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NeroWrought 1 point

Well, which weapon skin did you pick?!

Pilami 1 point

Axe :)

Tormentor- 1 point

Were you actively hunting for achievement points or did you get them as a result of playing the game over that period of time?

Pilami 1 point

Well, a lot of normal playing and a lot of hunting as well :) There are some "easy" but boring achievements that I'm trying to find the motivation to do, like sPvP tournament titles & map achis, activities etc. but don't see a reason to push myself to do stuff I don't like.

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Pilami commented on a post in r/ClashRoyale
Pilami 12 points

I don't think the issue people dropping trophies on purpose. I'm currently sitting at 4300 as well because I haven't played a single 1v1 in this season with a personal best of 5400 (13/11/7 cards). I'm only playing 1v1 during gold rush and at the end of the season to get the 4900 chest :)

bezerker03 1 point

Grats! Any chance you are on SoS? I feel I have dueled you at one point while roaming once. :P Or at least, your clone.

Pilami 1 point

Nope, I'm on Seafarer's Rest. Also, I'm not playing this ranger in WvW :)

No_Loli_No_Life 4 points

Video of the glider and sounds please <3

Pilami 2 points

Done, can be found at the top :)

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drsmith21 0 points

Maybe it was a revenge from your trip up? I'm guessing the odds of getting revenge above 5000 cups is less than getting matched with someone at 3800 though.

Pilami 6 points

The Revenge button wouldn't be there if this was the case :)

xKart -2 points

Wasn't OP asking why the attacker stole so much DE and deployed practically a full army yet the raid ended at 17%? I think I answered that.

Attacker ended the raid early after getting the dark.

Pilami 9 points

Actually the question was regarding the 0 trophies I gained for this defense and how he was able to attack me from 3860 trophies :)

hamster_ball 2 points

What cards did you end up getting?

Pilami 4 points

Ironically I got Giants (17 I think) and Poison (1), among with some commons I didn't pay attention to :)

Pilami 40 points

Never used any of these cards (except elixir collector) before, decided to upgrade them today and give challenges a go. Looks like this deck is highly balanced and exceptionally hard to play! /s

Kidifer 7 points

If you exit out of a revenge attack without placing troops (and without the timer starting?), you can come back to it later.

Pilami 1 point

Yeah I know this, but cooking troops that would be able to take out this base would take pretty long, and as you can see my gold was full so I didn't think it would be worth it for the additional 400k elixir / 575 DE :)

Pilami commented on a post in r/BoomBeach
Pilami 2 points

I honestly don't understand why people recommend dropping blue statues. I myself am level 55 with 5 blue statues since level 40ish, and haven't yet come across a base I couldn't beat even though I'm not offense orientated. Currently I only have defenses left to upgrade, and since I hold every resource base and barely get raided at all, I don't actually have to farm (besides terror) to keep stuff upgrading around the clock :) I understand this style doesn't suit everyone, but it sure seems to be the most effective one if you don't have that much time to play.

synges 1 point

What are the others 5 statues do u have? I am close to finishing every big update So I want to replace my RR status with blue ones But dont know how many blue statues should I deploy and still have enough attacking power to raid other players My furrent status TH master piece 29% TD master piece 20% TD guardian 13% GBE master piece 36% GBE guardian 16% GBE guardian 14% PSC master piece 61% And 3 resource rewards I was thking of just replacing my 3 resource rewards status with 2 ice master pieces and BH guardian

Pilami 1 point

41% GBE, 17% GBE, 50% RR, 33% TH, 18% TD (eww). 65% Building health and 37% building damage. I would definitely consider swapping the RR guardians with blue masterpieces, but whether you want blue guardians is completely up to you. Maxing boats and other non-defensive buildings can be a pain with the new Dr. Terror changes, but once you get past that, you won't have any problems with loot :)

burningtail 1 point

That still doesn't explain hoarding the dark stones.

Pilami 1 point

50% RR & 41% GBE, 74% PS plus all the 17% GBE guardians that I currently want. Guess I'm saving for a bad day, in case I accidentally remove a statue somehow :)

froman999 0 points

Ok, I'll bite though I probably shouldn' know that GBE statues come from dark crystals, not red ones right? You appear to have an awful lot of dark crystals and shards to use to try to get that GBE MP.

Pilami 1 point

I have a 41% GBE MP, doubt I would get a better one :/

Pilami commented on a post in r/BoomBeach
KRAT0SXx 2 points

The key is having enough gunboat energy. From my experiences, when I,ve had maxed HQ 19 warriors (49 level 17) I've been able to beat terror stages with roughly 300k hp within 10 seconds. The key is having enough gbe to get off 3-4 shocks while being able to get them all there safely with smoke. The health on this base isn't the issue for warrior smoke

Pilami 1 point

Dr. Terror hasnt been a problem for me for months, but this is way harder than that. Yes I do have maxed warriors, but only 41% + 17% GBE statues. With boosts I might be able to pull 4 shocks, ~7 smokes and 2-3 flares, but every warrior video I have seen has a full set of boosts (100+ TD, 60+ TH, 150+ GBE) and still requires the 3 tries, so I highly doubt that this would be doable without boosting, unlike old Terrors.

Pilami 1 point

This just seems impossible for players that aren't fully focused on offense, and can't afford to boost all of their statues once per 6 days. I am HQ20 with maxed boats (except one) and a few blue statues, and I can honestly say that I stand no chance in taking this one down :(

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