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If the player quicksaves when walking into the town, I'd be more relieved.

Now, if he didn't then he's confident enough that no one could take him out; that's when you should be stressing, you dipshit NPC.

Reminds me of the Miami Heat logo.

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That's because it is.

I was at a downtown music festival last night, had a couple drinks, needed to pee, legit walked into a stall and saw the disgustingness and my bladder compromised and decided we didn't have to go that bad. I get this so much.

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Use the men's room. No one gives a shit.

Reverse, they do. I was tired after a long overnight flight and I needed to go to the bathroom real bad while waiting for my luggage. In the airport I came from,the ladies were on the left and the men on the right. In the airport where I arrived it was the opposite. So half-sleepwalking I walked into the ladies' room and it took me a good long time to process the disgusted looks of women and realise I was in the wrong room. Still gives me nightmares.

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Definitely wouldn't walk into a multi-person restroom like an airport, or supermarket in the US, with exposed urinals and stalls.

I'm talking about single restrooms you'd find at a dive bar, gas station, fast-food place (though, you'd probably not want to visit those); just like the many uni-sex restrooms found in the NW, NE, and Europe.

Every stall is floor-to-ceiling, everyone just shares the same hand washing station inside the washroom.

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This seems really similar to sailing into the wind.

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Which is also used everyday and black magic fuckery.

Thank you for this

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Frequency Modulation.

In Washington you can no longer legally operate a water vehicle without a boaters license, even a jet ski

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No I meant vehicle

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Water vehicle is also known as a vessel.

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and to receive the images back would be another 10-15 or so

I'm curious what method you think will send signals back at 1/4 light speed.

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See my reply above.

Also, it could be all the snapchat filters that slow it down.

I don't see anything in your previous reply that explains 10-15 years for a signal to travel 4 light years.

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Context reply. Not original comment.

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45 points · 6 days ago


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Women can molest other women...

I would have at least also done a back flip and then attempted a front before giving up.

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4 points · 7 days ago

Not drinking anything is a fool-proof way to make sure it never happens.

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It's foolish, but definitely proofish.

0 points · 8 days ago · edited 8 days ago

What you just said made absolutely no sense. You said that; just because nothings there doesn’t mean nothings there.

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Reading comprehension ain't dat hard yo.

I know right? I have no idea how that other guy thought an empty lot meant that a place is open? Honestly how dumb could you get?

Edit: oh shit you’re the other guy

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It's okay man, I love you too.

Now how about those pancakes?

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OP never said cat.

They... They still have days on Mars.

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Yes, they're known as a Martian sol.

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"I had a Mr. Pibb. Mr. Pibb is a replica of Dr. Pepper, but it's a bullshit replica cause dude didn't even get his degree"

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Mitch is great, but there is no period after Dr in Dr. Pepper, so it's not abbreviating anything.

Well, it's abbreviating the word doctor, otherwise it'd be pronounced durr pepper.

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It is Der Pepper

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1.9k points · 11 days ago

Well she's an idiot. It's a family spot

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Tons of people have kids, but here the spots are marked for expectant mothers.

We are legally obliged to inform you that the FDA won't let us name this product butter despite our best lobbying efforts. ™

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Your comment needs to be in much finer print and nearly indectable by the average human eye.

49 points · 11 days ago

Humanity would struggle to rebuild. We've exhausted so many fossil and nuclear fuels that it would be a humongous challenge to recover what we lost. This is quite possibly our last and only chance of a technological human race.

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We've been using the fossil fuels of our ancestors for billions of years every time we go through a global purge.

That isn't true at all. All of the fossil fuels we have used and continue use come from a very specific period in our Earth's history. Your car isn't fuelled by dinosaurs. Or prehistoric mammals. But by oceanic bacteria that lived millions of years before the dinosaurs came into existence.

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Yes, in this iteration.

But it has happened billions of times over several cycles of eons, maybe, probably.

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Did we just have a stroke?

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Less talking and more stroking please.

We are. There’s already the NIZRD, the National Institute of Ziplock Research & Development.

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You're a Nizrd, Harry!

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I know it's not a five alarm chilli. Two, two and a half tops.

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Doesn't the alarm rating indicate how many different peppers are used, and not just an actual heat scale?

Like, how can you have a half a species of peppers?

Maybe the meaning has changed since the episode, IDK man.

Not that; I'm just disappointed and maybe a little offended you think Whiskey tastes like shit lol

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It was a cocaine joke.

4 points · 11 days ago

I have no idea why the ushers were that clueless. They're next to the bathrooms. Or, just take the empty bottle you already have and fill it in the bathroom sink. It's not different water just because it came out of the bathroom. The same kinds of pipes bring the same kind of water from the same source.

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Yeah but the water fountain has a compressor and chills the water, the bathroom sink is lukewarm.

Does that mean that we aren't the normal world?

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Have you seen this world?

We're far from normal, yet still the only definition of weird and normal.

I dont think there's room for a drill so close to the wall

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You just know this video will age like fine wine.

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"Is this real life?"


"Charlie bit me" come to mind.

Dude your talking about Luigi and I think he only had one brother, but I heard rumors of evil twins.

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3 points · 13 days ago

Damn. RIP. I bet he was treated like shit by the douchebags of the world just because of his looks.

Edit: Shit we both share August 7th as a birthday

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Yep, 3 days from now.

Pretty crazy, and happy early birthday to you.

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