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PaxSaysBye commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Draxaria 10 points

The banner is your reward. If you don’t like it, okay, but don’t blame the free additional gift for it.

PaxSaysBye 1 point

The problem with a bad free additional gift is that most likely we won't get goal explosions as a reward again for a long time and the explosions we are getting this season are not very detailed and are just extra.

PaxSaysBye commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Psyonix_Devin 3 points

Banners yet again

This is the second season we've done Player Banners, and we're including Goal Explosions this time around as well. :)

PaxSaysBye 1 point

I'm wondering why banners were chosen as the "main" reward and the goal explosions were considered an extra. From what I see in the community, players were really looking forward to getting goal explosions as the reward. Based on this, why aren't the goal explosions the "main" reward that are more detailed and specifically different for each rank?

PaxSaysBye commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Asaekan-Pointsup 3 points

Exactly @Alexander.

Edit: I didn't realize the OP was the one responding. Interesting. Wasn't even paying attention.

PaxSaysBye 5 points

Obviously, the thing holding the OP in Gold is his attitude

_thoughtless_ -11 points

I'm sure even you can't pull out any substance from that bullshit he wrote but okay

PaxSaysBye 3 points

He is saying that you should fill in for where your team is failing. For example, If your team can't aerial then you should go for every important aerial. Also, your attitude is key, if you get angry at teammates and curse at them they will only play worse and make more mistakes. Based on how you responded to someone that was trying to be kind and helpful, you should probably work on controlling what you say to your teammates when you get angry. Good luck

PaxSaysBye commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
erpunkt 8 points

You don't have the same view about ranks and the respect that comes with it like i do.

What's the point of wearing a black belt to a tournament where the majority of opponents are black belters?

What if i would like to equip a very old reward item one day in the distant future? People with a respectful view for ranks and a good amount of sportsmanship would maybe think, "oh look, that's one of the first champion items (i always told you about), that guy is playing for ages". Now when i equip the golden banner in the distant future no one will associate it to champion, since it has lost its value as reward item and has been degraded to a regular fashion item.

PaxSaysBye 0 points

I agree with this entirely. Hopefully psyonix will change the rewards

PaxSaysBye commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
HoraryHellfire2 1 point

No one said Gold was exclusive to the top players, especially since Purple has already been established as the top players.

And not everyone will know, especially with people who assume purple is still Champ stuff, and they don't stick to Psyonix news that much.

PaxSaysBye 0 points

This is a great point. If you can imagine 5 seasons from now it's going to be impossible to remember what banners were associated with what rank. I think it's important to keep the same color and or design on all rewards for a rank.

SoulElite1 1 point

But they aren't stating that diamond and champ are equal. The Season Reward is a banner dependent upon your ranking. Champ gets their "tier 6" banner and Diamond gets a "tier 5" banner. The goal explosions are extra, I don't see them as the season reward. They are more like a bonus for being in a certain rank range.

Why are you complaining about getting 2 rewards even if 1 is for a broader range?

PaxSaysBye 0 points

Because the goal explosion reward is the reward that most people wanted and were hyped for. I would much rather have the goal explosions as the "main" reward and then the banner as extra. We already got banners 2 seasons ago so it's a shame to get them again as the "primary" reward

SSJGokuVI 4 points

It seems like they need to extend the duration of seasons.

Apparently 3 months aren't enough for them to make proper rewards..

PaxSaysBye -7 points

They actually probably took 15 minutes to make the goal explosions.

Step 1: take polypop.

Step 2: Make it worse

Step 3-6: Change the color 3 times.

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PaxSaysBye commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
antonispgs 15 points

I am literally amazed by how entitled players are coming out to be after this rewards announcement. Guys, nobody actually looks at your cosmetics and banners etc and goes "oh wow that dude is a gamer". And as far as your rank goes, only you care about your own rank plus you only play competitive against people with the same rank or around it so they would all share the same rewards

PaxSaysBye 3 points

What is wrong with asking for a change to the rewards? Psyonix listens to community feedback so here is the feedback.

antonispgs 3 points

I am with you if you don’t like it, I just think that every extra perk should be welcome even if it’s not ranked related at all. Aren’t you just grinding for the joy of it?

PaxSaysBye 4 points

I grind for the joy of getting to a rank where rocket league becomes like soccer with people passing and shooting in a competitive way. So yes I play for fun, but it's nice to get rewarded for the grind.

PaxSaysBye commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
bbalistic 4 points

I think new maps are pretty cool. Makes the game more interesting and enjoyable to look at. You are a bit right on the graphically demanding maps like aquadome in competitive (not sure if it's been removed?) - I used to play on a laptop and it was significantly harder to play on it, I had to reduce the graphics so much it was harder to see the ball and opponents.

PaxSaysBye 2 points

Aquadome has Not been removed from completely playlists

PaxSaysBye commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Totallystymied 8 points

there's only so many options for them to make stuff out of. most people don't use antenna stuff so that's out, not many use toppers. so boost trails banners and goal explosions are probs the best bet to reach the most people imo

PaxSaysBye 2 points

They could have made the goal explosions better though :(

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