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Papi_Queso commented on a post in r/stopdrinking
Papi_Queso 2 points

So true. Examining anxiety with curiosity and acceptance is a great mindfulness technique. I have started meditating for 20 minutes every day for the past month or so...and now it is gone.

Ayshaselijah 1 point

I have always heard great things about meditation. I Personally have not yet been able to successfully meditate but I hear it is very effective.

Papi_Queso 1 point

Start out with just a few minutes a day. Guided meditations are the best way to start. I use the free Insight Timer app on my phone. It takes just a little practice...the benefits are incredible.

Papi_Queso commented on a post in r/stopdrinking
Papi_Queso 1 point

I feel "owning" my alcoholism helps me stay sober. I don't go around broadcasting it from the rooftops, but I am open and honest with my close friends and family. It makes me accountable and strengthens my support network. When I tell my loved ones, they are genuinely interested, supportive, and proud.

MonkeysDidIt 2 points

Hadn't thought of the owning it aspect.

Papi_Queso 1 point

I think I became so fed up with living such a lie when I was hiding my drinking, the opposite approach worked best for me in sobriety. It's liberating. No more secrets.

Papi_Queso commented on a post in r/stopdrinking
Papi_Queso 1 point

Write a list of things you have to do this month. Break it down to weeks. Then days. Don't give yourself too much to do in a day. You're only at day're over the hump, but you are probably still experiencing some of the anxiety associated with withdrawal. You'll feel much better by day 7. You can do this. Easy does it.

Papi_Queso commented on a post in r/stopdrinking
Papi_Queso 1 point

Cooking and red wine were tough for me too. Any time I get a strong craving like that, I always fast-forward to the next morning. Imagine how you will feel. One glass turned into one bottle. One bottle turned into two. It's morning and you have stuff to do, but you have that wicked red wine ass-kicking. Your mouth is still purple and you wanna puke. You're anxious as hell and gotta take care of the wife...

Papi_Queso commented on a post in r/stopdrinking
Papi_Queso 1 point

The Voice of Addiction does a good job at reminding me of the good times. For me, these are particularly from the period of time early-on before alcohol had started taking it's toll. "Remember your last drunk."is a great tool to counteract the romanticizing. All I have to do is recall how miserable I felt before I quit. I remember the shaking, the "morning horrors" (panic attacks waking up after a bender), the bloating, the depression, the memory problems, the GI tract problems, the wasted money, the drunken arguments with my wife, the days of my life wasted with the curtains drawn while hungover, etc. Sure I had a lot of good times with alcohol early on (South African vineyard tours...chenin blanc and pinotage!) but those days are looooooong gone! Research has also shown that relapsing will reset the addicted brain back to day 1. All of those precious neurotransmitters you have cultivated will be washed away. "Like taking a lawnmower to your garden." There is no amount of pleasure or fun alcohol could provide to be worth that.

Papi_Queso commented on a post in r/stopdrinking
Papi_Queso 2 points

My wife and I keep a strict rule of keeping our home alcohol-free (not even cooking wine). Although we wouldn't be tempted to drink it, just having it around would occupy space in our minds. We enjoy being free from the slavery of alcohol, why keep the chains and shackles in the attic?

Papi_Queso commented on a post in r/stopdrinking
Papi_Queso 1 point

Congrats! 7 days is a huge milestone. Your body is still adjusting to the absence of the depressant effects of alcohol. Your brain is finally getting proper REM sleep. It has a lot of catching up to do. Soon you will require less sleep and feel energized throughout the day. Hang in there...

b_yourself 13 points

Your dog is my new favorite dog!! 🐾❤️

Papi_Queso 16 points
b_yourself 2 points

Oh my gaaaaah!!! Seriously, I don't know him/her but I love them!! S/he looks like a great partner in crime.

Papi_Queso 2 points

That's his guilty face. Poncho is one of the best dogs I have ever met. My wife and I got him as a rescue. He is incredibly smart and loving. I can't believe our luck.

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2020LMAO -126 points

I love President Trump. He is doing an outstanding job and I thank God every day that he won. We are finally on the path toward returning our country to the good, Christian pillars on which it was built. Peace, love, prosperity and liberty for all are good things!

Papi_Queso 2 points

Who would Jesus grab by the pussy?

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