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NeroWrought 1 point

Well, which weapon skin did you pick?!

Pilami 1 point

Axe :)

Tormentor- 1 point

Were you actively hunting for achievement points or did you get them as a result of playing the game over that period of time?

Pilami 1 point

Well, a lot of normal playing and a lot of hunting as well :) There are some "easy" but boring achievements that I'm trying to find the motivation to do, like sPvP tournament titles & map achis, activities etc. but don't see a reason to push myself to do stuff I don't like.

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Pilami commented on a post in r/ClashRoyale
Pilami 11 points

I don't think the issue people dropping trophies on purpose. I'm currently sitting at 4300 as well because I haven't played a single 1v1 in this season with a personal best of 5400 (13/11/7 cards). I'm only playing 1v1 during gold rush and at the end of the season to get the 4900 chest :)

bezerker03 1 point

Grats! Any chance you are on SoS? I feel I have dueled you at one point while roaming once. :P Or at least, your clone.

Pilami 1 point

Nope, I'm on Seafarer's Rest. Also, I'm not playing this ranger in WvW :)

No_Loli_No_Life 4 points

Video of the glider and sounds please <3

Pilami 2 points

Done, can be found at the top :)

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drsmith21 0 points

Maybe it was a revenge from your trip up? I'm guessing the odds of getting revenge above 5000 cups is less than getting matched with someone at 3800 though.

Pilami 6 points

The Revenge button wouldn't be there if this was the case :)

xKart -1 points

Wasn't OP asking why the attacker stole so much DE and deployed practically a full army yet the raid ended at 17%? I think I answered that.

Attacker ended the raid early after getting the dark.

Pilami 8 points

Actually the question was regarding the 0 trophies I gained for this defense and how he was able to attack me from 3860 trophies :)

hamster_ball 2 points

What cards did you end up getting?

Pilami 3 points

Ironically I got Giants (17 I think) and Poison (1), among with some commons I didn't pay attention to :)

Pilami 38 points

Never used any of these cards (except elixir collector) before, decided to upgrade them today and give challenges a go. Looks like this deck is highly balanced and exceptionally hard to play! /s

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