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kindatiredof 11 points

In Australia, the boring name IS the warning.

Puff Adder

Pie_is_good_ 1 point

That was beautiful thank you

jay_dino 1 point

Try every possible boot option. Previously, I was able to boot Windows from my C: drive called Windows-Main, now I have to boot from my D: drive called SYSTEMRESERVED. The macOS Disk Utility tool likes to mess with your other drives too for some reason.

Pie_is_good_ 1 point

ok will try

Pie_is_good_ 1 point

Yeah that didn't work

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KyleSilva 2 points

You can (and the rules even suggest) play legacy as vanilla pandemic, just don't add any legacy elements. You'll be slightly limited by what characters you have, but that's not a big enough deal that I would buy the original if you're going to get legacy anyways.

Pie_is_good_ 2 points

Regarding the legacy edition is there any difference between red and blue

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