these people personally but that was fucking weird as hell. He knows he is on camera, was his plan to just pretend he didn't realize where his hand was?

Your outrage is justified today reddit, enjoy it.

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She may have been fucked up but Ambien doesn't make you a racist. It just let her racism come out publicly. I say some crazy shit when I'm black out drunk but I don't turn racist. It's still a version of me when I'm intoxicated.

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people definitely say shit they don't mean when they are fucked up. saying it "brings out the real person" is retarded. part of what makes you who you are as a person is your ability to decide what to say and what not to say. there are things i would never say sober that I have said drunk, I've said outright lies about myself while drunk. drugs can bring out inner demons and repressed thoughts but they can also have you do some silly shit that is completely out of character.

i don't think roseanne hates black people, she just failed to realize that making jokes and insulting people based on how they look can get you fired. someone probably just didn't like working with her and took the opportunity to cancel the show.

ABC doesn't want anyone remotely supportive of Trump on its networks. They cancelled Last Man Standing under even more specious circumstances. That is, no one who worked on the show is sure why it was cancelled(2nd-highest rated show on the network)

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I didn't realize she was a Trump supporter, the over reaction makes a lot more sense now. The hate for Trump is so insane I can't even understand it. I couldn't name one thing any president has ever done that has effected me directly and I am 32 years old.

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Do you have a shelter for animals to free roam on acres of land? Do you go to Africa to do conservation research? Are you a vegan? No? Then shut the fuck up you fucking hypocrite.

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yes i have all those things

No, you don't. Get over yourself.

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ya huh

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all those topics he rambled on about.

they just supercut clips 1 second or less. I don't doubt he rambled about crazy shit but when every clip is less than 1 second it makes trying to figure out context impossible. now I have to go watch this shit myself.


They have a lot of other ingredients that you may or may not want, but usually just a lot of creatine and vitamins on top of the caffeine. Way cheaper option and they taste better imo.


Definitely wouldn't be feeling good about myself for downing a preworkout to sit around playing World of Warcraft. Ultra Monster just seems less out of place

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

they also got stuff for "focus and energy" so maybe you can grind longer. i take nootropics and play Rocket League, I consider them performance enhancing drugs.

If my kid was given to my wife to take care of, like Hilary suggests, no, I would not say my family was torn apart.

If my child was imprisoned in a camp against my wishes, without any contact with my family, yes, I would say my family way torn apart.

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Original Poster3 points · 3 months ago

ok so you don't have a wife, or she was arrested to and the rest of your family is in another country 1000 miles away. now what?

Get in contact with the family, and once you can arrange delivery, fly the kid home to live with his/her closest relatives.

If the kid dosen't have any close family, treat the child the same as any other orphan, and give them citizenship through adoption.

I think it's important to remember, the child had no say in being brought over illegally, so we must insure the best outcome for the child, even if that means citizenship. They shouldn't be punished for their parent's actions.

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Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

how do you know that's not what they are doing now? you think they plan to just hold these kids forever?

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Your logical fallacy is "whataboutism"

Whataboutism (also known as Whataboutery) is a form of defensive propaganda used to counter criticism (usually from "the West", and usually on blatant human rights abuses) with a "What about...?"-question vaguely, if at all, related to the original issue. It is a specialized red herring version of the tu quoque fallacy, sometimes implementing the balance fallacy as well.

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vaguely, if at all, related to the original issue.

By this definition this does not appear to be "whataboutism" as it is entirely related to the current issue.

So the republican party is consciously destroying the world or at least willfully doing nothing to stop it just so they and their friends can get richer? These evil masterminds somehow decided the best way to do this was to organize with Russia and get a reality tv star and real estate mogul elected president of the United States? I know he didn't mention Russia but we have to assume that was part of the master plan. Man, what a wild ride!

from my experience in kitchens we use tons of butter and oil not because it tastes better but because it keeps meat from sticking to the pans and helps food cook faster. even steaks will get sprayed with cooking oil so they don't stick to the grill.

Original Poster2 points · 3 months ago

So... what? You're mad because I'm not criticizing CNN at the same time I'm criticizing Fox? You realize this is "whataboutism" right?

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whataboutism is just a meaningless buzzword reddit likes to use. it's perfectly fair to compare previous presidents and how the media treats them.

except that you are unwilling to do that and when clear evidence is presented, immediately change the subject. that is the definition of "whataboutism"

whataboutism is just a meaningless buzzword reddit likes to use

please take your schtick to /r/iamverysmart where intellectual bankruptcy is not only appreciated but celebrated

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lel, the original post is already "whataboutism" so his reply was retarded to begin with. "but what about how they treated Obama" was the point of the entire video. it's stupid anyway, Fox is always going to support the Republican president and hate the democrat and CNN is always going to do the opposite. that's just how it works. was anyone supposed to be surprised they changed their tune when a republican was in charge?

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I’m enjoying this but he talks way too fast

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It's everything I would expect to see in a propaganda film made for the NK leader. They even threw in a basketball clip for good measure.

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the dankest timeline

12 points · 3 months ago

What'd he beg for? A Russia Investigation? Because I'm happy we have that, as is Oliver.

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he begged for Trump to run for president. "DO IT DO IT" because he was sure he would be good material for jokes and then lose the election.

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